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Parkmobile USA, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (MAPCO Mobile Pay ,Park It! Charlotte ,Go Mobile PGH ,MPLS Parking ,ParkLouie ,Park Medford), brings Parkmobile with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Parkmobile app has been update to version 2.3.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Works like a charm - text alerts when my meter is expiring..
  • I also like the notification feature..
  • Makes paying for parking at the commuter rail so much easier..
Overall Satisfactionclick me49
I love parkmobile.
Better than carrying cash new features that allow personalizing improve app.
Thanks for such a great app.
Love the countdown too showing how much time left.
Fun & Engagingclick me87
It's awesome and convenient.
Awesome and convenient.
Awesomely useful.
Usefulnessclick me74
This has saved me hours of time and hassle.
Most useful app on my phone.
great useful convenient.
very useful and helpful when I'm in a rush.
use it almost every day.
The "find my car" feature is especially helpful in a big city.
Production Valuesclick me42
this app is very useful and has a very easy interface.
Easy interface and paypal integration.
Ease of Useclick me82
Parkmobile actually makes parking in dc almost enjoyable.
Makes parking in DC even more frustrating.
Easy to set up and count down clock was great addition.
It's difficult to set up your accounts in the beginning.
Park Mobile is super convenient and easy to use.
this app is very useful and has a very easy interface.
Makes parking in the city so easy and efficient.
Reliabilityclick me25
Haven't had any problems whatsoever and i use it weekly.
Security & Privacyclick me18
Updates & Supportclick me43
Great customer service.
need iPad version.


Parkmobile provides a new and better way to pay for parking using your cell phone. You can instantly start and stop your parking transaction so you pay only for the exact time you've parked.


With Parkmobile’s mobile app, starting and stopping your parking transaction takes just a few seconds. If you’re driving a different car than the one you registered, you can quickly change the license number and activate your parking session. You can “opt-in” to receive one text message reminder 15 minutes prior to your parking expiring.

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We provide secure online access to your parking data so you can track your parking expenses, change your account settings or print a report. You can also easily export information for expense reimbursements.


You’ll find Parkmobile in private and public parking lots, on city streets, at airports, stadiums and just about anywhere you park. Millions of people have signed up. Registering with us is free and you’re under no obligation to use Parkmobile. It takes less than two minutes to join.


Parkmobile takes the stress out of parking. No more searching for coins. No worries about a dysfunctional parking meter. We offer flexible solutions designed to make your day a little easier.


You can register multiple vehicles to one cell phone number and multiple cell phones may be registered to one vehicle. Find out more about Parkmobile by visiting our website.


About Parkmobile


Parkmobile USA is an American-based company with offices and a call center here in the U.S. We’re one of the largest cashless parking providers in the country. Registration with us is free, and you’re under no obligation whatsoever to use Parkmobile once you join.


The Parkmobile is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting different languages: English, Dutch. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.3.0 has been released on 2014-11-22. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Parkmobile in Parkmobile USA, Inc.`s Official Website : http://www.parkmobile.com


Love this app for mbta parking. found in 5 reviews
This makes a huge difference in my morning commute. found in 3 reviews
The Worlds greatest money saver. found in 10 reviews
This app was awesome for parking in Rehoboth Beach. found in 5 reviews
big time saver too when your running late for the train. found in 52 reviews
Most useful app on my phone. found in 3 reviews
This is SOOOOO much easier than calling. found in 3 reviews
It saves your vehicle info and your favorite parking zones. found in 5 reviews
The best app for DC resident. found in 3 reviews
Amazing app- life changing. found in 5 reviews
His app makes commuting so much easier and more convenient. found in 3 reviews
I am always rushing to catch the train into the NYC. found in 6 reviews
Works great only wish more cities linked to app. found in 7 reviews
Great customer service. found in 3 reviews
Love the countdown too showing how much time left. found in 3 reviews
Parkmobile is one of the most practical apps I own. found in 3 reviews
Best app since sliced bread. found in 2 reviews
Works well in the Boston area. found in 4 reviews
Really like the reminder and option to add more time remotely. found in 9 reviews
I love parkmobile. found in 7 reviews
I don't blame them for wanting to make money. found in 2 reviews
The app didn't let me start a new session. found in 6 reviews
Terrible user experience. found in 2 reviews
Extra charge for Saving paper is lame though. found in 3 reviews
and THEN they tell you that the City doesn't accept Paypal. found in 2 reviews
There still needs to be a way to STOP the session. found in 19 reviews
The map feature doesn't work very well but it's very convenient. found in 2 reviews
Great idea but needs changes. found in 3 reviews
If there was no usage fee it would be 5 stars. found in 1 reviews
and not require interection unless you are in a different car. found in 9 reviews
Had to register on full web site. found in 1 reviews
but otherwise so much easier than carrying $4 / day. found in 3 reviews
Forgets registration info. found in 1 reviews
Great Idea - Execution Needs Refining. found in 1 reviews
It will not let me enter my Amex card. found in 5 reviews
" Unknown error ". found in 2 reviews
Hallelujah I don't have to deal with payment machines any more. found in 13 reviews
Please build in future support. found in 1 reviews
but when I returned to my car. found in 26 reviews
Lame - tries to hide their per transaction fee. found in 32 reviews
runs up extra fees if you forget to stop it. found in 19 reviews
don't transpose you parking space number while inputting it into this app. found in 48 reviews
You can't use an Amex card anymore with this app. found in 5 reviews
Have tried repeatedly to use this app in downtown Houston. found in 12 reviews
Parkopedia insists on having my license plate number. found in 38 reviews
I got confirmation that my credit card had been charged. found in 78 reviews
How can I enter my billing address with no address field. found in 5 reviews
App will not accept credit cards. found in 5 reviews
Why can't you just pay the meter. found in 7 reviews
but It idemtifies to Parking enforcement where you are. found in 23 reviews
Would be nice if the park mobile application supplied this information. found in 5 reviews
Don't rely on this app unless you enjoy getting parking tickets. found in 130 reviews
Navigation through registering a parking spot is difficult and time consuming. found in 33 reviews
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This app has never failed me unlike the horribly unreliable parking machines at the train station This is a great back up when the parking meters arent working or when one is making a mad dash to catch the train Also useful for paying for multiday parking when one is away on a trip                A lifesaver for parking
Stupid idea that is hard to use I hope you go out of business I hate your business    Hate you guys
Be careful when using this app I was planning to park my car for 1 hour Instead this app automatically submitted 35 hours As a result I was charged 35 times the amount    Rip off
Good easy to use but I think this app is lack of a basic feature finding where those meters or parking zones are that could be the most helpful feature for users          Good but lack the basic features do perhaps the most useful feature
Does not work one star is too much    Like everything that Parkmobile stands for this is a piece of crap
Labor Day I used this app to pay for the parking Miami beach for just one hour Before the time expired I returned to my car and I found that 37 min after I started the session I got a ticket The app was not connecting with the MB parking system The app did record the transaction I have written to customer services and still none has contacted me So people pay the meter get your receipt and forget this App    Terrible App Miami Beach users dont use it or get a ticket
The app is ok and works well enough but I HATE the service fee You want people to download and use the app but then you charge them for doing just that Should have just paid in cash I might delete the app and my account       App ok but hate the service fee
App works great until you mistakenly get a ticket and there is nothing Parkmobile can do to have it taken care of Transaction fees are low but whats the point when YOU have to fix a mistake a parking attendant made Buying rolls of quarters seems like less of a headache    Nope
This app does not appear to allow you to stop the meter at will as some others do 35 cents surcharge per transaction is excessive    Unfriendly and could cost you more parking fees than necessary
Due to a flaw in the Parkmobile APPWebsite I was sent into a neverending loop where I couldnt actually reserve parking By the time the glitch finally worked I had already received a ticket I didnt know that of course because I was at a restaurant So I payed for the parking and then was still fined 30 I appealed citing that Parkmobile is inconsistent at best and lost my appeal I was charged 10 to lose that appeal    Still ended up paying a ticket
Okay in all fairnessI really didnt read over the TOC I was clicking through the Agree popup when I saw a quick glance about Service FeesBy then it was too late to go back I searched for a Service Fee once I was signed up with no luckAfter reading the reviewsthere is a 50 fee ADDED to your meter total That coupled with all the negative reviews I decided to delete the app before even using itThought Id save myself a headache    Service Fees ugh
Numerous times now Ive accidentally paid for parking when I didnt need to and been charged for it Theres no way to cancel when youve paid and sometimes theres not even a way to go back from the payment screen or it automatically charges you anyways Also when I did cancel it still charged a 45 cent transaction fee for parking for maybe 10 secs If this wasnt the only app out there that works in my city id definitely be using something else    Add cancel payment function
In addition to poor quality noted in other reviews it is quite lame that you are forced in the app to list While license number when you pay with the app but not if you pay at the machine or via phone Its inconvenient to have to not a license number    Forcing you to provide info that is required when paying other ways
Nice functionality but brutal design Looks like it hasnt been updated since iOS 6 Doesnt support the iPhone 6 Plus screen Doesnt support Apple Pay          Strange
I first tried to create an account and in the midst of doing so the app closed itself I opened it back up again to try and make an account again and made it the whole way through only for it to tell me try again or make an account online The biggest issue is how this app only takes credit cards only no debit cards Total waste of time if you ask me Just use quarters    Terrible
Why is everyone who dont understand something blame its on the product you here that 1 out of 5 happy why is that because the one person understands the importance of this program And the other dont understand think its Crape If everyone understood it would mean the world and easy to use Thank you for understanding Allen                Why Why is everyone is always blaming
Has the potential to be a great app depending on locality Very convenient for people who hate having to carry cash and change Ive had several issues of however where youd believe the transaction wasnt processed due to error messages given Ive been over charged multiple times thinking my transactions havent been processed in trying to get a confirmation of sort The app needs a cancel function or some code to recognize that a car cant be parked in different spots at the same time to signify a payment went through somehow          Convenient by Concept
Cannot download the app says cant download the app at this time What is that How am I supposed to pay for parking Call their phone number    Cant download it
I drove to Newport Beach CA I couldnt find free parking and I didnt have any change for the meter I got the app and at first I was little nervous putting my card information into my phone but then I realized that I can sit in my car and do it I just use the timer on my phone as backup to remind me As a last resort I cant complain                Its Great
Tried multiple primes to get registered Always had an error Put my credit card number in Feel like I have probably been scammed for my number    Awful
Used this to pay for parking in Rehoboth Beach We extended by 1 hour and the app gave us 8 seconds Now we owe a 45 fine    Worst App Buggy
This app was Great No tickets and never had to leave the beach                Great App
The new phones of been out for months This company seems like a fairly innovative one Yet they cannot put in the very simple layouts needed in order to support the new phone resolutions And I suspect it is probably not been recompiled for 64bit Do these people know just how exactly easy it is to make these changes when Apple does just about everything except actually do them for you    An update in February 2015 that still does not include support for the iPhone 6 Plus
cant delete app from iphone    cant delete app from iphone
In theory this was a good idea but the app is designed to just make you pay more for parking I could only purchase 3 hrs and that had to be purchased in 2 sessions meaning 2 service fees then I had to trek back to the car to load the meter thereby negating the entire benefit of the app I could have just put 3 hrs in meter without service fee And most importantly when I tried to change the car that I was parking the app created 2 active parking sessions charging me for both and would not let me stop the wrong one When I contacted their customer support they said there was nothing they could do Dont bother this is little more than a scam    WasteOfMoney
Is the 35 fee a bit muchMaybe Could the app and service be betterPossibly Could the QR codes be bigger on the metersAbsolutely Those dont matter though The app works and it makes it easy to pay online for parking No more dealing with coins hunting for quarters before you leave or dealing with 1020 parking tickets I just park put in the meters digits select a time and Im done Running late Just add more time It doesnt matter if these parking apps arent perfect Do they work If the answer is yes then they are worth their weight in gold                Thank you
Good when it works But it defaults to maximum time Automatically charged me for 12 hours Contacted CS and four days later no reply    Can overcharge so be careful
Havent gotten a ticket since I started using this app                Money Saver
Please add notification widget to show time left on meter             Widget
It has waaaaay too high of a convenience charge of 45 per transaction Youd think with as many people using the app it would be cheaper Greedy is all I have to say about park mobile I would highly suggest a rewards program that offers free parking sessions once in a while    Love this app BUT
This app makes pay parking a breeze You can add select multiple cars The app alerts you when time is running out on your meter so you can extend the session or go back to your car Ive never had any issues with the app Ive been using it for over a year with multiple cars                Makes parking so easy
The Park Mobile parking meters the iTunes application and the business are all terrible from start to finish I was unable to pay with a credit card at the meter the credit card slot has been removed from the meter so I loaded and installed the iTunes app for park mobile our only option The LAST thing that I wanted to do was to input my credit card info IN PUBLIC The app took far too long to install and required too much info to register AND after all was done I was charged an Additional 050 fee from Park Mobile on top of my 4 parking charge 2 hours What the heck Park Mobile is Horrible This business is AWFUL Yuck I will never use Park Mobile ever again    Awful Horrible business Zero Stars
I plan on deleting the app from my phoneThanks for nothing    based on these reviews
Park mobile made a mistake and processing the transaction I have not formally completed I used an online customer service feature and was promised a reply within 24 hours Three days later I got my first communication back asking if I still had an issue Replying to that email I got an acknowledgment that the error was not mine and that I was due a refund which would process and up to 10 business days To be clear that means they plan a week or more beyond the first few days to return money they were never entitled to After seven days and no refund I sent another complaint email I got an apology from a customer service directorand the longawaited refund This is so typical of monopolistic Enterprises I have no other option but I would use one if I could I do not recommend this application or the business behind it    Cumbersome app with awful customer service
Often wont log on or worse yet log off Broadband spread too thin I thought I was logged on and got a ticket Several times I couldnt log off until I was connected by wifi and had to pay for extra time    Horrible
What were they thinking This is awful The biggest complaint is you can only buy parking in one hour increments So if you need another 15 minutes out of luckhave to buy an hour What a squandered opportunity    Worst Possible Parking App
My friend is trying to use this app to pay for our parking and its throwing lots of annoying errors Good idea but takes too much time Might quit trying and call the stupid 877 number          Good idea
Ive had this app for a few months now At first it was great and saved me a lot of time and tickets because I could keep paying for parking from my seat in the coffee shop However this month the notifications have become extremely unreliable Its supposed to warn me fifteen minutes before my time will run out so I can extend the session or start a new one Now these notifications are delayed until hours after I have payed and even left the parking space usually with a ticket on my windshield I dont know if its a bug in the system or what but dont rely on this app to save you from a ticketstay on top of it    Warnings dont work properly
How can anyone be happy about paying a corporate surcharge thats many times higher than the cost of a coin in a parking meter Thanks Decatur    The Corporate greed machine strikes again
Do not use this terrible service Minus 5 stars Three times already I was ripped off by this service After I entered my info and payment info all 3 meters malfunctioned and did not register any time forcing me to park somewhere else So much frustration and waste of my money and time But of course my credit card was charged This service and app will only rip you offdont use this service    Ripped off 3 times
Trustworthy app for the frequent commuter with access to participating parking facilities A potential issue would lie with human error which I have been guilty of But that was not at all the apps fault Simple carelessness on my part Would recommend this app                Solid app for the competent
The app basically works well thats great But the way it works you frequently end up paying all the way to the end of the day unintentionally Seems a little selfserving for parkmobile It would be nice if it reminded you to deactivate your session somehow when you drive away And often you think youve deactivated but you either havent pressed the last confirm button or the message hasnt got through to parkmobile       Too easy to overpay
I wish all cities had ParkMobile Its intuitive and just makes life easier Thanks for being awesome                Love this app
How is it worth paying this company money each time if I still get TICKETS Worthless 4 tickets in four trips to DC DC says I need to prove that I had paid the parkmobile app and show the tickets and the receipts from park mobile What crap I dont have the time and money to keep dealing with parkmobile and DC This is a scam in my book Park mobile gets there money regardless I have to deal with the consequences of this app and the ticket ladies not coordinating    Total Crap Used to be good
This app works well for me I use it when Ive forgotten to bring enough cash to feed the parking meter Its cheaper than paying the 5 in ATM fees that I would have to pay Thanks                Cheaper than an ATM fee
Update Im not sure why I am doing this because I never see my review posted I used to think that it was because I was giving it low stars but I see that a lot of people are having problems with this App In general I like this app I tap it and in less than a minute I am signed up for my parking space I use it in northwest suburbs of Chicago I only wish they would set up an alert to remind me to initiate it as I am often running to the train and sometimes I forget Thats the only time I get a ticket For example I could set it up to remind me every morning at 7am that I need to pay for my space Then a little number pops up like on other apps that I have 1 reminder waiting Then at a glance I can see that I forgot something I would give this app 5 stars except that I have written to tech support several times regarding this issue and they have not even acknowledged my emails Please fix this You have other reminders such as when it is going to expire so you should be able to do this       Good and bad
I didnt have enough quarters to feed the meter at Santa Cruz beach but saw that I could download ParkMobile and cover payment It worked great and even saved me money because I know the meters where I park cost more if you pay using quarters Keep it up ParkMobile                Thanks ParkMobile
The way to pay                Change free
ParkMobile is the alternative payment option for parking at Iowa State The app is awesome In a time where loose change is slowly becoming obsolete this app is wonderful to have Im able to reserve my parking spot for the entire day and receive a reminder before the time expires I have not received any of tickets as a result from using the app Iowa State specifically endorses its use so I expect any trouble to be easily resolved My only concern regarding the app is that it feelslooks outdated compared to the rest of the App Store That has no effect on its function though                Great at Iowa State University
Very convenient way to pay for parking around Washington DC Fees are minimal and the app notifies you when youre running out of time so you can extend remotely No need to leave the dinner table to feed the meter                Convenience


Parkmobile USA, Inc.
English, Dutch
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 2.3.0
iPhone iPad

iOS Parkmobile 2.3.0 Mobile

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