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David Findlay , brings Notesy for Dropbox with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Notesy for Dropbox app has been update to version 2.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • and the customer service is great: fast..
  • This is one of my favorite Dropbox text editors on iOS..

Overall Satisfactionc90
simple note taking app that synchronizes notes seamlessly with dropbox.
It's one of the best apps I've used.
Thanks for the great update.
Notesy has quickly become one of my favorite apps.
Very useful utility.
Simple and Essential.
Enormously useful.
Notesy is one of my favorite apps I use everyday of my life.
I love that it stores everything as simple text files.
Ease of Usec81
but I find Notesy to be the easiest to use.
it is worth than having nothing: it is dangerous to use.
simple note taking app that synchronizes notes seamlessly with dropbox.
It has terrific functionality with a clean and intuitive UI.
is cheap and easy to use 4.
Updates & Supportc56
and the customer service is great: fast.
Lots fixed in this version.

The list view is excellent on both the iPhone and iPad. found in 6 reviews
Moved my Mac based Notational Velocity off Simplenote and into Dropbox. found in 5 reviews
markdown support with a markdown themed accessory keyboard. found in 4 reviews
Use it for shopping list. found in 1 reviews
The Dropbox integration is proving to be very useful. found in 4 reviews
simple note taking app that synchronizes notes seamlessly with dropbox. found in 17 reviews
I love the simplicity of the UI and the overall feel. found in 2 reviews
Notesy - Top of the heap for Note Applications. found in 7 reviews
The fonts are great & the full screen mode is fantastic. found in 2 reviews
Keep coming back to this one. found in 1 reviews
and the ability to switch between variable width and fixed width font. found in 4 reviews
Needs some polish. found in 1 reviews
but synch and organization could be better. found in 1 reviews
Can not edit some plain txt files. found in 1 reviews
it asked if I wanted to copy all files or start fresh. found in 1 reviews
- Scrolling is still flawed. found in 2 reviews
Never happened before. found in 1 reviews
- Notesy does not support renaming or moving notes. found in 2 reviews
It doesn't sync files in subfolders automatically unless you enter them. found in 1 reviews
that wouldn't let you change the sync directory. found in 1 reviews
except for a synchronization issue described below. found in 2 reviews
time zone issue. found in 1 reviews
- Notesy has no dedicated desktop clients. found in 2 reviews
but could use some UI improvements. found in 1 reviews
but the content is fantastic and works simply and quickly. found in 1 reviews
if the app would show link without using the view links icon. found in 1 reviews
New version freezes a lot. found in 1 reviews
New version doesn't work. found in 1 reviews
Still no update for iPhone 6. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone owner,you now can download Notesy for Dropbox for $4.99 from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.1 has been released on 2014-11-24. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Notesy for Dropbox check developer David Findlay`s website :

Notesy is a note-taking app backed by the power of Dropbox. "Congratulations on Notesy - it`s quite the slick app :)" - Arash Ferdowsi (co-founder of Dropbox) "Simple note taking app that synchronizes notes seamlessly with Dropbox. ...
Really love this app I love that it stores everything as simple text files and the twoway Dropbox sync works perfectly I like to keep things simple and work with the same files on three different devices This app supports that seamlessly The markdown viewer and special keyboard support are also handy though I wish the keyboard had the hash symbol too                 Perfect for me
Works perfectly If sync could be faster that would be great otherwise five stars                 Exactly what I was looking for
Fabulous for quick texts and notes which seamlessly link to Dropbox for storage and transfer to other devices                 Enormously useful
I love the simplicity of the UI and the overall feel It does what it does without fluff Well done                 Very nice
Simple enough to just let you write with just enough features to keep you well organized Would love to see the ability to adjust line height or make the default a bit more open                 Perfection in its simplicity
I wanted to edit the same text file from my iPad iPhone or Mac This worked perfectly and synced as soon as finished editing                 Perfect
Why not     Still no update for iPhone 6
I have had no issues with this app Its been working perfectly since I started using it a year ago For me stability is most important Syncing is rocksolid via Dropbox                 Excellent
i have been using this app for some time now and i love it I have written for support and got answers This application is fully Voice Over accessible which is great I found this app through the Apple Vis web site for blind and visually impaired phone users and was recommended It does sync once you are connected to the net like it says it should I wrote underground and was able to sync once I was ground level again Great job                 I love this app
Notesy is a good plain text file editor that hooks into Dropbox The interface leaves a little to be desired but it all works                 Pretty good
I love how the same txt files are synced w my PC and vice versa via dropbox I use Notesy for my main shopping list todo list favorite URL links all my account usernames and passwords resume txt copy whatever and its great that this app is also password protected too Notesy is one of my favorite apps I use everyday of my life                 AWESOMO
it is supposed to be a way to keep important info but it is very unreliable it crashes 2 times out of 3 when I try to copypaste from another app The dropbox sync is a nightmare with a dozen versions created on dropbox for a single note including some with conflicts in their filename until notesy has a reliable sync with dropbox it is worth than having nothing it is dangerous to use i slready lost important info     needs work
Fast syncing with Dropbox with the new toolbar that includes tab and special characters makes typing fast and convenient Simple interface includes settings like pass code lock Very stable for me even on iPad first gen This is my go to note taking and writing app on my iPhone and iPad Forget Evernote and even Simplenote This is it for me                 Super fast convenient simple
I use Notesy to read and search a 1500 file poetry collection Highlights The only app Ive found that shows a useful 14 line preview of the file contents Great after a search Flexible search options words in any order phrase and regex Fast stable sync Great markdown support Its easy to mail formatted poems to friends Keep up the good work              No substitute
I have used Notesy for a few years now It is essential to my workflow for all kinds of note taking projects notes clients info research software details etc It integrates seamlessly with Notational Velocity and nvALT both in Dropbox syncing and file structureformat I use the Markdown support previewing of notes and exporting to other apps The searching works well and is fairly quick almost realtime even though I have quite a volume of notes Thanks to the devteam for showing Notesy some love by finally giving us this great update Now my notes look perfect on my larger iOS devices like the iPhone 6 plus                 Thanks for the great update
The Notesy support team was incredibly responsive Within minutes of my question I received a reply Here was my questionproblem After upgrading to iOS7 Notesy opens at the bottom of the file but I want it to open at the top The support team gave me an easy work around tap the title bar where the time is displayed to move to the top and told me that they andor Apple will work on a fix                 Speedy support
Notesy is the app I use for accessing text notes that arent longform in nature Ive had a couple sync issues since the last update for certain folders not sure why it works with some files but not others Issues resolved themselves when I tried again a couple hours later Still no support for Markdown Extra or other Markdown footnotes processing           Some sync issues
This app is phenomenal It works exactly as described as the autodropbox sync is flawless A real winner of an app My only suggestion consider updating the icon and app interface colorsdesign The functionally is perfect but it looks like a really dated application A more modern look would be a great change It just works buy it                 Fantastic App Works flawlessly
Notesy is by far the best note app for iOS Its color scheme is so easy on the eyes with the black on gray The sync with Dropbox feature is awesome too however maybe one day theyll allow you to sync it elsewhere eg Box iCloud but thats just my personal opinion I highly recommend this app for any students who take notes writers or just people that want to have access to all their ideas or saved information in their pocket                 Best note app for iOS
Ive been using this to access my NValt files via Dropbox for years now and its rock solid The new update adds support for my 6 Plus and its now perfect Highly recommended                 Excellent update
Keep coming back to this one Just so quick and functional Love that folders are at the top                 The best
I bought the app a couple of days ago and am very pleased with the purchase It is an excellent companion to a desktop app like nvALT I was pleased to see that it synced all my notes and organised them by datemodified The bydirectional automatic sync with Dropbox is precisely what I have been looking for in a note taking app The software is very sophisticated Well worth the buy Cheers Notesy                 Excellent By far the best Dropbox supported note taking app
My favorite note storing app                 Best note app
I dont normally write reviews but Notesy IS the perfect text editor Works great when used alongside nVALT and Dropbox                 This app is the perfect text editor
Notesy has been consistent and reliable in syncing between iPhone and iPad It syncs with well with nvALT for use on Mac desktop via Dropbox nvALT does not seem to support folders syncing but workarounds are simple Notesys search function of file names and contents is powerful and I name Notesy files in a way that makes it easy to find what Im looking for                 my goto plain text editor
I got this to sync my nvALT documents with my phone Works perfectly No problems 100 satisfied with the app                 Simply works
Moved my Mac based Notational Velocity off Simplenote and into Dropbox This is the iPhone side It works really well and now using CherryNote I can sync cross platform to my Blackberry Nice                 Like it
Only a few feature requests 1 To be able to swipe my thumb from left to right on a note to return to the list The back button is kind of a pain to reach in the upper left corner This is a common problem on most apps though not just Notesy 2 Add Source Code Pro and Avenir fonts 3 The View Info pane strays a little too close to brushed metal Might be worth revisiting the design of the info pane Anyway great app By far the best Dropbox syncing note taking app Ive ever used on the iPhone              Nice
I really wanted to love this app and was expecting to based on the reviews Ive read but its just not stable it crashes all the time        Crashes All The Time
this app is perfect just what I wanted nothing more nothing less the ability to password was a welcome bonus love this app great job guys                 exactly what I wanted
This is one of my favorite Dropbox text editors on iOS It is very responsive and syncs so much quicker and better than any other app Ive used                 My GoTo Dropbox Text Editor
waaaay better than apples Notes app got this to get out of apples not so brilliant idea of using yellow text on white background This Notesy app is well crafted and extremely useful Highly recommend it Get it                 great app I love it
I find notesy simple and easy to use It works well for offline use except for a synchronization issue described below and is convenient for crossplatform use Notesy stores notes as files text pdf and similar in a hierarchy of folders in DropBox Thus it is easy to use on any platform and data import and crossplatform support couldnt be easier By using DropBox you avoid the need to trust the app companys private hosting service or pay an annual fee It has some limitations however Notesy only synchronizes the folder you are in This means it is not reliable for offline use your notes may be outdated I have also found that synch speed is sometimes slow fortunately Notesy is usable while it is synchronizing Notesy does not support renaming or moving notes You can use DropBox but its clumsy especially since you need to run Notesy and go into the appropraite folders for it to pick up your changes Notesy has no dedicated desktop clients but this is only a minor concern the notes are quite accessible on a desktop without one           Good but synch could be better
Sync has serious problems All my notes have been deleted without warning on three occasions The third time all my other dropbox files also vanished Unacceptable     Deletes notes without warning
The addition of the enhanced keyboard row was great further establishing Notesy as my goto text editor                 My favorite text editor on iOS
Had a fantastic support experience with the developer on a holiday weekend no less Makes a great app even better                 Great Support
Ive been a long time fan of Notesy and its been my favorite app but this last update is really screwy I mean whoa Every time I want to edit a line of text the text cursor goes to the beginning of the line instead of the end Another thing is that when Im trying to make a list and Im adding something to a line that end with a hyphen the text cursor just disappears all together Also if I want to paste or do select all the menu for that wont pop up unless I highlight some text first And another thing every time I open a file it goes to the bottom of the page and if I scroll up too fast I get sent to the bottom again Lastly I miss the small scroll bar These problems have been driving me crazy and theyre super annoying Its so depressing that I can no longer use this app like I used too        What happened
In an app like this this is the MOST important feature The syncing is sure and solid every time Never lost a file If you are looking to have notes sync between your iOS devices Mac or even Windows via Dropbox this is the app to get Universal too                 solid app the best Dropbox text file syncing
Search feature does not work like it could U have to type the exact Title of the note u r trying to find Also why does the app put lower case hyphens in the Titles              Search feature
It doesnt sync deeper than one folder level Of there are additional sub folders the files in those folders may or may not sync Has this problem forever Otherwise it is fine Please fix           Dropbox Sync
Notesy has had a spot on the first page of my iPhone and iPad for as long as I can remember Its the iOS analog to NVAlt on the Mac It loads up hundreds of notes quickly and editing notes is a breeze                 Best Note Taking App Around
Ive tried a bunch and keep coming back to Notesy Love it These developers deserve to earn a living like the rest of us so I see my small contribution as a direct way to continue to put food on their tables and Im happy to be supporting QUALITY software regardless of the price                 Favorite Plain Text Editor
App works well but could use some UI improvements Time stamps are wrong time zone issue No pulltorefresh so it doesnt feel like an iOS app Ability to specify md or txt on a perfile basis or automagically based on presence of Markdown code when saving would be nice           It works Needs some polish
Its very simple yet very deep syncs without fail and unlike so many apps doesnt sacrifice function for form Its one of the best apps Ive used and I use it all the time Nearperfect                 Awesome
Notesy has the perfect amount of configurability and a clean simple interface Syncing has been rock solid since I switched over from PlainText 2 Latest update expands the interface for iPhone 6 and 6                 Rockstar
Had this on my iPhone for less than a day I was tempted to try it after reading several reviews which were generally quite positive I have been using nvALT on my Mac and syncing it with Simplenote on my iPhone and iPad After going through all the steps configuring nvAL on the Mac to work with Notesy and Dropbox I ended up switching right back to SimplenotenvALT combo Heres why First the notes are kept as individual files and noy as an encrypted database Personally I would rather have the notes as a database Second the sync works but is clunky SimplenotenvALT is instantaneous and seamless Third and this was a biggie urls in notes within nvALT are not saved as hyperlinks on the iPhoneiPad Since I often save linked pages in nvALT this was a deal breaker for me           Immediately went back to Simplenote
Title says it all iPads built in text app wont read txt or log files and neither will this pile of fail Why am I bothering     What USE is a NotePad App that wont read text files
Great design and very good Dropbox integration                 Love Notesy
Seems like all the issues from the last version are fixed Thanks This app is a great app for taking and managing notes Just enough features to make it extremely useful but not overly complicated The Dropbox connection is fantastic Keeps all my notes in perfect sync across my desktop iPhone and iPad Search is fast and navigation is a breeze Would love to see feature added to be able to search within a note and see highlighted hits                 Great app is back Lots fixed in this version
This has the makings of excellent app but it suffers from a poor attention to detail and lack of testing Scrolling is still flawed When I try to scroll down through a long note the position often resets to near the top of the note Selecting a block of text down to the bottom of a file is almost impossible The selection contents either loop and repeat indefinitely never getting to the end or the selection truncates itself while Im trying to extend it Deleting several lines causes the cursor to disappear off the top of the page view The page view should scroll with it so I can see what Im deleting Files open with the first three lines obscured by the navigation bar Files often end up in conflict due to real world network connections with no sign of which version was the most recent one Request An option to save the last viewing position in each file instead of automatically scrolling down to the bottom after every edit User interface polish matters and its embarrassing that Notesy gets so much of it wrong        Good but still buggy

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