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 Sponsored links , the publisher behind many iOS app (Nozbe Magazine ,Productive! Magazine Polska ,Productive! Magazine Nederland ,Productive! ,Productive! Magazine Japan ,Nozbe), brings Nozbe with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Nozbe app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I've been striving to find the perfect GTD App to use..
  • I have been pleasantly surprised and satisfied with this task management app..
Overall Satisfactionclick me80
I have been pleasantly surprised and satisfied with this task management app.
Love Nozbe - Use it Everyday.
Love Nozbe but update broke it.
Best organizing tool ever.
The best todo list manager.
A grad student's best friend.
Love the new UI.
Usefulnessclick me100
A year later it's become an essential companion.
Been an essential companion.
Reliabilityclick me40
Haven't encountered any bugs.
Updates & Supportclick me41
Their customer service is excellent.


Nozbe is a tool that helps busy professionals and teams organize time and projects.


"...solid online organizer specific to GTD..." - Lifehacker
"...GTD web app that keeps it simple..." - ZD Net

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First universal (and free!)
iOSApple iOS is a proprietary mobile operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
app from your favorite task and project management app - Nozbe - completely engineered by us in-house!


Universal app for
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
and iPad:


- the iPhone version offers familiar experience for our mobile web app users
- the
iPadtablet made by Apple
version is pretty much our tablet-optimized award-winning Mac
desktopa desktop is a computer


If you open our app on the iPad, you can easily switch between iPhone and iPad view depending on your needs.


Thanks to our cloud server and push-sync technology all of our apps (Mac, iPhone and iPad) are constantly in sync and work both online and offline.


***** Effortlessly manage your time *****


Using Nozbe to manage your time is easy. Inspired by world-famous GTD (Getting Things Done (R)) methodology by David Allen, we`ve designed Nozbe in such a way that everyone can get organized quickly


- Focus on your next actions


Busy people like yourself have lots of projects. Make sure to prioritize only the next actions with a star and focus on getting them done. With time-management and filtering you`ll know exactly what to do next!


- Never miss a deadline. Ever again.


View your scheduled tasks in a calendar. Never miss a deadline or appointment again. Tasks scheduled for today become your Next Actions automatically to make sure you`ll get them done.


- Organize tasks in manageable Projects


Create as many projects for your tasks as you`d like. Share them with people in your team. Get things done together. Organize projects in labels like "work" or "home". Feel free to design your productivity system.


- Work smart in appropriate Contexts


Think of contexts as a place or tool - like your "computer", "phone", "home", "office" - to make sure you`ll get tasks done in these places and with these tools. Organize in projects but work in contexts!


***** Communicate through tasks ******


Email wasn`t designed for project collaboration. When you communicate through actionable tasks, you and your team get a lot more done and everyone is on the same page all of the time.


- Share projects with friends and team


Sharing has never been so easy. Share projects with your team, delegate tasks to them (making these tasks their Next Actions) and hold folks accountable.


- Comment on tasks - keep everyone on the same page


You can add a comment to each task. Use this as a note for a task or start a discussion with your team. This will make sure everyone understands what really needs to be done.


- Comment with pictures, documents and more...


Comments are not limited to text. You can comment with checklists, images, photos, sketches, documents, Evernote notes and so much more. This will help you get your point across clearly.


- Receive
emailE-mail (electronic mail) is the exchange of computer-stored messages by telecommunication
updates of your team`s activity


Don`t collaborate through email but stay in touch with your team thanks to regular email updates sent to you every hour... but only if something`s happening in the projects you care about.


***** Connect with your favorite apps *****


Using Evernote for note-taking? Syncing files in Dropbox? - Nozbe works seamlessly with all of these services, and more are coming every month!


- Browse your related Evernote notes. Convert them to tasks.


We love Evernote, it`s our favorite note-taking application (and many of our users share this love). Browse your Evernote notes related to your projects directly in Nozbe and make them actionable!


- Sync with Drobpox - make your files actionable


Dropbox has redefined cloud file storage. Now you can see your project-related tasks in Nozbe and make them actionable. Just get things done with your files in the cloud!


**** Leading GTD-inspired task and project manager according to: Lifehacker, ZDnet, and hundreds of thousands of Nozbe users *****


The Nozbe is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting different languages: English, German, Japanese, Polish, Spanish. It weighs in at only 11.7 MB to download. The new Nozbe app version 1.0 has been updated on 2014-11-24. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about Nozbe check developer`s website :


I pay for the service annually and need this app. found in 1 reviews
Love the new UI. found in 1 reviews
App keeps me on track. found in 1 reviews
The ability to create templates of projects is priceless for workflow. found in 1 reviews
Great Productivity Tool. found in 2 reviews
Very strongly recommend it to anyone. found in 1 reviews
A grad student's best friend. found in 1 reviews
Their customer service is excellent. found in 1 reviews
Best organizing tool ever. found in 1 reviews
I did read David Allen's book about his system. found in 2 reviews
The Evernote and Dropbox integration are a welcome bonus. found in 3 reviews
The best todo list manager. found in 1 reviews
Erstwhile developer but the fit and finish of this app is lacking. found in 1 reviews
but the graphics are distinct and don't interfere with getting into. found in 2 reviews
This is more of an enhancement request. found in 1 reviews
I can no longer see my content displayed. found in 1 reviews
Great But Missing Some Perks. found in 1 reviews
The developer is constantly updating and improving the app. found in 1 reviews
An "event list" is not a calendar view. found in 2 reviews
And my MacBook Air app is totally unusable. found in 1 reviews
Wish I could apply a context to entire projects at once. found in 1 reviews
but the auto sync feature does not work well. found in 1 reviews
Hope we can see a fix soon. found in 1 reviews
Decided to uninstall for now. found in 1 reviews
Update issue. found in 1 reviews
Sync is buggy. found in 1 reviews
Solid but sometimes loads empty. found in 1 reviews
I do not read self help books for fun and pleasure. found in 2 reviews
Nothing will show except white screen. found in 1 reviews
Buggy Web View. found in 1 reviews
One Fatal Flaw-No Filtering Next Actions by Context. found in 4 reviews
Even the latest " speed speed speed" update barely improved the situation. found in 1 reviews
- Long project names crash layout. found in 2 reviews
Very unresponsive and glitchy. found in 1 reviews
In this one:
Doesn't sync with google calendar so why bother. found in 3 reviews
Forced to use web version in the meantime. found in 2 reviews
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This task management app has allowed me to simplify my life in a very complex world I can create tasks and keep them as simple as Id like with a simple todo task or I can go as indepth as I wish by syncing my Evernote and Dropbox and attaching files and previous notes that apply specifically to that task Along with that I can also collaborate with other teammates on specific tasks and projects by either them assigning to me or me assigning to them The activity log is also very helpful so I can keep up with them and their progress with their comments that theyre making on specific projects I am fortunate enough to be among those able to use the beta version that was recently made available I must say with this new update it is been great to be able to search previously completed tasks I feel like it would be much better if I could search by date a completed task but overall that feature alone is very beneficial for me The last feature that I have to point out is the content The ability to categorize by errands phone computer family or whatever the case allows me to consolidate my todos more efficiently so I can use my time in a way that is more productive for me my coworkers my boss and my family Thanks Nozbe and keep the improvements coming                Time Management Simply Advanced
I find this concept to very useful when developing to do lists and projects It allows me to outline all of the tasks I need for accomplishing projects Love it                Wonderful App
Love the app Never have any functionality problems Wish I could apply a context to entire projects at once             Excellent
Does everything I need it to Simple yet fullfeatured                Love it
Great so far Getting things done                Great so far
I have used all apps for task management Nozbe is still the easiest and most flexible if you are looking for a GTD Getting Things Done methodology application It is crossplatform and even on the web Sharing projects with users that dont even use the software is a plus                Continues to still be the best
I have tried many task mgmt apps and this one meets every one of my needs I love that you can have a teamgreat job Nozbe                LOVE this app
I feel stupid for buying this app it crashes all the time and its insanely expensive not worth the investment    WAY overpriced
In a world where I have a ton of things to remember unloading my todos into Nozbe helps me be productive I am much less likely to say I forgot to do something or that an email got lost in the shuttle Of course discipline and the GTD method play a role here too In the past my biggest concern was the ongoing cost I went to other apps because of the cost but came back to Nozbe because I find it is superior to other free onetime pay or lower subscription apps In addition Nozbe has been good about offering subscription discounts which moves my vote from 4 to 5 stars                Nozbe saves me
Its worth the money Its not perfect but I couldnt find anything better for my needs Recommended             I bought the annual subscription
This app works great Ive organized so much more thingsprojectshobbies into step by step todo lists thanks to Nozbe                
Nozbe is the best app I have found for handling the first key principle of the GTD system get your ToDos out of your head and into a trusted system of some kind I agree 100 that this first step is crucial for gaining the peace of mind that GTD promises Nozbe on your smartphone allows ideas for new and existing projects big and small to be noted quickly before they are forgotten It sounds silly but the reality for me is that simply starting to use my phone for something instantly is distracting because the home screen presents so many icons that can trigger other thoughts I often forget what idea I wanted to enter before I get into an app to do the entry So the minimal number of steps is a big deal for me Other reviewers have touched on the some of the good and bad design elements deeper into this apps approach to organizing ones day and I cannot say that I am fully committed yet to the heavy commitment and discipline needed to get all the benefits that GTD promises whether with this app or another one But Nozbes simple clean interface and quick entry of new ideas or tasks encourages those new to GTD to ease into it and give it a chance without enduring a lengthy learning curve Also essential for me was the Evernote integration Even though Id probably have a number of suggested changes for that aspect it is good enough to feel like it really is a trusted system into which you can throw ideas for further sorting and prioritization later When entered initially on a phone then sorted later on a tablet or desktop Nozbe is an attractive solution             BrainDump Tool
This is the one app to get organized and get things done Not a todo list app just a get it done one                This is it
Updated regularly but always usable Good integration with other apps If you put in the time to be organized nozbe will really help you be more productive                Great app used it for years
I have been using Nozbe for over two years now and it keeps getting better Love the versatility and adaptability to different time management styles and systemsHighly recommend it                Excellent app keeps getting better
I use nozbe everyday for all aspects of manging my busy life This App allows me to implement the GTD model by David Allen easily and quickly                Great and very Helpful
This program has everything you need to integrate your tasks and projects into your work flow Not as overwhelming as OF and some of the other programs Integration with Dropbox and Evernote keeps the program linked with your other data If you are looking for a task management program this a an excellent choice                Solid GTD App
I rarely write reviews but this one definitely deserves it I have been using the app for a few years now and I enjoy it very much The new UI is a great improvement over the past version better loading time across all devices Keep it up                Love the new UI
The nozbe system has literally changed by life I LOVE it I use it everyday and it is how I keep track of everything and work with my team I LOVE how it integrates with my google calendar and shows up there with check marks once it is complete Just so great Thank you so much                Amazing
I really like this app Im still exploring and learning it but so far I would rate it 5 stars                It gets things done
Works great                Excellent management app
It crashes once I open it Cant use Terrible customer service    App crashes
Erstwhile developer but the fit and finish of this app is lacking Desperately need live phone support A little fairy dust of Asanas elegance would help too Hoping version 2 solves these problems       Right intentions but a long way to go
Im a heavy Nozbe user and have been for several years now I live by itThis new app looks pretty but is useless right nowIt constantly freezes and has to be restarted all the timeIve gone back to the third party app that I have been using for yearsNozbe 2 attempts at building their own app have been failures in my opinionIll check back after the next update to see if its worth giving it another try    Very buggy Basically useless
I used Nozbe back in the early days and thought it was a really GTD app however there were some features missing for me and the interface well it was a bit cluttered and wasnt very appealing to meNow the new interface is really slick All of the features that I need are there I almost gave 4 stars but after thinking about it I changed my mind The reason was that some things are hard to find but they ARE there and with a little bit of practice youll find them easily and move onThe things that I loveIts easy to create a new Inbox itemThe options on Tasks are not too much not too little but covers all the bases I like that tags are there but they are not everywhere like some apps Overuse of tags can get cumbersomeI like the feature of giving a Time Estimate for the taskUsing the Time Estimate shows the total time needed for Next Actions and it makes it really easy to plan my dayRepeating tasks are great Im hoping for a little more flexibility in the time choices soonThe bottom line for me is that the interface is clean and somewhat minimal but in a very good way No clutter All of my personal needs are covered Im so glad that I came back to Nozbe                Does everything I need it to do
i love this app                i love
Nozbe syncs with Google calendar collaborates with other team members on projects at work and has helped me to organize my numerous personal projects eliminating a number of apologies for forgetfulness I am still learning how to use the app efficiently but I love the simplicity and effectiveness of it so far                Fires on all cylinders
Ive been trying to utilize the gtd system for years Nozbe has really helped me implement it while using my iPhone windows laptop and iPad Their customer service is extremely helpful and actually gets back to you fairly quickly Almost switched to another system glad I didnt                Great GTD software
I have used many apps this is one of the bestIt just miss the chrome gmail extension and Siri integration Hope to see them in the future versions                One of the best GTD app
This app has always worked for me             useful
Has changed both my personal and business task management Cant imagine how I operated without it                Brilliant
Cant get the app to stay open on my phone for more than 15 seconds at a time Far too unstable to be of any benefit    Constant Crashing
I cant imagine being without this program I love the projects the calendar of due and overdue tasks it is easy to add a task and I love the emailing that can be managed later It is the best task management program on the market and I have tried most of them                Love Nozbe Use it Everyday
One of the best GTD apps Ive used I particularly like how well it integrates across all the platforms I use MacBook Windows based PC iPhone and iPad                Easy to use helps keep me organized
This is a great adaptive tool it has so many features and different ways of structure you can be as simple or as complex as you choose I am very detailed oriented so I have lists upon lists naturally but this and the training provided allows me organize and structure my work in such a way that I see the project as a whole and dont get caught up in the details Im much more efficientMy biggest gripes were not being able to sync to Box and Outlook Outlook is still a requirement before I could even contemplate sharing with my coworkers but it hasnt been includedBox was added as an option other than Dropbox but alas it still wont let me connect to it             Great But Missing Some Perks
I love this app I have rolled it out to my employees and we use it daily My wife and I also collaborate on tasks grocery lists and household tasks The apple watch app desktop app iPad app and iPhone app rock too Apple watch app is best in class using voice recognition force touch and haptic notifications better than any other app out there This app is worth it Very highly recommended                By far the best productivityGTD tool on the market
My biggest concern is that its expensive for more than multiple projects and is a tad over complicated The contexts are helpful though and its nice but I can get everything I need from wunderlist with a nicer and more appealing layout and unlimited lists and projects          Good but not great
Ive tried To Do and Reminders but Nozbe is by far superior and works great with Evernote Works right in line with Getting Things Done GTD philosophy                Best task management app Ive ever tried
Nozbe is a great and easy taskGTD app I especially like being able to email tasks and have them show up automatically Ive tried everything out there and this one is the best                Great GTD app
Monthly fee is way too costly for the current level of usefulness Great concept for an app but not at that price       Costly
Ive tried every app thats available and Nozbe is simply the BEST                Awesome Productivity
Flawless GTD app with a rich UI without clutter                Best GTD app for iPhone MacOS
I run my life using this app Very powerful flexible                Fantastic app
I love the calendar integration And the checklist feature really helps with groceries The crossplatform compatibility and seamlessness is essential             Great planning app
I wish I could go back to the previous version This one is clitchy and I dont like the new view    Crummy update
Nozbe a cambiado mi vida hay mucho por mejorar y crear en esta nueva área de la productividad personal y en equipo pero esta aplicación tiene la escancia                Para vivir mejor
Great app for GTD                Perfect
This AMAZING app is helping get through my todo list faster than u can believe it Very strongly recommend it to anyone Possibly the best app Ive ever had I will say that the only drawback is the monthly membership but it does seem worth it                MUST HAVE APP
PROSExcellent response time from supportVery detailed help documentation and videosWell designed app Easy to learn and navigateGreat keyboard shortcuts make data input very fastCONSCannot search completed tasks So if your boss or a client need details from a task you completed months ago there is NO WAY to search for it You have to manually scroll back through hundreds or even thousands of old tasks hoping to find it Come on guys this feature is a MUSTUploaded attachments are turned sideways when viewing them in the browser or in the Mac version of Nozbe making them effectively useless And there is no rotate feature Support says they have been aware of this problem and yet a new version of the app was released this week and there were NO fixes or improvements included only support for iCloud keychain Why wouldnt a crippling problem like this be a priorityAttachments cannot be pinched to zoom There are only two viewing options standard or zoomed in so far you have to pan around just to read a few words at a time This is totally useless in the real worldBusinesses who want to use Nozbe will find the total lack of any companywide Admin settings very frustrating We need the ability to assign project colors to ALL team members so everyone sees the same consistent environment We also need the ability to set up all our Categories along with their colors and icons and then have all of those pushed to every new team member when they sign up But support says each user has to set this up manually Wow what a huge waste of time Its hard enough convincing our entire team to get on board with an app like Nozbe but when you throw in all kinds of extra setup steps like this theyre really not happy Currently if we change the name of Projects or Categories those changes are immediately pushed to all team members which is great So why cant they do the same for colors and iconsThere is no setting for a badge app Why cant they show the number of items due today or something useful like thatI really do believe in this app and the developer is a genuinely nice guy But these problems cripple an otherwise great product As soon as they are fixed Ill rewrite my review and give them the 5 star rating they deserve          Good app Could be great
Not much getting done on the app for getting things done Doesnt sync with google calendar so why bother       Slow response poor sync w google calendar


English, German, Japanese, Polish, Spanish
11.7 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.0
iPhone iPad

iOS Nozbe 1.0 Mobile

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