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Gamenauts , the publisher behind many iOS games (Layer - simple is hard ,Nuclear Outrun ,Stickbound FREE! ,Ninja Fishing ,Castle Champions ,King`s League: Odyssey), brings Ninja Fishing with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Ninja Fishing games has been update to version 1.4.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Just make more power ups and whatever ideas you have..
  • This is one of the best free games ive ever played..
  • Ninja fishing is super fun and a great time killer..
  • I believe that I will get hours of entertainment from it ^_^..
  • Nice game guys Keep updating .

Overall Satisfactionc95
Much better than fruit ninja plus the ninjas puns are funny.
obviously an attempted ripoff of Fruit Ninja.
Amazing game need to make second island cost less.
I love this game it's so fun also it's cool to find new fishes.
One of the best games I've ever played on my iPhone.
One of my favorite games because it combines fish and ninjas and its fun.
Best game I've ever played way better than temple run.
This game is so amazing it is the best game in the world.
I definatley recommend this game to people who liked fruit ninja.
I don't recommend this game to anybody.
Fun & Engagingc95
Awesome game my new favorite everybody needs it.
It is a really fun game to play when you have free time.
The game is very fun and addicting i got HOOKED in the game.
Super fun and addicting definitely worth the download.
terrible ripoff of the super fun game Ridiculous Fishing.
I love this game it's so fun also it's cool to find new fishes.
Great game to pass the time and its just plain awesome.
Very addicting game hard to put down once you start playing.
Make more levels available without needing one million gold.
I play it every day it's awesmazing a mix between awesome and amazing.
I love this game I play it every day it's beast.
Me and my kids love this game we play it everyday.
Great game play it everyday fun as hell.
Everything costs soooo much and money takes a while to get.
Just everything costs too much.
Family Friendlyc98
Me and my kids love this game we play it everyday.
My kids love this game and now got me hooked.
It's fun for the whole family to play.
Tons of fun for the whole family.
The whole family loves is having fun with this app.
My whole family loves this game.
Kids and adults alike love this game.
Tons of fun for kids and adults alike.
Sexy game.
Value for Moneyc71
not buying with real money money on there.
without paying real money.
not just build up points but actually spend real money on.
but they need a way to get coins without spending real money.
Replay Valuec91
Make more levels available without needing one million gold.
This is the most challenging game and ut is still fun.
this game never gets old i LUV it although can be frustrating.
But I would make it easier to unlock new levels.
It's definitely got replay value and can be quite entertaining.
I believe that I will get hours of entertainment from it ^_^.
Ease of Usec97
This game is simple and fun.
A simple and fun free game.
Easy controls and sweet options for upgrades within the game.
Great basic graphic and easy controls make for a good game.
A simple yet addictive little game.
It's simple yet addictive.
Fun game easy to get hooked lol.
Easy to get hooked.
Awesome game keeps u entertained when waiting between calls.
This game keeps me entertained for hours it's awesome.
Game keeps closing fix this problem soon or I'm uninstalling.
Updates & Supportc93
I got the lite version first.
Try the lite version.

One of the funniest games I've played on a phone ever. found in 13 reviews
This a very entertaining game and is a good use of memory. found in 29 reviews
It is better than the full version of fruit ninja. found in 13 reviews
Awesome game my new favorite everybody needs it. found in 1211 reviews
dis game is sooooo fun and adictive. found in 22 reviews
Super fun and addicting definitely worth the download. found in 233 reviews
Me and my kids love this game we play it everyday. found in 15 reviews
It is a highly addictive game and it's better than angry birds seriously. found in 21 reviews
This is just simply the best game on the market right now GET IT. found in 8 reviews
Best game Eva and add more fishes Plz n islands. found in 11 reviews
Very nice game kinda affecting and really good and nice. found in 20 reviews
An amusing game that keeps you playing to earn more gold. found in 11 reviews
Best ninja game with fishing combined ever. found in 69 reviews
Awesome fishing for Ninja lovers. found in 42 reviews
This is a great time consumer. found in 9 reviews
This game is the awesomest game without a doubt. found in 15 reviews
Also it's a very interesting game with the prices 90. found in 16 reviews
Both myself and my 5YO son love this game. found in 25 reviews
I really like playing this game alot. found in 12 reviews
This is the best game in the universe 4eva. found in 7 reviews
Good game to waste time if you are looking for that. found in 28 reviews
Tired of waiting for an update to fix crashing problem. found in 2 reviews
but I wish the time machine didn't cost so much. found in 6 reviews
It's an okay game just needs more fish and islands. found in 58 reviews
but one wouldn't think this game to be fun. found in 8 reviews
Now the game crashes when I start. found in 10 reviews
Worst game in world yet addicting yet glitches a lot. found in 11 reviews
Great game but needs more content. found in 7 reviews
Please add iPhone 5 support. found in 3 reviews
Fun but limited. found in 2 reviews
Now I don't even feel like playing anymore. found in 5 reviews
Solid game except for the mines under water. found in 6 reviews
This makes the game a little boring after awhile. found in 4 reviews
One is it's kind of difficult to earn money. found in 16 reviews
but for some reason I can't restore my purchases. found in 4 reviews
so I did but now the game won't get past the loading screen. found in 4 reviews
I don't have a twitter account and I don't want one. found in 2 reviews
It's really fun and addicting but needs more kinds of fish. found in 6 reviews
I haven't stopped playing it since i downloaded it. found in 11 reviews
Its not even fun anymore :. found in 5 reviews
Used to be fun but now crashes all the time. found in 8 reviews
Go play Ridiculous Fishing instead. found in 5 reviews
with terrible tilt controls. found in 6 reviews
Nothing transferred from the Game Center. found in 13 reviews
Very frustrating because app looks fun to play. found in 5 reviews
can't even get past the loading screen. found in 4 reviews
but I have lost my game data twice now. found in 6 reviews
every time I try to play the game it crashes. found in 6 reviews
cause cnt even open the game. found in 8 reviews
game doesn't work for 3rd generation iPod touches. found in 5 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Ninja Fishing for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 22.2 MB to download. The new Ninja Fishing app version 1.4.0 has been updated on 2014-11-20. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Ninja Fishing check developer Gamenauts`s website :

Sharpen your swords and swing your rods - it`s time to fish...the NINJA way Otoro, a fitness challenged ninja, might not be the best fighter, but he sure has mad skills when it comes to fishing Cast ...
Because of an update all my progress for the last year goes to zero Not worth starting overgame is not that good Ill absorb any I put into this and move on    
Utterly ridiculous Upon updating this game I came to find out that everything has been lost including all of the money I spent on this gameits nothing short of stealing Do not download this game or any other by this creator I am beyond appalled that they can get away with this sort of thing Everyone should be refunded all money spent on this game     Everything is lost
I used to play this game a lot I got pretty far but I just got on and all my stuff was GONE I wasted SO MUCH TIME playing this game THIS IS THE WORST GAME EVER I wish you could rate 1 star Right after this Im deleting it     I HATE THIS GAME
It is truly the best app ever                 One of the best
I love this game It kept me entertained for hours                 Great app
Out of the blue game resets back to its beginning stages All the money I spent on Gold and all my trophies and treasures are all gone What a waste of time and money Their support team doesnt reply to emails either smh     What a waste of money
Awesome game              None
Very fun game with a hint of challenge built in                 Addicting
I use to play this 247 And now I lost EVERYTHING I had EVERY map open and I cant get anything back     Please fix it
Erased all of my progresseverything So beyond frustrating I had this game a long time ago deleted it and then reinstalled it about a year later Now I remember why I had deleted it in the first place this same issue happened before If youre going to download it and play it DO NOT give this game your money     Wasted My Time
I like it                 Cool game
Best game I have played so far                 Best game so far
Do not update This update deletes all progress in the game and village Also removes all your coins     Dont update Deletes all progress
This game is a great game that has a lot of great features Many things you can do and try to achieve                 GMoney
I never write reviews but I have to say this game is really fun but just as I was getting into it I went to play and it started me over from the beginning It doesnt look like I lost as much progress as some people but I like this game but its not going to be much fun if this keeps happening        This needs to be fixed
I became addicted Spent 299 on an upgrade and the app closed on me I lost ALL my progress and lost the 299 upgrade Game started from scratch I want my money back     No
Git it              The best ever
I love it when it comes to challenging myself                 Awesome
great game but all my data erased how do i get it back been playing years     BS
I downloaded the new update and it erased all of my progress and started me back at the beginning Emailed tech support and have not received a response yet     All data erased
I love this game been playing it for years only thing ion like is when i get a new phone i have to restart all over again If you could do a save account would be wonderful                 Addictive
Game update is not any good                 Game
Such a fun game love to play it Ps fix the glitch where plankton literally jump on to your line thats really annoying                 Awesomeness
I had this game before and I deleted it after a while I downloaded it back a few weeks ago and was already halfway through the game and my phone automatically did the update for the game I go back on and it completely reset No one should download this game unless you like to pull out your hair in frustration     Terrible
Same as everyone else every time I exit out of the game and reenter the game resets     Fix the game
I absolutely love this game I play it all the time Recently I bought an iPad mini and i had it on my old iPad and I had it connected to Game Center and my Facebook but on my iPad mini i have to restart so please add cloud save and if it is already in the game help me restore my progress because I had almost every upgrade and over 1000000 coins in career earnings but now I have nothing this really makes me upset and angry           Please fix this
Hell yeah                 G
LOVING IT                 Ninja Fishing
I loveeee this game very entertaining                 Love this
Loved playing this game until the last update With the last update all my upgrades and coins are GONE When can we expect Thai to be fixed     Recent update erased coins and upgrades
I play this game for more than I can remember perhaps 4 years and all my data is lost I was so addicted to this that i feel like crying Cant believe it Unacceptable Totally     PIECE OF Shit
Ive been playing this game for a long time Also Ive unlocked the dinosaur island and other already but this morning i found all of my data were erased Have to start everything from the beginning Waste of time     Data were erased
Funnest                 Grate
GREAT                 Ninja fishing
I have had this game for a couple years It automatically updated without my knowledge It was only upon checking for other updates that I saw the warning Go figure I highly doubt my data will be replenished Wouldnt recommend it at all anymore     Frustrated
Its the funnest game I have found thats not on playstation                 My favorite game
Sooooooo goooooood                 AWESOME
Great              Great
The best game Ive ever played                 SSSSSIIIIIIIICCCCCCKKKKK
It is so fun and challenging and is great                 Great Game
I love this game but I DONT love waking up to ALL of my data erased Wth     Ugh
I downloaded this newest update and it reset all my progress Now all my rare holiday fish and all the time i put into this game are gone Oh ya and the money i spent on the drill and diamond blade     NOOOOOO
Downloaded the latest update and erased all my data had 4000000 gold coins and had unlocked everything This is the second time this happened to me I will not play this game anymore unless they give me everything back     Erased data
I love the game                 I love this game
Awesome and addicting Period                 Love
Ive been playing this game forever and its so super addicting                 Best game ever on my iphone
Whatttttttttttt     Erased everything
I like ninja fishing because the lines can get bigger and the hook the very last upgrade for the hook it can hold 50 fish on it It is really fun The more points you get                 This app is awesome
bad game dont get it     horrible

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