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Wunderstadt GmbH , the publisher behind many iOS app (BauhausGuide ,Parkbud), brings Parkbud with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Parkbud app has been update to version 2.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.

Overall Satisfactionc82
Best Timer App.
This is one of the best apps available.
Amazingly great.
And one of the BEST DESIGNED apps here on the store.
a lovely icon for your springboard.
Fun & Engagingc98
Parkbud is beautiful and the new features are awesome.
and the new features are awesome.
Keep up the awesome job.
parking location even when gps not available.
Very useful in NYC.
this app is surprisingly useful.
when you set everything up and click the check button.
Simply Perfect - Essential tool.
Production Valuesc100
Pleasant interface and easy to use.
and the interface is gorgeous.
Amazing graphics.
Ease of Usec87
This app is very functional and easy to use.

This will become my go to location app. found in 4 reviews
I just figure I'll set my alarm to wake up 10 seconds earlier. found in 1 reviews
It has saved me from getting meter parking tickets. found in 5 reviews
It's so delicious you'll want to eat it. found in 2 reviews
-Google maps allows to drop a pin at your car's location. found in 3 reviews
a location guide with points of interest descriptions ratings and contact info. found in 1 reviews
then feed the meter from any kiosk in the vicinity. found in 2 reviews
Please update to be compatible with iPad or remove the misleading info. found in 1 reviews
if you click on the time area on the front of the ap
needs polish. found in 1 reviews
Crashes when using camera. found in 1 reviews
Nearby places error. found in 1 reviews
I like this application but I am missing one feature. found in 1 reviews
Only suggestion would be direct entry of meter expiration time. found in 2 reviews
20 seconds launch time and haven't updated in a year. found in 2 reviews
there's barely any room for the actual car locator. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Parkbud for $1.99 from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 9.1 MB to download. The new Parkbud app version 2.0.1 has been updated on 2014-11-05. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Parkbud check developer Wunderstadt GmbH`s website :

A Hand-Sculpted Luxury Parking App for your Car. Built to be Enjoyed. Parkbud is a high-end, immersive Car Locator and Parking App that turns the stress of remembering where and when you parked into a worry-free, ...
Just slightly more complicated than I would personally like but you can have simple or you can have feature rich and not both I think they struck a nice balance here and the interface is gorgeous I had been using sally park but ads on the pro version and serious bugs drove me away Now that I found this I wont go back to sally park even if they fix the problem Its truly everything you could ever need in a parking metergarage app              Really well done
Excellent app for traveling                 Apple fan
Usage tip tap the clock to go straight to the numeric input panel rather than trying to drag the needle in an analog fashion to set your parking meter time limit At first I thought the idea of a standalone app for timing your parking meter was dumb However using the devices builtin stopwatch or other generic timers really misses the mark On the other hand this app is surprisingly useful I could do without some of the animated flare that slows things down a bit But thats a minor annoyance which hopefully will be disabled through an optional setting in the future                 Surprisingly useful
Says googlelocaldomainname error 500 or something close to that so no places show not even in the big city nearby And app crashed twice other than that I can see me using this to find my car maybe hmm lol        Nearby places error
Program crashes all the time     Full of bugs
Super slick nice UI and tons of features Hands down the best parking app on the App Store This app will not disappoint                 Best Parking App
Parkbud is beautiful and the new features are awesome I especially like the local places guide and navigation Its become my go to location app                 Fantastic travel app
This app is simplepretty and very useful Its a must have app                 Simply Perfect Essential tool
must have app a lot of useful features love it                 nono
The makers of this app payed a lot of attention to the design and it shows It has a very nice UI and a good number of features Theres one thing thats just killing it for me and thats a lack of ability to plan ahead It will show me parking etc near where I am right now but I want to pull up where Im going and find my parking before I start Id rather not be fiddling with the app as Im driving I want to use it at home to decide where Im going to park then let the app get me there           Slick design but lacking
I like this application but I am missing one feature When I entered the timer value I would like to see also the time at when this timer will be expired              App is good but im missing one feature
Ive tried lots of parking apps and this is the only one that has everything Ive been looking for Easy to use Location timer photos notes Even has a warning alarm so you can get back to the car in time                 Finally found the perfect parking app
There are tons of parking apps out there and ive tried many of them But parkbud by far has the most features the best interface and is a real joy to use The new update makes it that much better Not only can you find and track parking but today i used it to find my bank nearby without having to leave the app My only wish is that they have more parking payment options in the phone where i could compare prices and pay directly Other than that it is definitely a must have app like others said and has become one of my top favorites                 Best parking and travel app
This app is worth my time to review Very well done UI App has all the functionality you would expect in a parking app and more                 Awesome
Yes the app is nearly useless and I rated it 4 stars The app design operation and stability is excellent Its easy to use looks good and very usable Excellent job by the developer So whats wrong You can store only one single location at a time When I go on a business trip I want to store the location of my car in the airport long term lot When I arrive where Im going I want to store the location of the car rental lot When I get to my hotel I want to store that location When I get to my office building I want to store that location and when Im out hunting lunch or dinner I want to store the location where Ive parked my rental car One location is useless to me              Nearly useless
This is a very good app              Very good
I thought the app would help find parking spots All it does is remind you where you parked with features already native to the iPhone     Dont get it
Easy to use great looking UI all the features you could ask for Keep up the awesome job                 Extremely Convienent App
Accurate easy to use              Excellent Easy to use
Update continues to satisfy What a pleasant surprise this app is a joy I used iCar before but the tag function for the car the most critical part of the app did not work reliably for me Enter Parkbud Car tagging meter timer with reminder routing back to car and picture of car work great The real star on this app though is the implementation Its just plain gorgeous and fun to use Its so delicious youll want to eat it I would take a half star back if I could for the note pad function The sensitivity needs to be tweaked a little Sometimes I need to rub the page several times before it will turn pages back for me Not a huge deal though Tip for urbanites you can use the app to tag any location not just your car Say youre shopping in midtown with your friends and you split up Tag your meet up point or a fave store you wanna nav back to and the app will take you back when youre ready Great job A PS Another reviewer mentioned the app crashed for him on initial installation It crashed for me too when trying to save pics I rebooted my iPhone and everything works fine                 So delicious you will want to eat it
This app has kept me from getting tickets so many times I often think Im going to spend only an hour in a place or I dont want to overpay so I put the minimum time in the meter I might be in a place This app integrates well into the iOS system and lets me know with plenty of time to go put more money in the meter Lots of useful extras too It does the one thing I need it the most for and thats let me know when the meter is up                 Great App
Im trying out this app and think it has some very nice features However there are couple of things that do not work for me 1 If I tap the button to find my car nothing happens No route is drawn The button just flashes and nothing else happens 2 When I tap on a button to find something like restaurants usually nothing happens I didnt want to put these comments into a review but I could not find another way to report the issues           Whats wrong
I like this app to locate my parked car anywhere                 Excellent
This is one of the best apps available unique and really fun to use                 Nice
This app is amazing Works perfectly Everybody need this app Congratulations to the founder good job                 Best app ever
This app is very functional and easy to use The user interface is clean and no unnecessary clutter It has saved me from getting meter parking tickets Easy to find my car from a huge parking lot                 Awesome easy to use and functional
To devs Im Tom on Twitter Feel free to respond and work to correct these issues First help screens everywhere And no amount of tapping makes them go away They just have to sit there for what feels like 15 seconds while you cant use the app Consider tap to dismiss ever And once one goes away another one randomly pops up More help I didnt ask for because you apparently forgot Id used the app before Secondly there is NO planning functionality This app was designed for those who wanna park NOW not plan their trip to find cheap safe parking and arrive early I wanna see what parking is by the Fox Theater in Atlanta so I scrolled there clicked parking and the map decided to rezoom on my current location 80 miles away Zoom out again and scroll and zoom in to where I think the theater is I guess So far Ive never gotten any use out of this app because it gets infuriating and easier to just look at satellite maps     Infuriating
Fabulous app A must have                 Great app
So many features for snapping photos setting alarms and taking notes Love it                 Great
Keeps tabs on time and location of your parked vehicle Saves from the parking tickets Pleasant interface and easy to use                 Time and Saver
I tried a couple others and this one is the best You can set the reminder times and the sounds                 Best parking app
Brilliant app                 Sammy Gee
Works beautifully                 Amazing
This is a one stop shop The year before I got this took 2 hours to find my car at a NFL stadium at night One year later Like I had a tour guide with me walking me to my car A tremendous time saver Best app on my iPhone                 The best ever
Works great and very useful when going out Love the GPS marker and meter timer 5 stars for design too Very slick looking                 Very useful app
So far Ive only used it for the car tag but it worked flawlessly on my honeymoon Multiple theme parks it led my wife and I back to the car with no issues              Great
This is one of my top 10 go to apps Saves me tons of                 Sweetest app
Just downloaded this app a few days ago So far it took me to all addresses I already knew to check it and it worked great Thanks for making such a great app                 Great ap
I finally found a parking app that suits my needs What more can you ask for Parking timer parking spots eateries gas stations it has everything I need A little shaky on finding my car but not a big deal right now Keep improving your app I do have one suggestion Why dont you add the hours andor minutes n the parking meter as well as a visual besides the timer I find myself glancing at the meter a lot Thanks                 Its About Time A Great Parking App
There are lots of parking apps but this one has the best graphic details and is the most intuitive in its use I deleted all the rest of my parking apps                 Graphics
Cant even figure out how to start the timer Total piece of crap Just use the built in timer on your phone     Crap
The alarm is loud enough to hear in a crowd The map leaves a lot to be desired Over all great parking app              Great parking app
No longer do I have to call the police thinking my car has been stolen only to find I simply misplaced my parking spot What life saver Downloaded it now and never take a ride with the police again                 This has been my go to app
Ive used this app for some time The get directions to walk back to my car button hasnt worked for a long time Also turning off sounds doesnt seem to actually turn off sounds so merely opening the app will stop playing musicpodcastsetc which is quite annoying I often have problems with the map zooming in and out while Im trying to find my way back to my car in theory if the walk back button actually worked I wouldnt have this issue In principle the app is good it just fails on polish and QA Ive started to just pin a bookmark in the maps app instead of opening this up           Almost good needs polish
This app works great you can keep track of where you park with a map as well as how much time you have left it has ton of other features as well give it a try its well worth it                 Best parking app ever
Simple elegant and great It takes the mundane experience of feeding a parking meter into a joy This is what every app should be a tight focus on a singular task with a thoughtfully designed user experience easy to use alarm sound is pleasing attention getting and like no other sound on your phone so it stands out Google maps allows to drop a pin at your cars location take a picturewe have electronic meters in Minneapolis so I can snap a picture of my space number then feed the meter from any kiosk in the vicinity you can take notes Not sure why but one day it will come in handy Look friend If I am taking the time to rave about an app for parking meters it must be awfully freaking great                 Outstanding
Interface are easy to use Options plenty to choose from Best parking app I ever use                 Fine interface plus loads of options
I love it                 Good
Works great and love the extra features like photo and notes                 Great app
the app never loaded and it is not useful here     Parkbud

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