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Nike, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (NikeConnect ,Nike Training Club ,Nike Tech Pack ,Nike+ Training ,Nike+ ,Nike内马尔VR), brings Nike Training Club with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Nike Training Club app has been update to version 2.6 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I work out regularly and do interval training at my gym..
  • It gives you workouts at different levels and objectives..
  • the app provides great workout routines and a great UI..
  • also the instructions and the ability to play your own music is great..
  • I would recommend this app to anyone who would want to get in shape..

Overall Satisfactionc90
Definitely one of the best workout apps I've come across.
I really think that this is one of the best fitness apps out there.
thanks Nike for putting this gem in the app store.
Thank you Nike for the amazing workouts and app.
Good job Nike for empowering women to be fit and athletic.
I love the rewards you get for getting more work out mins.
I absolutely love NTC.
I feel great and am in the best shape of my life.
Fun & Engagingc90
They have awesome workouts and the app is made really well.
There are SO many different options that you will never get bored.
The workouts in ntc are fast paced and intense.
Love all the work outs and you see awesome results.
I'm obsessed with Nike anyway.
This gives you a great new work out everyday.
The rewards aspect of NTC keeps me motivated to workout EVERY day.
Great workouts & the instructional videos are helpful.
I love this app and use it almost every day.
Repeat Valuec86
these tough routines have helped me push to higher fitness levels.
I highly recommend this app to women of all fitness levels.
Workouts are challenging and provide great agility and strength training.
The workouts are challenging and I've seen good results from them.
Security & Privacyc37
it kept wanting me to give a security question.
Updates & Supportc53
And for all the people whining about wanting a men's version.
Would be great to use but there is no men's version.
when the male version come out the other star will too.
Please update to a male version of this app.

I absolutely love NTC. found in 13 reviews
It's like having a personal trainer with me during every workout. found in 201 reviews
I think this is great for quick workouts that get results. found in 11 reviews
I love the rewards you get for getting more work out mins. found in 15 reviews
I have lots around 10 pounds and two sizes. found in 8 reviews
This workout is the same style exercises as boot camp. found in 10 reviews
Using this app helped me lose over 25 lbs and get toned. found in 10 reviews
The workouts focus on functional movements done at a high intensity. found in 8 reviews
Old review: There's such a variety of exercises and workouts. found in 13 reviews
The hope solo workout is amazing I was sore the next day. found in 16 reviews
Great variety and the different level rewards are a great motivator. found in 11 reviews
It's easy to use with great workouts for any skill level. found in 7 reviews
I an avid fitness female and tried this app for the first time today. found in 5 reviews
This is a really great training app. found in 10 reviews
I like that there a video demos of each exercise. found in 8 reviews
Helps to keep you motivated with it's clean easy to use interface. found in 13 reviews
not boring and great workout routine selection and instructional videos & images. found in 15 reviews
and I was pleasantly surprised by the challenging workouts. found in 19 reviews
Please don't stop upgrading & hopefully add more 15 minute workouts. found in 38 reviews
This is hands down the best app I have ever downloaded. found in 6 reviews
It is a nice app but they should make one for guys. found in 13 reviews
Whenever I try to enter create a program the app freezes. found in 84 reviews
My only complaint is the inability to change workout programs. found in 47 reviews
says " unable to check data" Please come with a fix soon. found in 48 reviews
The create a workout program doesn't work. found in 6 reviews
But i dont like how it takes up so much space. found in 7 reviews
But they are geared toward slimming down and building muscular endurance. found in 27 reviews
the 4 week program stalls when attempting to start one. found in 36 reviews
Then I got the dreaded "unable to check data " message. found in 35 reviews
It won't let me register so I can't get the new workouts. found in 15 reviews
It's a good app but Nike needs to make a men's version. found in 12 reviews
I would give it a 5 star but needs iphone 5 upgrade. found in 4 reviews
It freezes when I try to download workouts in a succession. found in 8 reviews
the app freezes every time when I try to create a new program. found in 14 reviews
To register you must have an account at Nike woman. found in 37 reviews
I love it but please fix bonus rewards downloads. found in 6 reviews
Bonus workouts cannot be downloaded please fix. found in 167 reviews
until they required you to log in and create an account. found in 52 reviews
Great app and good workouts please update for iPhone 5. found in 11 reviews
Other suggestions: ability to log workouts on non-scheduled days. found in 52 reviews
Take my advice and DON'T try to download this app. found in 190 reviews
I created a Nike account with no problem. found in 24 reviews
I'm unable to register due to issues with the security question. found in 37 reviews
Looks awesome but please make a men's app. found in 16 reviews
but would really appreciate a Mens version. found in 21 reviews
Why can't I download my reward workouts. found in 17 reviews
I can't create a program and I've re-downloaded several times. found in 84 reviews
Great app if there was a version for men. found in 20 reviews
Looks awesome but really needs a men's workout too. found in 23 reviews
Error message "unable to check data ". found in 35 reviews
"Connect to Nike Women ". found in 34 reviews
due to problems of " unable to check data". found in 48 reviews
Doesn't save the workout programs so you have to restart it. found in 47 reviews
Would be great to use but there is no men's version. found in 75 reviews
it is clearly a good app but we need one for men. found in 276 reviews
Trying to start a new program caused the app the freeze. found in 39 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Nike Training Club for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It is a whopper, weighing in at 683 MB, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. The new Nike Training Club app version 2.6 has been updated on 2014-11-26. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and ix.Mac.MarketingName. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Nike Training Club check developer Nike, Inc.`s website :

Nike Training Club is a training app that gives you your own personal trainer, anytime, anywhere. Get lean, toned and strong with over 60 custom-built workouts featuring audio guidance and on-demand instruction from a Nike ...
Amazing workout app                 Love
This app has helped me break through a plateau and lose 3 body fat already It pushes me harder than I would push myself and doesnt require almost any equipment Love it                 It works
Simply the most fun challenging inspiring workouts and you can do many of them anywhere                 Simply the best
Yes Amazing                 BETTER THAN GYM
Time flies with these workouts Ive done the easier ones throughout 2 pregnancies post partum and working up to advanced levels while getting back to my pre pregnancy fitness body Its important to mix up workouts and you can definitely do that here while seeing improvements by your ability to increase difficulty and noticing positive body changes                 Makes working out fun and fast
Awesome workouts Love this app                 Nike Fit
I love your programs but need them to be more flexible to changing schedules It automatically skips the workout of you miss it and doesnt give you any makeup option              Good but room for improvement
I have been using this app for over a year in between sessions with my personal trainer and when Im looking for a new workout to break the boredom There are plenty of workouts to choose from I also found the stretching and yoga workouts to be very beneficial when I had back stiffness I was able to recover quickly and get right back on track with my regular workouts I have recently tried to create a 4week program but when I selected the program on the first day the app crashed every time If Nike has any fixes for this please let me know                 Excellent Workout App
I love this app and use it regularly The variety of workouts is great I wish there was more flexibility in the programs ie Choosing rest days and continuing with the program even if you miss a day Thanks Nike              Makes it easy to workout
Great to grab your girlfriends and get in a good sweat at your own pace Set the program to go and challenge each other or do ur own pace                 GF workouts
Best workout app ever The workouts vary so that your muscles never get used to them This is great for those people that have little time to workout as one move works several muscle groups at once The option to create a month long workout plan is a phenomenal option                 Best workout app ever
I used this app almost every time I worked out What happened PLEASE FIX THIS I will redo my review and give 5 stars if fixed     Loved it Past tense What happened
Love Love Love                 Best Workout App
Why oh why havent they made this app iPad compatible yet Nike spends so much time getting the best athletes to create specialized workout videos and Im supposed to watch them in my living room while I exercise on my tiny iPhone screen Seems like an oversight that could have been fixed by now           iPad compatibility anyone
I love the workouts They kick my butt every time but I would like if I could tailor the workout plans more to fit my schedule Otherwise this app is amazing              Army girl love
Im sure this will hit the top in a few months It would be more awesome if it was possible to delete downloaded workouts its not easy to free up enough space on 16Gig phones to download all the workouts                 Best fitness app ever
I really love this app it pushes you to a limit you havent gotten to before It challenges you in all areas just when you think to give up they tell you that you can keep on going Different levels for everyone Would Definitely recommend this to my friends and family                 Awesome
Its a very good app I just wish that every positionexercise would have a video that plays automatically without you having to stop your workout to see how to do every poseexercise              Good app
I absolutely love this app Currently in my first 4 week training program and it is kicking my butt Cant wait to see my results once I finish the program                 Loveeeeeeeee
This app has followed me since my first iPhone Its one of the first apps I download when I get a new phone The workouts deliver exactly what they promise                 Only workout app I use
Best app ever Recommend 100                 Amazing
I am a 17 year old boy who uses this and IT WORKS People ask me what I do to workout and I always tell them about this app This app changed my life there are literally dozens of workouts I feel as if there exists some bugs though Sometimes I dont think the app logs the time I spent working out This app is very nice I definitely recommend trying it              This is good
i like it                 very good
Could no longer afford to dish out money for trainers I have been using this app for over five years but never truly committed I just complete my first week of my 4 week program and I was challenged I look forward to seeing results Thanks Nike                 Best Training App
I love this app So useful Dont have a gym and can do everything at home once my husband leaves I love the customized workout plans you can create Could improve stretching Some long workouts have short and rushed stretching and other short workouts have abnormally long stretching              Getting back on track
Only thing Id change is to add the ability to search for a workout by name Otherwise its perfect Love the demo videos for each exercise                 Love it
I do different routines in my basement while the kids are napping or playing Only need med ball couple free weights open space and Swiss ball In the best shape of my life 7 months after having my daughter Oh and I have a 23 month old son Get ready to sweat                 Great for working mom
I was very excited for this app because I have been look for a good app to track my workouts but this one would not even let me sign up and now its telling me to call customer support     Horrible
Love this app So easy to use and very customizable The videos are helpful as well                 Awesome App Always recommend it
The best workout app Ive ever tried the workouts range from moderate to difficult and they will seriously kick your butt Its a challenge both when Im out of shape and in my best shape And theres a HUGE variety of workouts at different lengths based on your goals cardio fat burn toning and specific areas etc Even thought I gave it 5 stars I have suggestions I would love to see an apple watch app It would be nice to see your time name of the move and maybe picture as well as have the ability to pause and resume from the watch It would be nice if this communicated with other apps like the running app With even specific workout suggestions when you start a running plan It would also be nice to have the cheer functions and leaderboard built in like the running app Theyre really motivating                 The best hands down
Ive this app Great workouts and shows the different moves on video if you need it All fitness levels Can really kick your butt                 Awesome
I spend most of my time on the road and living in small spacesNTC truly gives me the chance to stay in shape no matter where I am The dynamic and ever changing workouts keep my body and mind excited for my next session and the customizability of this app ensures that ill always be challenged                 In a word Excellent
Good app The create program selection needs to offer us a chance to piece together a program from our favorite workouts Thats what matters to me most              Great variety Need control 2create programs
I love the Nike training app I lost 5 pounds in a week Just by following the guides on what days to workout and which workouts to try Totally love                 BEST WORKOUT APP EVER
If you stay committed to the routine set for you NTC will have you shredded Love the app and love the company I work for                 Bye bye fat guy
Great app I use it for home workouts and when I travel You wont be disappointed                 Its great
Used to be fat Not no more With Nike app                 I love it
Love it am getting in shape more and more                 Great
It doesnt recognize the male gender     Fix the app
I love this app Ive tried paid subscription workout services and none held a candle to NTC There are lots of different workout styles its easy to find workouts that dont require equipment and there is enough variety to mix it up daily even as your skills and strength increase                 Free lots of variety and great quality workouts
I absolutely love this app for working out at home With 2 kids under 3 at home I like to be able to workout on my own time and this app has given me great workouts to use at my convenience My only complaint is that on he 4 week program you cant change the workout days There are times when I cant do the workout on the day it tells me and I hate having to skip the whole thing It would also be nice if this could sync with my fitness pal or map my run Those are the other apps I use regularly Otherwise his is an amazing app and Im so grateful for it Thanks Nike                 Love this app
I love the app and the workouts I also enjoy the program option for 4 weeks of planned workouts to achieve your goal I wish that the program would allow you to document your completion of a workout the day after it was scheduled If you can complete the exercise on a Wednesday for example due to work Id like to complete it Thursday and shift my program                 Great workouts
Great workout app for home Its the only one I stick to                 Great App
Must have app Life changer                 Love it
Like this app to help me with ideas Nice that you can listen to your own playlist Wish you could re watch how to do a move without having to go back into the workout repeatedly Sometimes it takes me three or four watches to really get something down during the routine              Pretty good
Has a great amount of workouts but could have more specific ones to keep curves firm gluteus I really like the app though I recommend it              Nike
Its an amazing app i love it It has workouts without equipment if you dont have it and with equipment if you do There are tons of workouts that will match your needs                 Nike training
Great app Use it all the the time                 Nano
Very nice app I use it in my room when I dont wanna go to a place to workout It always tells you what equipment you need if you need it As long as you have weights you can do anything Also if you want to target certain areas ex arms abs legs cardio this is the app to get it done                 Nike training
Motivating short workouts that get the job done Results are the best way to tell its working If you dedicate yourself to the app Jen                 Favorite part of day

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