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Nike, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Nike Golf 360° ,Nike+ GPS ,Nike内马尔VR ,Nike Football+ Team Edition ,Nike BOOM ,Nike Football), brings Nike+ FuelBand with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Nike+ FuelBand app has been update to version 1.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This device has helped me push myself to the next level..
  • Thank you for letting us work hard and stay in shape..
  • App is very useful to keep track of my daily performance from my phone..
  • Best workout partner I have had..
  • Great product to set goals and show how active you are..

Overall Satisfactionc79
Thanks Nike for exacerbating my obsession with healthy lifestyle data.
Thanks Nike for ruining a really great app.
This is the best fitness app I have used yet.
Fuel points are the most useless information on any fitness app.
I love being able to track my activity and stay focused and consistent performance.
great job Nike it's way better than other trackers I've used.
Terrible job nike.
Best app I love the little celebration clips keeps me motivated.
Love the animations and the way it helps me track my activities.
Such a great app to go with such an amazing product.
I enjoy using my fuel band each day and seeing my progress.
Fun & Engagingc85
but as others have mentioned its much more fun to compete against friends.
The Nike Fuel Band is awesome and the app is pretty sweet.
App needs work but Band is awesome.
Awesome motivation and a great extension of the Fuelband.
Very addictive I am totally obsessed with my nike fuel band.
Great fun gadget.
What a fun toy.
I'm totally addicted to this thing.
A fun and useful app.
Gives you drive to want complete goal everyday.
Does everything workout related and keeps track of everything for yiu.
A fun and useful app.
Repeat Valuec83
Definitely forcing me to pay attention to my activity levels.
This app makes it super easy to track your activity levels.
Social Aspectsc76
hope that they'll help you promote your product through social media.
now they're forcing this social media and friends thing on us.
The social aspect makes it much better than it's competitors.
Five star app but without FB friends there's no social aspect.
Can't connect with friends.
It's nice to compete with my friends all over the world as well.
Production Valuesc86
Love the animations and the way it helps me track my activities.
I love the animations when you hit your goals and achievements.
Ease of Usec67
simple app that you will use throughout your day.
Motivational- great simple app.
This app is easy to use and provides access to your training results.
Easy to use and provides and quick report of latest activity.
My Fuelband connects to my iPhone flawlessly after the factory reset.
At the bottom left there is a factory reset.
loved the first one zero issues.
Security & Privacyc65
Updates & Supportc52
Still an amazing app none the less and has great customer service.
Nike has provided great customer service.
Still really happy with the upgrade to the SE version.
but since the SE version and updated app.
I only wished the band would show the battery level.
Very nice way to upload/manage/see battery level.
a better battery indicator.

Great motivational tool I'm hooked just wish it was water proof. found in 483 reviews
As a personal trainer I'm always looking for tracking devices. found in 31 reviews
The Ap provides great motivating info without being so complicated. found in 34 reviews
Keeps me on my toes and tracks all my progress super accurately and easily. found in 22 reviews
Highly recommend for anyone that wants to get back in shape. found in 13 reviews
Completely motivates me and keeps me accountable for my own fitness. found in 12 reviews
Works well and helps create realistic fitness goals and activity. found in 65 reviews
This is a great fitness tool really motivates you to move :-. found in 38 reviews
Really a great way to stay motivated throughout your everyday activities and work out. found in 399 reviews
fuelband battery lasts for days. found in 11 reviews
The fuel band was the best purchase I've made in years. found in 14 reviews
Increases my motivation and keeps me honest. found in 24 reviews
Awesome device - keeps me focused on the goals I've set. found in 38 reviews
The app couple with the fuel band helps me stay focused. found in 24 reviews
Keeps you conscious of your physical activity throughout the day. found in 38 reviews
I love the seamless integration the app has with the fuelband. found in 13 reviews
Great motivation tool to keep you on the move and be active. found in 246 reviews
The achievements are fun and definitely push me that extra mile. found in 21 reviews
Gives you drive to want complete goal everyday. found in 48 reviews
It's a great motivator to do something everyday to meet your goals. found in 534 reviews
Good but Nike needs to do more promotions. found in 52 reviews
missing data provided more motivation than the new social features. found in 7 reviews
It's very frustrating that I can't see my friends on here anymore. found in 9 reviews
Doesn't register much after weight training though. found in 17 reviews
Wish it had a better sleep monitor portion in the app. found in 7 reviews
Needs a better way to connect with friends other than Facebook. found in 12 reviews
I cannot get the app to connect to my friends list. found in 23 reviews
Compared to the competition the sleep tracker is a joke. found in 21 reviews
I wish it was water proof rather than water resistant. found in 56 reviews
needs more integration with friends to compete with one another. found in 7 reviews
it doesn't record as much activity as moving your arms. found in 10 reviews
I notice many of my friends have stopped syncing all together. found in 14 reviews
@ Nike please enable the old app for old fuel band users. found in 36 reviews
Also wish it had a stop watch and some other features. found in 9 reviews
It doesn't track heart rate or rest. found in 12 reviews
needs better Facebook integration. found in 6 reviews
The band doesn't calculate correctly unless I'm connected to a computer. found in 10 reviews
do not get added to your line graph or presumably totals. found in 9 reviews
Take away the news feed banner that replaced my data. found in 7 reviews
Inaccurate & lacks simple features like a heart rate monitor. found in 272 reviews
Edited intensity of sessions don't update fuel points. found in 543 reviews
The app freeze when trying to connect to Facebook or Path. found in 27 reviews
Contacted nike support multiple times to get issues fixed. found in 66 reviews
Called Nike and the daylight savings time adjust is a known issue. found in 30 reviews
I downloaded it & it won't open up on my iPhone 5s. found in 36 reviews
Agree with the comments about the sports feed banner. found in 44 reviews
The blue tooth doesn't stay connected. found in 29 reviews
Nike needs to apologize for this clumsy upgrade. found in 52 reviews
Loses Bluetooth connection constantly since first week I had it. found in 30 reviews
now they're forcing this social media and friends thing on us. found in 37 reviews
Now it has suddenly stopped recognizing my fuelband via bluetooth. found in 74 reviews
0 does not work on 4S with iOS 7. found in 32 reviews
today's data may appear but the the previous days may not. found in 40 reviews
Tech support has been helpful but unsuccessful in their efforts. found in 32 reviews
Doesn't sync with the Health app even with iOS 8. found in 84 reviews
Worked fantastic until daylight savings. found in 30 reviews
New update won't recognize that my fuelband is connected to my phone. found in 50 reviews
Sync error caused me to lose 19 day streak. found in 86 reviews

The Nike+ FuelBand is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at a hefty 123 MB, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. The new Nike+ FuelBand app version 1.3 has been updated on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 4.2.5 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Nike+ FuelBand in Nike, Inc.`s Official Website :

A Nike+ FuelBand is required to use this app. Nike+ FuelBand measures your everyday activity and turns it into NikeFuel. It also tracks each step and calorie burned. The App talks to your Nike+ FuelBand, allowing ...
Ideally the app is a great way to stay on task and to help keep you focused on your day to day goals however it is somewhat glitchy There are several trophies I should have won one of which was hitting my goal for a year straight The app dropped the ball at 291 days That is so frustrating In addition it doesnt sync with my phone everyday Sometimes it takes days to sync Im just about done with it after using it for a year and a half           Nike fuelband app
Would give 5 stars if didnt take sooooo long to update past activity have to open app and keep it open for a great length of time before it updates with the past activity from fuelband              Good but slow
Has a lot of glitches It doesnt always up date Just disappointing        It keeps me going
I absolutely love my bandmy son got it for me and I had already downloaded the Nike run app and when I linked them together it was excellent Now I would like to see it track my food and sleep like my Fitbit did but other than that I have no problems Plus Im down 20 lbs since August 1 2015                 My fuel band is GREAT
Wish I had a device to connect with                 App is cool
Timing is off on mine too And intermitten Ie the other day I walked only 2 min Really I feed 20horses twize a day All walking Dissapointing Ps yesbphone was on and on me Killing my streak every week        Neither here or there
Love tracking my progress                 Fun
I love the app it motivates me all the time and pushes me farther than I would go alone but it doesnt exactly work with either swimming or rock climbing I swam for thirty minutes the other day and I received maybe 30 or 40 points which isnt much different than a few flights of stairs I realize it cannot go in the water to gage my activity accurately but a 30 minute swim isnt equal to a few flights of stairs Other than that I love it keep up the great work              I Dig It But
Add that Add more Daily goals Yea Thx                 Goals for steps taken
When I turn the Bluetooth on the app crashes and goes to the home screen on my iPhone 5s Please fix this so I can sync        Wont open with Bluetooth on
I love this app it help me keep my self in track Best app ever                 JS The best app
Easy way to keep track and stylish design                 Very handy
Cool app have difficulty syncing sometimes and some information is not transmitted           Not happy with last upgrade lost ability to do somethings i liked
Whats up with the NikeFuel Band           NikeFuel Band
Activity tracking is nice Battery lasts a good while Need running app built in Inconsistent operation on iPhone        OK
I expected more from a Nike product Ive gone through 2 bands and the buttons stop working Frustrating to say the least At that point I rely on the app to keep track of my points but that cheats me too The day of it gives me my points Ive achieved BUT the next day it shorts me and sometimes takes away my achievements and rewards What the heck AND it does this more often than not I hate the fact that Ive had to keep spending money on a product because it doesnt do what it has promised to do Nike you DIDNT DO IT     Disappointing
This app used to be so amazing I synced it with Fitstar app the Nike Training Club NTC app and Nike running app since last year They all worked wonderfully in unison Now Im not sure what went wrong Nike fuel doesnt sync Today I made about 1000 Nike fuel from the NTC app and only 28 synced to the app no matter how many times I refresh it This app used to motivate me but now idk I might make the switch to the micoach app Do something about this Nike        I dont know what went wrong
Best gadget Ive ever bought for keeping you active and focused Love mine                 This will keep you focused
I use this App all the time I ck it Frequently to see how Im doing plus When I exercise I put it on a session I love getting the medals it gives me a lot of encouragement I have an Apple Watch and at first Nike quit working then when the Nike App updated last time it started working again which made me sooo happy cause I use it along with my Apple Watch Again I love it                 Couldnt be without it
Dont like the way the Sports Feed stands out like an ad at the bottom of the page Integrate it in a little better              Great app but not a fan of the Sports Feed
And the app still doesnt work Why even update if your not fixing the problem     2 updates later
The band really does keep you motivated and moving but the glitch of taking points away is extremely frustrating I had a 111 day streak and several other streaks of 50 and 60 day streaks broken due to points being removed overnight The band would show that I reached my goal and when reviewing my app the next morning the app would actually remove anywhere from 300400 points this showing that o did not reach my goal from the previous day If this glitch could be somehow resolved I would have to say that o would be extremely pleased Please do something about this because the infatuation of keeping the streak alive is what motivates you              Pleased Overall BUT
I wish this app was capable to link with my fitness pal But other then that I think the fuel band is a great item              My opinion
Pretty good gets the job done Works better when you sync it to Facebook and compete with friends                 For motivation
Part of my daily tracking Great to know your behaviors and be motivated to improve              Havent taken off in 6 months
Cool app I like that it gives me an overall idea of how active I am Does not sync to HealthKit easily I wish that was a bit smoother Also wish they had a watch app           Cool but could be better
It is soooo easy to access the support crew are friendly and it motivate me to strive more on my work out every day My whole family are using fuelband band we love it                 I super love it
great app I really enjoy using my fuelband and app its a great motivational tool keep up the good work                 great motivational app
Love my Fuelband been using it for 2 years this app is has no flaws Fitbit cant compare                 Love this app
My job involves a lot of walking and even though its not dead on its cool to see how far I walk every day              Cool even without a fuelband
This app is reliable easy to use and gives you the info you need to work towards your goal              Game changer
Just wish Nike wouldnt have given up on it Could have been so great     Best fitness item
I truly do love this app its always great to check up on how much work youve been doing                 Love this app
Muy practico y te ayuda a darte cuenta que no te estas moviendo lo suficiente                 Genial
Nice App but it keeps the motion calibrarion service always on even when I revoke its access The only way to stop the calibration was to restore the iphone and never launch install the nike fuel           Great app but Problem with motion calibration
I like how every hour it reminds you to move for 5 minutes I just wish it give more badges Its seems like it takes forever to get another badge                 I like it
I really enjoy it                 Great product
Unsatisfied with the development of the app overall The app look layout superb but needs much help with stabilization           Nike fuel band
Ive had a Nike fuel band for around 3 years and Ive never had an issue with app Works fantastic Highly recommended                 Works great Ive never had an issue
Works great with the iPhone 6 I wish it would do a little better with the sleep session it used to graph it now it doesnt any more Over all I really enjoy it                 iPhone 6
This keeps me motivated                 Great
Like some others I have had occasional issues The Nike support team via Twitter has been very responsive and has always resolved any issue I had I like the dashboard function and overall I feel the app functions well I feel like Nike responds to feedback to address issues both positive and negative              Overall a fan and good response from customer service
Keeps me motivated and rewards me is a variety of ways                 Love it
Still has issues with updating fuel from band and giving me trophies that I havent earned but for the most part decent app              Decent app
Like playing a video game with built in high score metrics and great interface with complementary firmware and Apps eg Apple watch pulseheart rate monitor breathing cadence gate calorie counters like Loose it iPhone Health etc I love the trophies and feedback when goals and personal bests are crushed I have not tried the music interface to see if the tunes help change a monotonous jog into an exciting run but am looking forward to see how it helps Live feedback on elevation would be a cool feature if it could be turned on an off Im not sure if the app works with cycling but that would be a smashing success too                 Human Video Game
This app has really got me motivated to get up and make my life a more healthy one Glad I found it                 Great app
Love it but now we cant change the time from the app What about when I travel and want to change it or if the time is wrong Bring back the setting option in the app        Motivates me but wheres time setting
Its excellent                 Very good
Love it                 Fuel Band App
After 4 years 2 million Nike Fuel 5 replacement bands a ticket that took over a year to resolve I have switched to the Fitbit HR Nike you had a great product I loved it It was FUN to use It was fantastic when it worked but you ruined it and discontinued it Goodbye     Time to Say Goodbye

Nike+ FuelBand Health & Fitness Nike Fuelband Daily GoalNike+ FuelBand Health & Fitness Nike Fuelband Daily GoalNike+ FuelBand Health & Fitness Nike Fuelband Daily GoalNike+ FuelBand Health & Fitness Nike Fuelband Daily Goal

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