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University of Washington , the publisher behind many iOS app (RRAIN Washington ,OneBusAway ,UW Ceremony ,SpaceScout™ ,Harborview Navigator ,m.UW), brings OneBusAway with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. OneBusAway app has been update to version 1.1.4 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • and has transformed how I use public transit in the Seattle area..
  • A time saver & a half..
Overall Satisfactionclick me60
Best and most useful ap.
Free and wonderful.
Fun & Engagingclick me100
Overall it's awesome.
Awesome updates.
Usefulnessclick me81
Best and most useful ap.
Everything I Ever Wanted.
This helps so much.
I like the usefulness of this app.
Very helpful application for daily commute.
absolutely essential.
Ease of Useclick me100
Makes life easy.
Quick Intuitive Functional.
easy to use and looks clean.
developed by transit advocates for the simple purpose of making riding easier.
Reliabilityclick me71
but has a large margin of error.
Works great on iOS 5.


OneBusAway provides access to real-time arrival information for public transit vehicles operated by King County Metro in Seattle, WA and beyond.


Features include:
* Real-time arrival arrival information for public transit.
* Map display of stops and routes.
* Nearby stops search for location-aware devices.
* Bookmarks and recent stop history.
* Search for stops by route, address, and stop number.

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For more information about OneBusAway, including feedback and support for this application, visit us on the web at http://onebusaway.org/



The OneBusAway is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.1.4 has been released on 2014-11-25. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1.3 or later.
More Info: Find more info about OneBusAway in University of Washington`s Official Website : http://onebusaway.org/p/Tools_IPhone.action


but am turned off a bit by the default map view. found in 3 reviews
to meeting up with friends. found in 1 reviews
Just plan your trip with Google Maps and give yourself time. found in 3 reviews
Far better than any paid app. found in 1 reviews
Thank God for this app. found in 1 reviews
A must-have app for Seattle bus riders. found in 11 reviews
Great for commuting. found in 1 reviews
I depend on this app every single day. found in 2 reviews
Best and most useful ap. found in 2 reviews
Works well for a visitor to west Seattle. found in 1 reviews
Saves my butt when I ride the buses in tacoma/ Seattle. found in 2 reviews
easy to use and looks clean. found in 1 reviews
This helps so much. found in 2 reviews
This makes me proud to be a Seattleite. found in 2 reviews
So easy to use and up to date with current bus locations/times. found in 1 reviews
This app has worked wonderfully since I downloaded it 3 weeks ago. found in 1 reviews
This app has saved my bacon more than once. found in 2 reviews
Use the bookmark feature to track you stops and buses. found in 3 reviews
The wheels on the bus go. found in 1 reviews
but need to support iphone 5 too. found in 1 reviews
The update made things slower and no more accurate than before. found in 2 reviews
Trying to navigate to see when the bus is coming is dreadful. found in 20 reviews
Great app but kinda slow. found in 1 reviews
A 20 minute wait will suddenly drop down to 1 minute. found in 3 reviews
Other cool features would be to incorporate a trip planner. found in 16 reviews
Pointless unless you're in a strange town. found in 1 reviews
and the information on bus arrival becomes completely unreliable. found in 6 reviews
from stops it pretty much consistently fails. found in 2 reviews
A link to full Metro schedules would make this really awesome. found in 2 reviews
App Crashes on Latest update. found in 1 reviews
This app doesn't properly for holiday schedules. found in 3 reviews
but can be 15 to 20 minutes late. found in 14 reviews
Accuracy Issues With Time Delays. found in 1 reviews
I only wish they would update it to include trip planning. found in 2 reviews
3 Crashes on iPhone 4. found in 1 reviews
just don't rely on the predictions to be 100% accurate. found in 7 reviews
Saves me time and frustration. found in 3 reviews
It's gotten pretty ridiculous. found in 2 reviews
Needs to stop claiming it offers real time arrival info. found in 3 reviews
No community transit routes. found in 9 reviews
suddenly drop to -1 or NOW. found in 3 reviews
so it isn't my Internet connection. found in 2 reviews
Basically a mobile & incorrect bus schedule. found in 16 reviews
Don't rely on it to accurately report arrival times of buses. found in 7 reviews
No easy way to search stops. found in 4 reviews
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Icon 175x175 1
I use this app a lot because it is kind of my only option for Puget Sound bus data I have reported issues with various routes 511 301 417 numerous times and still the app does not have this data correct Since SoundTransit took over the app you would expect that at least they could get their own route info correct But no So I will continue to use the app begrudgingly          App is okay developers not responsive
This is probably one of the best apps you can get Super easy to use and consistently accurate Every time I think of another function I need to use on this app there it is like the developers are one step ahead of me You can see when busses are arriving at stops near you see a map of where each bus route goes and when a particular bus will reach various stops It even tells you if your bus is running early or late with an accurate estimated arrival time                Ridiculously Accurate and Convenient
Just downloaded for my iPhone 6 and all I get is it says out of service area and crashes Used to use it a lot with my 5 Bummer    Wont work
This app makes otherwise frustrating metro travel doable Not sure what kind of perfect overly entitled world the other reviewers are living in but within a small margin of error this FREE app has been rock solid for me It locates you tell you all the nearby stops and the routes that serve them provides times live updates on arrival times Amazing I particularly like being able to watch my progress on the map for those times when Im unfamiliar with the route Dont take someone elses advice including mine without checking it out yourself                Fantastic Metro Resource
Wasted me almost an hour alone in dark shabby rainy bus stop due to its false info    Piece of fkin sht pls dont use it
In 12 trips in 4 days the bus info has been reliable just 1 time Even the vehicle number info was only listed once This app used to be 30 to 40 reliable It has gotten worse since    Getting worse
I use this app at least once a day and generally twice From a productivity perspective the time saved by allowing real time bus info is very valuable Thanks guys                great app
There is no way to route yourself from one place to the next The app is extremely confusing and hard to use    Awful
The app itself is relatively straightforward In the Seattle area the underlying data sources for King County Metro and Sound Transit can be flaky sometimes and when that happens this app is barely useful but thats not the fault of the app itself                Good app occasionally flaky data
Cant find buses with this app Use the Transit App instead    Requires too close a zoom
Buggy and generally completely unreliable    Does not work
This app is not reliable much of the time Granted that could be because the transit in Seattle is abysmal anyway but one would think in a techsavvy city that they could figure this out Alas no Its more reliable than the Transit app and certainly more useful than the king county metro app but that doesnt mean its good Just better than awful       Accurate No
Ive used this app for years and it is definitely one of the most useful apps out there if you take public transit and live in the cities it serves I recommend it to all of my friends its a must have Sometimes its wrong but not every bus can be controlled and monitored without mistakes Otherwise its accurate 95 of the time                Amazing
Nice app overall for us transit supporters             One Bus for Us
If you like missing buses then this is the app for you    Always wrong
Very reliable use it all the time would recommend it to anyone                Absolute must for any bus user
This isnt a good app by any standards Sometimes the bus information is accurate sometimes it is completely wrong Its never updated with bus stop closures However its your only option for Seattle    No other option
It is just a bus schedule The time of arrival is not accurate Save space and just google the bus scheduleUpdate These other reviewers must be UW students I have used the app extensively downtown North and South Capitol Hill and most of West Seattle I will reiterate it cannot tell where the bus currently is Its time of arrival does not work All the app is is a really really poor bus schedule    Terrible App
Flat out doesnt work Route schedules were updated but onebusaway wasnt Use google instead    Route times are wrong
it shows the schedule of the trains as well but sometimes the time is not quiet right Overall a great and convenience app to check the bus schedule                great app
The app could be useful but its not always accurate It tells you a bus has left when it hasnt it tells you a bus is delayed when it isnt causing you to miss it etc Unfortunately you cant know when its accurate or not ahead of time so for me this app isnt dependable I would depend on it for route and static schedule info but thats it       You can only trust it 60 of the time
My bus either comes too early or too late and this app never tells me its running early or late It will just change last minute to left early rather than warning which is the point Used to be good but now its highly unreliable    Unreliable Doesnt work half the time
Well worth the download Gives wonky on some routes but waaaay better than anything out there                Works Great
Talking about Seattle is a tech city a simple tracker app for buses arent useful Stop wasting your time and space downloading this stupid app just google the bus schedule will work the same All the functions this app provides dont work    To a point of completely useless
Love this app very reliable There have only been a few times when the bus never came and it said it did Also wish it told me when there were bus closures Overall great app             Good but not Great
This app is literally NEVER correct with its predictions It should only be used as a tool to check a buss scheduled arrival    Never Accurate
This app is rarely updated and as Seattle keeps figuring out how to worsen its public transit changes in stop locations routes times etc arent reflected within the app       Needs regular updates
This app is great if you just want to check when the bus is coming out of curiosityboredom when youre already at the bus stop But it is not very good for trip planning primarily because I have had several instances in which the app reported that a bus was coming but never cameIve waited 10 minutes after that and no bus I was at the stop about 3 minutes early I dont know if its a problem with the app itself or the bus communicating to the app but this is really frustrating when youre counting on that bus to get to workon time I will definitely try to get to the stop 5 minutes before it tells me that the bus is arriving but it seems like Im not the only one who has experience this problem Otherwise its pretty accurate I just had to knock down a few stars out of frustration that the bus never came          Works most of the time
I used this all the time when it was new It was usually good Now busses never show and app is almost completely useless except to see where stops are and where bus routes go As far as timing it is completely unreliable especially if you have somewhere to be    Inaccurate
I remember when this app was useful it would give you a ballpark estimate of when your bus would arrive But no more at least not on the 3 buses I use It bears no relation to to the actual comings and goings of buses A printed schedule is better than this sorry app    What happened to this app
Basically a mobile incorrect bus schedule Which is available online if youre interested    Pointless
OneBusAway is a part of my daily commute to and from work as well as every time I need to take a bus anywhere around Seattle and king countyEven with the occasional inaccuracy between posted bus arrival time and actual bus arrival I use it every single day And multiple times each dayIt is a critical tool which helps me answer questions like do I need to run to catch the bus Or can I stroll and not stress Or can I wait in my warm and dry office for a few minutes longerOneBusAway is really amazing and I highly recommend its usage to anyone I talk to about bus riding around the Seattle area             OneBusAway helps me master my Seattle commute
Only helps 40 of the time Most downtown stops are wildly inaccurate causing much more unnecessary travel time and frustration Has potential but right now its not that good       Below Avg App
Sometimes it is off because of traffic but generally works pretty well             Love it
This is a savior for all those who ride the bus regularly Way to go UW                The best bus rider app
Not only useful but quite indispensable Fantastic app                An every day app
My teacher tell me that download this app it was great but cant without WIFIor 3G                Good app
Never accurate Never Has made me hours late because it sends false information doesnt upload and is never accurate    Terrible never accurate with one bus route in seattle
Okits like 85 accurate But its better than any of the Marta apps and its usually pretty obvious when there is a glitch Love it             Great app
Its this one I take the E Line in downtown Seattle and the bus never comes as predicted by this app Ive attempted several times since moving to Seattle 8 months ago Very frustrating       If theres one app that always fails me
My app showed stray buses at my bus stop that done belong Eg Allegedly theres a bus that leaves downtown Olympia and goes to the Purdy Park Ride I have reported this multiple times over a period of months and no luck Also there is no way to back up bookmarks online in case the app permanently crashes and needs to be reinstalled which makes me want to never ever update my app just in case it doesnt stick Finally I would like a place to leave app feedback without having to sign up for another social media account I have ideas Id like to share but I wont jump through hoops to get them where they need to go    Developers wont fix bugs
Anyone who gives this a favorable review is an idiot liar or getting compensated This app is an unmitigated failure on all levels    Garbage
Ive been using OBA for a year now and in missed about half of my buses due in large part to the crappy software used by this app In my opinion its one of the worst trackers Ive ever used and frankly for Seattle a city of software developers and engineers I find it hard to believe that someone cant mimic the software used in chicagos transit tracker mind you a city five times as large with a far more complicated transit system Unfortunately its the best app Seattle has but I sincerely wish someone would create a more accurate tracking system for the buses here    Routinely upset by this
For the most part this app is helpful and accurate but often it will give inaccurate timing for the ETA so always give yourself 2 minutes ahead of time to get to the bus stop because someones the app will say the bus is 2 minutes late but right after you refresh it will say the bus is on time and even then the bus will sometimes be early as in before the scheduled on time arrival that the app is saying Anyways good app just give yourself an extra minute or two when going to your bus stop          Not always accurate
This app tells you where youre located on a map Nothing else Literally nothing else No stops no routes no times    Useless
Ability to clear recent list          Clear recent list
App was great until the last update but recently the estimated times have been way off Ive been using this app for two years and its been great till the last week       Something is off
Ive used this app for a year usually it works ok but give yourself more than 3 minutes extra Several times Ive arrived a couple minutes early at my neighborhood stop according to the app only to find no bus ever shows up The app goes from 2 minutes to NOW to 1 with no bus ever in sight GRRR       Fantom buses
I am generally content with times and arrivals However there should be updates and explanations for excessive delays ie 30 min delay collision on highway             Delay explanation
Awesome                One bus way


University of Washington
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1.3 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.1.4
iPhone iPad

iOS OneBusAway 1.1.4 Mobile

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