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TOMS Shoes , brings Official TOMS App for iPhone with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Official TOMS App for iPhone app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Official TOMS App for iPhone for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 36.8 MB to download. The new Official TOMS App for iPhone app version 1.0 has been updated on 2014-11-31. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation), iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G, iPad (3rd generation) and iPad Wi-Fi + 4G. Requires iOS 5.1 or later.
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The Official TOMS App for iPhone You re invited to try the official TOMS app. See everything that s going on in the TOMS Community leave comments, upload photos and share on Facebook & Twitter. Daily TOMS: Find ...
I like the idea of this app but I think that you should be able to link it to twitter instead of Facebook if you want because I hate Facebook but would definitely use it if it could be linked to twitter and most people dont like linking things to their Facebook        I like it but
You guys should probably add a back button said every mobilebased app that offers goods in exchange for money     Baby dont got back button
I dont have a Facebook and dont want to make one Scratch FB Shop gets 25 stars        Facebook
I love Toms I own several pair Ive used this app to purchase the ones I own The design of the app is very professional but there is no back button There has been a back button before why is there not a back button now Please make a back button for every page of the app and I will return with a better rating        BACK BUTTON
This app is okay but not having a back button is super annoying No use to me since I would prefer to use the mobile web to save time going back to the beginning when browsing     Please add a freaking BACK BUTTON
0 stars It never works And the layout is beyond stupid I hate this app I think Im going to get rid of it     Horrible
Finally toms has an app                 Finally
I adore Toms theyre the only type of shoes I ever wear I think Im up to pair 15 but this app is terrible As others have stated 1 Theres no back button 2 My login doesnt work in certain parts of the app but lets me in in other parts 3 Its essentially the exact same as the website minus the back button and 4 It doesnt save my cart So many improvements that could be made please update soon        What a let down
Add a back button fix the search filtering glitches and besides that good app Oh and since you added the Proposition 65 information it would be nice if you indicated which chemicals are used and on which products           Add a dang back button
Unstable and not responding     Unstable and not responding
Well i just love the app It has a perfect view of all the shoes and their just cute Well if u like toms is a easier way to order your shoes in the touch of your device                 Just love it
No back button when shopping and it lost my cart when I closed app to deal with a screen that wouldnt load or allow me to return to shopping search        Wish it worked better
Love this app and toms more                 Love it
Good user interface with some fun bonuses                 Cool
When I try to sign in the app glitches wont let me sign in Also when I scroll through things on the app the screen glitches moves to the top continuously So I dont know why its not working for me Its a pain to use     Needs work
Great app but it realllly needs a back button So frustrating to add things to your bag and then have to start all over           No back button
I love it                 AMAZING
If it wasnt for not having a back button I would give this app 3 stars But the fact that the developers of this app left this out is just unbearable I would have demanded a fix immediately for this app     No back button Zero tolerance
Freezes in shoe frames     App freezes
Why would you design a shopping app and not include a back button You tap on one pair of shoes and youre stuck in limbo Even Marco Polo would have had a tough time navigating this app     Help I lost my back button
Cant buy shoes without telling it what size I want Will be deleting and will not be a buyer     Cant add size
All the options this app provides is really cool But my froze in the shop section and I had to re download it And I bought a pair of shoes off of it and it charged me twice so make sure you only click once           Its okay
This is one of those app still stuck being only optimized for the iPhones prior to the iPhone 5 with smaller screens Needs to be updated Fast           Good But one tiny problem
Its a really good app Its really easy to find what your looking for                 Amazing
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas this app if perf I love to Oder shoes it is simple nd faster nd agile and safe                 Oder
You lose context when you put something in your shopping cart and even when you look at the detail of a product theres no way back to the list you came from Annoying to have to start over every time        Terrible shopping interface
I love Toms but the app needs work There isnt a back button and I suggest opening up Touch ID on the app I hate having to pull my card out to type in the numbers Please please please add this feature           Aight
Sometimes its unresponsive for me but its still manageable My only real complaint is that there isnt a back button So when Im doing my searches I have to start all the way back at the beginning Thats a little annoying           Room for improvement
Seriously No back button Its like retailapp torture I have a gift card Id like to use        Navigation issues
Great sleek app but no back button           Wheres the Back Button
It functions exactly like the mobile version except that there is no back button to go back to the previous screen It would be nice for the app to remember if you are filtering the product search with your size that it would remember it so you didnt have to renter your size on every style search        Almost there
App is impossible to use on the shop section If you choose to look at another photo of a product you get stuck on that page and cannot navigate back to the shop page Better off just using the website to order toms     Disappointing
Very difficult to shop for shoes if you can never go back to the previous page You click into look at one shoe and then cant leave that page unless you start your navigation all over Pointless to use to shop its exactly like the website but without the ability to go back        Needs back button in shop section
This is a really awesome app and I love the community I know the app is new but it runs so smooth The only things they should add is a profile update page and maybe like a events section                 Really nice app
I got this thinking I would shop on it Hahaha This app doesnt work and locks up     Not worth the download
There needs to be a back button everywhere Especially in the shop section Im finding myself to close and re open the app just to look at pictures PLEASE MAKE A BACK BUTTON              Good but
App is ridiculously unstable on iOS 7 I deleted it     Unstable
Works perfectly you get to share pics of Toms and easily shop in the Toms store           Works fine
Even though Im not a huge fan of the shoes I can really respect what TOMS as a company is doing and I love that they are coming out with new products that I can really get behind Love the app Its beautiful in every sense of the word and does its job with style If only all of my favorite brands had something like this                 One of the best designed apps I have come across this year
Love the new look and feel Love my TOMS                 Sweeeet
Toms are the most amazing comfortable shoes in the world They are great shoes to walk around in and they look really elegant                 I love toms
Very frustrating that there is no back button When shopping you have to research for the item your looking for every time Please just add a back button        Back button
first one to download woooo and its pretty neat                 FIRST REVIEW
The app is slow and confusing and when I click on a pair of shoes there is no back button its either buy them or start over and thats stupid     Needs An Update
HUGE supporter of TOMS I have 12 pairs so I love the idea of this app It just needs some help Here are the things it needs 1 a profile page And you should only be able to post TOMSrelated things There should also be a portion on your profile page that tells how many shoes you have 2 the scrapbook feature is very cool but none of my pictures have saved on it so that needs fixing I think 3 the ability to go back see what you posted and liked Please please update your app to these features              Needs help
Worst app with the worst site App keeps freezing site keeps hanging Wth     Worst app ever
Im assuming this would be a wonderful app being as I love all things toms But I cannot navigate without it crashing Same on safari Whats up toms        CRASHING
Great app easy to use Love buying Toms                 Easy to use
App is useless without a facebook     Couldnt use it

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