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3909 , the publisher behind many iOS app (灌篮高手(篮球飞人)漫画-高清完整版-体育热血励志 ,幽游白书漫画-高清完整收藏-经典神作-豆豆游 ,Writers` Blocks ,Pocket Dojo ,《中国四大名著》原版全集书籍-豪华典藏-豆豆游 ,B`TX钢铁神兵漫画-高清完整珍藏版), brings Papers, Please with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Papers, Please app has been update to version 1.0.6 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I wouldn't call it a casual game..
  • best pc game of 2013 x2192..

Overall Satisfactionc93
We'll find out in this amazing game.
One of the best games I've ever played in my entire life.
This is one of the best games I have played ever.
I greatly recommend this game.
Best Game in a Long Time.
Best game on IPad.
Better than sex.
Fun & Engagingc90
This is an awesome game.
Sooooooo much fun.
Totally addicted.
Replay Valuec62
Great game great story great replay value.
it's challenging.
Production Valuesc87
It also has catchy music and sound effects.
right down to the sound effects used.

and a good way to pass some time. found in 1 reviews
This is the game of the year. found in 2 reviews
Art style is fantastic. found in 2 reviews
Easily the best game I've ever downloaded. found in 1 reviews
A great port of a very unique game. found in 3 reviews
20 different endings and everything you do effects the game. found in 3 reviews
This is the most immersive game I've played in ages. found in 1 reviews
I actually preferred touch controls to the regular mouse. found in 3 reviews
You really have to pay attention to every single detail. found in 1 reviews
but while the visual appeal of this game is great. found in 1 reviews
but it is too frustrating on this old iPad dog. found in 1 reviews
Works poorly on original iPad. found in 1 reviews
Good but occasional glitch. found in 1 reviews
Fix it and I'll give five stars. found in 1 reviews
Spend your money elsewhere. found in 1 reviews
Don't know what the fuss is about. found in 1 reviews
First off it's needs a tutorial it's too confusing without one. found in 1 reviews
But because the limited memory issues of the original iPad. found in 1 reviews
I can't believe I spent $7 on this steaming pile of garbage. found in 1 reviews
if ENDLESSLY crosschecking names/dates/locales/ serial numbers /etc. found in 1 reviews
What a complete waste of money and time. found in 1 reviews
This is a time wasting activity app… and no graphics are horrible. found in 1 reviews
Horrible Game. found in 1 reviews

The Papers, Please is now available for $5.99 for iPad owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 30.1 MB to download. The new Papers, Please app version 1.0.6 has been updated on 2014-12-12. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Requires iOS 5 or later. Compatible with iPad.
Bottom Line: For more information about Papers, Please check developer 3909`s website :

A dystopian document thriller. The award-winning, critically-acclaimed border inspector game, now for your iPad. 25%-off during launch weekend Get it now ...
Neat game interesting for a few days Then it s kind of repetitive and boring Which I wouldn t even mind since it s so unique But it s insane that you have to PAY for it at all never mind the high price I regret buying it sorry             Not worth Okie dokie okie dokie
Based on the mathematical concept of permutation combination using a bunch of variables Fun and replayable                 Fun cool game reeen11
Good game and all but i get stuck everytime and if your recreating the game make it 2 by all of the bugs     What just sit there Yyhnj
This game is amazing good work                     Great game Sniperwarper
Add true story mode and here are rules you have to beat day 100 and then there will be a sad ending and you will be put on leader board fastes time beaten and if you get first citiaon you will be fired please add this I rate five stars this game is so fun                     True story Ktju
The game starts out simply enough but quickly the layers start to seep in and a simple mechanic leads to some complex and thought provoking moments Art                     Fantastic OriginalKidbacon
I very much enjoy playing this game                     Perfect game Owens783
Papers Please is a fun game with alternative endings I ve be waiting for years for a game like this to come out on the App Store great game keep up the good work Oh by the way way worth the money However I have 1 concern first is the expiration dates Some times the documents excluding passports because they can expire anytime stuff like the entry permit expire before they were even a thing in the game which is weird                     Addicting Fggfgbvdfbbnbff
It made me laugh it made me think and it made me cry Great game with amazing dialogue characters gameplay and concept Worth every penny                     FIVE FREAKING STARS Insanity master
Is gud                     Best iPad game ever CorHey94
Plz thank you for your adding a korean                     Plz Adding a Korean laguage toytak
Incredibly stupid that the game does not work in landscape orientation mode Its fun as hell but it hurts my comfort my case sets my ipad on landscape always        Does not work in landscape orientation
I cant believe I spent 7 on this steaming pile of garbage I feel like playing this game is comparable to wandering down to the local convenience store and paying the guy behind the counter 7 to do his job for the afternoon What a complete waste of money and time     What a waste
Thought provoking addictive can play for a long time or in short spurts The life of a passport control agent is hard                 Perfect Game for this medium
Great game was good on PC and is now even better with touch Jorji is always welcome in Arstotzka passport or no passport                 Glory to Arstotzka
The d                 AMAZING GAME
I was addicted to this game on PC and always thought it would make a perfect tablet game So stoked for it to be on my ipad                 Love it
This is totally a different game that im use 2more shootem up and action gamesit really takes sometimes 2 getting use 2U really have 2pay close attention 2 details in this gameits almost like have a JOBand I work two JOBSbut I do LUV It                 This is totally a different game
Such a great game Ive been waiting patiently for an iOS port for a while now and it actually exceeded my expectations Great job 3909 Some people are saying that the game gets harder as it requires you to cross examine more information which is true however if youre not very good at spotting inconsistencies then this game might be too intense for you Go into the settings and set it to easy mode if youre finding that youre not intelligent enough for the regular gameplay                 Not for the dim witted
Read the reviews thought to myselfdoesnt send like theres much to this game for the eight bucks But I figured why not give it a go anyways Should have walked away for anything over 299 Oh well They got my money           Uhhno
I got this game with very high expectations and it went over and beyond The gameplay is amazing its a small 1st person shooter puzzle solver and just a flat out amazing game Now its not for everyone though It keeps on adding stuff on and on It gets out of hand So people who dont like multi tasking dont get this game Other than that but this game IMMEDIATELY Totally worth the money                 BEST GAME EVER
I bought it it is not on my home menu I cant even play this GREAT game Help Unknown kolten                 HELP ME
I watched this on PC and really really wanted it Then the day I have been waiting for happened It was expensive but worth it I do recommend creators that you should randomize the code for endless instead of having people just look it up like I did                 My mind is blown
Id consider myself a somewhat serious gamer but while the visual appeal of this game is great it does nothing to provide an innovative andor fun gaming experience at all I found the mechanics to be lacking and the fun factor if such a thing is possible in a dystopian environment all but completely missing Spend your money elsewhere because the screenshots of the game are about as good as it gets        Pretty Weak
I saw this on a pc game site and I really wanted to try it but was bummed that it was only pc because I only have an iPad to play games on Glad it got ported it Im really enjoying it and hope more indie devs keep porting to ios Update rule book does not include passport confiscation on day 24 for natives from Altan so I get a citation every time because there is no way to prove a discrepancy making it unplayable              Thank You
ThisgameisthebestApp Store GameIveeverplayedMaybe for part two your name was pulled from the labor lottery again and you half to work in a mine or be a border guard                 Great game plus an idea
Um where is Landscape Mode Other than that fault I find it to be an interesting and amusing game           Landscape Mode
Fun game that challenges the mind                 Amazing
One if the best ipad ports I have ever bought if you are up for a challenge go ahead and try                 One of the best
This is a weird one and definitely not for everyone but it definitely has a niche to fill Fundamentally Papers Please is a combination memoryfind the difference game Make no mistake this is a game about a tedious job vetting travel documents Boring Maybe for some but if you actually embrace the challenge of it see how good you can be its very entertaining and a good way to pass some time No IAP no nonsense Good all the way around                 A different kind of puzzle
It isnt very accurate but still very entertaining                 Amazing Gameplay
This is an amazing game however I think its a little overpriced and is definitely not for everyone Make sure to look at the description so you know its something you want              Overpriced but good
It starts off simple make sure passports are in date then a person from a rebel group needs your help then people need an entry permit then terrorist attack and you are given a gun to use for attacks then the ministry of information questions you about the group of rebels then people tell you there sob story and why you should let them in There are 14 REAL endings to this game 6 are just you shooting guards or innocents with the gun they give you I greatly recommend this game                 I THINK I FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS GAME
Im glad they made it an app                
This app is not for everyone but if you like games with big decisions and griping story lines then this game is for you it in my opinion is an amazingly fun and amazing game so GET IT                 Dark yet amazingly amazing
this a very well done game and is probaly my game of the year for a second time                 best app ever
I wasnt sure about this game at first Thought really how fun would it be to play as a boarder agent Then I bought it I absolutely love this game I love how you have choices as well Hmm do I allow this terrorist agent into the country to fulfill their plan Or have them detained lol Great game Addicted At one point my whole family was sick so I accepted a bribe That landed me in jail Love it                 Fantastic
This game is extremely good and the fact that it was developed by only one person makes it special However it is intensively praised in most of the comments so I will only concentrate on the reasons why I am not rating it 5 stars it has 20 possible endings but some of them are almost identical and only ONE ending is considered correct This is not fair since some of the alternative endings require a similar amount of effort of course I am not talking here about failing to pay rent or starving your family to death the game deceives you into thinking you can influence the future For example at some point a journalist tries to enter the country with only a press pass If you deny his entrance he will write an article about border control refusing his entry without reason so an official decision is made that from now on you will need to provide a reason for declined entries This makes the game very difficult from that point However if you let the journalist in the next day you get the same result and you will still need to provide a reason for declines           deceiving at times
I like never write reviews for apps that I buy I simply rate it with the stars However this game absolutely deserves a review because of what a masterpiece it is in terms of the amazing story you are apart of I found myself having to question my morals and making very tough decisions in the game because of the life and death power which you have Its the plot and the harsh and desperate atmosphere which you are placed in that turns on your survival instinct and pits it up against your morals I have never played a game whether it be PC or apps that is like this one and this app has become one of my favorite games of all time                 A truly unique game
This game is so fun but it would be better if I could play sideways              Would be bitter if I could play sideways
If you crave a unique wellwritten quaint video game experience this holiday season I highly recommend this game It has seamless and addictive mechanics and is relatively challenging compared to other recent popular ios titles Also I greatly enjoyed this game on steam for PC and as far as ports go this and FTL also phenomenal are the two best PC to ios ports Ive seen all year That being said this games concept was not meant to be extremely exciting It has a realist style and has a dark storyline not for the feint of heart or the easily tempered The seamless touch screen mechanics and the dark yet warm aesthetic make this a solid choice for people who want a unique mobile gaming experience                 Phenomenal BUT NOT FOR EVERYONE
I love this game especially when Im bored of my other games                 Best game
You either love this game or hate it Gets boring after a while but if you just play other things for a bit then its good 20 different endings and everything you do effects the game Love it              Very good concept
I just love this game the first version this version If your into puzzling timed challenges youll love papers please Trust me youll love it but I recommend you watch some videos on it first                 GLORY TO ARSTOTZKA
Good but occasionally I will get fined for wrong travel reason on permit but it wasnt wrong Fix it and Ill give five stars              Good but occasional glitch annoying
This is the second best game on my iPad after FTL and it is a close contender for first The graphics look absolutely amazing and emotions are strong throughout Its amazing that this is not featured or in the top charts                 Fantastic
This game is amazing BUT this is one of the darkest and most disturbing games Ive played Its thrilling but also terrifying at times Only buy this if you can take that because there are a lot of very very very scary and dark moments                 Amazing game but dark as night
Completely pointless This game caters to people whose destiny in life is bureaucrat     Pointless
Just like the title sez If your an old school gamer and liked games like Where in the World is Carmen Sandeago you will like this one                 I love it Best game on IPad
This game is fun and interesting Despite the seemingly tedious nature of the tasks it requires keen eyes and quick reactions Its the best brain game ever There is an amazing openended storyline woven throughout It aint easy but if you can reach the end its totally worth the effort As a history geek I found the experience of living life as a peon in repressive communist eastern european country take your pick delightfully depressing Really makes you appreciate what you got                 Pretty much awesome
Cant put it down                 What a great piece of entertainment
Fans of the desktop version will love this one It is just so near perfect                 Excellent in nearly every way
Well worth the money Bewarethis game is addicting and challenging Very fun                 Tremendously satisfying
Impressive game Im hooked Simple premise incredibly difficult novel funny but probably not for everyone This is not an action game More like a puzzle game with a twist If youre type A or a lawyer or love politics youll probably like it a lot If you want a quick fix you probably wont                 Remarkable Unique
This is is the only review I have ever felt the need to write but this cant go on Terrible game Overpriced and boring Dont waste your money     Who would rate this 5 stars
This game is amazing because its not a high budget first person shooter or something like that and if you care about graphics and call yourself a MLG pro this is not the game for you But if you want a interactive experience where five in game bucks could save you from jail and the clock is your worst enemy Its good to be a nice or horrible person because its your choice and your not a one man army And you feel pity for some characters There is a man that no matter how many times you detain him he says that you are doing a good job at your job So overall it is a good game                 Worth it but not for all
The game runs very well and is very addictive The only problem is you cant play sideways I use and ipad so it can sometimes bother you                 Just amazing
This game feels like having a crapy desk job Why is that entertaining     Why so popular
I cant believe how drawn I seem to be to what should be a dull and depressing game As the challenges progress you can really get into the mood Maybe its growing up during the Cold War but it just feels real                 Oddly fascinating
I must admit Im usually the last person on Earth who will go out and buy a game with poor graphics its just not my thing That said after reading reviews I took a chance on Papers Please and I must say I absolutely love it The story is interesting the challenges are real This game will definitely test your attention to detail I love how there are so many different ways the story can progress based on who you let enter the country and who you deny Its truly a fascinating game                 Skeptical at first
I love this game When I watch stephenplays play it I thought this is an intresting game also it has a plot                 Great game

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