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Description - Out of Milk - Grocery Shopping List

Capigami, Inc., brings Out of Milk - Grocery Shopping List with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Out of Milk - Grocery Shopping List app has been update to version 3.1.4 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I also like the deals section to help with price comparisons..
  • A must app for moms..
  • It is a great help in organizing my grocery shopping..
  • more detail when using barcode reader..
  • Huge time saver..

Overall Satisfactionc54
I loved this app on my droid and never found anything like it on iPhone.
No more driving around trying to get the best deal ^.
and I love that I can organize how much of item I have.
Love the sync feature.
They thought of everything on this app.
Easy and helpful.
The pantry lists help me make sure I have everything.
Family Friendlyc100
Super sexy App:.
Nice that the whole family can add to list any time.
Updates & Supportc69
Can you make an iPad version as well.
Where is the iPad friendly version.

Didn't get the memo. found in 1 reviews
my husband can access the list from his phone. found in 2 reviews
Finally I have my favorite grocery app again. found in 35 reviews
it syncs with my wife's phone. found in 2 reviews
and I love that I can organize how much of item I have. found in 2 reviews
This app is a great way to keep my shopping list organized. found in 1 reviews
Favorite part is using the bar code scanner to add stuff to the list. found in 2 reviews
Expiration dates would be a nice addition. found in 5 reviews
but the April 2013 update has rendered this app all but useless. found in 2 reviews
Becoming worse and worse. found in 1 reviews
A few minor issues but I love it. found in 1 reviews
Needs a serious update. found in 1 reviews
If I want to move an item to Target. found in 7 reviews
iPhone app sometimes freezes or items disappear from lists. found in 4 reviews
Worked for a few weeks then stopped updating. found in 1 reviews
I'd like to see more items on the screen. found in 2 reviews
But it's exactly what I need. found in 1 reviews
No easy way to enter items previously used. found in 3 reviews
To-do list sharing does not work on iPhone 5. found in 1 reviews
If I could rearrange the categories to match my store aisles. found in 3 reviews
I'm typing away and it's failing to add to my list. found in 15 reviews
I don't want to create a new shopping list each time. found in 3 reviews
App crashes if you remove every item from one list to another. found in 8 reviews
Buggy after April update. found in 2 reviews
Love the app but the text is extremely small. found in 1 reviews
Loved it until recent update. found in 1 reviews
but the April & June 2013 updates have rendered this app all but useless. found in 2 reviews
Randomly deletes items. found in 2 reviews
Share list disappeared. found in 11 reviews
Deleted the app and now searching for an alternative. found in 2 reviews
Great concept but it would be awesome if it worked. found in 2 reviews
unable to move items - barely usable as is. found in 9 reviews
Doesn't seem to be working as intended - many buttons don't work. found in 2 reviews
- Items disappear until I restart the app. found in 4 reviews
This app is basically unusable for me now. found in 2 reviews
keyboard doesn't auto-hide when appropriate. found in 3 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Out of Milk - Grocery Shopping List for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 17.5 MB to download. The new Out of Milk - Grocery Shopping List app version 3.1.4 has been updated on 2014-11-17. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 6.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about Out of Milk - Grocery Shopping List check developer Capigami, Inc.`s website : http://www.outofmilk.com

Best shopping list app for your phoneHave you ever returned from grocery shopping and realized you forgot that one item you really needed? Then Out of Milk is the perfect app for you Out ...
This app is never quite perfect It had issues with Galaxys that we had in the past Now my fiancé and I both have iPhones Same issues Entire lists will disappear whenever one of us syncs our list Its a random issue but when you have several dozen items on your shopping list and cant remember them all it creates a serious issue when this happens And it only needs to happen once to ruin a shopping trip We will delete the app for now and go back to paper and pen Like the old days At least that doesnt crash and delete Ill check back in a few months to see if Out Of Milk has its act together But Im not counting in it     Still having issues Pt 2
As of Friday 9415 website says they do not have resources to to update Apple version One more random deletion of my lists and my family is moving to a different app     Go elsewhere
Can have multiple stores easy to use                 Love this app
With deep regret going to have to remove the app Great ideas but their reach exceeds their grasp I could not make sharing work consistently either on iPhone or their own web site Email questions go unanswered Too bad     Not ready for prime time
I used to love this app but as time goes on it is getting worse It has poor syncing across devices and PC The lists in the app dont refresh properly making the items and categories all wonky and frustrating Simple tasks like clear done are ignored by the appThe website rarely works properly It doesnt add items or is very slow and laggy and it puts items in the wrong list even when one list is open Ive had it with waiting for this company to clean up their functionality and am forced to go shopping elsewhere       
Phone and laptop no longer sync Ive sent several requests to support and have received no reply USELESS on iPhone It used to be amazing     No longer syncs No support
In theory this would be a great app But I consistently have sync issues with a list my wife and I share and update from our phones It just cleared the list from my phone Hoping a reinstall will fix it     Never ending Sync issues
I used to love this app Now it has issues like not syncing losing stuff you put on your list managing your categories and doesnt update when you add stuff to your list     What happened
With the new version the keyboard wont go away so I cant see the bottom of my list I can only have a few things on the list to be able to see whats there Defeats the whole point of using a shopping list     Keyboard wont go away
OOM syncing and list sharing has not worked correctly in many months This once great app is worthless to me at this point Please please please fix these issues     OOM has not worked right in month so
Pros easy to organize add and remove items love the categories featureCons doesnt sync any more with hubbys phone both iPhones newest iOS update 9 messed it up and the keyboard doesnt disappear like it should so youre stuck with a half screen where you cant see anything categories sometimes save and then disappearOverall gods if youre the onlyOne using it and have like two things on your list        Great concept poor delivery
Its a neat app and great for lists But the sales portion of the app doesnt work It tells me I have a number of sale items but when you tap on that portion nothing is listed Ive tried it on wifi as well as 4G Neither worked Otherwise the app is helpful and easy to use              Overall a good app but
This app works great if you only use it on one device But if you try to sync it from the website or between phones forget about it This app simply causes frustration     Never refreshes
This App was once invaluable to me It lists all the stores in my zip code by store and the Deals available Im sick that the APP no longer works at all Under the DEALS heading this week there are 777 deals Under each store heading Kroger Target Costco Kmart CVSetc the app still says how many deals are available in the tag line But NO DEALS ARE LISTED at any store Im completely fed up I have maintained my cool waiting for Out of Milk to fix their update problem Ive deleted losing all my presets and reinstalled all to no avail Goodbye Out of Milk I will miss your older version of working software     Out of Milknot listing
This App is the Best try it If any question just ask                 The best App Ive ever seen
We like it but my wife and I share lists and this program cannot keep them synced Ive deleted and reinstalled and that usually fixes it Also tried rebooting phone closing and reopening app without any luck Its a pain to delete and reinstall and even more of a pain to have to check both phones to see if lists are the same Latest update I was shopping and got a message that the lists were no longer shared with me So I lost everything in the middle of shopping Not happy We tried to add the lists back on my wifes acct and got a weird message and could not do it So we are looking for another app Dont bother with this if you share lists     Might be ok for ONE person
Ive installed all of my grocery lists and items into the app now to be frustrated because the app is sooo unreliable It stops working It shifts lists to other stores Come on guys           Great Features but Unreliable
45 stars for concept 1star for execution The website is so slow it is not worth using iPhone app even on iPhone 6 works good but not the device I would choose for a long list Ill be looking for a better tool        Nice tool
Since upgrade to IOS 9 keyboard will not disappear from list after adding an item Only rating low because of this     Out of Milk
I cant even get a good feel for this app since all I get is this error Not even exaggeratingI get this error every two seconds     An Error Has Occurred Please Try Again
I use this app for mostly the kitchen stocking portion sometimes the shopping list Its functional still for one person but its been worsening since I first got it a couple of years ago Cant share the pantry lists with my boyfriend so he knows what we have ect Wondering what happened to a usedtobe great app        Worsening
My wife and I have used this app for a long time now but lately it has stopped syncing shopping lists We will find an alternative     Syncing no longer works
This used to be our go to app for grocery but there have been too many recent app issues with our list Sorry guys we are deleting the app and looking for something better        Too Many Issues
Used to be a great app but it has not been updated in over a year and no longer functions as it should Things disappear off of list and sometimes whole lists vanish when syncing     App is no longer supported and doesnt function
When I open the scan feature on the app it crashes I have tried resetting the phone reinstalling the app nothing works Cannot recommend based on this issue as the scan feature is one of the key selling points of the app     Crashtastic
This would be a pretty darn good app and it worked properly     Bug ridden
Besides the featured promotions deals is stuck on filter by all categories and will not let me filter so that I cannot use the deals portion of this app which I used often and loved please fix This app would receive a perfect rating if this were fixed     Deals stuck on filter
Starting some time several weeks ago we noticed the app refuses to load any deals except featured promotions The app is utterly pointless to us now that we cannot use it to easily find local grocery sales It wont even display search results which I KNOW it should     Current version broken beyond usability
Increasingly the app wont share lists or even allow you to check off items on your list without immediately repopulating them End of an era off to look for a better app        Used to be good now not so much
I use this solely for To Do and Shopping lists It is helpful There is a problem moving an item from one list to another It almost always transfers to the wrong list And in the To Do list manual sorting option items dont sort where you want them They bump to another spot That is making the list less useful for me I hope those two things can be fixed with the next updateIt would be more useful if there was a simple menu with breakfast lunch dinner that could be filled out One similar to Meal Maker would make meal planning and list making simpler           Useful but needs some fixes
This used to work until a couple of days agoNow I cant sync with my wifes list and when I try to add items on my own the app crashesIve deleted and reinstalled No help most of the Catagories we had saved are missing from my dropdown though all of the previously purchased items are still there they just have no catagory assignedThe app never synced well before but now its totall useless since I cant add items to a list        Crashes when adding to list
Was awesome when I first downloaded it But now it just closes randomly and i have to start over Especially when looking at local specials Very frustrating              Good ap
I have had this app on my Samsung phone for years and I love it I just found the compatible iPad version so I installed it The first problem is that it doesnt sync properly between the phone and the iPad My lists dont match up and the iPad appears to have old list items I have tried syncing in both directions but neither works The second problem is more of an annoyance I cant find a way on the iPad version to delete all cart items I have to delete them one at a time Im removing this and sticking with the Droid version till they can fix this     Not as good as Droid version
I cant even use the FB button to sign in Tried multiple times after restarting the app and my phone Worthless     Sign in wont even work
Wont sync at all iPad Air wiOS 83           Wont Sync
Cannot get this app to sync properly anymoreImports of cvs file no longer workLooks like the developer dropped the ball and doesnt careMy suggestion move on to another app     This app once worked wellnow doesnt work at all
Dont bother The list my wife shares with me keeps vanishing from my copy of the app Resharing brings it back for a few minutes but then it disappears again Sync was always sluggish we used this for 15 years but no longer     Shared lists broken
I like that you can categorize items Wish would notify my husband when items are addedcompleted           It works
Title says it all All stores are white screen except for featured items     Its broken
Crashes every time I open it     Awful
This used to be a decent app but now it crashes often loses lists Etc very buggy        Not good anymore
I only use the shopping list feature and thats really all I need I love this app because you can enter the price of your items and it totals it up for you Its easy to edit add and delete things Also I like that it stores all your inputs for faster adding to your list the only thing I have found that Im disappointed in is when I email my husband the list the total and the checklist option is gone it just sends him the items on the list and he is unable to check them off                 Keeps me on budget
Can keep track of shopping list pantry and separate into categories Exactly what I was looking for                 Awesome
Ive been using OoM for a long time and absolutely loved it My favorite feature was that my partner and I could share the same grocery list but lately it seems the sharing functionality isnt working reliably The list that my partner has shared with me randomly isnt there even though she still has it and hasnt unshared with me The first time this happened I assumed it was her mistake but after multiple times this must be a software issue Please fix and Ill change my review back to 5 stars        Sharing glitch
Ive been using this for couple years now but suddenly the keyboard will not minimize I cant see half my list Please fix I will restore to 5 stars           Loved it but
Weve been using Out of Milk for about 4 years It is a great concept but the functionality on iOS is pitiful None of the sharing features are easy to find To see your list you have to learn on your own to hit return or half the screen remains hidden And when the program updates or you change your google password all the links have to be redone and there is no easy way to redo sharing This seems inconsequential until you find no linking works when youre in a hurry to get to the store There are no error message or notification that links are broken The apps just hangs and you have to figure out that something changed and reset all sharing again This has happened 4 or 5 times in the last five years and takes me about an hour to sort out My solution this time is to try a new app Evernote is better than dealing poor iOS integration        Ive Proven it Will Never Work Right
Keyboard stuck onscreen with default keyboard or swiftkey Makes App unusable     Useless on IOS9
Great concept but tons of bugs Items constantly ncategorize themselves and app crashes and freezes a lot        All kinds of bugs
No updates sine 2014 Cant filter just selected stores for deals on my iPad Cant add sections to MY LIST It allows me to make a title but will not add the section to the list Had higher hopes for this app Like the sync feature but will look for another more up to date app        NEEDS UPDATING
I was told about this app from a friend and was excited to use it because I throw a lot of annual parties with large grocery lists but the app has crashed a lot since I started using it Im hopping there will be a much needed update soon     Lots of Crashes

Out of Milk - Grocery Shopping List Utilities Shopping ListOut of Milk - Grocery Shopping List Utilities Shopping ListOut of Milk - Grocery Shopping List Utilities Shopping ListOut of Milk - Grocery Shopping List Utilities Shopping ListOut of Milk - Grocery Shopping List Utilities Shopping ListOut of Milk - Grocery Shopping List Utilities Shopping ListOut of Milk - Grocery Shopping List Utilities Shopping ListOut of Milk - Grocery Shopping List Utilities Shopping List

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