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The New York Times Company , the publisher behind many iOS app (NYTimes for iPad ,NYTimes Election 2012 ,NYT Cooking - Recipes from The New York Times ,NYT Opinion ,NYTimes ,OpenPaths), brings NYTimes with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. NYTimes app has been update to version 3.5 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Very informative and world news at your fingertips..
  • Just watch what overpricing does to the arrogant Dallas Morning News..
  • Best app for news junkies and NY Times fans..
  • Awesome for a quick read while waiting for something..
  • I think this is one of the best news apps available on the iPhone..
Overall Satisfactionclick me79
I think this is one of the best news apps available on the iPhone.
they totally screwed up one of the best news apps with the latest update.
Probably the best newspaper app for the best newspaper on earth.
It is by far the worst newspaper app I have used.
I love being able to read the entire article from my phone.
I have to re -install every time I open it up.
I love the content arrangement and ease of navigation.
Thanks NYT for the great reporting and easy access.
Thank You NYT Just read a steamy story on Carol Anne Ridell.
No thank you NY Times.
I will willingly pay to support quality journalism.
Now I have no problem paying for quality journalism.
Fun & Engagingclick me67
Awesome news app has hi res pics and good stories.
This is now what a news ap should be.
Usefulnessclick me81
This is a great way to stay informed of recent and popular news.
It provides up to date news when I'm on the go.
I love the NY Times and read it every day.
Love the iPhone app version of the NYT & read it everyday.
- - - - - - -I read multiple sections of the NY Times every day.
but this app crashes a few times every day.
Social Aspectsclick me44
Just need the ability to post direct to social media.
Integrating instapaper & some social media.
Production Valuesclick me90
Very easy interface and well put together application.
Easy interface and good quality text layout.
Ease of Useclick me70
it does provide easy to read and navigate access to that NYT appeal.
I have to re -install every time I open it up.
The app provides an easy to read format with well written.
Very easy interface and well put together application.
Stories are logically organized and easy to browse and select.
Simple app with quick news.
Clear easy to read format.
Reliabilityclick me48
Occasionally have to reset the app from settings.
I attempted to reset the app through the settings.
I am having some minor technical problems.
Still has intermittent problems updating the cache.
and happy NYT finally fixed the bugs from the last version.
Ads not Intrusiveclick me21
Updates & Supportclick me52
Very convenient when the print version is not available.
I'm not the type to subscribe to the print version.
It almost feels like you really are reading the paper version.
beautiful app and superb customer service.


Take the high-quality news and information of The New York Times with you on the go.


• Access the latest articles and photos of the day
• Customize the toolbar with your favorite sections of
• Read anywhere. After synching, articles and photos are available when offline

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If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download NYTimes for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 3.5 has been released on 2014-11-28. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about NYTimes check developer The New York Times Company`s website :


Very easy interface and well put together application. found in 26 reviews
Consistently presents a wide variety of news in a great format. found in 15 reviews
It works great and it is the best news app I've seen so far. found in 40 reviews
This App provides the great information that you expect from NYT. found in 9 reviews
Op Eds and analysis easily accessible on the go. found in 43 reviews
Having the ny times in the palm of my hand is incredibly convienent. found in 15 reviews
This is a wonderful way to keep up with the news in the NYT quality way. found in 344 reviews
Just like the you one will read over a cup of coffee. found in 19 reviews
Probably the best newspaper app for the best newspaper on earth. found in 995 reviews
it is updated much more frequently than other news applications. found in 89 reviews
As close to fair and balanced journalism as there is. found in 9 reviews
The newer versions seem much faster and more stable than the early. found in 18 reviews
By times on I touch has revolutionized my news reading habits. found in 20 reviews
Long live intelligent reporting. found in 13 reviews
They really make it unique among my reliable news sources. found in 32 reviews
they are much better than previous versions. found in 10 reviews
The app works well and has accurate well written articles. found in 39 reviews
today widget top headlines are always just a swipe away. found in 22 reviews
Love the most emailed section for a quick overview. found in 14 reviews
Lots of interesting news posts on the headlnes page. found in 12 reviews
Frequently freezes while updating news or crashes all together. found in 21 reviews
Invaluable tool but occasional crashes causes frustration. found in 20 reviews
Honestly I am quite surprised how crash prone it is. found in 59 reviews
I like to read the news but don't have time to read the newspaper. found in 39 reviews
but it crashes at least once for every story I read. found in 16 reviews
App still frequently hangs and crashes. found in 19 reviews
just please get rid of the annoying pop up ads for paid subscribers. found in 108 reviews
Things to work on: remove ads for subscribers. found in 42 reviews
Search function is unsophisticated and outdated. found in 92 reviews
Lately it fails to update after downloading new data. found in 53 reviews
Then it freezes frequently and shuts itself down randomly. found in 16 reviews
no more full- screen ads for paying customers. found in 46 reviews
but the app tends to be slow and crashy. found in 21 reviews
NYT needs to take this out of Newsstand. found in 27 reviews
The only problem I have found is that is prone to crashing. found in 30 reviews
I love reading the times but this app crashes way too much. found in 10 reviews
If I'm paying for the paper I shouldn't have annoying ads. found in 67 reviews
Prior to this I was trying to rationalize paying for a digital subscription. found in 89 reviews
Used to Crash occassionally but hasnt lately with recent updates. found in 23 reviews
the app still crashes upon startup and during scrolling of articles. found in 13 reviews
" The upload freezes and I cannot refresh with new news articles. found in 98 reviews
The news update process is slow: ads load before content. found in 78 reviews
difficult to read articles when it constantly stops sliding. found in 110 reviews
it crashes back to the home screen. found in 72 reviews
Difficult to navigate and I used to read this for free. found in 70 reviews
They take up precious real estate with advertisements. found in 78 reviews
and forces my screen back to the top of the article. found in 124 reviews
I keep getting annoying ads to become a subscriber. found in 67 reviews
Thought this would be a better way to read the NYT. found in 183 reviews
Looses my saved articles and login credentials all the time. found in 151 reviews
This app isn't working with my home delivery subscription. found in 67 reviews
You can't read comments and there's no search function. found in 92 reviews
it's because some of sincerely cannot afford $ 15 a month. found in 68 reviews
Nothing Like Print Edition - Articles are there for weeks. found in 67 reviews
NYT content was incomplete and navigation was cumbersome. found in 101 reviews
If there is no internet connection - there is no content. found in 60 reviews
Too many crashes and what's with the ads for paid subscribers. found in 108 reviews
95 monthly subscription price for online access to NYT. found in 74 reviews
I've signed up for a digital subscription but it won't recognize it. found in 89 reviews
and suddenly you have to pay to read any of the stories. found in 61 reviews
iPhone 320x480 1
iPhone 320x480 2
iPhone 320x480 3
iPhone 320x480 4
Icon 175x175 1
Good wrap up of daily news Specially researched stories and exposes awesome Love the clear level headed editorials I am curious though about why the same story can appear for days An archive section or favorite important story section would be good for these but keep just the current daily news on the front page                Great daily read app
I downloaded it and its nice Its perfect with breaking news updates                Downloaded it because I couldnt download the CNN
I prefer to read my news via flipboard Having another news app to open and peruse takes up too much of my time I would subscribe if the NY Times allowed such payments to authenticate via other apps       Another app
Great source of information and a truly exceptional new organization love being able to explore all the different sections of the app and Im never left bored The only problem is I have to constantly sign in and thats a little annoying Otherwise a fine app for a fine newspaper                Great app
Despite the monthly fee for this app the NYTimes company continues to interfere with ones ability to enjoy a good read by constantly finding annoying and intrusive ways to interfere Their latest pop up ad not only suddenly interrupts your reading of an article with a FULL PAGE fashion spread but they also make it difficult to even remove the ad by placing the close X in the farthest most inaccessible corner of the screen If this rude nonsense continues I am parting ways with NYTimes There are other ways to receive news    NYTimes App Thrusts Ads in your Face
As a standalone app this works well After using it for about a year Ive found that user experience could improve a lot with better integration with the daily headlines email that NYT sends at the start of each day The daily email includes personalized sections like recommended for you and has curated categories like editors picks and my favorite section quotation of the day These personal elements in the email that make me feel like Im reading my perfect snapshot of the Times is totally lost when using the app In the app you just have a list of sections Further if you click on a link in the daily email it opens in Safari instead of the NYT app which results in a more crowded visual experience and practically nullifies the point of having the app in the first place If NYT made it possible to see your headlines roundup in the app or made the email and smartphone app work together instead of apart this would have gotten 5 stars Currently it just feels redundant          Needs better integration with daily emails
This newsstand app is junk Create a shortcut in your browser    Skip
I love this app The writing is amazing In 23 sentences complex world events are summarized with intelligence Love the photos too If I only downloaded one app for the apple watch this would be it                All current all the time
Their app is loaded with ads which does not bespeak an expensive subscription The writing is good but not worth the money Theres plenty of good free news out thereWhats worse is their consumer fraud which I have passed on to my state Attorney Generals office who has agreed to investigateI called to cancel the subscription have proof of the call was told it was cancelled yet the New York Times continued to bill me for 10 months They refused to refund anything then grudgingly offered to refund only 3 months Unacceptable My credit card is disputing all the charges given phonerecords of my call to cancel and NYTs admission that I called to cancel My state Attorney Generals office is investigating I gave NYT a chance to make it right before filing a fraud complaint but they refusedOnly a fool would buy a subscription from this companyAdmittedly I should have noticed sooner but also had a student subscription so didnt notice that the fullprice one didnt cancel    Fraudulent subscription terms
If you read the news a lot this app is for you You can read every NYTimes article on it Its interface is clean and easy to use The app never quits and always runs fast It is great for reading on the go I love this app and highly recommend it By the way In terms of speed I have an iPhone 5                This is an amazing app I have no problems
After multiple iterations still no ability to comment using the app    Flawed
NYT online is my news source in addition to my local paper I dont watch TV The reporting is not sensationalistic like much news media these days This is one newspaper the still does investigative reporting and its always relevant and important Editorials on politics and a wide range of other topics both interest and inform me I read it every day                Excellent news source
As of today app crashes after 20 sec of use    Crashes after 20 sec
Wonderful application Great presentation fonts and layout Thanks NYT for presenting the news in a thoroughly readable format                Love the iphone ap
Pictures wont load in iPhone app or mobile web Fix it Im paying for this    No pics
Autoplay video ads play even when phone is on silent mode Makes it impossible to use this app anywhere in public    Autoplay Video Ads Disruptive
This app is easy to use with navigation and readability both getting high marks I find that I prefer the digital edition to the paper version It is a joy to read every morning on my iPad or my iPhone                Excellent
Ads have grown in size to the point where its difficult to navigatescroll without accidentally clicking through on an ad Makes me sad       Ads too large
This app gives you access to everything in the New York Times Its also never crashes and works perfectly every time I wish all news apps were like this one                Flawless News App
Updates to this app never install on the first or tenthattemptvery buggy Newest one suffers from the same defect Once installed or updated its great       New York Times
Superb                Superb
And an easy to useflexible app                The Best News Source
NYT does a great job at keeping the experience fluid and organized                Great
Why are photos not loading with stories Why does it take 5 minutes to view a 117 video Its like watching a stop action video Sometimes it loads only 13 seconds at a time Some of the alerts should be optional theres too many          Ridiculously slow
Ive been using the NYTimes app for a while now and Ive found it to be a great tool for staying up to date on current events Its user interface is very intuitive I especially like the save for later feature which allows me to hold onto an article if I want to finish it later on Ive also enabled breaking news notifications which come in handy Perhaps best of all NYTs reporting is always firstrate They consistently set the bar for journalistic professionalism Their clear levelheaded writing is a breath of fresh air in a news cycle often dominated by screamers and clickbaiting                Excellent news app
The App in the Watch is good for headlines and short paragraphs that I use regularly as a paying subscriber Unfortunately lacks what other Apps like Fox and Milenio that allow to Tweet and also browse by sections To explore what the paper offers the NYT should update the App and make it current Now seem old and limited          Need update to match other news Apps
Superb Such a pleasure to read Good app too                Really excellent
Great app I wish NYT subscription is affordable                Great
When are we going to be allowed to comment from a mobile device This should be a part of my digital experience    Comments
Fast and easy to read Lots of good stories at the cheap price of free                Easy to read
I find it excruciating to use the Times via Newstand Multiple taps to get in and multiple taps to get out Writing applications that behave as if they ought to be the center of our lives or at least the primary focus of our devices is sloppy and amateur programmingJust use your broswer for the Times I am uninstalling this Newstand is just too shoddy          New York Times is great Newstand Lame
theyve really been doing a great job with the app recently Kudos                Muchimproved app
Need to have less ads and more useful news content The App prioritizes in house commentary over actual unbiased news       Less about news always more about biased commentary
For a while this app was nearly perfect except for ads presented in the most intrusive wayThose ads appear to be both reduced in frequency and presented in a less intrusive manner nowNearly a perfect news app as a result                Ads are gone
We subscribe paying monthly and we still have to deal with all these adverts You have to be kidding Were trying to support you all but this is a slap in the face As others have pointed out its irritating and they take up too much room on the small screen They are omnipresentthe banner ads are there even when reading a news articleUPDATE The problem has gotten worse The stories themselves are now littered with ads they are literally embedded inside the news articles AND they have increased greatly in number What do I mean As you scroll through a story you are confronted with ad after ad And they are large in size Indeed one often wonders whether the story has ended or continues below the fold This is just plain tawdryThose of us who subscribe should NOT have to face adsand its especially bad faith to have increased their number and their intrusive placement Shame on you New York TimesOther newspapers eg The Guardian do NOT hit you with ads Thats the way to goDowngraded my rating    Now with even more ads Generally good paper solid app but the ads must go
This app is gorgeous                Awesome
I pay 15 a month yet there are so many interrupting ads It doesnt even make sense from a revenue perspective I know how much ads like this make NYTimes would be lucky to get a few pennies on every click which I cant imagine people actually click them    Ads dont make sense
Has been doing that for at least a couple of months    Crashes on launch
Two years later there is still no way to rate comments as in the mobile version of the website The news update process is still pretty slow and ads load before content which is not why I am paying 195year Finally there is little hierarchy for news on the top page on iPhoneWill continue to stick to the website version    Still no upvoting Ads everywhere
The new version has way too many ads and theyre intrusively placed Pop ups with almost unclickable xs The worst part are their house ads every article has an email subscription promotion half way through the story And theyre styled identically to the article An additional issue is that every article had multiple links to the web site but the app opens these links in an inapp version of the safari browser and the server doesnt recognize Im in the app so it tells me Ive viewed my share of free articles Its 2015 these issues are easily solvable and have been by other appssitesI love the NYT I pay 20 a month and yet it feels like Im trying to read the news on a supermarket coupon app       Latest version is a step back
Save to read later is done well and makes catching up on a long flight a great experience             Pretty darn good easy to use
Just as everything on cable news has a banner saying Breaking News for the most unimportant events this app alerts you through notifications of seemingly random stories For example the app just now alerted me that a poll came out that most Americans think race relations are tense Thanks NYT for buzzing my phone during a meeting for that I could turn off alerts but its all or nothing Also Newstand is a deal breaker       Too many alerts
Ads are highly annoying They are large and embedded in the articles A scroll thru an article is difficult without accidentally touching an ad and bringing that ad up in a new window Suggest you offer a no ad version I would pay more per month to avoid ads    Continuously crashes
What psychotic freak thought it would be a good idea to force all users to keep this app in a newsstand folder Critical flaw I never use the app Out of sight out of mind          Good luck finding it
All the news at your fingertips No issues updating or loading I wished the stories werent repeated in different sections It seems like theres more to read in the actual newspaper                Absolutely necessary reading
Decent enough app hate that its hidden in newsstand instead of being standalone I read it a lot less because of this          Mixed
Have to pay weekly for the actual app Only free thing is the newspaper in Newsstand Was told I get free access with subscription through my college which I dont Only a discount Im not paying 5week for this Thanks       Ridiculous Price
Make all the news one price not double for ipad I dont care about photos or video its the same news    Greedy pricing leads to layoffs
Need I say more Quality product Quality delivery I would pay more                Its the New York Times
I love the NY Times but if youre going to send spam notifications then at least have an option to only get breaking news alerts    Stop sending spam notifications


The New York Times Company
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
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