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The New York Times Company , the publisher behind many iOS app (NYT Cooking - Recipes from The New York Times ,NYTimes The Scoop NYC ,NYTimes Real Estate ,NYT Opinion ,Learning English With The New York Times ,NYTimes Election 2012), brings NYTimes for iPad with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. NYTimes for iPad app has been update to version 2.4.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


Introducing the enhanced New York Times app for the
iPadtablet made by Apple
–– free until early 2011. Now with all of the sections, articles, videos and photos you expect from The Times.


The NYTimes iPad app now includes over 25 Times sections, including Arts, Technology, Politics, Science, Style and more. Experience breathtaking new sections for Photos and Video. Read a selection of the latest Times blogs. Share articles, photos and video through Facebook, Twitter and e-mail.

NYTimes for iPadNYTimes for iPad
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Once you download the app, you’ll instantly get free access to four sections: Top News, Most E-Mailed, Business Day and Video. To get unlimited access to all sections, simply log in with an existing account or register for free within the app.


The NYTimes for iPad is now available as a free download on Apple Store for iPad owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new NYTimes for iPad app version 2.4.1 has been updated on 2014-11-22. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
More Info: Find more info about NYTimes for iPad in The New York Times Company`s Official Website :
NYTimes for iPad


Love the Times Hate the crash    Crash crash crash
I love reading The New York Times And this app makes reading NYT so much better The only annoying part about it is the in case you missed section                Best newspaper app ever
What is different about this than just getting online 40 down the drain    
The app crashes so frequently that it makes reading news on my iPad a task Its frustrating that I paid extra for the NYT subscription that includes tablet device only to find it a nuisance to read using this iPad app What a waste of money and time    App crashes every now and then
Latest update causes app to crash immediately after opening Used to be great now its unusable An update or rollback would be greatly appreciated    Please fix
The greatest joy of living in the digital village leaving behind some of your own wit is not available here This app is a crime       No commenting Really
Numerous attempts to log on BUT app refuses identitykeeps warning me I am a nonsubscriber Reset pwto no avail Using Safari to login Works with id and pw in browser Disastrous update    Recent update very buggy
For the last two weeks all it does is crash They even pushed an update that didnt fix it considering how much it costs this unusable app is almost criminal I feel like the Times is robbing me    Used to be servicable Now unusable
I love the New York Times I always buy it and look at it when I go to Starbucks but I probably havent looked at it three or four times this year because its buried in that archaic newsstand BBC app every dayCBS app every day etc etcMaybe someday it can be put on as a regular app without a twostep process    Hidden app
The app delivers the content of the nyt very well Still double tap aside I wish I didnt have to enter the newsstand app just to open it and then close the newsstand app just to go back to the iPad home screen when done For someone who uses multiple news sources and jumps between them I notice it It just slows the experience so I end up mainly sticking with the others          Recommendation
This new upgrade causes the NY Times app to crash within moments of opening it I have never had this problem before and I am very disappointed that I can not read the newspaper which I actually subscribe to unless I go to the site on Safari I have never had difficulties like this with any of the previous versions Please fix this    Horrible upgrade
Whenever i bring up the app it asks me to subscribe to the paper which I have for over 10 years online I can log in just fine in Safari however when I enter my log in information in the app it will not exit that screen and repeatedly asks me to subscribe Save time and frustration and read online    Unable to log in
Why does the app stop the music I am listening to even if I didnt select any video to play within an articleId like to have a choice of what I listen to while reading and whoever is interfering with that choice will not continue to receive monthly payments from me    Stop messing with my music
This is the most reliable app on my iPad I appreciate being able to to check out the Times everyday without ink on my fingers or a pile of newspapers next to the living room sofa                Thank you
Its the NYTimes On my iPad Whats not to like My wife subscribed to the print edition but I use the app Never read the paper daily until I started using it digitally and now its a habit Its terrific and easy to use Organized very well I only wish it could look more like the paper paper which is beautifully designed but I guess that would be impossible to do every day             Great alternative
The app worked great for years until a recent updateworks fine once again             I had to uninstall and reinstall to make it work
Since the latest update crashes constantly a few seconds after opening I think when it is trying to download articles However it is very welldesigned and easy to use when it works       Crashes
We have moved across the country seeking greener pastures but as one scenery and environs changes the only constant in our family other than the love and kinship we share in our lives together that we always take with us would be both the digital and newsprint editions of The New York Times Kudos and more power to the publishers editors all the staff of the New York Times                ONE ONLY newspaper to read
Charging a subscription while still trying after many years of failure to develop a useful app that is nothing but bugs and crashes and repetition I expect better of the Times Try searching for an article or topic its as if the app just throws things at the reader in the hopes that something might come close to the desired result Avoid not worth the money this grey old pile of newsprint cant seem to get it together The Times cant be faulted though for the failure and klutziness that is Apples ludicrous Newsstand what an absolutely worthless nothing burger of stupidity its one of the worst features of iOS ever    Perpetual Disaster
What gives This thing wont even open now Why am I paying for the subscription    Crashes
Its a great appbut can you please publish the baseball standings             Baseball standings
The app is unreliable at storing articles for offline reading You cant count on itThe app is loaded with ads which does not bespeak an expensive subscription The writing is good but not worth the money Theres plenty of good free news out thereWhats worse is their consumer fraud which I have passed on to my state Attorney Generals office who has agreed to investigateI called to cancel the subscription have proof of the call was told it was cancelled yet the New York Times continued to bill me for 10 months They refused to refund anything then grudgingly offered to refund only 3 months Unacceptable My credit card is disputing all the charges given phonerecords of my call to cancel and NYTs admission that I called to cancel My state Attorney Generals office is investigating I gave NYT a chance to make it right before filing a fraud complaint but they refusedOnly a fool would buy a subscription from this companyAdmittedly I should have noticed sooner but also had a student subscription so didnt notice that the fullprice one didnt cancel    Terrible app fraudulent billing
What a disappointment to have upgraded the app No new features of interest and now very buggy Often give up trying to read the paper and move on to other sources    Do Not Upgrade to this Bug Filled Version
Something bad has happened to the ny times app recently It crashes repeatedly when I try to open it This is only in last couple of weeks I uninstalled and reinstalled on my iPad but there is no improvement It is unusable    Horribly buggy lately
I have been unable to log in on the iPad NYTimes customer service says they know about the problem with SafariApp log in Have known about it for a year Still no fix Very frustrating and not worth the download    Forget It
Ive had several problems trying to update this app The installing wheel looks like it gets to 100 but just never completesThey need to test their installers better       Updating always hangs
All of a sudden the app stopped working completely Cant even open it Please fix it or I will have no choice but to cancel my subscription    Train wreck app
I have an all access digital subscription through iTunes yet the app cant see the subscription Shows up in account management but cant log in Nytimes customer service cant correct Too much effort for news that is available for free elsewhere Use a good reader like Flipboard You will be happier    If you charge it had better work
Recently began crashing about 15 or 30 seconds after launching Just as I get to the second paragraph of an article    Crashes every time recently
The icon in recent versions of the app is broken It always displays a Times T and never updates with a version of the current paper front page I miss being able to tell when the content is up to date       Broken icon
Something is definite wrong with this update The update process begins on my iPad Air and then hangs The app refused to update All other apps update without a problem except this one Thankfully the existing app is not crippled and still runs    Latest update buggy
The content is great with a lot of indepth reporting Navigation is easy just scroll down through the sections expanding to see more articles in each section I can arrange the sections in my preferred order and remove sections I dont care about And I can easily save articles that look interesting to me to read later                This is what a newspaper app should be
It doesnt sound much like a review and it isnt The journalism standards of NYT is unquestionably remarkable but the app could do If you got the technology why not use it Why not add night mode or have better offline reading And lastly the ads are tolerable but way too repetitive Apart from all that am very happy with it and its a privilege to read NYT in your iPad anywhereBring night mode Ill give 5 whole stars its a deal       Whats next
The NY times is the most up to date and complete news source The pictures in living color woven into many articles truly provides well rounded stories The article about the wild fires in California in the 719 times is an example                New York Times for IPAD
After all this time still two major glaring problems The same headline appears in several sections even after its read and images in blog posts are always mispositionedat best and frequently missing completely    Still two major flaws
Current update to fix periodic crashes now causes app to crash every time and it now never loads    Terrible Fix
After its most recent update two days ago the app refuses to open An inquiry to support produced no response Very frustrating    Refuses to open ridiculous
Pay 20 a month for this stupid app And NYTimes does not recognize the subscriptionBag it    Dont bother
Recent update is causing crash after articles are refreshed I cannot access the Times app so Please get this thing fixed       keeps crashing
NYT has the most annoying UI imaginable for a newspaper Every time you leave the newspaper for even a short while it loses your position and starts you yet again at Page 1It is as if while reading the print version someone comes and refolds your newspaper into its virgin statetimeandtime againIf I want to return to Page 1 let me decide rather than bludgeoning me back there several times as I am trying to read my way through the newspaper    App forces you to restart reading from page 1
Please bring back at least the option to switch to two column view like the old days Its easier to the read the WSJ because of multi column support The app currently wastes too much precious screen space Also a night mode would be very much appreciated the white background blinds at night          2 column view request for the nth time
Why isnt this a standalone app like all other papers and mags I dont use it such a pain to open I read it from the browser instead also read the paper paper Please rewrite this as a standalone so it is more useful    Useless buried in Newsstand
This thing has so many bugs I dont know where to start Skip the app and read the paper online Youll be happier and it will take less time than waiting for the app to be ready for browsing    Horrible App
The new icon is the ugliest icon on the shelf Please change it back to one that updates with the news as it did in the past One would never guess that such a poorly designed icon would open into such a well designed app             The new icon is the ugliest icon on the shelf
I had a bad experience with the customer service They make it difficult to cancel There was no way inside the app or in iTunes subscription settings to cancel the subscription The only place I could find was calling into a phone number during business hours You are required to call in and listen to a sales pitch After canceling I was not given a refund It felt like I was playing with snakes and I got bit I felt bad I felt duped They didnt technically break any rules but they do business like Ferengi Thank goodness I only lost 35 dollars from the debacle and not more The customer service was frustrating and I would not recommend this subscription to anyone       Bad customer service
I have loved this app for years but recently it has disappeared from my subscriptions folder on my iPad and it is even grayed out in the Apple App Store Multiple emails to Apple have been ignored though the New York Times was quick to respond and say it was an Apple problem          Recent glitches
This has become very unstable frequently crashing to the point of being unusable I dont know if it is the app itself or the server is sending bad data This started happening a week or so ago    Unstable and unusable
For a newspaper that encourages usage of this app by paying subscribers it is amazing that they would force you to go to the website in order to post comments or vote for comments you like Very strange and annoying          Not interactive Cannot post or vote on comments
Its very nice having access to the times and the app works well My main disappointment is the repetition of the articles every day There appears to be no way to prioritize recent articles over ones written a week or two ago The main article in some sections endures for two weeks Would be great if the app offered a version of the days printed paper Gets tiring deciding to not read the same article every day for two weeks          Repetitive
What happened to the dictionary This was such a useful tool in the app but now there are no definitions          Definitions please


The New York Times Company
Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 2.4.1

iOS NYTimes for iPad 2.4.1 Mobile

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