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Apple Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (iBooks ,iMovie ,TV ,Find My iPhone ,MobileMe iDisk ,Numbers), brings Numbers with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Numbers app has been update to version 1.6.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Very well designed spreadsheet application with easy to use features..
  • Kudos to their customer service and engineering team for reaching out..
  • The only improvement I would recommend is adding more export support..
  • were the hell is the Drop Box exporting..
  • Full Screen View..
Overall Satisfactionclick me46
I like everyone else would like excel export.
Thanks apple.
but thanks Apple for having a crappy update.
I cannot password protect spreadsheets if they are on the cloud.
great job apple.
Poor job Apple.
let me create xy plots and set a line of best fit.
Fun & Engagingclick me53
makes work fun again.
Usefulnessclick me54
I use it everyday for work creating new spreadsheets daily.
I love this app and I use it everyday for work.
Production Valuesclick me48
This app makes good use of the iPad's touch interface.
and keeping the touch interface in the forefront.
Ease of Useclick me37
instead of adding 100MB for creating a simple spreadsheet.
Simple excel worksheets for scheduling employees on the go.
Its incredibly easy to use and deceptively functional.
Very intuitive app.
Reliabilityclick me21
Security & Privacyclick me46
I had to remove the password protection from my excel files.
Updates & Supportclick me38
1 update before you update to the latest version of numbers.
Kudos to their customer service and engineering team for reaching out.


Numbers is the most innovative spreadsheet app ever designed for a mobile device. It’s the application you know and love for the Mac, completely reworked from the ground up for iPad. Tap the bright Multi-Touch display to create compelling, great-looking spreadsheets in minutes. With over 250 easy-to-use functions, an intelligent keyboard, flexible tables, and eye-catching charts, all the answers are at your fingertips.


Numbers has everything you need to organize data, perform calculations, and manage lists. And you can do it all with just a few taps. Start with one of the beautiful Apple-designed templates and add your own tables and charts. Use predefined styles for tables, charts, images, and text to customize the look of your spreadsheet. Intelligent keyboards make data entry easy — they’re designed specifically for working with dates, formulas, text, or numbers. Perform simple or complex calculations with over 250 functions that let you create your own formulas using a dedicated function keyboard and built-in help. Forms make it easy to enter data in a table when you’re on the go. And, in full-screen view, Numbers instantly summarizes selected data in different ways — by sum, average, min, max, and count. With a quick swipe, you can even see your data as a chart.

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When your spreadsheet is complete, show your work right on your
iPadtablet made by Apple
in full-screen view. You can also send your document to anyone via Mail, share it with public beta, or export it and use iTunes File Sharing to move the file to your computer.


- Choose from 16 Apple-designed templates including Budget, Travel Planner, and Running Log.
- Organize your data with great-looking charts and tables.
- Use an intelligent keyboard designed to enter dates, formulas, text, or numbers.
- Assemble formulas with over 250 functions, including built-in help.
- Create a form from any table for quick data entry.
- Instantly summarize data in full-screen view or swipe to see a chart.
- Navigate your document with ease using tabs to jump from one sheet to another.
- Quickly add photos and videos from the Photos app with the Media Browser.
- Your documents are saved automatically every time you make a change.
- Use the Undo button to go back through your work — even the next time you open your document.
- View and edit existing documents by importing Numbers ’09 or Microsoft Excel files from Mail attachments or the web.
- Share your work by exporting it to Numbers ’09 or PDF and emailing it to a colleague. Or publish to public beta.
- Transfer spreadsheets between your Mac or
PCPersonal Computer
and your iPad using File Sharing in iTunes.


The Numbers is now available for $9.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting different languages: English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Numbers app version 1.6.1 has been updated on 2014-11-21. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.2 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Numbers check developer Apple Inc.`s website :


Numbers makes managing & tracking household expenses convenient and easy. found in 1 reviews
The forms component of Numbers was a nice surprise. found in 3 reviews
I use it everyday for work creating new spreadsheets daily. found in 4 reviews
I use it to keep track of my customers payments. found in 52 reviews
I've revolutionized my work flow with numbers & iPad. found in 3 reviews
Numbers gets my 5 star vote. found in 2 reviews
I am finding the forms feature to be very useful. found in 6 reviews
giving me the ability to budget and make charts and graphs. found in 4 reviews
We want to activate write from right to left. found in 2 reviews
it takes some time to learn. found in 3 reviews
This app makes good use of the iPad's touch interface. found in 9 reviews
it has over 250 functions to create your complex calcs with. found in 2 reviews
dates and times. found in 2 reviews
place tables charts text and images anywhere on the free form canvas. found in 1 reviews
Imports Excel xlsx files. found in 4 reviews
numbers for icloud beta is currently available in english only. found in 2 reviews
I never dreamt I'd have a full fledged spreadsheet. found in 3 reviews
Plz add rotation And full arabic language support. found in 2 reviews
and transfer back to IPhone 4s dept. found in 2 reviews
The same night as I purchased Numbers. found in 8 reviews
This app causes my iPhone 5s to automatically shut down. found in 46 reviews
Lack of export to Excel is a major issue. found in 133 reviews
Apple please rise to the challenge. found in 20 reviews
Wonderful app but really needs DROPBOX sync capability. found in 4 reviews
but it needs to be able to export to excel. found in 164 reviews
the lack of ability to export files in. found in 4 reviews
Because the iPhone version of Numbers doesn't support this feature. found in 11 reviews
I wish I was able to password protect certain spreadsheets. found in 20 reviews
Apple needs to support some kind of encryption. found in 15 reviews
Excel export would make this a five star for me. found in 55 reviews
really surprised that these features are missing. found in 4 reviews
Can't open spreadsheet in Excel. found in 12 reviews
Since iOS8 numbers crashes unexpectedly. found in 17 reviews
I would really still like to see Dropbox support or something. found in 7 reviews
You should make it compatible with google drive. found in 11 reviews
This app is close to useless without export to excel support. found in 21 reviews
Doesn't Compare to MS Excel. found in 10 reviews
If you want to open your numbers file with your pc. found in 38 reviews
A shame you cant export to xls or xlsx. found in 16 reviews
Can't export to excel and the guy who says you can with iwork. found in 133 reviews
It corrupted an excel file I tried to import. found in 83 reviews
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE update with an excel export function. found in 55 reviews
Please fix the issue that does not allow you to merge cells. found in 72 reviews
Unless you have an extremely basic Excel spreadsheet. found in 52 reviews
The features and functions are divine but without the ability to export to Excel. found in 164 reviews
If you are an Excel user you WILL be disappointed. found in 31 reviews
This product does not support merged cell either. found in 40 reviews
the ipad version of Numbers insists that I reformat each relevant cell. found in 66 reviews
This is basically useless without the ability to export to Excel. found in 62 reviews
can't open this app on my iPhone 5s since the update. found in 46 reviews
A spreadsheet that cannot save to Excel format is worthless. found in 31 reviews
Numbers for iPad or iPhone cannot duplicate functionality of Excel. found in 34 reviews
Changed Numbers docs on the iPad don't sync to iCloud. found in 40 reviews
Also desperately and immediately needs encryption and password protection capabilities. found in 31 reviews
Be nice if desktop version could do pivot tables. found in 32 reviews
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Icon 175x175 1
This app rocks as do pages and keynote                Rocks
How can anybody rate this app as fully functional when you cant apply a Trendline Folks have posted about workarounds but they only appear to work with linear data What about nonlinear data With Trendline capability this would be a 5star app    Needs Trendline Functionality
As a sole proprietor it works very well for me Templates are easy to use and pretty friggin sweet if you ask me To everyone else maybe its not the device or the app perhaps its the user                Dont believe these clowns
This app is used daily by hundreds of thousands no idea why these reviews are negative                Great app
Completely messed up a spreadsheet I had on iCloud by reverting it to an old version    Ruins iCloud syncing
Great app however this version crashes too much to be usable    Dont update Buggy version
Another example of Apples thoughtfulness Numbers and Pages are automatically updated so that you must use the latest ios update to use the apps It doesnt matter that I prefer to wait for the bugs to be worked out before updating It doesnt matter that I have the right to decide whether I want to upgrade an item I paid for I will never buy another app made by Apple Aholes    Thank You Apple
The app is great Very easy to use I downloaded it to my iPhone 6 because I had created a spreadsheet the night before on my Mac and needed to show it but hadnt brought my laptop Anywho I downloaded the app and because I saved the spreadsheet to my iCloud I was able to pull it up on my phone No problem at all The app did take a bit longer than normal to download about 5 min but I didnt have very good service plus the app itself has a lot of components so I expected it to take some time I love the app I can make edits on my computer or my phone and the document will automatically update on the other device At one point it did take about 10 minutes to update on my Mac after I made changes on my phone but its still better than having to send myself a new copy or always making edits on the same device I love the app its great I will say that the writing a review process could be worked on I wrote this whole review which I feel is a bit long just because there were so many negative reviews I thought it could use a positive one When I tried to submit it it said the nickname was taken and I had to try again It deleted everything Needless to say this time I copied my review and then tried to send                I love it
These are the little things that were INTOLERABLE to SteveJobs An Apple App numbers not updating or functioning for monthsnuts    These are the things Steve Jobs found INTOLERABLE
Its soooo annoying it wont open or update I HATE having the red numbers saying I need to update something And it wont work I have three Apple icons that wont open or update How do i DELETE this crappy app    Wont update or open
They need to fix that it has a huge problem uploading my documents after theyve been edited over my cellular data plan Ive allowed it to use cellular data so Im not sure why it can take 510 minutes to upload half a megabyte over LTE I need this feature fixed because I do not use wifi very often I dont have it at my house          Needs to work better over cellular data
I love numbers very muchThanks from apple                Veeeeeeeryyyyyy niiiiiiiiiceeeeeee
Its much better then Microsoft                Awesome
Had to be updated clicked for it to update and that was 2 days ago Constantly says waiting installing or the install circle which stops at about 60 Have tried force quit shutting off my ipad and restarting deleting it and nothing works Apple needs to fix this problem asap Very unhappy user    Horrible update
Numbers is unbelievably easy to use clean flexible and comprehensive It is significantly smart At the first use you will have a hard time to become accustomed to working with such an easy to use app                Saeed Fallahi
Easy and friendly to use                Awesome
When apple first released numbers for iPhone I wasnt a fan if it but over time it grew in me Ive tried out many spreadsheet apps and numbers is the only one Ive stuck with I use it for invoices time sheets and balancing accounts The changes are a great advance and I think they will keep finding ways to make it better With the latest update to the app I hardly use my computer for Numbers anymore                Headed to Greatness
Use to work fine Update outs in perpetual cycle of update open not working asking to update and starting over Totally inop now    Fuuuuucked
Great program Enough with the lack of Calibri Please allow the changes that were approved with the first opening of a document to be the default so we can open without the missing Calibri warning       Calibri Still an issue Not Fixed
Update I was able to download it after 3 tries but it wouldnt open even after powering off and on again Because I have important client info on several spreadsheets I kept trying over several days until on the final attempt it killed my iPad It was on but nothing worked home button onoff button volume side switch finger gestures nothing The charger gave no indication it was charging when plugged in I let it discharge completely overnight and plugged it in again After a couple of hours it was fully charged and I was finally able to open Numbers As it stands this is a dangerous App Because many people have been having similar problems I dont understand why it is taking so long for Apple to address this    It bricked my iPad Mini an then
Does what it says I just wish people would rate the actual apps rather than rate the install process or problems installing or updating Rate the actual app instead             Works fine
I havent really had any problems with the app outside of learning how to use it The ONE complaint I have and the only reason this wont be by goto spreadsheet app is that they take up space on my iCloud drive I wish Apple would take a page out of Googles book with Google Drive anything you create using Sheets or Docs doesnt count against your storage Would be nice if anything created in either Numbers or Pages didnt count against your iCloud storage             Solid spreadsheet app
Data posted in spreadsheets mysteriously disappears Went to Apple forum and others having same issue Tech support wants 2900 to troubleshoot its own software    Data disappears
The update made it impossible to read or write to my old spreadsheets They arent backed up anywhere and the app wont even let me copy the files to a more competent program    Update issues
I had the same issue that others are reporting in their reviews I was able to get the defective Numbers deleted but when I went to redownload it it said I had to pay 999 for it So I called Apple support and after an hour they added it back to my Purchased apps          Latest update failed Had to call Apple
Yet another victim of this nonupdate The program may be decent I dont know CANT FIND OUT because the update wont finish despite numerous hard resets of my iPad ATTEMPTS to delete Numbers off the iPad via iTunes iOS wont let me delete it the usual press until it wiggles and tap X way etc    Update screwing up everything
I delete this app in the settinggeneralusage and find the empty one which is numbers you can check it in the detail Delete it here After this the world is betterIt cant open after update When I try to delete it it still left an icon on my desktop What is that quality Is wiping the phone the only way to delete this    Finally find the way to delete it
Pretty much a useless app if I cant open files from google drive I dont have a Mac computer so I use Microsoft to keep up with my spreadsheets So I think I should be able to delete this app since I cant use it anyways    Useless
Get this off my screen    Disaster
For some reason Numbers got stuck trying to load like 3 weeks ago I can uninstall it I cant finish downloading it nothing I went to the apple forums and several other people are having this problem with apple iWork apps but apple has yet to address it I dont even want your numbers app on my phone I just want to delete it from my phone Please help iPhone 6 plus    Wont finish installing
During the last update it greyed out on my screen and didnt update Now it just shows as waiting if you tap on it    Failed to update
The main thing you need for such app is reliability the main thing this app is lacking is reliabilityI usually dont like updating app which do not have really good rating however this one forced me to do so due to the incessant reminder of a new version every time I launched it It was so annoying that I decided to update it That was a huge ERROR Now I lost all my spreadsheet Hours and hours or work which may not be recoverable Yes I do backups its just that I didnt expected this to happenMy 2c DO NOT USE IT    DO NOT USE
I followed steps other people wrote below and still no luck All my data is gone the app wont delete the app wont download or update This is not the Apple product I am used to    App wont download and update
Its very well thought out app It works extremely well on the iPhone 5S It is a bit problematic on a PC in iCloudcom the best browser on a PC that runs this is Chrome and when typing or deleting text it has major lag Two optional solutions 1 Make an offline program for PC like iTunes 2 Figure out why its slow on PC google docs are quick so its possible but I hate Google free software and my gmail was blocked by Google because they said it might have been compromised by recent hack3 Make a new modern version of safari for PC that would be optimized with iCloud and icloud drive I like 3 the mostAnd can you please add ability to make my own template in numbers I use it for estimate drafts and invoices it would be awesome if I can set up a blank invoice with fields to fill out instead of constantly overwriting my blank estimate and forced to make a new one from scratch again Oh one more thing Im kinda hoping the ability to allow paragraphs to separate in a cell I know its a table but I use a row for descriptions in my inboxes and I have to smooth it all into one paragraph hitting enter takes you to next cell But yeah its pretty good app just crashes sometimes and slow when using in browser on PC             Using it to run my business
It just works                Terrific app
Ive used Numbers over 4 years and created over 200 spreadsheets many in the form of workbooks divided into tabs for individual worksheetsIt is the most powerful and intuitive software Ive ever used Negative views expressed in other reviews I believe are mainly by people who opened Numbers played around 15 or 20 minutes and then because the interface is different from what they had used before then gave up and criticized the program because they didnt understand what it could do for themNumbers is amazingly powerful elegant in its efficiency and delightful to use But it is a new way to build and update spreadsheets It takes some time to learn but the return on investment makes the effort more than worthwhile                Amazing Program
IOS APP is BEST APP                IOS APP is BEST APP
Spreadsheets just wont open Ive tried closing the app and reinstalling Doesnt work    Spreadsheets just wont open
This app was good until the last update It wouldnt even update so I couldnt use the app at all The reviews here told me how to delete the app Fix this because I used it all the time If I didnt have this on my phone and iTunes all info would have been lost FIX NOW       Wouldnt update
This spreadsheet cannot even perform a simple sum function    Mr
When is apple fixing problem with new update of numbers I really need access to this app and it has been sitting in waiting or loading mode for over 2 weeks    Update issues
Not for serious people Once again Apple drops the ball Shaking head    Misses the mark 5s
I have so much faith in Apple but this is not acceptable I cant access my spreadsheets They are very important to me    Please fix it asap
After update IOS I am not able to update this app I saw many suggestion Tried delete from setup and reinstall and still not work I dont want hard reset my iPad and not able to use old restoration because I have some important document save on iPad Apple should fix this bug    Not able update and hold on installing status
Im hopping following featurewifi file transfermultiple file selection to send E mailpasscode security          Fix as following
The app STILL will not install and yet I cant remove it this is ridiculous People expect more from Apple Seriously FIX IT    Doesnt install 6
Well a month and a half worth of files gone with the latest update Do you idiots even bench test anything before rolling it out Good call on making this beta for life have to have something to cover the lack of technical knowledge    You bas74rds
Apple numbers application stopped working with the last update I cannot delete the application nor reinstall it I rebooted my iPad several times but the application would finish installing nor it can be deleted I would appreciate if Apple can put back the old version of the application while it engineers work on this problem to fix it    Application would not install nor delete
Updated app now I can not download or open files there is a download arrow in top corner but when I click on it Nothing No explanation Just simply nothing This is what apple is turning in to Nothing DO NOT USE APPLE iWORKS GO WITH OFFCE 36O I have been a apple user for 7 years iPhone iPad iMacs but the errors pure crap and half baked apps and updates that cook and company has been pushed me over the edge I HAVE HAD ENOUGHPS Maybe keep to developing apps iOS updates products that work and let the politicians handle the social agendas and liberal crap    More errors then a beach has sand
I can not figure out how to change the format of a cell like from one number to an addition of numbers It used to be cumbersome now I cant figure out how to even do it Makes my existing spreadsheet useless    New version hides how to change format of a cell


Apple Inc.
English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish
Compatible with iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.2 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.6.1
iPhone iPad

iOS Numbers 1.6.1 Mobile

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