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FiftyThree, Inc. , brings Paper by FiftyThree with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Paper by FiftyThree app has been update to version 1.0.24 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


Paper is where ideas begin. It’s the easiest and most beautiful way to create on iPad. Capture your ideas as sketches, diagrams, illustrations, notes or drawings and share them across the web.


Mobile creation done right.
Paper was designed from the ground up for touch and creating on the go. No fussy buttons, settings or other distractions. Paper works the way you think, like a familiar notebook or journal. Have all of your ideas with you in one place.

Paper by FiftyThreePaper by FiftyThree
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Essential tools, settings-free.
Productivity meets beauty. No settings. Always beautiful—like great tools should be. Just pick up a tool and instantly begin to Sketch, Write, Draw, Outline and Color. Draw comes free with Paper.


Purchase additional tools from the in-app store:
::Sketch. Ideas start here. The pencil blends from light to dark for sketching scenes, objects, and thoughts in rough form.
::Write. Words never looked so beautiful. Write messages, add captions, or create lists with this quality ink pen.
::Outline. Think bold. Graph insights, create a storyboard, or outline a presentation with this marker. Black lines stay black.
::Color. Give color to your ideas. Move from a light wash to deep, rich color in one stroke with this watercolor made easy. You`ve got to try it.
Paper by FiftyThree


Expressive Ink Engine.
Our custom ink engine reacts to your movements to optimize each tool for the process of creation. Get a range of expressions from a single tool without fussing with settings for great handwriting, beautiful coloring, and sketching that just works.


Retina Resolution.
Built for the new iPad`s brilliant display. With a full 2048x1536 canvas, see stunning details in your creations you couldn’t before—like pencil texture and watercolor edge bleed.


Paper the web.
Share your ideas instantly. Stream pages to Tumblr, send them over email, or share pages with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.


If you are iPad owner,you now can download Paper by FiftyThree for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 27.5 MB to download. The new Paper by FiftyThree app version 1.0.24 has been updated on 2014-11-23. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Paper by FiftyThree check developer FiftyThree, Inc.`s website :


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As the title says WORST APP EVER If you try to switch to a different drawing you end up scribbling all over the design you already have and when youre drawing it will switch to a different page and you cant get back And theres no eraser so as I said before once you try to switch drawings and end up scribbling on your picture you cant erase itYou end up ruining all your work because this app is so terrible    WORST APP EVER DO NOT DOWNLOAD
I liked paper when you could make different books or journals and you could flip through the pages I had a place for everything Now that the update has collections I dont know how to find anything and I think its unorganized and confusing Please bring the books back that was a wonderful thing and more realistic No artist is going to put their sketches ideas and final art in the same place Plese change it back       Change it back
This app use to be great but know every thing that was good about it has been taken away I applaud paper 53 for finally giving the option to import photos but other then that there is not much to love about the update It took away the ability to share your art with the 53 community and the simplicity of the app has been lost in its attempt to make it more of a productivity app It is almost like they have tryed to create a whole new app with the same tools and is a little clunky at best bring back the old 53 but leave the new abilitiesPlus now you are coming up with bug fixes for a version of an app no one likes instead of fixing the complaints       I use to love this app
Ive been using Paper as my sketchbook for a good while now and have really loved it The new v3 update though is putting a damper on the love Im not a fan of the new piles of paper that have replaced the notebooks I use different notebooks for different subjects and much prefer to keep images behind closed doors If Im showing grandma my safe for work drawings I really dont want her getting peeks at my nsfw stuff You should at least do an update that lets us restore the notebook format if preferredIm not thrilled that you took away the twofinger undo That was just cool and worked into my workflow The BIGGEST problem now is you took away the ability to flip through pages while in full screen Why That was a great feature Now I have to back out of a drawing in order to flip through drawings Please bring it backAddendum Every time I open Paper after this update I hate it more and more You had a great focused tool for artists But I guess the developers couldnt relate so it became this mess of diagramming and notetaking tools with a terrible UI I bought both Paper and Pencil in good faith and with this update youve removed features that were part of the reason I made those purchases I want my money back    I hope v3 is just a misstep
I hate the new update Do not waste your time on this app Its all a jumbled mess Especially when the multitouch gestures NEVER work Its way to glitchy and WONT EVER SIGN ME IN IT GETS STUCK O PN THE LOADED SCREEN EACH TIME Also people on this app are very rude and will draw all over your hardwork Dont download    HATE IT
Why doesnt this latest version even recognize my account when I attempt to sign in I bought the full version even their pencil and was enjoying using it If you wont allow me access for something I paid you for refund me my money Youre losing a great deal of fans and suspect youll continue to do so if a fix is not availableyesterday    What the hell
I used to rave about this app because of its intuitive touch features clever magnification and focus on sketchbook and journaling Now the app has been completely neutered and their expensive pencil has lost its critical eraser functionality It used to be about creating art now its inly about keeping up with the cultlike designoverfunction trend of wannabe highend iOS apps Hey it might look nice and clean and sterile but thats not why people used this app This is just ANOTHER slap in the face after thy removed their paywall and gave all features for free while providing nothing to the people who spent the money over two years to buy those tools Get it together    Former Paper Promoter pencil perils
This is my go to app for ideas while traveling and preparing presentations The iPhone version works well for me                One destination for all my ideas
There are a lot of new and welcome additions to the app but the sweeping sudden changes to the way paper now works are unbearable at times Gone are the neat journals we all loved Theyve been replaced with cluttered stacks of paper Eliminating the simple two finger rewind gesture was a mistake The gesture was fluid and immersive where as now having to hit a rewind button or double tap completely takes you out of the zone when sketching    Headed in the wrong direction
I dont like the new layout its just so confusing to me I like the journals better Now I have to get used to the new design Ugh please change it back Paper          I miss the old layout
Please I liked it how it was       Please turn it back to normal
After purchasing the App and the Pencil and using what was a beautifully assembled application for iPad the newest update ruined all the uniqueness of this app The organization of the previous work space into neat artists journals was more pleasing than the helter skelter view you see now The addition of photo capability pleases a few but not me I joined a community within 53 Paper that was focused on pure hand rendered art calligraphy and collaboration art pieces I can no longer recommend this app The update was sudden and without warning to the severity of its changes to those who had been loyal to the apps creators What a shame Nothing unique here anymore    Hurt and Confused
So surprised at all the whiny reviews This app with its upgrades is awesome So many ways to get creative So easy to share The new layout is great So nice to see my drawings side by side Great job                LOVE this app
thats what I think and Im not taking it back                good before better now
I love this app The new update was amazing All of the new add ones are fun and addicting Thank you 53 for creating this app                The new update
60 for a pen that only works it magic on one app       60
This used to be a neat and organized workspace and not it seems cluttered and messy The notebooks were better looking but the stack of papers could have its place too just not as the main way to view your items The two finger rewind is still there but it isnt as intuitive since its a little hidden Im all for new functionality some people like to have an all purpose notebook for their lists sketches etc but there is no sync function between iPhone and iPad so I dont see these functions as being very useful if theyre compartmentalized       Weird update
Updated review after a few days using the new appPaper is no longer a sketch app for iPad it is for notes and photo annotation on iPhone with sketches It is free now but requires you sign up for their cloud service We all know what that means As a notes app I think this is seriously lacking in practical usefulness It is slick and fun but it does not sync across devices and it lacks the level of integration with other apps that you can a get with the native Notes app for iOS 9 And that app does it without a 3rd party signup that leaves the security of your information in strange hands As for photo annotation It is extremely limited The spotlight and doodle features are finebut limited and there are far better and less buggy options that again will sync across devices The ONLY thing that truly distinguishes your app are the sophisticated sketch tools and the oncevibrant and enthusiastic Mix community and you have clearly made that a low priority now I would bet that most of the users you are aiming for on iPhone people making charts and graphs and mockups for work have no use for a colorpicker blend function etc or a Pencil for that matter A bit of an identity crisis that dilutes effectiveness of execution Id sayWhy in the world did you not just release a NEW APP for iPhone a notes app and leave the iPad app asis Did you really think that all your iPad users would be ok with an app that makes the iPhone user the focus The irony is if you had released a new app for notetaking every one of your fans would have happily paid to download it and use it and help you make it better By stepping all over the iPad app for iPhone users you have alienated a lot of the people who would make your new app a success and instead invoked a lot of bad reviews    What happened
Its not the paper I love any more Please go back to last version    Lost focus
This update destroys what was once the best most elegant and intuitive app on my ipad It has become now just like every other halfassed drawing app out there Not sure where I will turn now but it wont be to this Deleting the app as soon as I hit send on this review    Ugh What Have You Done
I like the watercolor It would be better if the 3 thinnest tools werent all about the same size Being able to type and add photos is usefull and the new undo is easier                Update
The big updatemajor redesign was on last version The reviews told the story 5 stars thousands of reviews before the baffling changes Then in less than a week 3 stars with over 500 reviews It seems they are covering up the true reviews for the new version of Paper Bring back the cool features and keep it elegant like before    Used to be cool
This isnt even the same app Sure you can still access the sketching tools but they now seem like an afterthought Paper is just another metoo todo list or notepad    From great to metoo note taking garbage
This used to be the best app iOS had to offer I upgraded my iPad a year ago just to use this app with a Pencil Both were worth it at that time The new update is a serious step backward for the UI Gone are the journals that helped mentally organize sketches and thoughts These are now replaced with piles of mess An exploded space view could have been added as a function of the journal Frankly it now looks a little more like my desk without the option to clean it up Paper by 53 lost its soul to become a PowerPoint slide maker Thats too bad List making It feels as if there were a few other odd apps thrown into the mix for good measure Absolutely hate the social login requirement I want more privacy The core functionality is still there it is just hidden beneath an ugly UI and crapware    Serious step back
The things I loved about Paper which I assume are some of the things that everyone also loved have been lost in updates that happened during a time when I was on hiatus from using the app which is a shame because those were the things that made it great The book style navigation is one of the biggies not only because it was intuitive but because it matched the moleskin books that FiftyThree touted as a great publication feature Instead theres this awful single page view which makes finding your drawings awkward and treats your drawing collections as the same with online collaborations No longer can you customize your virtual books or as they are now called spacesThe two finger rewind is another feature thats sorely missed It has been replaced with actual buttons on some task bar which is hidden when you are in full screen drawing mode Bringing up the color palette and tools is cumbersome because it interferes with iOSs control center arrow which means now youre not sure if youre bringing up the drawing tools or iOS control center Please bring back those features The direction the app is taking with UI innovation and productivity shortcuts is not only flawed but regressive in the worst way imaginable Previously I would have recommended the app to all my friends who are both artists and engineers Now Im not so sure The great things about Paper were its minimalist clean interface design Now it seems as though they have integrated new features and tools without much thought about how they will be used or even the extent to which they will be used resulting in a cluttered mess of an app There are other choices from other developers that promise to be much more functional and powerful and if Paper wants to move in that direction then I would recommend paying for those applications instead because they offer more With Paper less used to be great Now its become a deficiency because of what it aspires to be instead of how great it was          Used to be great Now it lost its focus
Ive had Paper for a couple couple years now and I had been consistently impressed by the new updates I love the new ability to add photos But unfortunately with the new update it has become less userfriendly Scrolling inbetween notebooks is touchy and why there are two different ways to view the pages The magnifying glass feature is annoying especially when I try to pan plus Ive lost perspective and I sorely miss the ability to use two fingers to rewind the replacement is nonunique and is harder to access Please fix          Failed update
Let me tell you as a UI designer I hate the new update Please bring back the old UI There were awesome time machine feature and now it seems replaced with tiny back arrow button Tool bar always stays on the bottom which distracts a lot for using the app or not blue to undo quickl with out toolbar I dont want to see my crazy drawing as not organized thumbnails Please consider the old UI You guys are losing the users This was my favorite app but now I am considering to delete it    Worst update
What happened to the notebooks What happened to replayingseeing remixes What happened to the undo button I have to open up the menu every time I want to erase a line This used to be a simple effective and easy to use app for creating and sharing art Now the app is impossible to navigate harder to draw with and people can trace anything they want Its just another productivity tool and there are a thousand other apps that do the same thingPS STOP TRYING TO HIDE THE BAD REVIEWS THE UPDATE IS STILL TERRIBLE    Used to be a beautiful drawing app
Like many of the other reviewers I purchased the original tools in Paper before everything was free I want to like this app like I used to but the changes are so drastic and I cantFirst the good there are easy options to create PDFs presentations and physical prints of your books and they work really well A for that as well as the cloud backups Unfortunately thats all the goodThe bad everything else The bookstyle way of navigating opening closing changes pages is gone It was so much more intuitive to pinch your fingers to close a book Not to mention the fast scrolling through the pages of a book worked great No more all the pages take awhile to load and are displayed all at once Pulling up the tool bar is also often confused with bringing up Apple Mission Control Undo has changed from the two finger counterclockwise gesture to actual icons which is a pain because you need to have the Tool Bar in the current view to undo The list goes onNote to FiftyThree teamUnderstand your users liked your app and its ease of use and never asked for more features We all understand your need to add features to stay relevant They are often good features with great implementation like cloud backups and exporting books However changing the way the tool looks and feels is a terrible idea If you want to do it provide options to retain the previous UI          Great New Features Poor Transition Doesnt Understand Users
I wrote a long note about how bad this app is now but all the other bad reviews are 100 right on Now I just want to say 53 what the hell were you thinking this new update is crap Im putting my pencil on the shelf and looking for a new app    dont buy this app until the ratings go back up
Why strip away an essential function PLEASE restore the undo gesture             Undo
So sick of every site and app trying to force a social aspect to every flipping thing you do I dont want your company snooping in my phone and mining data Deleted app immediately    Why emailFb required to use
So Ive been using this app for a long time and have always loved it I bought the pencil and all the tools and it was great The new update gave me one long awaited additionthe option to draw on my photos is EXACTLY what Ive been hoping would be added for a long time In factwhen I originally bought the app thats what I wanted to use it for BUT literally everything else from the update is TERRIBLE The pencil now has no purposes with the eraser option gone the rewind option was perfect and is not a hassle and the home screen looks like a huge mess Take it all back Except for the photo partthats awesome          Split Review
What was once innovative and a joy to use had become a total mess of forced social BS The UX is so atrocious I no longer use the app Zero stars    What happened
I love this app Keep up the good work                Love this app
While I appreciate that I can now use the app without having to sign in the removal of journals from at least the iPad version is a real disappointment I feel this is a misstepI used to love opening up Paper to sketch a quick note or idea Now I feel that the entire interface is cumbersome and uninviting Additional features are nice but the loss of simplicity is aggravating I wish that the new features could have been better integrated into the original nimble design It possibly goes without saying that I am not interested in any of the sharing capabilities I wish the barrage of social options were easier to ignoreBottom line the tools are solid But the toolbox is a depressing mess          Disappointing
FiftyThree has always been on the forefront of mobile design and with this update theyve proven they havent lost their touch                Phenomenal Design
Paper used to be a showcase app the one Id show as an example of what you can do on iOS The purity of it was immediately obvious Now its a mess Too many competing ideas most of which get directly in the users way of getting pen on paper I have a Pencil and use it with my iPhone and iPad but the deep menus the nagging idea I should be typing and drawing diagrams is distracting I paid for all the tools because I supported how focused the app was now its free and full of junk Id pay again to get the old focused version backAnd the new pile of loose papers on a desk idiom for organizing your drawings is so painfully bad you have to assume that whoever had any design sense at 53 is long gone       Example of poor design
Worst updates everWhen I move in space always inadvertently reversed the order of the pages When I write or draw always leak out because done buttons are located beneath accomplished hand Im really uncomfortable Very difficult to return to the previous operation as before I was really disappointed about this upgrade too bad    Worst updates ever
This is the most useful app on my iPhone I love being able to see all my notes at a glance Its nice to have different spaces for my different projects Im a writer editor so the new text and image import options make it super easy to store all the random ideas I have in both note and photo form                Best app on my iPhone
Boo Wheres the simplicity Wheres the natural twofinger rewind The challenge with these maturing app developers is they feel they need to keep adding more and more features STOP ITMake a new app if you want to add text lists dont split the focus on something that does the job REALLY WELL WITH A SIMPLE SET OF FEATURES    Boo Too many features
Dear people at 53 You guys have made the worst update ever Now the app is ugly and you took away journals Please bring back old interface and your ratings will go back up from majority one star to five stars    Worst update in history
Thanks for making me feel like Im using the app wrong and making it harder to rearrange my spaces or keep the contents of books private when showing off the app To me this was a moleskine and some art tools simulation but now its as if Im not wanted as a user Definite downgrade IMO wish I could Instead Ill just stop playing around with it or recommending to others Too bad that makes my Pencil a waste nowOh and you changed or took away the gestures that Id built up muscle memory for Thanks now my workflow is slower too VERY disappointing guys you really peed in the punch bowl2 thumbs down would not do business with again    Disappointed by update
Update 92015 Well Ive tried to give this a shot since I have a couple of pencils Was going to order another too but I dont think Im going to I really find the new interface much less intuitive than the old one It just doesnt work well Its hard to scroll through pages without inadvertently zooming into one Page zoom doesnt work well for small details Instead of just flipping to a fresh page you have to back out and click the plus button All of these new steps make this more like a generic drawing app than the old app I dont think most people used Paper as a productivity app but rather a creative app The new direction has ripped out the Papers soul and turned into a not bestofclass productivity app Im probably done with it Going to upgrade to the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil I anticipate it will be better all around solution for productivity and will search for something else to use for creative work Updatewell I found that rewind still works Just tap twice with two fingers and rewind And being able to use landscape or portrait orientation is nice but cant you do that with the old notebook look How about giving people the option of using spaces OR notebooks to organize It would have been useful to be able to move multiple pages also instead of one page at a time Im indifferent about importing photos or text That wasnt what I was using it for And figure out what youre trying to do with the communitypleaseUpdated reviewWell they did it Paper is now like every other notepadnotebook app out there now Theyve totally lost their mojo Ive been using this since they launched and have a couple of pencils When they went away from being a software company I thought it was the beginning of the end Its now confirmed Spaces dont work well I keep closing the pile when its supposed to be scrolling Liked the notebooks much better You cant order the spaces either Seriously guys you lost me Original reviewI dont understand the reviews Im reading here though they seem to be gripes with the in app purchase model I am an artist and I have no complaints The tools just work really well and I would gladly pay the 199 for them I especially love the brush tool and the pen tool but each have a feel that is unique and wonderful My least favorite is probably the marker That one seems a bit generic Ive done more cool drawings in this app in a day than with the other tools over a few weeks including sketchbook pro    Used to be a great appbut no more
UPDATE 2 So the undo gesture is still there but its hidden behind a twofinger tap Why Because of the iPhone The magnifying glass wouldnt work on such a small screen so they replaced it with a standard zoom That means that the view doesnt snap back so there needs to be a way to pan around Enter the twofinger pan which would mess with the undo gesture So they had to add a gesture in between to activate it So basically they dumbed down the iPad version in the name of making the iPhone version Incidentally the new UI also requires an extra tap to get to a page Not good UPDATE It was fun while it lasted This used to be a clean purpose built drawing app The previous update introduced shapes and arrows but was still clean and useful but thisNotebooks Gone Magnifying glass Gone Undo gesture Gone All the style and feel just gone I loved this because it was a brilliant virtual sketchbook that was pleasant to use but now its just as messy and generic as most of whats out there Its probably still a 2 star app at least but Im going with 1 star because they know better They had it and they threw it all away Such a shameORIGINAL 5 star REVIEW I love this app its simple and beautiful and just a joy to use I wasnt sure about the Pencil though so I held off buying it and t ride some other things firstWell I recently returned an Adonit Jot Touch stylus and ordered the Pencil and the difference is remarkable The Pencil is just a joy to use It feels so Right I guess The Adonit has more features sure but they only got in the way The palm rejection was mediocre and the accuracy was remarkably hit or miss He Pencil on the other hand works exactly as its supposed to The only thing is that occasionally I wont press down quite hard enough and it will think its a touch rather than the Pencil I simply set the touch to do nothing and its not a problemIm so glad I took the chance on ordering a Pencil Its made Paper my go to app for sketching and should allow me to carry only my iPad every day and leave my Moleskines at home if I want toSure some complain about the lack of true pressure sensitivity or the limitations of the Paper app but I wouldnt have it any other way    Just another messy do everything app now
Especially the rewind gesture PLEASE    Please bring back the old school gestures
I was an early adopter of paper and paid for all the tools I loved the beautiful design and found it a joy to use Now Im deleting it Forcing me to create an account now to use the app I paid for is unacceptable The app has lost its focus and I dont need another productivity app Ive got those already    What a disappointment
What happened to the intuitive fun creative app Bring back the swipe to undo this is feeling like a corporate app designed by committee instead of the fun creative app built by an artist Call the old one Paper lite or something it was much better Boo to bloat ware Boo to undo buttons how old are those Boo to this version    Boo
When Im drawing I wonder Only if you could increase or decrease the radius of my pencil I would be happier On the other hand I would like the application has options blurring Thats all that I would change Thank you keep go in          Only if


FiftyThree, Inc.
27.5 MB
Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.0.24

iOS Paper by FiftyThree 1.0.24 Mobile

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