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CarbonFin , the publisher behind many iOS app (Outliner ,Outliner for iPad), brings Outliner for iPad with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Outliner for iPad app has been update to version 3.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


CarbonFin Outliner for
iPadtablet made by Apple
allows you to organize your thoughts, tasks, and projects. Easily create a todo list for today, or track an entire project anywhere you are. Share your outlines, edit them online, and collaborate with other Outliner users.


* Create outlines for structured notes, lists, tasks, tasks with subtasks, projects, etc.
* Search through all your outlines, or find text in the current outline.
* Create items as tasks (with checkboxes) or not
* Add notes to items
* Get a quick view of the progress of a parent task - each shows pie charts to indicate what percent of child items are complete
* Mark an entire tree as complete/not complete at once
* Easily move items within an outline using drag and drop
* Show each item`s notes within the outline, or hide them to make more room
* Show or hide outline numbering
* Copy/paste a single item or all items
* Undo/redo
* Email outlines as text or OPML

Outliner for iPad
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Outliner Online Features:
* Securely synchronize your outlines with Outliner Online
* View and edit your outlines in any web browser
* Import outlines as OPML
* Save your outlines as text or OPML


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Outliner for iPad for $4.99 from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Outliner for iPad app version 3.0.1 has been updated on 2014-11-20. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.2 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Outliner for iPad in CarbonFin`s Official Website :


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I use both the iPad and iPhone Carbonfin apps The new autosync feature is excellent Syncing between the iPad and iPhone via Dropbox makes having my outlines with me all the time easy and backing up the outlines on my Mac is simple via Dropbox The app continues to get many useful enhancements It is a basic outliner uncluttered with bloated and distracting features Highly recommended                my most used app
Ive been looking for something that enables me manage tasks and have the total flexibility to move them into any order and any hierarchy I choose This App does that While it seems a little more than some lower performing Apps the price includes free access to their online sync capability and online editing Yes the iPhone and iPad versions are separate but identical apps so you pay for each but its worth itI did not give it 5 starts simply because I am a tough judge and I have extreme expectations I still want to see some additional task functionality added without over complications that the addition of these items normally create             Impressed and it isnt expensive
I needed something to transfer my ithoughtshd mindmaps into a linear form for presentations Import export is perfect Simple and easy Not weighted down with needless features                Quick and easy
I like the app very much I use it for my things to do list with a different outline for different categories I switched from Toodledo for my to do lists because with Outliner Im able to manually sort the items Im only giving three stars because the support for the product stinks Ive contacted them many times with product enhancement ideas and never even receive an acknowledgement let alone a meaningful reply This has happened many times I havent seen an upgrade come through for a very long time also Is the product still being supported          app great support stinks
Ive been using carbon fin for a few years Its is the most versatile and flexible apps Ive ever used So many apps are all bells and whistles and some are way too complicated Ive used them all Pone of the best                This is the best most under rated app in the store
Too simple for meif I could add images I would have been using this since the first time I saw it Without image support its too basic to be very useful in my life I keep checking to see if it has been advanced but alasnot yet Giving up          Simple stable
Ive tried dozens of outlining and mind mapping apps but always return to Outliner It just worksKeep up the good work guys This is one of the single most useful apps in my toolkit                Been Using it for Years
This app replaces the little notebook I used to carry everywhere Can make todo lists with subitems in a tiered outline style Keeps track off progress Also handy for jotting down little things to remember in a variety of categories and outlining projects Nothing fancy but easy to set up however you want and very easy to learn and use                Simple and Easy
I have used outliner for 4 years daily It is the best way to plan organize and execute ideas todo lists projects Very intuitive working style PC version is not as easy to use as ios but I dont use it much Nice to have Wish listAutomatic sync without having to do it manuallyPrint an outline section or item directly without having to copy and past to notes                Excellent
Great app the online access is fantastic But Id really like to be add a picture in the notes             Almost perfect needs ability to add photos
Im something of an outline fanatic and this app is awesome Its a perfect blend of functionality and ease of use One feature I love is you can collapse all the sub items under a heading move the heading in the outline and it takes all the subitems with it one swipe handles it all                Excellent
If you want a basic checklist outliner thats wellimplemented and will sync between your iPad and iPhone Carbonfins Outliner fits the billHowever I cant help but feel that it could use a bit more metadata capabilities For example tagging individual items or giving them startduecompleted dates It wouldnt need to be anything as overthetop as OmniOutliners column layoutIn any case this works well enough for tracking projects and subtasks             Solid basic outliner
Finally an app for both iPad and iPhone that does exactly what you expect without getting bogged down in presentation issues Omnioutliner or brainstorming glitz MagicalPad It has brought peace to my outlining soul                Deeply satisfying
Solid App Like the online access too Great for sharing tasks with my programmers Wish it had a Gantt function butI pay 200 for that desktop application andthis is only 499 Pretty good deal for all this utility Ill recommend it and use it             Very helpful
Ive been using Carbonfin for several years while completing four years of graduate study When I start my final papers or independent projects Carbonfin is the first app I open The syncing over Dropbox is flawless and its best feature I have this app on my iPad and iPhone and a stand alone outliner on my Mac so Im able add ideas whenever they come build my arguments and work in whatever setting I find myself If you are in any line of work where outlining your thoughts is crucial or necessary you must get this app                Simply wonderful
Been using for outlining a novel It works so well Once you learn how the controls work its easy I would rather have iCloud or Dropbox to sync to but you can sync to devs server Havent encountered any problems Would highly recommend for writers like myself Great job dev                Outstanding
I downloaded this app during a technology conference so I could take notes It served its purpose perfectly and seamlessly Very fast it was easy to keep up with the presentations Ill be using this app quite a bit for general outlining and note taking This would be excellent for those in school as well                Great Outliner
I worked for an hour and I attempted to sync I received a message that authentication failed Then instead of taking me to the screen to try my password the entire outline disappeared from my iPad its gone Grief    Lost everything
I first downloaded Sorted which is a good app but I needed something with a little more structure Outliner is so easy to use and was exactly what it was looking forI mainly needed a way to create a list and a series of sublists This was one of the only apps that could do that The addition of tagging filtering intuitive navigation and ordering and setting deadlines and checking off exiting todos made this a must buyFeedbackOne thing Id like to see is a labeling system like Gmail has to easily identify priority or grouping sighing a listThanks                Love this app
Ive tried several of the bigger outline apps out there and this one remains my favorite My favorite featuresinstant syncingiPhoneiPad appsa full featured web app for times when I need web accessoutline sharinghiding archived listsMy wife and I mainly use it for sharing lists of todos when we have trips or events we need to plan together The thing has never crashed and the syncing has been flawless                Elegant and powerful syncing and sharing
CarbonFin Outliner is on my list of musthave iPad appsAnd now CarbonFin Outliner has Dropbox integration so syncing outline lists etc between iPhone iPad and computer is fast and foolproof Just be sure your computers outliner program can handle opml files most do                Now with Dropbox Integration
It this app had a reminder it would be a solid 5 star effort Its great to be able to organize entire ideas into a hierarchy of stated goals strategies and general notes For my part if I have an idea that goes in as the main unindented topic for this group Then the related ideas info goals are organized easily returntab into the several indent levels and any notes I might want to add are easily added to each level The notes can easily be seen as a partial view in the noted line In short as a gathering place for putting ideas together this is your app             A very useful app with handy features
Simple but comprehensive interface Elegant and easy to use Nice overview of features to get going quickly I tried all the iPad outliners and for me this one is the best including the expensive one Pleasing esthetically with no goofy glitz Great app Its the one I was looking for                Best Outliner
It works Very basic Saves to DropboxWorst part is the iPhone version is a separate 499 app Ripoff to use it on two devices          So so
As a Special Ed Teacher I use it for generating checklists for evaluating my students in many skill areas Very convenient to be able to switch between a students various evaluations while doing an observation and keep ongoing monitoring among several students                Great for checklists
OmniOutliner is prettier and offers columns this outliner lets me get real work done fast Its easy to make and rearrange an outline and it works with both email and the developers free online syncing service Easy to get data in and out with OPMLI actually use OmniOutliner too but for specific purposes involving highly formatted documents I create on my Mac For serious thinking and outlining on the go whether on my iPad or iPod this is what I prefer to use because it gets out of my way and lets me workAlso lets me organize my outlines with tags which I can treat like foldersWishes Dropbox support would be nice UPDATE The addition of Dropbox support has been very helpful Unfortunately one must opt for Dropbox support on a filebyfile basis and the syncing is not automatic Still its pretty easy             Great outliner
This I precisely the outliner that I was looking for It allows me to create a hierarchical list of items where I can indent them into sub lists Reorganizing the list is as easy as dragging an item It also has check boxes which is great to show if I have completed an item This is simple elegant and priced right                Very Nice
This app doesnt have a lot of frills but for the price its a very solid outliner and its implemented very well Does the job cleanly looks good and worksPDF export would be great but it seems to be an issue for many outlining apps                On the simple side but great
Full featured and fairly easy to usealthough it relies on the menu bar a lot Unfortunately the font is too small for the iPad Mini Theres a switch for an even smaller font which is nuts but it really needs a full selection of fonts and sizes Even simple plus and minus buttons for text size would work Also changes selected in dialogs dont update until you close the dialog It does everything you could want but it desperately needs a user experience UX overhaul       Font too small
What distinguishes this sweet little program is that it works flawlessly across platforms web iPhone and iPad and at no extra charge In this aspect it represents what every mobile piece of software should be but what only a handful are This is the real deal and a bargain at the priceUpdate this program has sadly fallen very much behind the best in class in the past year It takes too many steps to organize etc Competitors such as taskpaper in which you can rearrange outlines wdrag and drop and syncs directly via Dropbox on iOS have left this once gem of a program in the dust             A model program
This is a fantastic outliner without a lot of bells and whistles It does what it should do perfectly No need for the massive weird feature set on other outliners what is some of that stuff even forthis is a perfectly simple perfect outliner                Excellent simple workmanlike outliner for the price
Since early in my education and all through my career I have been using outlining as an organizational tool This Outliner had me productive within minutes of downloading this APP Truly a useful APP and very pleased with the functionality and results oriented deploymentBernard                One of the most helpful APPS I have downloaded
Great product perfect for sketching ideas on the iPad Im beginning to use it for a lot of my creative thinking because Outliner is so quick and simple to use Also it has the right amount of sleek power without too many bells and whistlesHalf of me thinks that columns would be a good addition or at least one extra column but the other half thinks that notes actually perform that function and wouldnt want to detract from such a rock solid app The whole point of an outliner is that it should be simple and fast enough to let you concentrate on getting your thoughts out and Outliner does I use the notes for fleshing out the one line entries en hide the notes when changing the order of the itemsIm currently using it to edit small films I watch the films make one line entries in Outliner then can rearrange these lines into some sort of watchable order Thats why Outliners simplicity is so powerful new entries are so fast it stops me messing about with content and lets me concentrate on ideasThe OPML export is genius too as I can reimport into desktop programs I tend to keep files on Dropbox and export when Ive finishedThanks for putting the hours into this its just as it should be                Fast and simple works well
Ive looked at a lot of outline to do apps and this is by far the most elegant and easy to use example I have found If there was a way to sync it to cloud it would be perfect             Excellent app
Just barely functional Text select cut paste and insert easily confuse editor resulting in wrong cursor location Most operations occur via icons so natural gestures ANY gestures dont work This means your hand is flying around the screen which is slow and often covers your outline It is hard to rearrange items as you have to cut and paste see above re bugs Many other outliners with more functionality for less    Primitive buggy
I have three outliner apps but this one is tops for ease of use I get it and the controls for moving items are great Thanks for the new update                Wonderful
Love itif I could just export to Evernote I could replace all of my other note taking apps             Would be perfect with export to Evernote
CarbonFins Outliner is still my favorite outliner on the iPad It is by far the easiest to use and works just like the outliners on my Macs twenty or thirty years ago Except that it is MUCH more fun to use with the iPads touchscreen I can outline articles or newsletters or simply jot down ideas much more quickly here in Outliner than in just about any other app on my iPad Being in outline format where you can simply tap the triangles to hide or show child items or whole sections you can quickly find related items and put your new idea in context Or notIve always loved outliners since my first Mac using ThinkTank and Acta and More Pencil and paper could never match a computer too much scribbling erasing and filling in margins I never got into the habit of cutting the paper into thin strips or using index cards which were too expensive anyway and better used as flash cards Once affordable home computers appeared outlining on pieces of paper was instantly obsolete Thanks Steve and Steve And thanks to Dave Winer for his early easytouse outlinersYou can write almost anything with Outliner Ive written articles where I outlined each paragraph Each sentence was a different item and sometimes even each phrase so that I could rearrange them until I achieved the impact I wanted Im sure that people have written books with it Ive tried but I never had the endurance nor the typing speed For people like me Outliner is better suited to writing poetry or lyrics or short stories And it should be great for constructing jokes I use the iPhone version for grocery lists and to jot down or even dictate ideas Maybe I should try dictating a novel in Outliner on my iPad That would be doable Apple has a great dictation feature using Siri Might even be fun When does NaNoWriMo start Why wait                My favorite outliner
This app is easy and doesnt have any frills that get in the wayCons Only outputs in opml and it doesnt interoperate well with other programs that use the formatIt would be great if it could import and export to word processor formats I would like to see Word doc Powerpoint ppt odf and the likeI will probably get the iPhone version for my iTouch in the hopes they interoperate well A tad expensive since they have to be purchased separately                Simple Great
I use a lot your app but I need color or bold text please GOD bless you             The best but add color or bold
This may be a bit long but please read on It may save you a lot of time and trouble I really have tried ALL of the outline apps for the iPad save for one omnioutline because it was way to much money and the reviews were not good enough to blow 20 on the app just to try it but if I had it would have been the most expensive app I have ever owned I digress Sorry I just got SO cheesed off at the other outline apps Overpromising and Underdelivering on their claims of the greatness This is the closest Ive found to a true layout and numbering system for an outline app AND IT HAS UNDO Undo was missing from the others save one that would let you step back once unless you did something else then no dice If you think undo is no big deal Wait until you lose a tree of information or an entire outline by hitting an errant keystroke and you experience the stomach dropping realization that you cant get it back I would highly recommend this app to anyone looking for an outlining app Its easy to learn it had a nice tutorial layout easy to use it actually does what you expect when you try to use it the online outline and syncing aspect was a breeze and the price was right I wish I had started with this one because it cost plenty to try the rest only to end up with the best one for my purposes for not a lot of money Its simple and true to the outline concept Good job on this one dev Thanks             Ive tried them all This is my winner
This is a truly wonderful and very useful and usable app Compared to it many other apps for notetaking seem gimmicky Some are cool Ill admit but Outliner is pure Classic in its focus on creating nofuss outlines to give both great flexibility AND maximum control The latest version is even more constructively powerful by its ability to focus in on any suboutline you may be working with removing the surrounding clutter until youre ready to rejoin it Great search And by the way Outliner is also considerably enhanced by the new Icons feature of IOS8 The icons add flair to your outline and even better you can search on the icon For example whenever I create an item that has to do with music I now insert a musical note Then later I can quickly search all the iitems that have musical notes This is quicker and more intuitive than formal tagging svhemes Terrific App all around                This App gets better and better Close to perfect
Facilitates navigating from the high level concepts to the gritty details and back Ive used this tool for years to compose speeches develop programs plan meetings prepare debates design experiments outline book manuscripts and more This is easily one of my top five musthave tools                Thought navigator refiner
Dropbox support is most welcome just waiting for the option to choose font and type sizes This is still my most used and most useful app Keep up the great work                Keeps getting better
I am an outline nut going back 30 yrs to PCOutline Grandview ECCO Pro and I love this app Its not a doeverything app but for personal project planning it hits the sweet spot Having it on my iPhone iPad and Windows web makes it ubiquitous which is really the most important feature for a productivity appI do project planning at my PC tweak and update projects with my iPad in my easy chair in the evenings and then have my project lists with me in the car out in the yard or in the shop on my iPhone Tap synch and all platforms are seamlessly synced The notes feature is great alsoCould not be more pleased                Excellent iPad iPhone Desktop versions
Love carbon but would really like the option to choose a color theme I really prefer the grey             Color themes
THE BEST APP SIMPLE USEFUL SYNCING EXCELLENT I usually dont write review but this app does so much for me and it is so convenient that I was compel to write a review This is worth more than 5 starsI work in clinic I put all my notes in this app online And they are in my iPad and iPhone instantly Notes Many info that I want immediate access are hereRemindersMeetingsProjectsThings need to get done With completion status barIt does not have a lot of eye candy graphic it is very simple to use And work seamlesslyAnd putting info on web site and sync it instantly is a blessingYou can save to Dropbox But your info store on this app web site anywayGreat app worth every penny Developer promise PDF export And that will really make it complete                The best app for note or tasks and project
This is a really good app It does outlining just outlining really well Which is why it is so frustrating that after 4 years the developers still havent released a version adapted to the IPAD What you get is two iPhone screens sitting next to each other crowding the space and making it harder to actually write Carbonfin you brought in focus in this release Thats a nice adaptation to the small ipad screen So put in full screen landscape mode in the next version PleaseOld review Functionwise this is the best outliner in the store Although it doesnt have the fancy formatting of omnioutliner it also doesnt require their proprietary format And Dropbox sync means I can avoid Carbonfins sync services toothats goodProblem as its been since the beginning this app in landscape remains two iPhone screens glued together Full screen mode in landscape would be easier to use with large outlines better looking and would prevent me from unwanted touches on the list of outlines Please please give us full screen mode in landscapeas Ive been asking for three years now All other apps do it so I know you can too          Needs full screen mode in landscape
This is quite a good app right now It could be better see below but the features are therea Outliner a 5Almost perfect Love the notes This makes follow up of actions and progress very convenient I love the fact that an entry can be just text or a task Extremely powerfulb Text Editing a 4Very basic Would love that the numbering system will be exported It is far more easier to refer to actions by a number rather than by the full title c Exporting 3Only exports files attachments A full HTML text export will be more than usefuld Sync 5Dropbox sync works perfectlye File system 3Very rudimentary The work around is to export the Outline as a mail and save the mail in an other application that offers file management featuresf Task Management 4No real task management feature assignee due dateg Conclusions and suggestionsAn App with a lot of potential Deserves the 4 but not yet the 5May I suggest CarbonFin work with other companies to INTEGRATE their products together then offering a full feature product that can be a real hit amongst the professionnal community For instance but I do not pretend to make CarbonFin strategy I use a lot Notebooks because of their text editing their powerful mail system and the real file management system But Notebooks is missing an Outliner badly nd also a more powerful task management system Combining the two products will lead to a fantastic productCongratulations guys this is a an App with plenty of potential             Good start
Bought this hoping to use it to construct outlines and transfer same to Word via Dropbox for further development Text transfers but ALL outlining hierarchy is lost causing much doover If you want a captive to iPad app or intend to buy the very expensive OmniOutliner go ahead and get this Its good for only iPad use as far as Im concerned       Forget it for Word use


Compatible with iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.2 or later.
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iOS / 3.0.1
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iOS Outliner for iPad 3.0.1 Mobile

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Outliner for iPad

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