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Tekk Innovations LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app (California Law (All 29 Codes) ,Illinois Compiled Statutes (IL Law) ,Armed Forces (Title 10 United States Code) ,Government Organization and Employees (Title 5 United States Code) ,Title 8 Code of Federal Regulations - Aliens and Nationality ,Title 5 Code of Federal Regulations - Administrative Personnel), brings Oregon Laws (62 Titles of OR Law) with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Oregon Laws (62 Titles of OR Law) app has been update to version 1.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.




NOTE: Data are current as of 2009.


All of Oregon Revised Statutes in your pocket. We`ve packaged the 58 Oregon Titles for lightning fast browsing and search queries. Leave the heavy book at home. You should buy this app now.

Oregon Laws (62 Titles of OR Law)Oregon Laws (62 Titles of OR Law)
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✓ Complete offline access.
✓ Lightning fast browsing.
✓ Killer full-text search.
✓ Email sections to friends.
✓ Header only search option.
✓ Search results show path.
✓ Search highlighting.
✓ Saves location on application quit.
✓ Bookmarks.




✓ Title 1 - Courts of Record; Court Officers; Juries
✓ Title 2 - Procedure in Civil Proceedings
✓ Title 3 - Remedies and Special Actions and Proceedings
✓ Title 4 - Evidence and Witnesses
✓ Title 5 - Small Claims Department of Circuit Court
✓ Title 6 - Justice Courts
✓ Title 7 - Corporations and Partnerships
✓ Title 8 - Commercial Transactions
✓ Title 9 - Mortgages and Liens
✓ Title 10 - Property Rights and Transactions
✓ Title 11 - Domestic Relations
✓ Title 12 - Probate Law
✓ Title 13 - Protective Proceedings; Powers of Attorney; Trusts
✓ Title 14 - Procedure in Criminal Matters Generally
✓ Title 15 - Procedure in Criminal Actions in Justice Courts
✓ Title 16 - Crimes and Punishments
✓ Title 17 - State Legislative Department and Laws
✓ Title 18 - Executive Branch; Organization
✓ Title 19 - Government and Public Affairs
✓ Title 20 - Counties and County Officers
✓ Title 21 - Cities
✓ Title 22 - Public Officers and Employees
✓ Title 23 - Elections
✓ Title 24 - Public Organizations for Community Service
✓ Title 25 - Public Lands
✓ Title 26 - Public Facilities, Contracting & Insurance
✓ Title 26A - Economic Development
✓ Title 27 - Public Borrowing
✓ Title 28 - Public Financial Administration
✓ Title 29 - Revenue and Taxation
✓ Title 30 - Education and Culture
✓ Title 31 - Highways, Roads, Bridges and Ferries
✓ Title 32 - Military Affairs; Emergency Services
✓ Title 33 - Privileges and Benefits of Veterans and Service Personnel
✓ Title 34 - Human Services; Juvenile Code; Corrections
✓ Title 35 - Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities
✓ Title 36 - Public Health and Safety
✓ Title 37 - Alcoholic Liquors; Controlled Substances; Drugs
✓ Title 38 - Protection From Fire
✓ Title 41 - Wildlife
✓ Title 42 - Commercial Fishing and Fisheries
✓ Title 43 - Mineral Resources
✓ Title 44 - Forestry and Forest Products
✓ Title 45 - Water Resources
✓ Title 46 - Agriculture
✓ Title 47 - Agricultural Marketing and Warehousing
✓ Title 48 - Animals
✓ Title 49 - Food and Other Commodities
✓ Title 50 - Trade Regulations and Practices
✓ Title 51 - Labor and Employment; Unlawful Discrimination
✓ Title 52 - Occupations and Professions
✓ Title 52A - Insurance and Finance Administration
✓ Title 53 - Financial Institutions
✓ Title 54 - Credit Unions, Lending Institutions and Pawnbrokers
✓ Title 56 - Insurance
✓ Title 57 - Utility Regulation
✓ Title 58 - Shipping and Navigation
✓ Title 59 - Oregon Vehicle Code
✓ Title 61 - Small Watercraft
✓ Title 62 - Aviation
Oregon Laws (62 Titles of OR Law)


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The Oregon Laws (62 Titles of OR Law) is now available for $29.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Oregon Laws (62 Titles of OR Law) app version 1.1 has been updated on 2014-11-29. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
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title 53 financial institutions. found in 1 reviews
title 35 mental health and developmental disabilities. found in 1 reviews
title 18 executive branch. found in 1 reviews
title 54 credit unions lending institutions and pawnbrokers. found in 1 reviews
saves location on application quit. found in 1 reviews
title 25 public lands. found in 1 reviews
title 59 oregon vehicle code. found in 1 reviews
controlled substances. found in 1 reviews
title 36 public health and safety. found in 1 reviews
bookmark highlight and add notes. found in 1 reviews
emergency services. found in 1 reviews
complete offline access. found in 1 reviews
fast browsing. found in 1 reviews
leave the heavy book at home. found in 1 reviews
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There is much good to be said about acquiring offline access to the ORS including the fact that its searchable and you can bookmark the parts you use most often I will never again need to spend the ungodly sums to buy the print versionThat said this app comes up short in two specifics First it doesnt hyperlink statutes There is another cheaper app that does Thats a big problem because of problem number twoProblem number two is that the statutes are sorted exclusively by name of title This can be a hassle especially when dealing with statutes Im new to which are likely ones Im encountering as a result of a nonhyperlinked citation in another statute This means I cant browse by statute number The printed volumes include on the cover and spine the range of chapters within each title So if I know I need something in chapter 160 I dont want to open and close various titles until I figure out where it is Tell me Label the titles with the name followed by the range of chaptersFix these two things the latter certainly an easier fix than the former and you get five starsFor bonus points Id like to see the ability to open a statute in something like QuickOffice or GoodReader so I can mark it up and save it to a client folder             Good value not perfect

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Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
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