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Formula One Digital Media Limited , the publisher behind many iOS app (Paddock Club ,F1 Grand Prix ,Official F1® App ,F1 Live Timing ,F1 TV), brings Official F1® App with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Official F1® App app has been update to version 6.002 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.

Overall Satisfactionc26
Thanks for finally making a desirable app.
so for me it's better than BBC live or ESPN live.
Love hearing live commentary while watching the stats.
Production Valuesc28
Stunning App.
Great Visuals.
Ease of Usec20
could use a simple "back 10 secs" button.
Nice layout and easy to use.
Updates & Supportc18

exclusive news and videos. found in 2 reviews
Two thumbs up to the developer. found in 1 reviews
Great app for when you can’t watch on TV. found in 2 reviews
Nice layout and easy to use. found in 1 reviews
Two fingers to zoom. found in 1 reviews
button to switch between full track visual to full data view. found in 2 reviews
Improvements keep coming. found in 1 reviews
Crash on startup. found in 3 reviews
Too bad for USA users. found in 1 reviews
Good but glitchy. found in 1 reviews
Greedy Bernie price increase. found in 1 reviews
New version requires fresh download. found in 1 reviews
but it would always crash when opening. found in 2 reviews
Crash fix. found in 1 reviews
Little usability without subscription. found in 1 reviews
Please fix before Friday. found in 3 reviews
Please fix crashes. found in 1 reviews
Lots of potential but crashes often. found in 2 reviews
Worse than last year. found in 2 reviews
It does not work with iOS 7. found in 2 reviews
If the widget didn't activate the app. found in 2 reviews
It needs to have facebook added on the f1 app. found in 1 reviews
New version lacking as compared to last year's version. found in 5 reviews
Can't view the qualifying results. found in 2 reviews
You can't view practice or race results without a subscription. found in 3 reviews
FP1 and FP2 haven't been able to connect to live timing. found in 17 reviews
App continues to crash when opening on iPhone 6 plus. found in 3 reviews
but it still tells me to upgrade my subscription. found in 9 reviews
my Annual Subscription is green but every premium feature is unavailable. found in 6 reviews
Team radio audio doesn't always work. found in 3 reviews
Subscribed to premium and I can't access anything. found in 7 reviews
Please fix before race or at least go back to previous version. found in 3 reviews
Let's see how it works during the race. found in 4 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Official F1® App for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 51.2 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 6.002 has been released on 2014-03-07. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about Official F1® App in Formula One Digital Media Limited`s Official Website :

Presenting the Official F1 App for iOS The Official Formula 1 App is available for free download and offers leaderboard, lap times, sector classification, news stories and session commentary from throughout the 2014 season in a brand new ...
Its absolutely fantastic most of the season but unfortunately theres always one or two races where they just cant get it to work right Currently on lap 17 of 53 at Suzuka and it hasnt worked for one second of it        This app is like Mercedes
iTunes Store should pull this app What a waste of time and ram memory     Very unstable
This app gets worse every year Connectivity is poor graphics are behind the times and the features I used to think were cool now just seem like useless gadgets This just feels like it was given to some intern with no budget to manage Fail Every day Im enjoying MotoGP more and F1 less This worthless app is the perfect sign of the times     Is F1 getting lazy or greedy Both
Too expensive for an app that gives incorrect information Application lags and lacking features Complete fail I want my money back     Garbage
I love being able to listen to F1 on my phone but please let me close out of the app and listen to the audio in the background Also I would pay big money to watch the VIDEO of the races Thinking about adding video to the new Apple TV app It would be fantastic to have live stats while watching the video              Great but could be better
Does not get an internet connection A disastrous problem for such an expensive app     Does no connect
Literally this app doesnt make it through qualifying Very disappointing app since F1 took it over Used to be rock solid now it hasnt worked properly for first two races No longer an Apple qualityperforming app Races later like Bernie it doesnt do anything but make money for Bernie Ive used this app every year since it was out by softpauer Worked well until taken over and shunted right into the fans wallets by BE Wont buy again next year Still not working by Suzuka Down for start of qualifying and down now for almost half of race        This app doesnt make it through qualifying
Dissapointing Give me my money back I would give a zero Streaming is rubbish and makes it impossible to follow the live transmission Graphics not on time Live transmission can not be replayed Is this the way the FIA treats their followers This app used to be useful now is a waste of money Never improved but decayed     From bad to worse Rubbish
I paid for my app up date this year but cant log on to the web now they need to connect the subscription again like last year this is not cheap Not sure if next year will happen now If F1 cant master a little app web connection then they really need to rebuild           Not happy
This should be an App to attract fans to F1 not to scare them away F1 gets money from other sources Even to get news you need to pay premium What is wrong with you     I cannot give 0 stars
I subscribed on the website before season started however if I wanted to use this app I had to have another subscription Relly poor effort from F1 to make a good experience for us Plus it is twice the price from last year I am deleting this app and canceling the subscription Good bye F1     This one star is too much
The countdown widget is only showing seconds Before and after the latest update     Widgets
Since long time ago I stop watching TV except for F1 and everytime I got bad experiences especially while I travel either awful TV broadcasters like Antena 3 and NBC Sports audio languages or not broadcasted at all at home Cable TV offers 10 sport channels and none broadcast F1 or if do guess what They dont broadcast the full weekend and you still pay hundreds so then is when this app more or less does the job mostly when you are at the racetrack is part of the experience but thats it This will be the last season I pay for it until they offer LIVE broadcast and full replay with preferred audio language TV is dying slowly and so the F1 too Time to evolve and make more accessible to us the fans     Time to offer Live Broadcast
It is too pricey for what it delivers Stick with the FREE version if you havent coughed up the 2699tax price tag yet F1 is the most advanced motorsport and these folks cannot even come up with an App to complement the awesome sport The videos links from the media write ups does not work Not a happy customer     Priceystill need bugs fixes
Wont allow me to restore my purchases Multiple reinstallations Total POS        Really buggy
This app just keeps getting worse and worse and that little ht bernie just keeps getting rich from it     I wish that I could give it zero stars
No replays No live data Now customers can take time from watching race to try to get app to connect Shameful     Worse than worthless
So13 Aug 2015 Rookie Reportnice try but FAIL The graphics dont align with the list nor are the graphics selfexplanatory Cmonyou can do better     When will allow us to comment on the media posts
Theres barely been a race this year where the live timing screen started working properly at the start of the race normally the first 510 laps have stale data nonupdating timing gaps etc Once or twice is one thing but its a constant problem every race A link between the paid app content and the F1 Access web content was promised right at the start of the season so that people who paid for F1 Access on the web or F1 Annual Pass on the app could have access to both That feature finally showed up on the 22nd September 8 months late        2015 version still has lots of issues
Frequent crashes Last night for Japan GP crashed during formation lap Set up and navigation is a step down from 2014 I will NOT buy it next season Easier to follow race on Twitter        2015 version continues to disappoint
Ive downloaded this app on my iPad and payed for the full access now I downloaded it on my iPhone and I just cant redeem my full access purchase please give my money back     Bugged
omg     OMG
I use this app primarily to listen to races Unlike nearly every other app you must keep the screen on to keep the audio feed Kills the battery Also while drivers are listed in order of their points the app does not show the point standings It would seem to be one of the most basic functions        Fails at basics
The f1 app lacks general usability Look at ESPN app its perfect easy to use but this app makes you go round and round but no ability to find what you are looking for easily Also premium feature function for a sport that is already losing its fan base to charge to see an interview video just shows how behind they are in understanding their customer base     Lacks usability
This app had been a car shunt from the beginning of the season Its unfortunate because it should be showcasing the technology that the F1 brand is usually known for They took more than half of the season to integrate the website login to the app I initially bought the web subscription 11 out of 19 races into the season with numerous messages to the app support staff Twitter AppSupportTeam telling us that the issue was being worked on Today I found the update and was excited about finally having this integration done but I was sorely disappointed as it is not working I guess Ill have the app working fine after the flag falls in Abu Dhabi little good it will do me I am not hopeful I love F1 still but they are making it hard on the fans with this carelessness with our hard earned money Not all of us can throw away 27 willy nilly like Uncle Bernie     Late and 2699 short
This years version of the app is high way robberyAt 099 it wouldve been a waste of money2999 is a ripoffRead the reviews everyone is frustrated and angry for what they gotIm sure I speak for everyone who bought this app when I say shame on you F1 app you owe us our money back     SwindledHighway robbery
The free version of this App is worth precisely nothing It offers no information or utility not available free on the Internet It just takes up space     Not Worth the Money
No wonder F1 has little following in the US With apps like this its an insult to the sport Clumsy navigation Poor content and the free version is almost worthless     Poor content and navigation
P3 qualifying have been over for several hours now and the app is showing only the results for P1 P2 Whos on the grid Tell me why I payed 27 US for this     Poor Very Poor
Very bad app and not deserve even one star     Very bad
Excelente App actualmente no he podido estar al tanto por televisoras acerca de la Fórmula 1 con esta App e podido estar al tanto de todas las noticias de la fórmula 1 EXCELENTE APP ARRIBA MERCEDES                 Excelente
The app itself is not easy to use and lacks a friendly user interface The features available for premium could be easily available for free mainly if you consider that the sport itself is every year losing its fan base Too expensive for not much functionality     Disapointed
This app F1 is the biggest rip off I ever witnessed App is not compatible with their website no video feeds of races navigation is a mine field to operate They stole my Save yours and move on     Rip off
Purchased the monthly F1 Access and it wont let me access any of the premium videos and even some of the news needs a restore purchase option on the monthly subscription tab It could be a great app but its just not working now        Theres potential but its not working please update
Utter garbage outright thefta class action waiting to happen given the outrageous price I feel violated     Fraud
If you want to see results of the last race buy a newspaper The app does not update in a timely manner and is poorly executed Perhaps F1 is too cash strapped to hire an app manager     App is amateurish at best
I keep getting searching or no network Maybe five minutes maybe lap 14 so far at Suzuka     Great when it works
I purchased an annual pass for the 2015 F1 app First I keep getting notices about the renewal of my monthly payments which I didnt opt for And then when I try to use the app I cant get anything but demo mode no live qualifying results no replay of qualifying sessions I missed No nothing other than a demo Very frustating since I paid for the premium version of the app And now I cant figure out how to cancel my annual or is it monthly subscription Absolutely terrible     Terrible App
This app is not working 27 and nothing     2015
I have been following formula 1 to remember when one could log into F1com and get all of the data there for free Not to say that I thought paying 26 for the comfort of having it on my phone was to much However to have the app fail just before the race is such a huge let down I payed the high amount thinking that this app would be bulletproof But sitting here knowing I am missing the race while the app is sitting there useless is such a massive disappointment     Massive disappointment
The count down in the drop down menu isnt working The days hours and minutes are only displaying s Only the seconds counter works           Great app but
The widget countdown has completely stopped working     Huge widget bug One star until thats fixed
This is so disappointing I joined All Access through the website and cannot access anything through the App Developers please fix and send us an update Lots of disappointed people out here     App will not allow me to login
Bad app Unstable news is always late race coverage terrible A perfect representation of the state of the sport Sadsad app Bernie get his boys off space invaders and pong to do this     Formula zero
It sends notificationsbut when you try to read them it asks for Premium Pass     Useless
This app is complete garbage Nothing works as advertised Im not even able to get results from races Dont waste your money Youll only be disappointed Ive contacted F1 and am demanding a full refund for this overpriced outright piece of     Outright Theft
Please fix the Live Session Purchase I get ripped off every time I just want my back The app is getting a delete     Fix iT
I paid 27 for this app Yes TWENTY SEVEN DOLLARS The application keeps crashing when opening it For 27 this app should spoon feed me my breakfast lunch and dinner Please fix it This is unacceptable     Premium price gets you nothing
This app has such great potential but the execution is horrendous The live race streaming is spotty at best and even the standard features like race results are not updated in a timely fashion I just logged in today June 23rd and the results from not only the Austria race but even the Canadian race are still not there Disgraceful especially for the price     Disappointment
Complete rubbish Once a race begins the app either crashes or gives completely incorrect information lap times even the order of cars Unreliable and pretty much useless in its current state     Garbage

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