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Robert Mooney , the publisher behind many iOS app (MYDOGE ,Loan Calculator ,Notes Pro for Lotus Notes), brings Notes Pro for Lotus Notes with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Notes Pro for Lotus Notes app has been update to version 1.3.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.

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I'll give it 10 stars. found in 1 reviews
Notes Pro was a God send for my iPhone. found in 1 reviews
Overall useful app. found in 1 reviews
this is problem is documented in known issues. found in 1 reviews
but needs editing features. found in 1 reviews
Contacts do not work which is very frustrating. found in 1 reviews
but at least it doesn't reset the iPhone. found in 1 reviews
there's no real alternative. found in 1 reviews
I cannot add or delete entries in Calendar or To Do. found in 1 reviews
There have been occasional crashes and folder access would be nice. found in 2 reviews
Can't delete emails. found in 2 reviews
Don't spend your money on this yet. found in 1 reviews
except if I try to send an email to a contact. found in 1 reviews
need to login every time. found in 1 reviews
But it lacks simple interactive features and functionality. found in 1 reviews
Can't see a complete email. found in 1 reviews
Now for the rest: I cannot sync my calendar. found in 1 reviews
You cannot delete a message. found in 1 reviews
another big problem. found in 1 reviews
Can't add/delete calendar entries -- it's just read only. found in 5 reviews
This was a complete waste of time and money. found in 2 reviews
In the past you can't even send a message to multiple people. found in 1 reviews
I give the app one star due to no tech support. found in 2 reviews
no emails past august and it's October. found in 2 reviews
since the update you can no longer receive mail. found in 2 reviews
This flat out does not work. found in 1 reviews
Downloaded the app and it just won't work no matter what I tried. found in 2 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Notes Pro for Lotus Notes for $14.99 from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Notes Pro for Lotus Notes app version 1.3.1 has been updated on 2014-11-21. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1.2 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Notes Pro for Lotus Notes check developer Robert Mooney`s website :

Featured in PC Magazine`s Top Apps for the Business iPhone,2817,2356463,00.asp With NotesPro you can view your Lotus Notes email, calendar, group or personal contacts and todos - all on your iPhone. NotesPro requires no sync between your ...
I think this is the worst application i have ever bought in the itunes store itunes should regulate this kind of applications Following all the instructions plus assistance from our IT department could not get the application working A money back application type Hope they work on it for it to work     NotesPro for Lotus Notes
Heres what I had trouble with a Couldnt figure out how to delete messages b It downloads a maximum of 60 emails Only the 60 oldest emails from my inbox That was useless If you are an obsessive cleaner of your inbox maybe this would be acceptable The 60 newest emails might be acceptable but I dont think it does that     User
Overall useful app It definitely needs more work but v12 was some progress so lets encourage the creator to keep at it Truth be told theres no real alternative If your Lotus server is earlier version than 8 you cant use IBM iNotes mine is 65 Another option is setting up your own forwarding agent but not all can do it you cant reply from your address regardless of what others told you Finally theres Webmail through Safari clumsy need to login every time no reply option And of course this app has calendar to do and contacts Even though there are a few bugs more on that later its approaching BB in functionality Bugs emails are truncated after several paragraphs in reply keyboard blocks the screen sometimes the app quits on you Missing features need to see full address line who the message is To CC etc need to mark message as Read and also delete message need to see folders need to be able to CC in new message would like the ability to accept invitations calendar can be much more elegant for example you dont need to see the line all day False next to each entry Version 12 took care of large downloads and foreign fonts even though the new agent file seems more buggy and I reverted to using the old one Again it definitely needs work but it being the only option I found it very useful              Useful app
I installed this today after configuring Lotus Notes with the agent as specified It works well if wish it would make use of the iPad full screen I would like the app to be able to delete Lotus Notes emails as this helps manage the InBox especially on the road With that feature and a reply feature using Lotus not my GMail account I would rate it 5           using it with iPad
Save your money Do not purchase This will not work through proxy even though developer promised it would Twice I attempted to contact developer and he will not return emails or phone calls     Piece of Crap
do not buy this Like others since the update email does not work at all Before the upgrade my work colleagues and I could all get our work email on our iphone but now none of us can and we have all tried to trouble shootreinstalling checking the help section of the website Notice that the developer has not even posted anything on his website in many months and he just tells people to check your settings and reinstall when they say they cant get email anymore Since I cant quite convince a large institution to stop using Lotus Notes I am therefor stuck with no work email on my device Thanks for nothing If there were a way to give 0 stars that would be my true rating     terrible
ITunes should take more responsibility on Apps that they allow to be sold on here This is a complete rip off DO NOT BUY     Complete waste of money
Doesnt work if your corporation has a single sign on with a dedicated portal No support     Useless
I too just wanted to be able to interact w my office email Previous reviews seemed to indicate this app did that well I do not think so The only improvement NP offers over LNs direct internet interface is the reply feature However the points earned for that are taken away for not having folder access That is very important to me As it stands now this was a waste of the unusually hi cost as I would rather read my emails current and in folders over Lotus Domino server and use my personal email account to send replies Too bad UPDATE Although I ran the whole setup test and passed this app keeps failing Ive reinstalled but the same thing keeps happening And yes there was no support just snide remarks and denial of any responsibility Sad to say this app has caused me to swear off any and every app that charges a fee since there is no trial period or refund recourse Apple should spend more energy on customer satisfaction and less on preventing developers from providing iphone compatible critical apps like Flash     ClumsyNot Worth 14 of the Price
Pros nice looking interface Cons emails cut off after a certain length with no ability to get the rest of the text and no indication that emails are cut off NO attachment support of any kind reply or manual address input only no automatic access to contacts contacts not reliable if your notes system has multiple books as many do mine has 4 books and only one imports the wrong one and imports into Notes pro with only the name and not any of the data fields populated no technical support No integration with native iphone apps like cal contacts and mail has switch to use native Mail but does not do anything I can tell No ability to add or edit calendar no ability to add or edit to do no ability to add or edit contacts no ability to delete emails no ability to access email folders or move emails tofrom folders randomly chokes when on wifi seems to always work on cell but not as stable updating over wifi Conclusion This app is not worth anywhere near its current asking price because you can get much better functionality albeit with a less elegant interface simply by using the free lotus web access through safari which you have to have functioning for this app to work anyway If it had only the same functionality as the web interface andor if all future updates are free and all the above cons are resolved in the very near future the app would be worth its asking price Right now I would strongly recommend against buying this app in its current form If I could I would return it     Good idea but huge limitations
There have been occasional crashes and folder access would be nice Also my contacts are blank show the name only with no info Wish there was better formatting and sort options too For a first try tho this is good hope for regular updates and announcements Update using for a few days I see room for improvement Cant see a complete email scrolling stops before end of email Cant read attachments and there should be an autorefresh option           Not bad could be better
Version 131 and new agent file Most of the issues have been resolved with this version Now everything seems to work fine for me I am only missing Sent mail folder              Application improved a lot
I just bought this app and it works okay I am able to view reply and compose new emails which is what I really care about Another user mentioned that when you reply to emails it comes from your iphone account and not your lotus notes account Mine seems to work where it sends emails from my lotus note account and a copy is also placed in my sent mail folder The mail interface does not look nice however it would be nice to display the emails in a such a way that you can tell which ones are new The Calendar does not seem to work too well for me It does not seem to display all the entries that I expected it to show For instance it only shows me calendar entries up until 1209 even though my setting says to show 16 weeks forward I do however like the fact that I can call and email from the contact screen Overall its not a bad app It just needs some work especially with the UI Is it worth 15 Maybe 999 would have been a better price I appreciate the developer has atleast found a way to get lotus notes email on the Iphone without going through the PC Keep up the good work Hopefully a new release will be coming out soon that will bring new functionality and fix some of the bugs The only other thing to say is that for an application that costs 15 customer service should be better than it is There should be a number to call or atleast an active forum where people can go to get answers Update on the latest release The new release brought some improvement but the app still needs some work If the most requested features such as reply all cleaner interface fix issue with email cutting off see complete person email is from and other people CCd on the email the this app will be a killer like somebody else mentioned there are really no good alternatives     Not bad but still needs work
Message size is too small havent been able to send email or reply to calendar invitations no integration with normal iPhone mail or calendar clients and overall very clunky     Needs a lot of work
It does not work and this jackass should give everybody their 1500 back     Do not buy Scam
The reviews for this app have been less than stellar but I decided to give it a try anyway Like many of the others who have posted here I find a couple of good things about Notes Pro but there is also a lot that I dont like First for the good The email sync works pretty well It allows you to read and reply to messages but that is it You cannot delete a message mark it as read or move it to another folder Still this is what I needed the application to do and it does it Thanks Now for the rest I cannot sync my calendar I get a loading message that just hangs there After a few minutes my iPhone reboots itself I guess this is a useful feature if you want to emulate a Windows XP machine but it is not too useful as a calendar app The contacts sync has a different problem I just get an error that I cant sync my contacts That is not too helpful either but at least it doesnt reset the iPhone So I have to say that I dont regret buying this app I absolutely needed to get my email from work onto my iPhone and this works But I do wish I didnt have to pay 15 for something that works so poorly The author has a great idea here and obviously knows Lotus Notes I hope he releases and update that addresses some of the problems that people are having as well as addressing some of the needs expressed here and in other reviews        Better than nothing but just barely
Works great for me by following the instructions and then closing and killing the app then running it Only thing I would like to see is badges for new emails and bold on new ones                 Works great
Take the 1499 and buy yourself a decent meal This app works but very poorly Do not purchase Fraud comes to mind on this one Who at Apple screened this How much was their kick back     Garbage
Does not work At all     Worthless
Worthless Do NOT buy     User
This application does not work and I was suckered into beliving that it would Hopefully people read these reviews before purchasing because now I just lost out on 15 I followed the instructions perfectly and even got a success when testing it on my computer Downloaded the app and it just wont work no matter what I tried This was a complete waste of time and money very frustrated This company is a joke     dumb
I followed their instructions to the point Setup Agent on Notes Server configured the latest version 131 on the iPhone but no mail calendar or any other information was ever retrieved It may work for some very specific Notes installations but certainly be prepared to just WASTE your money As far as im concerned this is a gamble since no one will give you money back Dont believe the vendor when he says you can verify your settings before you buy I did that and according to the vendors instructions it verified my settings but after I purchased boom nothing So watch out     Be very aware of this app It may not work for everyone
Dont buy it     Too complicated and it doesnt work
Doesnt work with our implementation of Notes        Didnt work
It is very nice to have the company phonebook downloaded local to your iPhone HOWEVER with our installation of Lotus Notes 65 and version 11 of NotesPro you can read email but you cannot send or reply The calendar does not work all the time You can read the to do list but you cannot add or change it And there ABSOLUTELY NO SUPPORT I sent two email requests one month apart and the only response you ever get is an automated email Not completely satisfied to have paid 15 for this     Kind of works absolutely no support
Can not reply to any email does not work Contacts and Calendar do not sync address email and phone numbers only name Can not sort emails have to scroll pages to see and new emails After a day using the program it totally stopped syncing everything No reply from the vendors tech support     This app is a sore spot on my iPhone and only causes me grief
A week later and still no reply from the developer This flat out does not work DO NOT BUY Since Ive already asked for support for the developer the AppStore wont let me ask for a refund Ripped off     Still No Support
Cant access your Sent mail folder Cant delete emails Cant adddelete calendar entries its just read only Those calendar entries that do appear seem to be duplicated and displayed inconsistently This may be a server issue on my companys end however Dont spend your money on this yet        Too many shortcomings
While I was able after a lot of trial and error to get my email it still will not sync or send email I give the app one star due to no tech support I am on day 46 waiting for a reply     Poor at best
Guess I should have read the reviews first Such a rip off App doesnt work Nothing can be retrieved Its just taking up space and cost 15 dollars Apple should be ashamed to let this app continue to sell through them They supposedly screen and only allow legit apps hence the development of cidia This is ridiculous to allow an app to be sold that doesnt work     Crap
This app is nothing but a con job They lure you in by giving a false verification that your lotus notes setup has been validated as supported Then after you purchase the application doesnt work This is a common theme reported by many I reported the problem and got no response Dont waste your time or money     con job
Hope you feel bad about ripping everyone off Make up for it and fix your POS app slacker     Mooney is a JACKA
I was initially very excited about this app based on some early positive reviews but in practice for me it has not been all that useful It does work if you install the agent correctly and the developer deserves some credit for a creative solution to the sticky problem of getting Lotus Notes information on an iPhone However theres very little interaction with the iPhones built in apps Instead Notes Pro provides its own tools for viewing Notes Calendars Mail and Contacts You cant create calendar entries or addedit contacts You can create new email messages but this portion of the app is kind of buggy The keyboard often obscures what youre trying to type Theres also no way that I could find to use the contact list from within the mail screen to address messages You have to know the address of the person youre sending to The other disappointment which might disappear in time is that I got the impression that this was the beginning steps of what was to be a promising piece of software However while the blog on the developers website promises an update is coming soon the most recent blog entry is from November and theres been no update The price is pretty high for what you get           Ok for what it is
I had high hopes for this but after following instructions to the letter no emails past august and its October Also calendar displays events on the wrong day and wrong time Sent two emails and 1 phone message and no response Frankly its irresponsible of this developer Unfair that there is no recourse for either support or money back     Poor service product not working
The app works well however you have to adjust the server script which is very buggy to work with it     Buggy but works
This app works perfectly setup the agent and followed the other directions with no problems Not sure why others had problems Im able to read mail reply forward with my work credentials which is all I need Calendar works great buying use a google sync to get notiications and updates This App is a whole lot cheaper than some of the others out there and works as promised              Works fine
I followed the steps to diagnose if this would work at my company Tests said yes reality said no No support No contact points at all Great scam     Works only in VERY specific cases Dont hope
How I can have my money back From JM No one answered even I emailed them about a month ago This app is not working at all for my Notes account     This app isn
This app had potential But it lacks simple interactive features and functionality Contacts do not work which is very frustrating It is totally passive I want an app that will auto check for email and alert me with a sound I hope for an upgrade that adds these features Until then I cant recommend this app        Just ok in a pinch
Setup is easy and it works Only problem is that this app is a viewer only Dont expect to work with your data     Viewer only
I did not know it could only be used by the IPhone I have the IPod touch and got riped off or can you use it with the Touch     Notes Pro
This app is a waste of time money and effort I have followed JM interactive instrutions to a tea nothing I have installed the latest up date 131 installed the new agent nothing Apple needs to step in and keep these people from taking your money     Worthless
The old version worked great since the update you can no longer receive mail I would not recommend or purchase this version The newest version has not corrected anything This application does not work with the last update I could receive my to do list but no email now I can no longer receive the to do list or email A completely worthless version 131 Im not the only one with this problem they just dont seem able to solve the problems the old version worked great the update does not dont buy     A total Waste of money
This thing does not work at all Do not waste your money on this crap     Does not work
I followed all the instructions successfuly but the program doesnt download the emails Email works nowhad to restart iPhone phone numbers are not showing in contactsneeds overall improvement Nice start Needs a LOT of work Even reply doesnt have original email attached no reply all no push etc     Finally working
It is a fraud Doesnt work No support response My conclusion Is it is a fraud and he should be barred from iTunes If I worked at Apple Id make it happen Waste your money if you wish but this seems to be a scam     Fraud
I verified everything first per the instuctions then purchased It never worked for me Attempts to get support were unsuccessful Do not buy     Never worked
Programs work if instructions are followed You can check email calender to do and contacts But you can not create It really needs this to be a solid useful program Save your money and go with Domino Web access If your company uses Lotus 85 the ultra lite mode on the iPhone will allow you to send and receive emails create new contacts and lets you have access to calender entries You will not be able to create an entry on the calender but Im sure it will come one day     Its okay
I was very excited intially about this program however I am not completely satisfied with what I got for 1499 For starters for 15 dollars there should have been a better looking interface Honestly there are free apps available with better aesthetics More important emails you can only fetch 20 msg great Also it would be nice to be able to delete msg that you have already read Again for 15 buck these things should be standard Lastly it would be awesome if we could open attachments in our emails just a thought Overall I rated this app with 2 stars however there is potential to be a great app with some updates        Notes Pro
Its not a good app at all You cant send from the same app it direct you to another email address Doesnt give you the new email by count You cant delete any emails Doesnt import all contact informations details I have lost my money     Lotus notes pro

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