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Gameloft , the publisher behind many iOS games (Assassin's Creedâ„¢ - Altaïr's Chronicles ,Gangstar: West Coast Hustle ,UNOâ„¢ - FREE ,Hollywood The Director`s Cut HD FREE ,The Oregon Trail ,Splinter Cell Convictionâ„¢ HD), brings Order & Chaos© Online with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Order & Chaos© Online games has been update to version 1.1.2 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Super fun and entertaining always stuff to do in it..
  • So fun and with online play to meet your friends..
  • A true MMO experience that runs very well on mobile devices..
  • A must have for and runescape or wow players..
  • And infinity blade seemed visually impressive before I played O&C.;.
Overall Satisfactionclick me91
Best mmorpg for iPhone I've seen to date.
Amazing game really nice depth and super fun.
Best mmo on the app store hands down.
This is the best mobile mmorpg I have found hands down.
This game is honestly the worst mobile MMORPG on the AppStore.
this game is the best iphone game ever this year.
I would recommend this game to anyone who is looking for great online fun.
So after two years of play I cannot recommend this game to anyone.
It's very addictive game and best rpg game I ever had.
This game is one of the best games I've played in a long time.
Fun & Engagingclick me92
Awesome game great controls and easy to learn.
awesome game when not crashing due to gameloft trash servers.
Super fun and entertaining always stuff to do in it.
I highly recommend it for an awesome mmorpg on the go.
It's very addictive game and best rpg game I ever had.
Hundreds of hours of fun especially when playing with a friend.
Other than that it's a really fun game and I enjoy playing it.
It's tons of fun works for my iPod 3rd gen.
Gets boring over time and has horrible customer service.
Usefulnessclick me94
Everything about this game and the way it's done is amazing.
Everything about this game is beyond perfect for mobile.
Would love everything about this game if they changed how PvP works.
Play it everyday while drinking straight whiskey.
Order & Chaos is just amazing I play it everyday.
I've been playing for 11 months and I still play it every day.
I play it every day and enjoy every minute playing.
Value for Moneyclick me54
Pushes you to spend real money.
Bad WoW rip -off.
Without spending 50$ for a few gold pieces.
free and you CAN be pro without spending $$.
stick with something that doesn't limit you without spending money.
and haven't had need to pay real money yet.
Replay Valueclick me79
Wish there were more weapon and armor options for lower levels.
Please add battlegrounds for lower levels and add a dungeon finder.
Hundreds of hours of fun especially when playing with a friend.
Wide range of customization and diversity with higher levels.
Ruined by forced PvP at higher levels.
Gets boring over time and has horrible customer service.
Nearly flawless gameplay with wonderful replay value.
Well worth the price for many hours of entertainment.
I feel this makes the game more fun and challenging.
Social Aspectsclick me90
I Play with friends all over the country and have a blast.
Plus this is a great game to play with friends with.
Can't play with friends.
However still great game for multiplayer game on iPad.
I think the game is a great multiplayer game.
Kudos to Gameloft for another sick online multiplayer experience.
Best online multiplayer game EVER.
Production Valuesclick me87
Very nice game play with graphics to rival WoW.
Server is constantly crashing and game play is always being interrupted.
Graphics are great and it is just an all around good game.
Great game with amazing graphics and awesome gameplay ^_^ worth $6.
Ease of Useclick me86
Just started but great fun and easy to learn to control.
smooth to play and surprisingly easy to control.
Reliabilityclick me40
It has some server problems a couple times a month.
There are a few bugs and glitches through out tho.
Can't create an account -- game freezes on white screen.
Security & Privacyclick me35
You have to make a gameloft account Great game.
I'm dropping my WOW account :.
Updates & Supportclick me22
Great RPG / MMORPGGreat customer service as wellRob.
think of the most portable version of World of Warcraft.
It can really become a complete mini version of WoW.


Finally a true real-time, full-3D MMORPG comes to the App Store: Explore a vast heroic fantasy world and join thousands of players in this massively multiplayer online experience that pushes the boundaries of epic!


** FREE 3-MONTH SUBSCRIPTION GRANTED at your first log in! Then you can renew your allegiance for only $0.99/month, $1.99 for 3 months or $2.99 for 6 months! **
** IMPORTANT: Please make sure your device is compatible with this app. Compatible devices include:
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch 3G &
4G4G is the short term for fourth-generation wireless, the stage of broadband mobile communications
iPadtablet made by Apple
1 & 2.
Wi-FiWireless local area network
connection and a Gameloft LIVE! account are required to play the game. **

Order & Chaos© OnlineOrder & Chaos© Online
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WHO YOU WILL BE? Use the advanced character creation system to customize your hero:
• 4 races available: Elves and Humans fight for Order, Orcs and Undead for Chaos.
• Choose your gender, appearance, class and talent. With over 1000 skills and 2000 pieces of equipment to discover, your adventure will not be over soon.
• Create up to 4 different characters to play.


• Make friends or enemies, trade, challenge, communicate and more: a wide range of interactions makes each player a living part of this universe.
• Join a party or guild to become stronger and coordinate with your teammates, or you can choose to adventure solo, interacting with other players peacefully or otherwise…
Order & Chaos© Online


• Travel through the most majestic settings - from dark forests to deserts, jungles, mountains and more - on foot or by magical means.
• Talk and interact with hundreds of characters to find over 500 quests to perform.


Enter the legend now!


Follow Gameloft on Twitter to get more info about all our upcoming titles at, like us on Facebook at or visit us on!


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Order & Chaos© Online for $1.99 from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It is a whopper, weighing in at 589 MB, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.1.2 has been released on 2014-11-17. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later
More Info: Find more info about Order & Chaos© Online in Gameloft`s Official Website :


Very cool game - TONS of bugs. found in 24 reviews
It's easily the best mmorpg game on the market for mobile devices. found in 13 reviews
Best mmo on the app store hands down. found in 467 reviews
Awesome game great controls and easy to learn. found in 951 reviews
Best mmorpg for iPhone I've seen to date. found in 1007 reviews
Play it everyday while drinking straight whiskey. found in 13 reviews
This game deserves best iOS mo RPGs game of the year. found in 11 reviews
Other than that it's a really fun game and I enjoy playing it. found in 61 reviews
It's loads of fun and you will not get bored with it. found in 31 reviews
Best game ever - clear your calendar for a new addiction. found in 17 reviews
Awesome great gameplay and quest are real well formatted. found in 73 reviews
This might just be the best RPGs on the apple market. found in 15 reviews
Well worth the price for many hours of entertainment. found in 11 reviews
It's very addictive game and best rpg game I ever had. found in 179 reviews
Awesome time killer for those that loved vanilla wow. found in 40 reviews
Finally a true full fledged MMO for iPhone/iPod touch/ iPad. found in 15 reviews
Overall this is an amazing game for the price. found in 20 reviews
It really feels like WoW lite or something with the visuals. found in 17 reviews
A mini WoW in comparison and great graphics and pvp system. found in 109 reviews
Almost as fun as WOW after you get used to the controls. found in 18 reviews
Make it compatible with 3G and cut the server lag. found in 14 reviews
But now I cant connect so I just wasted so money. found in 11 reviews
At the 'touch scree to begin' screen the game crashes. found in 53 reviews
not a bad little wow ripoff. found in 27 reviews
Great game needs new races and classes. found in 78 reviews
The origin of evil is bugged gameloft please fix it :. found in 27 reviews
My progress is all saved to the Facebook log in. found in 21 reviews
Update it again to fix the server issues. found in 24 reviews
99 price-of-entry gets you a three- month subscription. found in 21 reviews
Either Gameloft needs to remove the IAP's or the subscription fee. found in 29 reviews
Pretty decent game but it gets boring after a while. found in 34 reviews
many server crashes with no explanation from game loft. found in 28 reviews
if you want five stars fix the game because it's really cool. found in 21 reviews
Needs more classes and races to choose from as well as mounts. found in 18 reviews
I just wish I could play using my 3G network. found in 24 reviews
it is not the best if i cant play cross platform. found in 35 reviews
Gameloft needs to allow play over 3G network. found in 21 reviews
although 4-5 stars until they improve on customer care. found in 23 reviews
Whenever I try to Login I'm stuck on a black loading screen. found in 227 reviews
Very good mmo so far but needs more content. found in 9 reviews
Wht its wrong with this server now i cant play. found in 35 reviews
Dont waste your time and definitely dont spend real money on it. found in 32 reviews
That and the customer service is literally retarded. found in 161 reviews
latest update puts game loft into the crap tank. found in 238 reviews
terrible customer service I wasted 7 dollars. found in 53 reviews
Probably not worth trying out if you're a new player. found in 38 reviews
Not willing to pay for ridiculous in game purchases to advance. found in 68 reviews
kept saying no internet connection during initial log in attempts. found in 52 reviews
Other gameloft games like mc3 done need a subscription for online. found in 41 reviews
The game constantly crashes on my iPad mini and my aire. found in 34 reviews
This game needs a lot before it can be that game. found in 78 reviews
but higher level players are rewarded for all kills. found in 33 reviews
There is nothing to do once you hit lvl 60. found in 73 reviews
The game crashes before I can even login. found in 53 reviews
Hate when the servers are down. found in 38 reviews
Ruined by forced PvP at higher levels. found in 38 reviews
Just make it subscription based and not pay to win. found in 71 reviews
but only up to the max level. found in 47 reviews
Update = Can't play on new iPad. found in 45 reviews
iPhone 480x320 1
iPhone 480x320 2
iPhone 480x320 3
iPhone 480x320 4
iPad 480x360 1
iPad iphone 480x360 2
iPad 480x360 3
iPad 480x360 4
Icon 175x175 1
Crashes on startup          Great app but doesnt work on iPhone 6
Before I started playing this game I havent been much of a fan of mmorpg but believe me when I tell you that this game got me stuck to my phoneiPad Im constantly trying to get better and level up The quests are so much fun as well which makes leveling up easier and you arent just waiting to get to the highest level for pvp matches I would recommend this game to anyone and everyone looking for a good clean fun time Play it                This game is worth every minute
Cool mmorpg                Nice
Truly entertaining perfect for killing time Love it reminds me of WoW without the less than savory community lol                Fantastimus Prime
Kind of like world of Warcraft for iPad dont listen to haters try for yo self                SUPER FUN
Awesome game                BobZOmbie
Love this game Best game ever for mobile Gameloft is the best gamer creators                Rating the best
IAP or get called noob bullied and kicked out of the party Ive been playing this game since subscription and the community has changed a lot Dont get me wrong this is a great MMO its just the communitys problem    Great game but people ruin
العبه ما تشتغل عندي بس في الايباد الثاني تشتغل ابي رد سريع تكفون العبه ماشفت أحلا منها                حلولي مشكلتي
Ive Ben playing this game for 3 yrs its all pay to win They up date Alot But what really made me up set was when they took Mage and made it an darn wanna be heals Whats the point in making an Mage for healing when you have monks to heal Super lagy at some times game is Not balanced at all needs tons and Tons of work       Needs lots of work
Best MMORPG in app store hands down                Best MMORPG in app store hands down
Overall this is the best mmo RPG in the AppStore That being said its not without its problems Most of these problems come in the way of the players Ive been playing this game for about 3 years now and I can honestly tell you that it brings out the worst in people The game also has many iap purchases but has still remained to stay away from pay to win barely and many would argue with me If I had to recommend this game it would be for adults only Thats people 25 or older with some semblance of how the real world works Ill also mention that this games is very time intensive and group oriented Only the players who ban together and help each other reach the upper ranks of the server Overall its a solid game badly in need of some ugly player cleansingUpdate cant login Crashes every time at loading screen Jesus game loft    Acidbart
I used to play this game a lot but then I got a new phone and everything changed I downloaded Order and Chaos and tried to put in my email but it wont allow me to put in the last part of it It probably means my email is too long It would make the game more fun if I could get into my account          Account wont load
Keep the content coming                Nice
NiceGG                NiceGG
This is The single best game that I have ever played in my phone                Love it
Wow on your phone basically                Awesome
Just for minor bug fix u bringout huge updateOr forcing us to play lame oac 2 Shame                Shame
The only reason why Im not five starring is because this game has a few issues but still remains to be an awesome game in my opinion The game is currently having an update and will hopefully patch up some of the unwanted issues Overall the game is great and is recommend it for anyone who loves MMO RPG and playing on their phone             Great MMO RPG for phone
Best free mmo I have played for a long time                Great game
This is a great game but Im having problems logging on it says there is a new update but when I get to iTunes all it says is open there is no update so now I cant get onto my account please fix it                Please fix
After being a big EQ and WOW fan this game delivers I love it only complaint is the amount of tweens who have apparently just learned how to cuss Also peeps dont understand the word Refuse I have to constantly log out bcause they ask over and over and over to duel                Great game
my is so slow it kill slow and Im sick of it but now i love it                Love u
I cant get online since the update Its a pretty fun game Stinks I cant play or spend any money on it since they messed it up    Cant play
Pretty cool game                Game
I love this game                Best mobile mmo
This app is greatit gives gamers easy access to a modern day computer based mmorpg right in their pockets Great job                Bravo
Im a bit annoyed that the bug thats causing order and chaos to crash on start up hasnt been fixed yet but this is still a really great mmo not enough reason to give it anything less than 5 stars                
This is a fantastic game I think you did a terrific job I have the 2nd one I tried downloading it but it has too much gybes But I was able to download the 2nd Order Chaos Next time please make your games less gybes than now please 23 is a lot I dont have enough I only had enough for the 2nd one But yeah That looks fun                Order Chaos Online Game
Legit                Good
It reminds me of wow                Good game
So far this game is incredibly fun its at least worth checking out before you judge based on reviews                Amazing
I think its an ok game but it needs to be able to do more with twitch and I think it would be awesome to have a necromancer class cause it has an undead race and thats a major plus because its the only game that has that Also they need to improve character creation             Its OK
This game is fun its like sky rim for my phone                Review
Great game                Funnnnnn
The closest thing to wow on a phone Great gameplay                Awesome
I love this game and all BUT I HATE THE JERKS IN SWAMP OF WYRMS SEVER                Please read this very important
Its says I need to update the game but when I press okay its sends me to the apple store page where it says open    Cant even play
This game is worthy of shrek                Eh laddeh
I love this game it so fun I glad people made this it cool                Order of chaos
The game wont let me update it and since I cant update it it wont let me play It doesnt even show that there was a update is that because I dont have enough space or is this problem with game Please help me             Help
I think I need to call a gaming addiction hotline because I am hooked                Why did I wait so long to start playing
Honestly the game runs rather smoothly the only problems I have pertains to my screen and when Im walking sometimes when Im walking normally I use a skill even if I didnt touch the skill slot also I randomly back step sometimes they are not constant problems but could be problematic in the future otherwise I like the community interested in the 2nd game and the graphics are smooth I like them44             Nice so far
game I love                Love the game
Love this game Probably best MMORPG Ive ever played on App StoreCant log in now though I used the Game Center login but since the update every time I press the button is says my username or password is incorrectPlease fix I really want to keep playing                What
Best Game Ive ever played                Best Game
This game reminds me of some of the good Pc games like LOTRO and DDOI personally love this game Its AW ESOME AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME ARE WE                BEAutiful
Oac is me one the best game MMORpG game so like it everything put now the Oac2 is onso I well come to                Best game ever
Im almost completely happy with the game but what would make it even better is to have a marriage feature with benefits of marriage             
There was this hacker because I was playing then I have 113 gold then I quited then I had 111 gold PLEASE REMOVE THE HACKERS PLEASE HELP       HACKER HACKING MY ACCOUNT HELP


589 MB
Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.1.2
iPhone iPad

iOS Order & Chaos© Online 1.1.2 Mobile

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