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Opera Software ASA , the publisher behind many iOS app (Coast by Opera ,Opera Free VPN - Unlimited Ad-Blocking VPN ,Opera Mini Web browser ,FeedNews: AI curated social news for productivity), brings Opera Mini Web browser with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Opera Mini Web browser app has been update to version 7.0.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • is there still hope for google voice..
  • but I still use Opera to conserve my data usage..
  • One thing though can we get private browsing..
  • Safari replacement for me till the stock browser gets updated..
  • A great start to a Safari alternative..
Overall Satisfactionclick me69
Overall it's much better than safari and the other browser apps I've tried.
Positive are the tabs and some pages rendered better than safari.
But we need updates like multi-task support and retina display.
Overall it's the best iPhone browser in terms of speed.
It was my number one browser unless i needed google.
Thank you Opera and thank you Apple for approving this great alternative.
The ability to play video without having to switch to safari.
Video doesn't play natively always opens safari to play for it.
Great job Opera for making it in the app store.
The browser loads pages amazingly fast compared to safari.
Finally got the best mobile browser on the iPhone.
Fun & Engagingclick me91
Awesome browser I just wish it cud do videos.
This would be an awesome browser.
The speed of Opera Mini is awesome compared to Safari.
Usefulnessclick me77
Everything Safari should have out of the box.
It does everything safari does and more.
Opera Mini is great for lightening- fast everything else.
I'm amazed how fast everything comes up.
Repeat Valueclick me61
No more wasting time with a thousan different zoom levels.
It only has two zoom levels 1.
Cons:- Useless as a browser--- TWO zoom levels.
Production Valuesclick me34
The tab interface is amazing and the browser is super fast.
Loving the "Speed Dial" and the tab interface.
- Fix tab interface.
Wish gmail had the same iPhone interface though.
Ease of Useclick me60
This is an extremely fast browser that's great for simple browsing.
Extremely sensitive scroll/touch for simple browsing.
Reliabilityclick me27
Basically it all comes down to this: it's slower than Safari.
Important Privacy and Security Issues.
but it doesn't work on my phone.
Security & Privacyclick me60
Really fast and I can finally save passwords.
Important Privacy and Security Issues.
opera mini is fast secure and easy to use.
Fast Secure.
Updates & Supportclick me67
finally finished overviewing of IPhone's Opera Mini version.
I have deleted opera mini version 8.


Get a fast, cost-efficient Web browsing experience. Use our powerful servers to compress data by up to 90% before sending it to your iPhone, so page-loads are lightning fast. Opera Mini is a breeze to use, and can synchronize data between your phone and computer.


Some great features of Opera Mini:
â–º Speed: Up to 6 times faster browsing, especially on slower or crowded networks.
â–º Data Savings: Compress up to 90% of data traffic.
â–º Speed Dial: Get to your favorite Web sites with a single tap.
â–º Visual Tabs: See all your open Web pages and quickly switch between them.
â–º Opera Link: Synchronize your bookmarks and Speed Dial with a Desktop
PCPersonal Computer
or other mobile phone.

Opera Mini Web browserOpera Mini Web browser
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Try Opera Mini today; it is completely free.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Opera Mini Web browser for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 7.0.3 has been released on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Opera Mini Web browser in Opera Software ASA`s Official Website :
Opera Mini Web browser


It's data savings are incredible with only a few drawbacks. found in 17 reviews
Works gret and kills safari. found in 6 reviews
This is a 5-star vote for freedom of choice. found in 2 reviews
People must be loser apple fanboys that want everything apple. found in 6 reviews
Opera to the rescue: it has a robust " copy text " ability. found in 7 reviews
This browser is lightening fast and easier to use than Safari. found in 10 reviews
Love the homepage link buttons and the tabbed browsing. found in 4 reviews
Thank you to Apple for approving it and Opera for making it. found in 50 reviews
Leaves Safari in the dust. found in 3 reviews
They aren't lying when they say it's 5x faster. found in 5 reviews
Finally got the best mobile browser on the iPhone. found in 30 reviews
and I like the speed dial feature so I picked opera. found in 26 reviews
Great job Opera for making it in the app store. found in 42 reviews
then tab feature is amazing to use and look at. found in 7 reviews
i've found Opera is great alternative to Safari. found in 367 reviews
Good for overriding the M86 web filter. found in 3 reviews
goodbye Safari when I'm on edge or 3g. found in 16 reviews
Apple take note. found in 3 reviews
just downloaded Opera and I have to say I like it. found in 13 reviews
As far as speed: Opera beats Safari hands down. found in 27 reviews
Many pages don't render right: funny mobile-ified layouts. found in 27 reviews
Needs pinch to zoom 5 stars if these things are fixed. found in 17 reviews
Needs Retina and improved performance on iPhone 4. found in 23 reviews
It will be very very nice if it will support arabic language. found in 46 reviews
CSS compatibilty seems to be lacking many sites look pretty bad. found in 40 reviews
Pinch to zoom needs work and the scrolling as well. found in 18 reviews
Good for most browser functions but will not play videos. found in 28 reviews
Please support retina display on the new iPad. found in 132 reviews
I will stick with Safari until Opera updates this app for iPhone 4. found in 82 reviews
Video doesn't play natively always opens safari to play for it. found in 44 reviews
Cons: Some pages don't render the way they should. found in 40 reviews
Fast but needs optimization for the Retina display. found in 25 reviews
Certain pages don't load navigation buttons correctly. found in 25 reviews
Can't get videos to play but amazing app. found in 44 reviews
Everything looks blurry without the retina display support. found in 124 reviews
Mobile sites don't look good like in safari. found in 30 reviews
fast and fluid - some sites load mobile versions. found in 22 reviews
I don't care to use mobile sites on my iPad. found in 61 reviews
Web pages load quickly thanks to the compression and other optimizations. found in 16 reviews
I load pages way faster than I would normally in Safari. found in 50 reviews
Browser automatically redirects to mobile versions of sites without prompting. found in 58 reviews
even when you have the option set to not load mobile versions. found in 58 reviews
Almost unusable on iPhone 4 without Retina display support. found in 124 reviews
This browsing experience is totally inferior to Safari. found in 76 reviews
The app needs an update for retina display and possible enhancements in general. found in 125 reviews
-You can't really set it to replace Safari as a default. found in 74 reviews
yet if I use safari the connection works just fine. found in 71 reviews
It's really slower compared to Safari and it doesnt support retina display. found in 369 reviews
no wonder apple approved this piece of browsing garbage. found in 67 reviews
This software isn't as enjoyable to use as Mobile Safari. found in 103 reviews
so this app had absolutly no speed improvement over safari. found in 56 reviews
but I'm taliing about Japanese mobile sites with special features. found in 61 reviews
Didn't update for retina display and reaction is terribly slow. found in 132 reviews
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Horrible browser always crashes extremely slow with wifi and never wants to work    Horrible
Spent time writing a detailed review based upon years of usage only to be told that nickname is already in use and be set back to start with my whole review obliterated Oddly enough still reminds me of my daily experience with Opera the last couple of years Two very generous stars for crashOpera Negative Infinity stars for the App Store       Crash upon Crash
Can you please restore single column view with text wrap The original mobile version allowed this view while also removing most annoying css settings into a concise text reading view optimal with mobiles          Restore original single column view
This is the best browser with night mode by far Works great Avoids disturbing sleep cycles by dimming screen more than iOS can by itself and by reducing blue light Thanks Opera                Night mode is great
Maybe its because of the recent iOS update to 84 no idea I have had opera in the past and this feature has worked I havent used opera for a few months now and decided to download it again because I remember how much I loved text wrapping But when I went into the energy saver portion to turn it on and even though it said that it had changed nothing has changed at allIt is the main reason that I downloaded opera to begin with So until this is fixed I guess I wont be using it       Text wrap doesnt work at all
I like this browser but it is unusable when it crashes every five minutes Please fix Hurry       Fix it
Bandwidth economy which is critical for so many of us is by far the main strength of Opera Mini It is also its only redeeming quality as its other qualities are quite ugly1 Excruciatingly and embarrassingly slow page rendering Can someone please explain to me why Opera Mini takes at least 20 times longer to render a webpage even one written in plain HTML 32 than Netscape Navigator did in 1996 on Windows NT with a tiny 32 MB of RAM and a puny 66 MHz CPU Is this a classic case of programmers getting dumber as computers get faster2 In multitab browsing particularly in the Turbo mode previously opened tabs constantly reload and rerender Why iPhone has so much more RAM than PCs of 15 years ago where tabbed browsing most definitely did not require constant reloading of webpages3 In the Mini mode 50 of webpages keep loading for up to two minutes and then fail entirely the red blob shows instead of webpages Opera Mini has had this bug for years and the development team has failed to address it How so4 With image loading disabled which is an essential feature of Opera Flash previews are still shown which wastes bandwidth This is a yearsold bug too yet to be addressed In summary an awesome product marred by insufficient attention to performance optimization and bug fixing       The good the bad and the ugly
Laggy iphone 5 ios 711Just waiting for next update or delete it          Versi 1020 laggy
I love to use this browser but the problem is it keeps crashing when opening more than 2 tabs And it just gets annoying Even tho this browser is slower than safari I prefer it But I will be removing it until an update rolls out to fix it    I like it
Wanted to like it but nope Uses more memory than safari loading the same webpages Opera mini keeps having to reload them while safari doesnt Also animations when opening new tab are slow and stutter Opera Coast can share links to more apps kakaotalk among others Bring this to Mini Fix the animations and memory usage Please       Uses more memory than safari
it randomly shuts off This browser is fast It has a simplistic design and I love the desktop version I have it as the main browser on my MacBook Its the main browser I use on my iPhone as well and Id like to give it more stars but Im getting sick of it randomly shutting down Im gonna delete it if this doesnt get fixed soon          This would be the BEST browser app but
This used to work great but now it keeps crashing or wont load sites I hope they fix it soon I use it to save data while roaming internationally       What happened
IOS APP is BEST APP                IOS APP is BEST APP
NOW WONT START This version WAS crashingt often this version and last version links stopped being clickable after using back button Why the hell you cant get back to at least one last version    Latest version crashes dont upgrade
I tried many times but it wont open any image Old 50 version was good and fast This one is slow    Unable to open image
The newest version of Opera is no longer blocking ads which was the foremost reason I began using the browser in the first place The browser also disrespects my preferences for search engine switching back to google almost arbitrarily from duckduckgo It is nearly impossible to get the browser to integrate startpage into search Finally Operas compulsory news service Discoveron the screen swiped to the rightconstantly downloads data in the background This eats GBs of data over the course of a month if Opera is left open    Moving Backward
Desde la última actualización esta fallando demasiado con el error a290209Solución    Error
The app doesnt save my tabs when i leave the app and come back after 23 days    Doesnt save tabs
Really good browser so far Ive been able to perfectly watch videos with no problems view my bookmarked pages and even see how much data is being used Other than that it has pretty handy settings that can help you a ton like the Night Mode where it dims your screen perfectly to the point where the extreme brightness doesnt bother your eyes at night Overall good app Rate it 5 stars                Amazing Browser
Running on 4S with ios 7 Or rather I should say trying to run Darn thing doesnt work right at least 75 of the time as other people have reported Just sits there not responding Used to be a great browser now its a just a waste of time Perhaps theyve optimitzed it for iphone 5 and 6 and abandoned the tens of millions of 4S owners    sad
I love it The night mode is very goooooood idea                Nice browser
I really love it its fast and easy to search online It also saves money wherever I go with my iPhone                Love this app
I use Opera on my laptop and love it However this version isnt up to snuff at all The final straw that made me write this review was it losing a long email I was typing from its internal share a link option I had typed a major portion of the email but needed to copy and paste something from another app After copying I returned to Opera only to find that the email was nowhere to be found and there was also no draft in my email clientI could go on about other things that bother me but arent deal breakers but Ill just keep it to one I like to have a new tab open from a link I click on right next to the tab Im currently in However a new tab always opens all the way to the right side Its just annoying to me Other people might not care but really shouldnt this be an option in the settings as to where you want a new tab to open Ok Im finished ranting I sure hope that in the future they make this a much more robust app because I hate the other major browsers for reasons that Apple would censor if I said it here So come on Opera and work on this app to bring it up to the standards of your desktop version    I really wanted to like this
I love everything about this browser except that I cant block ads          Good but no extensions
Runs perfectly not a single complaint Speedy and has several cool features                Great Browser
This app cant even understand wwwtimespecials com Instead it sends me to the Time app in the iTunes Store LOL    Bad programming
Lack of an endtop of page feature are a necessity for browsing and the rather nonintuitive interface doesnt help either Opera did handle some sites that crashed on Safari Mercury so thats a big plus otherwise this would have been a 3             Close but
Latest updates have this starting very slow This browser has potential but you guys arent utilizing it          Takes forever to start up
Cant move tabs Tabs frequently reload when you switch between themeven when you only have a few open Settings were very difficult to find theyre labeled by the Opera logo rather than the typical gear wrench etc settings logo Have to hit a little cancel button to exit out of the searchurl bar Safari Chrome Dolphin Ghostery all allow you to simply tap outside of the searchurl bar to exit it Love that it has a night mode feature However I think Ill stick with my other browsers until this gets some improvements    iPad version needs work
So slow on start          so slow
Not sure what happened with the last few updates but the app went from taking about 20 seconds to load to sometimes not loading at allThis app was really great too but seems to have gotten worse and worse with every update    Barely works anymore
I used to love this app because it helped save data on my satellite internet But half the time lately it does not even load a web page It keeps giving a failure to load error I hope they fix this because this used to be my favorite browser Now it is unusable    Web Pages Wont Load Half The Time
Geeze This isnt the Opera browser I remember from my MS Windows days It is even more feature poor than Safari Their dimming the app for night mode is a really poor idea as it increases eye strain immensely as the contrast decrease as you dim the app AND I never had issues with blue light LOL i use a blue light as a night light Will it take another decade for someone to develop useful but stable browser       Huge disappointedment
102 opera mini doesnt open any website Only opera turbo do that    Last version doesnt work
Pros saves tons of data compared to other compression browsers Night mode discovery and a fair UXCons slow sluggish bad touch recognition drags with one finger lacks advanced options disable cookies JS etc             Really good replacement for Safari
I love this app This is a very nice and stable browser                Very nice app
Its still usable but i feel like you guys could make it use less RAM but still have not a lot of lag I go to gmail and it freezes up Im on iPhone 5c          laggy
Very nice to use and seems a little more optimized than safari on 4g lte                I really like it
Opera was the only web browser I used Now it doesnt go to web addresses 9 out 10 When it does the speed is like dialup I hope its fixed soon If not thanks for the past few years Opera Its been fun Does anyone know of another one thats like Opera    BROKEN
I absolutely love Night Mode and the Turbo feature the browser recently stopped loading for me though             Recently started crashing
تو ايران كسي ميتونه با اپرا ميني كار كنه بدون وي پي ان خاصي       سلام
Very buggy crashes often Has a difficult time loading gifs or animations Tabs seem to work well I Originally downloaded because it doesnt refresh pages constantly like safari But im not sure the crashes and slow load times are worth the trade On to the next browser I guess       Buggy
Havent use this in over a year Very glad I tried it again Nice browser                Excellent
This browser is now terrible It used to be great but after the most recent update there is a ridiculous load time that this app has to go through that basically stops my phone from being able to do anything else until the browser opens Which is a good 7 or so seconds of waiting Edit also this browser frequently crashesPs I usually dont write reviews but this recent version is so terrible I had to give it one star What happened opera    Was a great browser
I wish it had a quicker way to switch between mobile view and desktop A button at the bottom would be nice I also wish that the bottom menu would disappear when you that the to scroll down like on safari Other than that I have no other issues its quick and saves data                I like but
What the f wrong with itIts cant load any pages       Worth
I have had trouble with Safari at times and Opera has never failed me I recommend it to everyone looking for an alternative to Safari                This is my go to browser
If there was a reader thing like in Safari Opera mini would be perfect for me             Great except one thing no reader
i was expeted operamini to act secure like vpn to pass filteringdisappointing operamini    i was expeted operamini to act secure like vpn to pass filteringdisappointing operamini


Opera Software ASA
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 7.0.3
iPhone iPad

iOS Opera Mini Web browser 7.0.3 Mobile

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Opera Mini Web browser
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