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Ginger Labs , the publisher behind many iOS app (Notability ,soundAMP Lite ,soundAMP R ,soundAMP 2.0), brings Notability with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Notability app has been update to version 4.31 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


Introductory price. Every aspect of Notability has been enhanced to make you a better note taker.


Take notes in style, record in sync, save notes in folders, and share with ease.

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Type notes with your choice of fonts, colors & styles. Watch the words wrap around your photos, figures and web pages.


Record the lecture, tap a word during playback to hear what was said at the moment you typed that word.


Save your notes in subject folders in the library to save time finding, sorting, searching and reviewing.


Photos and figures float on the notebook page, and can be moved, re-sized, captioned, labeled, drawn on, and more.


Email your notes as PDF files. Back up your notes in iTunes File Sharing.


Notability is streamlined to make you a better note taker on iPad.


We look forward to your feedback.


All Apple education representatives carry Notability on their iPad!!


If you are iPad owner,you now can download Notability for $0.99 from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 4.31 has been released on 2014-11-24. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Notability check developer Ginger Labs`s website :


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I have always loved the functionality of this app To me it is pretty unbeatable But the syncing issues I had on getting my MacBook iPad and iPhone linked were driving me nuts so much so that I almost gave up on ever syncing my Notability documents And thenafter receiving one halfbaked useless reply from Ginger Labs service department I decided to give it one more shot And bingoFINALLY It seems the solution is that you need to be using iCloud Drive on all devicesthen turn Notability syncing off restartand turn it on again on all devices That should work So arguably the most important feature of any notetaking app synchronization will actually work                AT LAST Syncing is fixed
I have been trying for around 3 hours to do my math homework on this app that used to be so useful and now makes it impossible to use and is forcing me to switch to GoodNotes which is proving to be a much better app Would not recommend Notability do not get this app unless you want to be very frustrated    Awful Glitches
After I updated it it started freaking out after that and not working I was just wondering if you could fix it or try Thanks          Um
Best note taking app I have ever used Love the text handwriting features Makes it easy to use switching from an iPad to a laptop                BETTER THAN EVERNOTE
Plz get this this is awsomei recommend this for teachers and studentsGET IT There are so many featuresGET IT GET IT GET IT                Its awsome Loolol
The most positive part of this app is the developer keeps updating it such that we can always got heard anytime                Great app for taking notes in class
Please bring back the palm rest The app is awful at recognizing a palm by itself and just ends up writing a bunch of dots whenever I put my palm down and then forcing me to keep my palm off the screen in order to write what I want It should at least me an option whether we want to manual select the palm rest or not          Almost perfect
Makes note taking so much easier My favorite feature is definitely the audionote playback Its been so helpful for whenever I need clarification on stuff I mightve missed during lecture One thing Id like to see added is resizing of the pages added I use this to take notes on ppts so having a vertical page poses a bit of a challenge when I need to export and print them out If the pages were the same size as the ppt frames then it wouldnt need to be shrinked to fit the printing frame                Ive been using it since I started college
Excellent app to jot down ideas and merge with other storage services Exceedingly intuitive and doesnt suffer from glitches at all Use it for more than notes                Notes then some Awesomely easy Sharp
App is great and I have been using it for a few years Watch for the prices though I paid 3 for it but I have seen it for up to 6 and at a point it was even free                Amazing App
I used to love this app Ive been using it for over a year as my main way to take Notes in school But since a recent update i cant write smoothly The app doesnt recognize Im using a stylus or even my finger It lags when Im writing It doesnt make a smooth line it keeps cutting in and out Im super upset I cant use this app like I once did I hope this gets fixed ASAP    What happened
I really enjoy this app but there are somethings I would love to see change Being able to arrange my notes how I want them to be ordered would be fantastic Also it would be great if the pen and highlighter had more color options instead of the presets Other than that this app is good             DevelopersPlease read
I recommend this app to everyone I work with and all my students It is awesome and has been for years Dont hesitate at the price                Love everything
Deez Nutz Deez Nutz Deez Nutz Deez Nutz Deez Nutz Deez Nutz Deez Nutz Deez Nutz Deez Nutz Deez Nutz Deez Nutz Deez NutzDeez Nutz Deez Nutz Deez Nutz Deez NutzDeez Nutz Deez Nutz Deez Nutz Deez Nutz Deez Nutz Deez Nutz Deez Nutz Deez Nutz Deez Nutz Deez Nutz Deez Nutz Deez Nutz Deez Nutz Deez Nutz Deez Nutz Deez Nutz Deez Nutz Deez Nutz Deez NutzDeez Nutz Deez Nutz Deez Nutz Deez Nutz    Deez Nutz
Typing in the current update is super glitchy It zooms in too muchIt creates black areas that cover the screenIt doesnt show what I typed It insists on scrolling to a different spot than where I had itIts been a while now come on guys get it fixed    Fix it already
I love this app and have it on both OSX and iOS The problem I am currently having with it is that it crashes when manipulating the size of and writing on PDFs in the 5 mb range          Great app that crashes
This is the only notetaking I use Made the mistake of paying 3 for one a few months ago after I was told it had done different features ended using Notability anyway Have never had issues Improvements are just that improvements                FANTASTIC
Hello I love Notability Great app I also love the pencil effects so I am writing this review to suggest a spraypaint effect                New Pencil Effect
Dis gam is da worzt Fiv Doolarz iz a rageousout prizes Do not reckomenddd    XxSmok3eWe33dxX
I use this app to take notes in class and annotate PDFs As much as I enjoy using the app I wish that the AutoAdvance function could be moved to the left side I study a foreign language that is read righttoleft and cannot use AutoAdvance because of it Otherwise everything about Notability is great and functions smoothly I recommend it             Great For Most Languages
Before Notability Ive used multiple other note taking apps but none seemed that good When I started using Notability I knew that I would be using it for a long time and I still am Keep up the good work                Always has been reliable
DATA LOSSThank goodness I have back up to Dropbox turned onI dont know WHY but the app will sporadically delete notes I took a while back Theyll just disappear from the list Sometimes notes will appear twice with the exact same title and modified dateEither way not my problem Its their problem They need to fix it I shouldnt need to worry about thisI nearly lost critical data because of this app       DATA LOSS MAKE SURE YOU BACK UP
i been using this app for years and love it however when trying to import things that converted in google drive it just stalls and doesnt do anything help please          help
Notability is responding slowly crashing all the time and is just plain awful Please fixYall prewrote this but its true I cant even take notes in class on ipad2 without delays          New update is very buggy Glitchy while writing notes
You can take notes on it but there are definitely other better free apps that you can get          Not worth any money
This app is great But needs iOS9 multitasking support                Great app
Im new to the app Im impressed so far The only thing I havent figured out how to make it do is add pages from one note to a different note It seems like it would be nice having the option to import a photo as a page as well when taping on the Add page above or below button Maybe it does and I havent figured it out yet             Powerful but missing some simple features
This app is so helpful at school                Loves it
I am a college student who takes notes on my iPad with preloaded powerpoint slides I upload the teacher slides 10 min before class when the teacher talks I press the audio button and start writing and placing marks When I dont understand something after class I go back click on the mark and listen to the professors words right at the time I wrote the note I wish the app would allow for audio synchronizing at certain points of recording For example if they could have a button or bookmark where you want the audio to be linked an when you go on to the next page or continued notes you click to tag the audio Another downside is text does not link audio They can improve the Macbook look and navigation to allow for removing the background before printing the notes Nonetheless its easy to use clean and super easy Totally recommend for audio notetakers                Perfect for audio integrated notetaking
Ive used this app through three semester of calculus three semesters of physics and a bio class This app was essential to passing those classes The audio recording capability the picture import ease of rescaling and copying just all of it made life so much easier I got half the class to download it after I showed them my notes and then we all shared especially when someone missed a class Just buy it Worth it                ESSENTIAL APP FOR STUDENTS
Need to have a feature that allows you to do two things at once New colors and fixes                Great
Full screen mode with keyboard present on screen                Requests
1 When you share your notes with recordings that it is in an interactive PDF format one file instead of separate audio in a zip folder The audio is no longer synchronized this way2 Create a latency option so that when you tap on the synchronized notes it skips back about 510 seconds since we write or type after we hear what has been said Audio and typing are sometimes out of sync for some reason3 Wish that the photos you take are not automatically put into your camera folder 4 Want the ability to choose a default folder to make notes in Currently it selects the last folder you wrote a note in5 More backup options Ability to sync more than one device to the cloud Include One Drive             Requests
Love the app Favorite one for school Wish I was able to combine documents under one name and also have smaller folders inside subjects             Love it One tip though
This is probably the best app I have ever used the handwriting capability paired with the option to write directly on PDFs and PowerPoints makes this essential for school The audio recording feature is a definite bonus and comes in handy at times when reviewing notes My only qualm with this app is that as a biology major autocorrect mauls any scientific jargon that I type it is tedious to combat and very detrimental because it can wipe out essential terminology if I miss fixing any corrections Easy fivestar rating even with this issue though This app along with Things for todo has revolutionized school for me                Please allow autocorrect disable
This app is awesome I know I wrote a review about how bad this app was but then notability got updates that were awesome The only thing I dont like about this update is that when I try to zoom in I end up scribbling all over my work Once that is fixed this app will be perfect but until the zoom is fixed then 4 stars it is             This app is great but
I use the app almost exclusively for handwritten notes on my iPad mini using a stylus Integrated palm rejection is excellent and the interface is simple and easy to use I use iPhone and Mac versions as well mainly to access what I created on the iPad but appreciate support for multiple devices My only complaints and hence 4 stars are that sync via iCloud is inconsistent and the inability to name files with a yearmonthdate label so that files exported as PDFs into other apps like Notebooks would be sorted by date             Best app for handwritten notes
Well designed simple to use fast startup such a great tool for organization This is on my home screen I use this app everyday Wish list Ability to crop photo within note ability to import more than 1 photo at a time ability to save photo to camera roll ability to view exif data ability to change creation date ability to reorder notes ability to set note to photo time date and ability to save photo to camera roll Thank you so much keep up the great work                Great app
It would be extremely convenient to have a function that would pull up a blank paper when working with an etext The stickies are OK but I would like something that doesnt cover up what Im working on                I Wish there was just one more functionality
When I write the scroll button starts to flash I hate it I hate when the bug is obvious and I can tell it myself So could someone fix it It was perfect and now I am tortured by this thing Please          Can someone fix the bug
Definitely recommend 1010                Keeps you very organized
I love using this app not only do I type out what I need I record audio of the lecture Its awesome I just wish I could access the notes from my MacBook using notability on that through iCloud or something That would be a lovely feature Sometimes I dont have my iPad with me but I have my iPhone or MacBook which both have this app as well but I cant access notes Ive made on the iPad If that is added this app would be just about perfect                Great for School
This is My MOST USED APP on my iPad It is the BEST note taking app you can buy If you cant work intuitively you should not be critical of this app I was reading recent most critical reviews saw what people were complaining about I could NOT get these problems to show up I use this all the timeGREATEST and BEST APP for any doc annotation notes etc Soooooooooo many options to choose Instead of being critical LEARN how to use your technological hardware before posting This is the absolute best app Get this dont hesitate                To the WHINERS
Please bring back the old area for your palm The new palm detection does not work very well at all    Palm Detection Doesnt Work
I use this app for school It has made my life so much easier by being a allinone digital binder I love being able to import power points and write on them directly Also the recording feature is great It takes a little while to learn the features but its worth the investment Please continue to improve the palm detection and add more colors to the pencil and highlighter                Great app
I feel like the price upgrade to this app whenever it went up is a crime Outside of a facelift and absolutely annoying two finger scroll that never works anymore this app has done anything but get better I contacted the developers about two years ago asking for some graphing tools since I teach math they said it was in the works but still no tools As a teacher at a 11 iPad school its a crime to charge this much Ill be working on looking for a product that actually incorporates new features as apposed to saying new features are coming and the only thing that changes is the price       599
This app is amazing I always use it for note taking and homework I recommend this app for people who do a lot of online things at their school                I this app
Ive been looking for a app that is good for hand written notesIve tried several and this by far is the best that I have found I even forwarded a link to a coworker and she loves it as well Also the in note recorder is great The only thing I wish is that the pages turned like a book instead of scrolling up down                Just one word Great
This is a really useful app The app is easy to use and great for note taking in school It could be improved though by using a color wheel instead of just 16 colorsThanks             Great app
If you are in an intensive undergradgradprofessional school with a firehose stream of powerpoint slides get this app Extremely worth the money Very happy podiatric med school student                Amazing


Ginger Labs
Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
Last Updated:
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iOS / 4.31

iOS Notability 4.31 Mobile

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