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CodingByMoonLight , brings Official Drudge Report (Free) with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Official Drudge Report (Free) app has been update to version 3.0.15 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I like the links to other mobile friendly news sites..
  • Awesome service and news service..
  • A great way to be and stay informed..
  • One of the best news reader apps around..
  • The improvements made to the Drudge Report app are really appreciated..
Overall Satisfactionclick me40
Official Drudge App is the best news app ever.
Best news app with worse design.
and the most up to the minute news source available.
Fastest way to read Drudge and access articles on the iPhone.
Way easier to use and read than using Safari.
Thanks Drudge for a great App.
Thanks drudge for ruining my life.
Usefulnessclick me71
A great way to be and stay informed.
love it and read it every day.
Great place to get up to date news.
Repeat Valueclick me31
Social Aspectsclick me17
Allows you to tag/share and post to social media.
social media and email capabilities.
Ease of Useclick me42
Very easy to read format for a small screen.
very easy to scroll down to view the news items.
Reliabilityclick me10
Ads not Intrusiveclick me10
Updates & Supportclick me10


Brought to you by the and team. Proudly being the only mobile site, archive site and iTunes App the links to.


The sole purpose of this app is to recreate the functionality and reading experience of the Drudge Report on the small screen. Nothing more, nothing less. We feel strongly that the Drudge Report design is a classic and we wouldn't dare change it.

Official Drudge Report (Free)Official Drudge Report (Free)
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iPod Touch and
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
load by default, with a menu option of loading the web-format version.
iPadtablet made by Apple
users will see the full web-formatted version of the


Designed to work with iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad with OS 3.0 or newer.
Official Drudge Report (Free)


- Quick search of Drudge Report Archives and Google.
- Email links to friends.
- Easily change the font size.
- Send news tips directly to the Drudge Report.
- Find Drudge Report Columnist, References, Sources, Mobile Sources and Columns in the menu.
- Use built-in browser controls to navigate to any website, without leaving the app. Like you, we wish full set of Safari browser controls were available to apps, but since they are not, we simulate Safari as much as possible.


Free. Ad supported.


Direct feedback and suggestions are encouraged, especially prior to leaving comments. This is version 1, we look forward extending it to serve your needs. E-mail your ideas for improvement to [email protected] You will be surprised how many suggestions will appear in future versions and how fast we reply to your email.


UPDATE (+iOS4): Thank you all for your great suggestions, keep them coming. Version 1.1 is being coded with most of them. We are looking forward to it's release.


Thank you.



If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Official Drudge Report (Free) for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Official Drudge Report (Free) app version 3.0.15 has been updated on 2014-11-21. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Official Drudge Report (Free) in CodingByMoonLight`s Official Website :


this is the "must-read" site for everyone following current events. found in 8 reviews
The Drudge Report is the 1st stop for news that matters. found in 9 reviews
links accurately and preserves the classic Drudge style. found in 4 reviews
Updates regularly with up to the minute breaking news and features. found in 8 reviews
Very easy to read format for a small screen. found in 12 reviews
Best app for relevant news links. found in 4 reviews
Drudge Report is cutting edge. found in 9 reviews
This app gives the latest and best news on the planet. found in 4 reviews
Great place to get up to date news. found in 3 reviews
The app is now fast and stable. found in 4 reviews
Official Drudge App is the best news app ever. found in 187 reviews
Thisis one of my primary news apps. found in 7 reviews
Best place to get a snap-shot of world news. found in 6 reviews
I visit it a couple dozen times a day. found in 5 reviews
Stick with traditional non- video ads instead in such cases please. found in 6 reviews
Why can't you flip between a mobile view and full view. found in 21 reviews
It's getting harder and harder to open links on my iPad. found in 12 reviews
New version won't open at all with OS 5. found in 5 reviews
default font size is tiny and unreadable. found in 9 reviews
What happened to the old drudge that always worked and was reasonably fast. found in 84 reviews
The new version includes really annoying ads and is considerably uglier. found in 6 reviews
so please please bring back the single column view for the mobile. found in 134 reviews
Horrible user experience on my iPad mini. found in 3 reviews
Please bring back the previous layout with individual columns. found in 13 reviews
This APP crashes way too much. found in 3 reviews
Your latest version is terrible. found in 37 reviews
Great for headlines but fruitless to click on a link. found in 14 reviews
Cannot read an article or watch a video without a crash. found in 3 reviews
Great interface but it takes freakin' FOREVER to load pages. found in 9 reviews
The latest updates have made it too slow loading stories. found in 5 reviews
Will split screen and not revert back to a whole screen. found in 17 reviews
but when reading a story and then linking to an article. found in 8 reviews
whenever advertisements change it bumps you back to top of page. found in 25 reviews
Formatting is horrible… I have to zoom in to read anything. found in 53 reviews
please go back to the mobile friendly reader style version. found in 46 reviews
Needs to have a single column view with selectable text size. found in 134 reviews
This update makes reading Drudge on a handheld device almost impossible. found in 47 reviews
this new Drudge app is absolutely aggravating to use. found in 38 reviews
Then the latest release is no more than a web browser. found in 81 reviews
Tapping the status bar to scroll to the top doesn't work. found in 54 reviews
No better than using safari to view the 3 column website. found in 36 reviews
Just go back to the original app and fix the bugs. found in 33 reviews
Three columns on an iPhone 5 are unreadable. found in 34 reviews
Please revert back to the previous version with the column view. found in 44 reviews
why you couldn't simply revert to the previous. found in 44 reviews
It also auto-opens the App Store to download spam apps. found in 41 reviews
The layout for the new version is terrible. found in 37 reviews
crashes to home screen a lot and pages often don't load. found in 39 reviews
This app has become glitchy - constantly jumps back to the top of the page. found in 112 reviews
It does not work with iPhone iOS 6. found in 34 reviews
Just Use the Web Version Until Dev Stops Hissy Fit. found in 37 reviews
I deleted this app and downloaded another Drudge Reader. found in 33 reviews
iPhone 334x480 1
iPad 367x480 1
Icon 175x175 1
Every 30 seconds or so it sends me to the App Store to download some gambling app When that doesnt pop up some other dialog comes up asking me to rate some program I dont use This rating is the last this app will see from me    What a total pain to use
The latest update its unusable It wont let you scroll down without resetting kicks you to the app store without consent One cannot actually use this app anymore So so bad Please fix    After several years Im done with Drudge App
I dont know whose idea it was to screw up a wonderfully simple app with this garbage The app is unusable with that stupid floating menu in the middle of the screen There is no escaping it I am close to deleting the app but Im waiting a little longer to see if they fix it Otherwise I will have to get my news fix elsewhere    Anyone remember New Coke Thats what this version is
Click link get spam Trash app    Spam me more please
Who made this app the same folks who developed the Obamacare websiteWe love drudge but this is insaneI hope Matt drops these immature losers hires some nonunion developersWish I could give it ZERO    Horrible
Really disappointed Nothing seems to work right    Complete Garbage
Cant read any of the headlines It refreshes and sends you to the App Store Go back in the app and it does it again and again Finally give up and look for news else where Pointless to even have this app now    Worst app ever
Just did a reinstall to see if anything had changed Nope just as bad as evermain page loads and is blank Deleting today    As bad as ever
There was no general maintenance required for this update It is the same terrible interface That was just code for lets clear out all the 1star reviews Do not download this app Just use the mobile version of the site in a regular Safari browser    Another finger in the eye from Siren Tech
Whenever you open the app or return from a story the ad starts playing I love reading Drudge Report but not enough to have to keep messing with it to get it to stop playing or get back to it after it sends me to the App Store I hate it so much that I will be deleting it    Tried of all the ads that start playing
Ive had this app for a while Its gotten worse It seems like its now all about getting those ads pushed on you Ads are now just popping out of nowhere even to a point of taking me out of the app and bringing my to the App Store automatically to try to get me to buy an app from the ad On top of this it is so slow to load This is it Im fed up Im deleting the app and just accessing the site using a web browser    Delete the app for your own sanity
Do not waste your time Ads and misdirection to apps and more ads have rendered this app useless    Piece of
Use it 34 timesday on iPhone and iPad The freakin web version is faster For a site getting 68M views a day One would think they would improve    Poor Very slowclunky
The Dudge Report app used to be great It was fast and reliable Now I barely even want to use it It takes forever to load anything    Extremely slow and unreliable
Used to be great app now it is useless Goes to App Store every 30 seconds    Keeps redirecting to App Store
The ads are high jacking the app to the point I google the article from their originator Its really bad DONT DOWNLOAD    The Worst
Its difficult to manage how Drudge could allow such a weak representation of their website that has been such a touchstone for underreported news events This app is fraught with deficiencies that go beyond simple irritation    Pitiful App for such a powerful source
This appears to just be a stripped down Safari with zero options Just the full site not mobile so zooming in always required No swipe to go back have to use the arrow At least have it load the mobile version of the site Not sure why they even bother updating it anymore and not actually make it usable I keep the icon in my phone in hopes it will someday return to its former glory    Still not what it used to be
Get this app if you like getting frustrated    Delete it
Cant even back arrow onto the home page without waiting and waiting and waiting Worst app Ive ever used They obviously dont really care if readers like the app    Awful
Reloads every 30 seconds and every time you open it it redirects you to the App Store to buy come crap app                Terrible
This app jumps to Apple App Store without human intervention Needs major work    Drudge confounded
Please fix the ads that keep hijacking the app and taking you to the App Store    Ads keep hijacking Please fix this
I dont go to Drudge because I want to buy some game or some form of sports gambling yet Im constantly redirected to the ap store offering some game for adolescent minds and those stuck in their childhood    Pop ad kills it
It was good now it is crapAds have taken over it is soo slow I cant take it Any longer Put the old version back up    Im done with this App
This app is nearly unusable I used to love Drudge but now I loathe itmountains of ads and unassisted App store visits just hate it now    Person
Why does this app never work    Horrible
I am a long time Druge app user This one is absolutely terribleIt will pause anything playing in the background Too slow loading Doesnt return to place where you made a selection to read Dont install this app    Dont install this app
All it does is send you to the App Store to buy an unrelated app    Avoid
Loved it this was my go to app I am deleting it because every few seconds it opens the App Store to a featured app    App gone bad
Make this app usable again and Ill redownload itOpens ads without touching the screen    Fix it
App Store default Almost every time Someone must have some real dirt on Drudge this app now gets uninstalled Goodbye to years of great service Hello AP wire    Wow I give up on Drudge
Uses ads that take over open your App Store Application and takes you to the install for some other app What were you thinking Drudge Uninstalling now Cant even read news on this crappy app    Behaves like a virus
Ads are uncontrollable Terrible user experience Dont waste your time    Virtually Unusable
I normally dont write comments or reviews on things but I used to really like this app and I love the site and all the work they do but this app has gotten so bad that every time I open it to check the news I get thrown into the App Store to check out a new app against my will it didnt used to be like this and I can understand occasionally doing this but its a recurring deal and unfortunately I will be uninstalling until this issue is resolved    Ads are Killing This App
Dont waste your time with this worthless app unless you enjoy being redirected to buy random apps from the app store Too bad they dont allow a zero star review Excuse me while i delete this terrible app    Awful
This app has been a staple on my home screen for the past couple of years but Ive had enough of the slowness to load or reload and getting punted to the App Store app for a game from time to time Clearly the buggiest app Ive used This is sad because of all the Drudge apps I tried this one had the best appearance Now Im accessing Drudge via a browser and the experience is so much better    Have had enough
If I want apps I will go to the App Store to get them This annoying Drudge Report app keeps changing over to the App Store while Im trying to read news Kind of defeats the purpose of a news app if it keeps sending you away from the news unlessits a click bait app masquerading as a real Drudge App Either way TheOldSargeSays do not use this app It is nothing but a nuisance    Getting rid of this app its a nuisance
I have been a drudge reader for many years and usually dont review apps but his one has gotten so bad1 i have to listen to a loud obnoxious ad whenever I open drudge app Really I am all for Matt making money but is this really necessary2 other than the original version the app is really slow to pull up the site3 the original had everything in a nice neat column for ipad iphone but now it is formatted like it is on the website where i need a magnifying glass to read or enlarge it and scroll foreverMatt your a brilliant journalist but a lousy app guy    I love drudge but hate this app
1 because there is no zero Constant redirects Does not work at all sometimes Deleted    Nunya
I used to like this but not anymore Latest update plasters ads at the bottom of the entire screen consuming valuable screen space Was a good app before that Ive had enough The latest update made it more buggy than before What a piece of crap    Adds everywhre now
Use the website Put an i in front of the regular address and it optimizes for your iPad or iPhone The app is a train wreck Horrible Navigation is impossible Im not sure why Drudge doesnt get this right he has zero overhead and MASSIVE site traffic Why make a garbage app    Dont Bother
This app is absolutely horrible Ive been using it since it first came out and each iteration gets worse This one has ads that take over your device and open the App Store for some featured app If I wanted the advertised app I would have opened the App Store myself Ill go back to using their web pagethat is until ads get too annoying there Now that Ive written the review Ill delete the app from all of my iOS devices    Ads are taking over Horrible app
Well this app has been worthless since the last full revision Prior to that the app had features special UI push notifications etc Now it has none of that The app is now only a forward back and refresh button browser that pulls up the desktop drudge site There is another app that is actually official Go get that one    Used to be great
DO NOT USE THIS VERSION This app constantly sends you to the App Store to buy something    Use official Drudge App
Used to be great Now garbage    Still the dud report
Kill the ads gladly pay The app is crap while the ads continually keep moving the page    Frustrating Please fix
Im deleting it Ill just use the website when Im inclined The app is absolutely awful Wish I could give it less than one star    App gets worse with every update
This app is rageinducing    The Worst App On My Phone
Look for the real version    Junk not official


Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 3.0.15
iPhone iPad

iOS Official Drudge Report (Free) 3.0.15 Mobile

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Official Drudge Report (Free)

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