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Just1Word, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Bible ✛ ,Bible NVI ,NVI Bible ,ESV Bible + 1 ,Amplified Bible ,Bible+ Catholic), brings NIV84 Bible + with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. NIV84 Bible + app has been update to version 1.7.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Customer service is also A+..
  • Now I use this one more than the King James version..
  • The best part is the ability to view other bible versions..
  • This is the best bible app for reading the NIV 1984 version..
  • I love the large print sizes that I can choose..

Overall Satisfactionc89
This is the best bible app for reading the NIV 1984 version.
I am glad that this version of the Bible is still available.
thank you for keeping this version alive.
Thank You for providing such a useful tool for Bible reading and study.
Fun & Engagingc100
This is an awesome bible with a lot of great features.
Awesome bible.
Besides that it is awesome.
I've started using it every day for my personal devotions.
I find it very useful.
Great version of the bible read it everyday.
I read it everyday.
Useful on ipad.
Ease of Usec85
The ability to highlight and bookmark chapters is awesome.
So easy to use and great resource to use in church.
easy to navigate through.
easy to use format.
NIV Super convenient.
it's always with me and the font size makes it easy to read.
Updates & Supportc80
This is the best bible app for reading the NIV 1984 version.
It gives you access to your favorite version of the Word.
Customer service is also A+.
Each update makes this Bible app better.

It is bringing me closer to the lord. found in 1 reviews
God's word with me at all times. found in 2 reviews
I've started using it every day for my personal devotions. found in 3 reviews
Thank God for this app. found in 2 reviews
The ability to highlight and bookmark chapters is awesome. found in 2 reviews
and the fact it is a red letter addition. found in 4 reviews
I used complicated study Bible apps like olive tree. found in 7 reviews
The most money I have ever paid for an app. found in 1 reviews
I can actually take notes during bible study and keep up. found in 18 reviews
I've memorize 4 books of the bible : John. found in 5 reviews
thank you for keeping this version alive. found in 5 reviews
Having the Bible at my fingertips has helped to keep me in God's Word. found in 5 reviews
I love God's Word and I use this ap during church services. found in 7 reviews
It's made me a more faithful bible reader. found in 3 reviews
Easy to use and so helpful with my daily readings. found in 4 reviews
Great version of the bible read it everyday. found in 2 reviews
Thank You for providing such a useful tool for Bible reading and study. found in 4 reviews
easy to use format. found in 2 reviews
Some features lacking. found in 1 reviews
Works offline- would love to see a couple key updates. found in 1 reviews
NIV Bible fix. found in 1 reviews
but everyone wanted an arm and leg for the NIV. found in 2 reviews
Somewhat Disappointing. found in 1 reviews
Facebook posting problem. found in 1 reviews
Except for the extremely slow load time. found in 1 reviews
but I'm on an original iPad. found in 2 reviews
It would be nice to simultaneously compare two different versions. found in 2 reviews
Books and chapter opens so much faster than other apps. found in 1 reviews
but sometimes the updates don't help an app much. found in 2 reviews
I wish I hadn't updated. found in 2 reviews
which requires patience. found in 1 reviews
Great politically incorrect version I got saved on. found in 1 reviews
so apparently it's not very compatible with older hardware. found in 2 reviews
Now glitchy. found in 2 reviews
it really is a pain to use and thats really too bad. found in 2 reviews
but since the last iOS update. found in 2 reviews
but I'd like to see some reference material added. found in 7 reviews
I can't move freely from one book to another at all. found in 1 reviews
If I try to copy from right-to-left. found in 9 reviews
I hope to find a more user friendly Bible app. found in 1 reviews
I hate the new updates. found in 2 reviews
New version crash fail. found in 1 reviews

The NIV84 Bible + is now available for $9.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 12.5 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.7.0 has been released on 2014-11-30. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about NIV84 Bible + check developer Just1Word, Inc.`s website :

Bible Reader featuring The New International Version Bible in fully formatted text pre-loaded and ready to use even when the Internet is unavailable. Navigate the Bible by book, topic, passage, search and more. Other Bible ...
I enjoy having my Spanish bible especially the NIV version                 Love it
This bible is great Im glad that I purchased it Its very easy to navigate and I love the features that it comes with I dont regret buying it              Great bible
Why do you think we went looking for an app called the 1984 NIV Bible I did not want the 2011 update I got saved in 1992 and the first bible I read with understanding was the 1984 version This is the one I memorized tons of scripture from and now when I look them up the words are changed I find this very annoying Gods Word is not supposed to change I am constantly referring back to my paper versions because these scriptures are different than what I remember Very disappointed     Why the Update
The NIV 84 version is a reliable translation and easy to read One reason I prefer it more than the newer version is that it has not changed for political correctness to say brothers and sisters instead of just brothers like the original Bible                 My favorite version to read
Grew up with this version and feel like this a less influenced version of the word of God Very grateful to the creators of this app and how well it works                 Very grateful for the 1984
Been using this Bible app for a long time now I highly recommend it Not one flaw not one bug and they continually upgrade it They also respond to customer input immediately Highly recommend                 Excellent keeps getting better
Good              NIV BIBLE 1984
I have gone to church since I was 5 and the KJV was the only version available to me I gave my life to Jesus when I was 12 So obviously I understood the KJV When I bought my first NIV in 1984 I could not believe how easy it is to read and understand It is like God is speaking to me in my own language I was afraid it was too good to be true so I read the credits and I found it is more complete because we have discovered more original manuscripts I have checked out later versions of the NIV and they dont compare I will always use the 1984                 Deb in Florida
Having used the 1984 NIV as the main text for the lyrics on our free of charge scripture songs website biblesongsus over the years I was greatly relieved to discover that I could still get the 1984 edition on my iPhone which makes it so much easier to work on a new scripture song while away from home and my Bible I have found switching back and forth between the NIV Bible and my recorder to be so convenient as I build a song which is really me listening to what I think the Lord is singing in my spirit Thanks so much for continuing to make this version available                 Relieved 1984 NIV still available
Please get this for the Galaxy note 4 I was an all apple person but I switched to the Galaxy and I only miss this bible please consider                 I love this app praying I can get it on the Galaxy note 4
Ive been using this app for a LONG time Ive seen it change and be tweaked many times I like the app especially since it is one that offers the 1984 NIV edition I use it every day reading for approximately 1520 minutes I particularly use the bookmarking feature since my daily reading jumps to three different places each day This feature has jumped around a bit between the various periodic updates This has been a bit annoying but only at first until I figured out where it was located I know the app offers a daily reading but I use my own read through the year schedule I occasionally use the highlighting feature too But I use the app just to have as a reading tool but especially for the NIV84 version                 DA in WSNC
Awesome Thank you                 Servant
Wonderful app easy to navigate efficient Been using this app for a very long time So glad someone decided to keep the 84 version instead of leaving us with the gender neutral 2010 version Thanks guys                 User Friendly Love the NIV84
Thank you for making this The 84 is great I dont really have a problem with the NIV update In fact its good What I do have a problem with Biblica shutting down even electronic versions of the 84 Please keep this app alive                 So good
This is a good app of the overall best English translation on the planet However trying to copy significant amounts of Scripture is still problematic When I try highlighting beyond what can be viewed on the IPhone screen the highlighting gets turned off This makes using copy and paste impractical and maddening When I am listening to a sermon and typing notes onto another program I want to quickly copy biblical text and paste it to my documentcannot smoothly be done with this app Please fix this This has been a problem for a long time However having the NIV84 at my fingertips is GREAT since the publishers of the inferior NIV2011 have used their muscle to keep the electronic NIV84 out of the faithful NIV users hands I hope BiblicaZondervan doesnt take it away like they have elsewhere              Somewhat Disappointing
The NIV 1984 version was the first bible I ever read it is by far the best version of The Holy Scriptures Ive ever used                 Best Bible NIV 1984
I use this app almost every morning The NIV84 is the version that changed my life and established me in the faith so it is still my goto version I love not having to be connected to the internet to read it Very convenient for my on onthego lifestyle                 Thankful for this App
Its almost impossible to find an NIV84 onlinethis is my favorite app                 Cant live without it
The app is straight to the point and just works 1 Optimize for iPhone 6 2 Your dark mode isnt dark enough The other bible app is great at night I need a black background and on the header as well 3 I need sans fonts like Roboto Varela or even plain old Arial Those times fonts bother me a lot Thats my version of a fiver Thanks for the app              Only a few things left to do
Very user friendly                 Works great
Awesome love it use it all the time                 1984
I love it The only bible app that supports this version I do hope to see more improvements and features in the near future              Love this app
Great app Love the 1984 NIV Version over all others                 Awesome app
I love that this developer has been able keep the 1984 version that they update this app as needed Its my 2nd favorite way to read Gods word The actual Book is still 1                 84 is my Fav This app is Great
Very easy to use Very convenient I think it is a terrific resource when traveling and cannot carry my bible                 Holy Bible NIV
I like this app better than others Ive tried                 Versatile and easy to use
There is nothing like reading the Bible in the way I read it since a little kid I also enjoy the Message and other translations but NIV 84 is the most comforting I can read it both on my iPad and iPhone                 NIV84
This is my NIV goto version It is so easy to use Thank you thank you thank you After having used the newer version for a while it became obvious to me the language and terminology in the 84 edition is preferable While the notes in the newer edition may be more uptodate the language in the text was not an improvement It seems to reflect more political correctness and doesnt have the punch of meaning in some passage comparisons These changes are presented in the introduction to the newer version Anyone can read the Introduction and see the changes make a comparison and see for themselves I am very glad that this was included in the introduction to the newer version it made me appreciate the NIV 84 edition even more Thank you for providing it for our use I really had to search to find this 84 addition and So WORTH IT                 So glad to have this NIV84 available
For some reason this is no longer working on my ipad 2 Does anyone know why        NIV1984
This is the best NIV version and its the version that many of us have memorized or grown accustomed to reading in the past so millions of us have this as our favorite version of the Bible and have many copies of this version in our homes While it is fine to upgrade the Bible based on new original text discovered or to bring language up to date it is wrong to make changes simply to make changes because youre going to upgrade it every 25 years whether or not the people like it our language has not changed since the 80s and many of the me NIV versions changes seem just to be to change it enough for a new copyright which I hope is not money motivatedbut if not why not still make the 84 version available in print and digitally                 Needs to be more available digitally for a reasonable price
Had this app for 3 years they have worked out a lot of problems Scrolling and searches work well now                 Not bad
Everything you expect and even more                 Superb
The only place to get the beloved 84 version Additionally its a great app in all other respects as well                 Finally
I am happy to have my 1984 niv back I am hoping the developer will enhance features like the adding of columns This is found in other versions This would give it 5 stars If you are looking for an niv that does not change Gods word to fit the times this is it              A good version
Used to love it Now with verses being stripped and left out of NIV due to new publisher I dont want anything to do with it     Awesome No longer Pits
Really like the ease of use especially during church Thank you                 User friendly
Like the note taking and search of written notes                 Love this app Wished it were cheape There is no price on Gods Words
After learning the navigation techniques its an excellent app Handy Easy to use And its the NIV 84 edition which is the best without changes motivated by political correctness but its also increasingly hard to find Now it can be as close as your smart phone or tablet I highly recommend this app I am a United Methodist pastor and I use this app as my primary Bible                 Excellent
Although I am grateful for the variety of Bible versions I resent the difficulty in obtaining the NIV 84 version I can no longer confidently recommend this app to friends Much of text needs spell check and editing In other words the text is unreliable for accuracy           Review of NIV 84
NIV 1984 alone worth 5 stars The app is very good too Works well on the 6 plus with good screen scaling                 NIV 1984 alone worth 5 stars
I really like this Bible I find it meets my needs andI keep discovering capabilities that I really need Helps me tremendously as a Bible Study Teacher Sometimes though I do have difficulty highlighting phrases The touch is very sensitive so I lose the phrase or the pages turn when I am highlighting Overall thankful to have this app              My Preference for Bible
The latest update of 1 really stands head and shoulders above other Bible apps However no matter how many translations I read The 1984 had the most comprehensive theological punch of them all I study the Greek and Hebrew Culture linguistics word for word etc And of all the translations NIV84 speaks more clearly more often than the rest In my opinion the 1884 version is the authorized version of the postmodern era Its not a perfect translation but its close                 NIV1984
Wonderful app for NIV Bible reading and study Can use anywhere any time                 Grateful
Thank you                 Thank you for keeping 84
This is an excellent app and I am so glad to still have access to the 1984 version of the NIV                 NIV 1984
Easy to use Best feature is that you can search a few words in a verse and it finds it for you I remember verses but never where they are found Also love its the 1984 version I pray you continue to provide and update this version Thank you                 Love it
This is a great Bible app                 Excellent app
The new upgrade doesnt work with my iphone 4 at all wont even openI need to get a refund     Doesnt work
Excellent The text is so comforting Ive memorized long passages and its frustrating when the newer text is changed so much Chaptersverses are easy to find If youre used to the older version that we had for such a long time youll love this app Well worth the price Gods Blessings on you today                 NIV84
Rev 10414 92414 Original Review 9314 I was highly encouraged to get this version of the NIV for a Bible study since the more up to date version had lost some of the plain truth in becoming politically correct to the very Catholic dogma religions I loved this Bible app but could only find this version by googling not in the Bible store Disappointing It is expensive harder to find but worth the price I like being able to bookmark add my own notes Thank you thank you for keeping this version alive Keeps improving with each update                 1984 NIV wonderful

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