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Nike, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Nike Soccer ,DeMar DeRozan Sticker Pack ,AJ2012 ,Nike+ Move ,Nike内马尔VR ,Nike Football), brings Nike+ Move with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Nike+ Move app has been update to version 1.0.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Excellent passive activity tracker..
  • Where is the calorie counter..
  • or cables to keep track of / eventually lose..
  • Best fitness app out there..

Overall Satisfactionc47
Thanks nike to motivate people to do more exercise.
Great job Nike for creating the first.
One of the best fitness tracking apps out there.
Best calorie counting app.
Fun & Engagingc51
Best fitness app out there.
Fun and Motivational.
I like the way it keeps track of everything you do.
Ease of Usec42
also a simple pedometer would've been nice too.
Easy setup.
Has some UI problems.
Ads not Intrusivec24
Security & Privacyc27

I find myself checking it to push myself farther. found in 4 reviews
One of the best fitness tracking apps out there. found in 2 reviews
Recommend to all to monitor you daily activities of walking. found in 4 reviews
Want more detail. found in 1 reviews
Has helped me to stay on track with my exercising. found in 2 reviews
Fun and Motivational. found in 1 reviews
I'm already getting motivated to try and beat previous days. found in 2 reviews
Best calorie counting app. found in 1 reviews
Helps out a lot. found in 1 reviews
Good and fun app. found in 1 reviews
Great app from Nike to track all movements and compete with friends. found in 3 reviews
Sign up process is terrible. found in 7 reviews
Nike please you can do it better. found in 5 reviews
meaning you have to open it every morning. found in 15 reviews
Hope they fix that soon along with health integration. found in 2 reviews
Would be nice to get more stats for previous days. found in 2 reviews
And it asks me to log in every time I open the app. found in 4 reviews
When will you let This app integrate with the Health app. found in 18 reviews
I have to sign in every time I open the app. found in 2 reviews
I really wish I didn't have to log in every time I open this app. found in 2 reviews
I constantly need to log back in which is quite annoying. found in 2 reviews
Really sick of having to re -login EVERY SINGLE DAY. found in 6 reviews
Pointless without data upload to nike + account. found in 18 reviews
However it keeps asking me to log in several times a day. found in 47 reviews
Except sometimes I'm not sure if it's working depending on what pocket it's in. found in 2 reviews
none of the information displayed is terribly useful. found in 1 reviews
It needs integration with ios8 health. found in 2 reviews
Great app but could be better - keeps logging me out. found in 11 reviews
I’m not willing to log in every time I launch the app. found in 5 reviews
Does not integrate with Health App as you would think. found in 18 reviews
but I don't because I like to see my friends progress. found in 6 reviews
Doesn't consistently track movement. found in 7 reviews
No digging into data from previous days. found in 11 reviews
Prompted me to rate the app with an annoying dialog box. found in 6 reviews
’ Meaning your earned points won't go anywhere except for Game Center. found in 16 reviews
and often crush during the sign up process. found in 7 reviews
There’s no way to compare steps today vs. found in 8 reviews
Unable to login with Facebook generated code. found in 47 reviews
And I don't want to replace my $150 fuelband every year either. found in 6 reviews
This doesn't seem like a difficult bug to fix. found in 8 reviews
The App don't sync with nike + running. found in 9 reviews
Try to open app and it keep saying site is down. found in 15 reviews
why isn't this posting to my Nike Plus account. found in 16 reviews

The Nike+ Move is now available as a free download on Apple Store for iOS owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 8.8 MB to download. The new Nike+ Move app version 1.0.0 has been updated on 2014-11-31.
More Info: Find more info about Nike+ Move in Nike, Inc.`s Official Website :

Nike+ Move is the simplest way to capture your every move, and motivate you to move more Exclusively for use with iPhone 5S, Nike+ Move uses the M7 coprocessor to convert your movement into NikeFuel, the ...
After the first few slides it has gone blank Location services being on or off does not fix it and I have refreshed it I guess I wont be able to use this app           I will never know
Esta app es muy eficiente y precisa me encanta La recomiendo                 Muy buena app
As a personal trainer for 8years I have seen so many different apps and ideas to get fit and lose weightthis app keeps it very simple and connects u to many other app that range from beginner to advanced and in my opinion its a must have app if u want to have some knowledge and accountability              App is a must have if u want to connect all the Nike apps in order to get super fit
I used to love this app but recently I got into working out and running again and the app wont give me fuel points The app shows movement with the animation but my points stay at zero It worked fine before the new year Now its garbage        Disappointed
When will you let This app integrate with the Health app           Health App Integration
Needs to be updated to take advantage of iOS 8 features especially Health and the larger iPhone screens Also why isnt this posting to my Nike Plus account     5 Months of iOS 8 Still No Update
This app is a great idea but has many flaws Its extremely inaccurate I have a job which requires a lot of walking yet at the end of the day my total walking time is between 530 minutes yet the built in pedometer has me having walked 8 miles Also you must have the app running in the background for it to do anything meaning you have to open it every morning Also it doesnt sync with health They have their own category on the health app for Nike fuel but it remains untouched by this app        In serious need of updating
No HealthKit sync No Transfer of fuel to any other app No working with other apps likewas fun for a while but not useful enough to keep running in background and killing my battery        Slowly becoming battery burn app
Unusable for me so far Cant log in with my Nike account that works on the web and with ALL other Nike apps Ive deletedreinstalled it and reset my phone Still no go Maybe its an iPhone 6 thing It works for my friends with the iPhone 5s     Login Issues
Today I walked a little over 6 miles according to my Nike running app During the same period Nike Move showed no walking and no points recorded Whats with that     Not so good
I earned some nike fuel on this app but when I opened the Nike Fuel app it does not show my progress I doubt its not syncing my data from Move Even if I go to nike plus on the browser I cannot see my activities from Nike Move Any thoughts           Does it sync with Nike Fuel
I really like this app and I recommended it to a lot of my friends But Nike really needs to fix the performance issues of the leaderboards and scrolling between different views Also ADD HEALTHKIT integration I want to see my nikefuel in the health app Until then Im deleting this app and going to the Human app which is much better        Deleting This app still no HealthKit support
I want to delete this app but I dont because I like to see my friends progress Im very active and competitive and I like to see where I stand against everyone else Thats exactly what this app is supposed to do but it doesnt Even when I leave the app running it doesnt track all of my activity FRUSTRATING Im going to delete this app if it doesnt get fixed soon     Inconsistent activity tracking
This is a great app I use on my treadmill at home when its too cold to run outside                 Awesome
I have done a number of runs and walking all day and this doesnt pick it up please fix        Doesnt always track your movement
It has lack of lots of features and why Nike doesnt combined all their apps into one        Many great apps is out there
Love it It motivates challenges you to move your asterisk                 Great Tracker
Was working great then it just stop tracking my movement accurately I use an armband when I workout I worked out for and hour doing upper body workouts After that I ran 15 miles non stop It only gave me 87 points My Nike Running app did not sink to this one So its saying I did not run at all Needs to do a better job and calculating when Im moving The fuel band is too expensive when I have an app that should be able to do it for me           Needs improvement
It really works well                 Love this APP
I going to enjoy this one for the rest of my life                 Energetic
Wheres the Health Kit integration Come on Nike the app has potential dont leave it here to die with no support        8 months without an update
Sometimes tracks your moves Sometimes it doesnt Nice interface Nice way to stay motivated but Still needs some improvements But that is not an excuse keep moving           Something not working
Ive found that my activity does not always get tracked This happens quite a lot where I open the app after an active day only to find my activity level at 0 Very frustrating     Buggy
This could do more This had nice potential but Nike is rudely not taking the iOS 8 aggravates to force people to use their flamboyant new app Sometimes fixing the old thing may just work out        Same old
Update no point for this app after Nike fuel band update thanks for listen Nike feulband app works with out a feulband Doesnt let me use my nike plus account Doesnt let see my friends nikeplus friends not Game Center and doesnt upload my data to website No steps or calories No point for this app At All     Doesnt use my nike account
I got a Fuelband over Christmas and when downloading the app I saw the Move app as well I thought both being Nike the move along with the Fuelband would aggregate my total fuel for each day It seems ludicrous one does not interact with the other with a display showing the total        Needs Integration with Nike
The interface is awful Its so dumbeddown it fells like things are broken Worse yet the data this app collects is not accurate in any way Allow me to illustrate Two weeks ago I had an extremely lazy week it was great I laid in bed most days left my phone on the side table for hours at a time Last week worked close to 90 hours of constant physical motion According to Nike the difference between the two weeks is 13 more nikefuel The built in health app shows last week with 120000 steps last week compared to 5200 the week prior Thats 2300 which feels about right The app is useless fluff     Almost useless
Have had issues with app tracking usage Called support team and their advice is to delete app which loses your data It tends to work the first few weeks you have the app but something happens if you use it longterm where it only tracks your movement sometimes Just got confirmation I have left the background refresh on and some days it reports 0 when I know for a fact I have ran five miles Frustrating        Doesnt always track your movement
Love The Concept Missing a lot Especially past 2 days Guess ok if you are not too concerned with accuracy but just want a somewhat estimated        Hmm not Tracking all
Yes guys its so tov                 So good
Awesome                 The best
This app was great until it started freezing everytime I get to the places youve moved section It is frustrating because I was really enjoying the app prior to this issue Please update and fix this issue I have an iPhone5s so it shouldnt be any issue like this     Please update
Activity tracking is extremely inaccurate The app says I get more than twice as much exercise taking the exact same hike if my phone is in the side pocket of my utility kilt as compared to when the phone is in a fanny pack Its somewhere in between if the phone is in my front pants pocket     Extremely inaccurate
add nikefuel in this app to Applehealth                 add nikefuel to Applehealth
Really needs to be able to connect to Apple health and other Nike apps such as running Still has bugs that need fixing too           Please update
Just loaded last night and the app really doesnt track correctly I also have the Nike Running app which is fantastic thinking the 2 would sync I was wrong I ran 55 miles and not one tenth of a mile recorded Needless to say I didnt win the hour Hopefully an update is on the way soon        Concept is great but a lot of bugs
I just wanted a simple pedometer type app on my phone to keep track of how much I walk this does that Didnt want an expensive or hard to set up band Just wish it were a bit more accurate counting your steps It takes 7 of my step to equal 1 on the Nike fuel              Works for what I need
Last update of this app was June of last year Did you all forget about this app When is this app going to be able to sync fuel points data with the iPhone Health App I have fuel points from last year that I would like to synch with the Health app Please update this app     When is the Health app sync update
I love this app because it makes it easier to track my movement Plus i dont have to use my band battery a lot checking my fuel I preferred the app before the update tho I used to see how far behind i was and challenge myself to beat it                 Amazing
This app works great especially if you have a Nike Fuelband                 Love this app
This app has become obsolete with the apple watch Add Apple watch functionality           Great but
I would recommend purchasing both this app MOVE and the other NIKEFUEL because it helped me realize this app tracks incorrectly It would say I had 200 nikefuel about 10 minutes after I got up This is just incorrect It seemed to over track while my fuel app may slightly undertrackthough that motivates me more SO I say you should get both and see what you think is more accurate I like the idea it just tracks poorly           Often Wrong
Very motivating app Encourages you to get up and moving              Super cool
Its an alright app dont 100 get the point of it tho              Pretty koo
Very handy for keeping track of your activity when you have your phone on you Only problem is if you dont have your phone on you when walking around the office or home then you have to find other means to track activity Especially like the screen that shows you where you did your walking overlaid on a map                 Awesome
This app only records movement about half the time What a disappointment Deleting     Does not always record movement
I love this app                 Great
I hate this game because I cant have iPhone     Hate
Its an awesome app and very easy to use                 Awsome

Nike+ Move Health & Fitness Nike MoveNike+ Move Health & Fitness Nike MoveNike+ Move Health & Fitness Nike MoveNike+ Move Health & Fitness Nike Move

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