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The Omni Group , the publisher behind many iOS app (OmniOutliner ,OmniFocus 3 Enterprise ,OmniPlan 3 ,OmniFocus for iPhone ,OmniOutliner 2 ,OmniFocus 2 for iPad), brings OmniFocus 2 for iPad with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. OmniFocus 2 for iPad app has been update to version 2.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • OF has a steeper learning curve than other GTD/ Productivity apps..

Overall Satisfactionc77
Thanks Omni Group.
Quality software comes at a price.
This universal app improves an already amazing app for iOS.
Best planner I've ever tried.
OmniFocus is my go-to app for running virtually everything in my life.
Essential GTD for everything Apple.
Updates & Supportc79

and kudos to Omni Group for their stellar response to this. found in 5 reviews
Literally a life changing app for busy people. found in 2 reviews
Thanks OmniGroup for making such a great GTD app. found in 3 reviews
Great Organization Tool. found in 1 reviews
Well worth the paid upgrade from OmniFocus for iPhone. found in 3 reviews
It’s by far the most customizable. found in 1 reviews
do yourself a favor and read Getting Things Done by David Allen. found in 1 reviews
Just a beautiful update. found in 2 reviews
ll always have your important information at hand. found in 1 reviews
and no collaboration features. found in 1 reviews
They don't even support dropbox sync. found in 1 reviews
Minus one more star for one more nagging UI problem. found in 1 reviews
This requires the user to remember yet another username and password. found in 1 reviews
the location-based reminder feature is poorly developed. found in 1 reviews
because it causes unnecessary clutter. found in 1 reviews
I don't understand why I cant move multiple action items at a time. found in 1 reviews
it also no longer allowed me to reorder home screen items. found in 6 reviews
users cannot tag tasks with multiple contexts. found in 2 reviews
Crashes daily. found in 1 reviews
they do not support iCloud sync. found in 1 reviews
iCloud does not share data with 3rd party web apps. found in 1 reviews
I was very disappointed with the new home screen. found in 1 reviews
Needs some important details. found in 1 reviews
We literally waste time swiping back one screen at a time. found in 1 reviews
but also makes current users happier. found in 1 reviews
It doesn't clutter the interface to add these features. found in 1 reviews
Instant crash. found in 1 reviews
Worthless without batch editing. found in 2 reviews
But until they implement multiple contexts. found in 2 reviews

If you are iPad owner,you now can download OmniFocus 2 for iPad for $29.99 from Apple Store. The application is supporting different languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish. It weighs in at only 21.6 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.0 has been released on 2014-09-17. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.
More Info: Find more info about OmniFocus 2 for iPad in The Omni Group`s Official Website :

Isn t it time to find a better way to organize all the stuff you need to do? OmniFocus for iPad brings the in-depth task management features of a desktop app to your fingertips. With flexible ...
Really I love this app because it helps me focus by removing worry Omnifocus keeps everything straight and puts what I need to remember up front at the right time in the right context with a handsome UI too Over several years not once has data been corrupted and the crossdevice sync works like butter Its not at all time consuming its nearly frictionless If it helps I also say this as a certified PM a great fan of GTD task management a manager with a geographically diverse staff and a member of a busy family                 Id fail without it
Sure I did stuff but often when it was overdue inconvenient or on fire OmniFocus is a powerful tool that allows you to organize and prioritize the things in your life and work that are important to you then presents the information to you in a meaningful relevant way Thank you OmniGroup for creating such an essential piece of software Its easily worth twice as much                 I didnt really get anything done until I started using OmniFocus
Great interface coupled with more and more functionality makes for a app that is well worth the price                 Amazing app keeps getting better
Its far more flexible than most people realize But it is just rigid enough to provide a ready built workflow that is very efficient                 Can sort any way possible
Used it since I first got an iPhone 3 years ago A truly indispensable productivity tool                 Still the best
Omnifocus 2 is visually appealing like the dark mode but lacks optionsfunctions It is project focused and I like the calendar view in Forecast However no way to sort by due date within projectsseems like a disorganized mess unless using Forecast which makes date sensitive future planning a chore Needs additional custom repeat options such as every x months on the firstlast2nd day of the month For the cost it seems they could at least provide custom repeats that are offered with the native reminders app Would like to see a due date of today badge count rather than the next 24 hours and update in the background Still no way to tell if notes exist on an item other than digging in to each individual item Maybe some functionality additions can be made now that its universal        Maybe one day
Great apps great developers                 Best reason to have an iPhone
This is one of my goto apps Been using omnifocus for years now The developers constantly find ways to make it better too Takes a little time to get it all set up so that it fits your life but thats the beauty of it it is so customizable that you can really keep track of all your life goals This is a GTD mainstay                 Worth it
This is a great tool to manage tasks to avoid forgetting the important items It syncs well with the Mac version and it has helped me tremendously If you are confused with how to setup a system then search for AE Primer and Premium OmniFocus posts to get a good foundation to start with                 This app is the reason I have an iPhone
Mark complete tick box is on the RIGHT Which is a big booboo since tasks are prone to being accidentally marked     Put mark complete tick box on the LEFT
Its a great app Still a bit confusing to use but my biggest issue has been the sync speed That seems to have been significantly improved recently              Syncing speed is better now
This was well worth the wait Its clean efficient and powerful                 Beautiful Update
This app is awesome and really helps keeping my life in order It can do anything from controlling every aspect of your life to a few simple lists A must have for any working person in the modern world Also you cant go wrong with an app highly recommended by cgp grey Humblebraggers everywhere need this app                 Amazing
I purchased this app primarily for my iPhone it offers virtually nothing beyond what the standard productivity iPhone apps An exception is you may attach a photo or recording to a field Otherwise the standard apps offer more versatility and are easier to use Of course if you have Mac computer Im sure its nice being able to use the program on both systems Most likely the rave reviews are from Omni people themselves and not typical users such as myself Again I do not have a Mac so that mY make a huge difference in my experience     DO NOT BUY THIS APP
It may be coincidence but as soon as I installed OmniFocus on my iPad it started crashing nothing else changed Written from my iPhone Im not happy with this very expensive app     Crashes my iPad
I bought all the Omnifocus products and they work well as long as you only live in an apple world Ive heard the reason the developer doesnt want to work on a Web or Windows App and understand I also have standards which is why I am deleting all my Omnifocus products because My world is not limited to MacIOS and all the upgrade costs dont justify the limited access to my data        Too limited
I tried a lot of different apps for organizing my work and being more productive but OmniFocus is the only one that I could tell was actually working for me Great app great developers well worth the money                 Productivity app that actually works
I have used OF since the beginning I live in it at work home errands everywhere Like Apple hardware it just works OF is elegant ideal for implementing GTD Reviews that say it is powerful but too complicated amuse me one is either serious about lifes tasks or one is not And it is not that complicated Omnis documentation is excellent and so is Customer Service should you need it I use it on iPhone iPad Mac effortlessly Can change your life if you master it                 best software Ive ever used in 35 years
Its expensive but its worth it Dont underestimate the value of actually enjoying to use your system                 Expensive And worth it
Really dont appreciate the borking of custom perspectives Yes I can get them back But needing to waste such time for a time management app is beyond ironic More like idiotic     Sigh
I do not have many long term projects I have thousands of little tasks This keeps is all under control and helps me keep my sanity                 As a sole pastor in a churchkeeps me sane
One thing Id like is to make it very easy to switch watch perspectives preferably by location or time I would like to have my during the day list on my watch at work my on the way home when Im leaving the office and grocery list at the store                 Love it
Multi level tasks and projects great feature Integration with other programs very cool Port from reminders on iPhone is seamless Great sync between devices If it had the ability to give more priorities other than just a flag and make them customizable and filterable it would get 5 stars              Really good
Why pay for an app that just helps with checklists Because it works like a charm and is free of frustration lags and advertising OmniFocus integrates perfectly into my daily life and helps me remember pretty much everything and anything Only recommendation for improvement would be to allow more customization of the red badges on the icon I dont like that it shows 24h as the lowest setting Same day would help me remove that red bubble at the end of the way to feel truly accomplished Other than that a top app              Simple yet powerful
The new update is great and its so much better having Omnifocus 2 run natively on the watch However it would be a GREAT update in the future to be able to access projectsperspectives etc WITHOUT having to pull them up on the watch app having them constantly changing The app should be independent Thanks Omnigroup              Great update watch app suggestion
Been using OF for years I am not an expert GTDer but trying                 Great app not for amateurs
Not only is OmniFocus an incredibly powerful task manager its backed by some of the best developers in the world Theyre responsive quick to fix problems and genuinely care about the experience their users have Im an OmniBoyForLyfe                 The best
If you live in the Apple ecosystem and need at least some organization for your workpersonal life this is a must have The Omni Group makes wonderful products                 MaciOS users download
I started doing GTD about seven years ago and OmniFocus was what made it stick The Review feature actually makes it easy to do weekly reviews on a schedule specific to the project the quick entrys ridiculously fast and sync keeps everything up to date everywhere I am Im a huge supporter of OmniGroup and I highly recommend OF if youre a GTD power user                 OmniFocus keeps me present
For about a year Ive been a OmniFocus 2 for Mac convert Its the app I most cant live without any more The iPhone app was just always good but not truly great It was nice to be able to tick off actions while mobile but that was about it Id say now its a truly great iPhone app With this new update plus os9 it took a big step forward 3D Touch with quick actions is the highlight Sure its just a couple of seconds here and there it saves but its a few seconds dozens of times every day Plus its just a pleasure to use It really lowers any resistance to using the app to where youve executed your items without even really thinking Flawless and seamless I can immediately jump straight into new inbox entry Getting things into your inbox as quickly and easily as possible is IMHO the biggest make or break when it comes to keeping your system up and running and stress free Even bigger than the weekly review If theres any resistance or frustration to entry your system will suffer Quick actions just make it that much more of a breeze Also love being able to jump straight into my key perspectives Makes it just a fraction easier to tick things off and see whats next But often times just a tad easier makes all the difference when multiplied hundreds or thousands of times Also Ive always been a big user of the email entry method through voice dictation Always on hey Siri alleviates the chief drawback there as I can at any time say hey Siri email OmniFocus I have my OmniFocus entry email address saved in contacts as OmniFocus and then dictate the action as the title and any notes as the body Driving to a meeting when inevitably a major thought comes to mind no dangerous fumbling to unlock the phone or plug it in No pulling over for safety Just say hey Siri and its off my mind and in my system just like David Allen taught us OS9 and the 6S were truly made for this app Game changer                 3D Touch always on Siri are game changers for already incredible app
I have been an been an OmniFocus user for a couple years now and am constantly blown away by how they not only maintain an excellent app but continually improve it as well The Apple Watch support with os2 is just fantastic The complication on the Watch works great and when I need it then it sends me right to the watch app Keep up the good work                 Truly impressive
I never write reviews but this app is amazing I say this with many caveats Because I still have many productivity issues but many may be just my own I have used nearly every productivity app out there because certain traits apply to me at times disorganized ADD unpredictable binge worker prone to laziness but also highly productive at times inability to accurately gauge how long something will take getting down on myself when I fall off target feeling like theres no way to jump back in to Takin Care of Business mode You get the idea I have a highly demanding professional career and need to minimized those traits add best I can 6070 hours a week This app helps Omnifocus addresses some of these issues And that is good enough for me to keep us using it and recommend it here I have used omnifocus for years Have it on Mac iPad and iPhone I have read GTD and Zen to Done The latter is a total ripoff of the former but it is GTD made simple and elegant So I can say without hesitation that ZTD is MUCH in its elegandr Although wellintentioned GTD in action is a real clunky mess I need a simple solution to my complicated mess Omnifocus helps For me Omnifocus together with the X Effect incredible Search Reddit are the only productivity solutions that have ever worked for me longterm Now the huge issues remaining are possibly my own So many tasks add up quick Despite the organization it is hard to know which ones to focus on I need a separate way to keep track of the days three most important tasks MITs Also I am overly ambitious and simply cannot keep up with the tasks Omnifocus quickly becomes overwhelming bloated and scarylooking with the number of mounted To Dos I have missed many important deadlines by letting the due date pass for Omnifocus tasks This is because it is hard for me to tell which flagged tasks have a near Do or Die level importance I routed love a special Do or Die flag that is only permitted on three items per due date I just get flag happy The overdue tasks mount up Sad But at least everything that needs to get done is right there highly organized in this app Even if I take a long break I can return and there they are welcoming me to get back into Get Shot Done mode and kind of telling me how to go about doing it in a kind organized way                 Takin Care of Business
This is a great app Its everything Ive dreamed of with none of the distracting features                 Worth every Penny
Simply 5 stars for iOS Mac The best GTD in both stores                 Simply 5 stars for iOS Mac
On updating you may need to restore purchases to reenable your pro features like custom perspectives OmniFocus lives on the bottom left of my iPhone home and iPad screens in the bar that doesnt move when you swipe through apps If youre serious about productivity and have more than a single thing to do or place to do it OmniFocus and GTD let you get it into a trusted system and out of your head Sync that works reliably and apps on iPhone iPad and Mac that are stable and welldesigned make OmniFocus the center point of my task management Although I normally keep my projects pretty flat per GTD guidelines when I end up with multiple cascading dependencies OmniFocus multiple levels and ability to handle serial and parallel tasks let me deal with multiple dependent projects of any size If youre serious about task management and Apple products are your main platform OmniFocus is the app to use                 One of my bottom bar apps
Its hard to believe how much better this app has gotten since I first bought It was great then and awesome now The best task management app period One small update I love is the auto change to dark mode in low light Excellent                 Keeps getting better
I love this app It works so well and has frequent updates I wish I could assign multiple contexts but I know thats a larger GTD debate                 My favorite app on all platforms
How on earth can you charge 20 more inapp for the pro version Is this app not expensive enough already Aside from that shocking discovery OmniFocus is a very useful and fleshed out task manager Still Im shocked           Extra Pro inapp purchase
As a user of many task management apps I have to say that OmniFocus 2 is without question my favoriteThe genius of the app is its ability to be as simple or as complex as you desire while being flexible enough to easily fit custom workflows                 Throughly Impressive
Im not using OmniFocus on my phone iPad Mac and apple watch It has seriously revolutionized my productivity Ive spent money on other apps and systems and nothing has come close to this I think I finally found THE system that works for my life with so many different todos in so many different areas of life The apple watch app work Entries made go to the inbox where you can later organize The inbox is perfect to dump a quick task in and get it off your mind without even needing to grab the phone or take too long I can organize and refine later Syncing with other iOS or Mac devices is so easy and works well I cannot recommend this highly enough                 Worth Every Cent
If its important personally or professionally its in OmniFocus Everyday I add new tasks Every week I review projects And best of all Im constantly checking things off                 I trust my life to it
I am a big fan of GTD and this apps creates a virtual workspace to achieve everything I want to I dont loose my tasks anymore                 Excellent GTD utility
This app is so perfect to implement Getting Things Done I cant say enough good things about it They are constantly innovating and adding new features or tweaking things I love everything the Omni Group The price seems steep but when youre implementing GTD its so cheap and a nobrainer Truly an app I use throughout my work day                 Best app ever
JUST UPDATED OPENED MY APP AND ALL OF MY CUSTOM PERSPECTIVES AND SCREEN CONFIGURATIONS ARE GONE STILL LOVE THE APP DONT LOVE THIS THOUGH DELETED THE APP REINSTALLED IT AND RESYNCED BUT STILL NO CUSTOM PERSPECTIVES IPHONE VERSION CURRENTLY USELESS I have sensitive eyes and love when apps enable darker modes Kudos to Omnifocus for doing it now too Another feature I love thats been added swipe to delete a flagged task and now you can I can unflag it without going into the task This is my 1 used piece of software both on my phone and computer I organize and coordinate projects and tasks for 3 different companies not to mention my own personal projects as well as daily life tasks and chores Keep the updates coming Im glad to have paid as much as I have for this software system              Update deleted Custom Perspectives on iPhoneWelcome to the dark side
The dark mode was an amazing new feature Im now able to plan my day out the night before on the iPad at night when my wife is asleep without blinding myself Any chance this might be coming to Mac soon Been an OF user for several years now Ive discovered that it can do anything you just may need to figure out how to do it In other words this is not for the faint of heart but for super users It can do anything and complement your workflow any way possible Amazing work OmniGroup Thanks again                 Can Do Anything
On my fourth year and I am amazed how much this app is getting rich in features and functionalities Reliable developer indeed                 The best
Take a little time to customize to your needs and youll never be able to live without it Dont over think it figure out how you work and customize it that way I use to have 20 contexts then I trimmed it down In reality the only thing that dictates what tasks I can do is places Home errands office and anywhere I use to have a context for phone and Mac but you always have your technology with you I was merely labeling tasks when I used those contexts Now the only things I look at are the tasks that are LITERALLY capable of being completed based on where I physically am My productivity has skyrocketed                 Great
Now it has devolved into this incredible mess There are 2 versions floating around with barely distinguishable features On top op that there is some version they call pro I used to be a loyal Omni group customer but some time ago they lost their mojo and the whole company is going stale They must have hired too many MBAs as product managers        Omnifocus once was a clean app
I use OmniFocus on my iPhone constantly I pipe any possible task throughout the day into OmniFocus and then process it later Forgetting something isnt a possibility for me and with OmniFocus Im always 2 steps ahead of the game Thank you Omni                 The app for GTD
Omnifocus is a powerful versatile and multilayered application Take the time to learn how to use it and you will never look back                 A great app becomes the best

OmniFocus 2 for iPad ProductivityOmniFocus 2 for iPad ProductivityOmniFocus 2 for iPad ProductivityOmniFocus 2 for iPad Productivity

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