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PayPal, an eBay Company , the publisher behind many iOS app (PayPal Here ,PayPal ,PayPal Here for iPad), brings PayPal with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. PayPal app has been update to version 4.1.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Fantasy football Pools.
  • I use PayPal for everything including to pay bills..
  • Shared gifts .
  • Wish more small business owners would accept PayPal as a payment option..
  • It's more user friendly that the website actually..

Overall Satisfactionc67
Thanks paypal for listening to us and fixing the crash.
Thanks paypal for ruining my mobile experience.
I love being able to send a client an invoice while I'm traveling.
I will rate a 5 when this has full iPad support.
Great job Paypal in making this app.
Would like to also see virtual terminal capabilities in future upgrades.
but not particularly useful without virtual terminal.
This is the only mobile payment app I would use.
Better than the website in some ways and limited in other ways.
It's no better than the website and in some ways worse.
Easy to switch between accounts and I love the PIN feature.
Fun & Engagingc71
I use the PayPal ap almost every day.
I use PayPal all the time for my extra curricular activities because it's fast.
Can't not turn on notifications can't use pay function.
Awesome and convenient way to access and manage you paypal account.
This app does everything I need to send or receive money.
This app is hella convenient and saves time and energy.
Gotta say the App is very useful and convenient.
I love having Paypal for business and I do EVERYTHING from my phone.
And it helps me run my at home business more efficiently.
So far this app has been very easy and helpful.
Family Friendlyc93
Great for gifting money to friends and family or using for EBay purchases.
New version makes it impossible to send money to friends without fees.
I only use this PayPal app to send money to friends and family.
This app is okay if you are looking to send money to friends and family.
Social Aspectsc100
I wish more people were comfortable and familiar with this app.
I just wish more people actually used Paypal though.
Production Valuesc89
thought you can still do more over the web interface.
i found it easier than the web interface.
Love the new Interface and shopping options.
Love the new interface.
Ease of Usec75
Makes it easy to send money to friends and family.
Cannot utilIze the app to send money or view account.
Paypal has made it easy to transfer money without paper.
It don't take that many days to transfer money from a bank.
Easy and super convenient for sending and accepting payments.
This great app is easy to use and very convenient.
This simple app has literally been a blessing to me.
Why screw with a simple app.
Makes my life easy as pie.
Easy breezy.
I've never had problems logging in until the recent upgrade.
Security & Privacyc39
Terrific app for keeping track of PayPal account.
Can't transfer money between PayPal account and bank account anymore.
The app devs keep saying they will add security key support.
all my transactions are done right here even to transfer money to my bank account.
I can't see my balance or transfer money to my bank account.
The last FIVE versions have issues with PIN login.
Every transaction I have done I know it's safe and secure.
Updates & Supportc44
Customer service is normally very good and solves problems.
Need iPad version.
But how hard can it be to make an iPad version.
PLEASE make an iPad app too.

as my small biz uses PayPal checkout. found in 8 reviews
This app makes it very easy to send and receive money to and from people. found in 326 reviews
What a time saver since I'm always sending my kids money. found in 37 reviews
I love being able to send a client an invoice while I'm traveling. found in 71 reviews
Use it for Splitting bills and making payments to friends. found in 11 reviews
Gotta say the App is very useful and convenient. found in 10 reviews
Easy peezy to use. found in 6 reviews
Useful and excellent added business tool for me. found in 15 reviews
Easy peasey japanesey. found in 6 reviews
Easy breezy. found in 12 reviews
Makes managing money and spending it a lot easier. found in 8 reviews
Handy dandy. found in 6 reviews
Use it daily to send money to my kids on their PayPal student accounts. found in 22 reviews
And it helps me run my at home business more efficiently. found in 8 reviews
Finally works correctly and easy interface. found in 9 reviews
I like it better than the website for basic transactions. found in 9 reviews
Still no ability to manage PayPal debit card and Paypal smart connect. found in 54 reviews
Now its saying available balance doesn't match current Paypal balance. found in 82 reviews
but the scan check feature is still broken. found in 62 reviews
The app jeeps losing my " request money " transactions. found in 116 reviews
Unable to login with PayPal security key fob. found in 519 reviews
Wish to review smart connect account and accept payments from customers. found in 53 reviews
Disappointed there is no paypal security key support for secure logging. found in 232 reviews
but currently there is no way to cancel a request for money. found in 32 reviews
Getting system error message when I try to log in. found in 90 reviews
Cons: can't delete money requests and can't email buyers. found in 63 reviews
It needs to show current balance and available balance. found in 27 reviews
" Add money from checks" deleted from current version. found in 89 reviews
An ok application if you don't use two factor authentication. found in 146 reviews
Please add two step verification for more security. found in 57 reviews
Why isn't this app capable of taking PayPal credit card payments. found in 99 reviews
Having trouble receiving payment requests in the app. found in 40 reviews
I don't understand why Touch ID is not incorporated. found in 64 reviews
Works great with my phone but needs iPad support. found in 57 reviews
Please add two factor authentication login capabilities. found in 97 reviews
Two factor authentication renders this app useless. found in 97 reviews
Can't transfer money between PayPal account and bank account anymore. found in 341 reviews
Unable to login to the app still since March. found in 519 reviews
Unable to access my Paypal Smart Connect account to make payments. found in 381 reviews
There is no way to withdraw money to your bank account using this app. found in 83 reviews
Keep getting System Error Try Back Later messages. found in 90 reviews
Missing ability to view or pay paypal credit card. found in 99 reviews
Please fix check capture it doesn't work on either. found in 92 reviews
Lack of PayPal Security Key support ruins an otherwise solid app. found in 232 reviews
My only gripe is that i can't transfer funds to my bank account. found in 199 reviews
At least I could login through the regular paypal website. found in 83 reviews
I will be closing my paypal and bill me later account. found in 81 reviews
Customer service is useless since they don't even respond. found in 172 reviews
This new version doesn't display total account balance or available balance. found in 82 reviews
I can't see my balance or transfer money to my bank account. found in 199 reviews
Two factor authentication so secure you can't even login. found in 146 reviews
Can no longer TRANSFER money from PayPal to my bank account. found in 199 reviews
The send and request money should be in two different sections. found in 116 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download PayPal for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting different languages: English, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 4.1.1 has been released on 2014-11-14. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about PayPal check developer PayPal, an eBay Company`s website :

Use the PayPal iPhone app to send money to your friends and family, transfer money between PayPal and your bank account, and lots more. It s faster and easier than going to the ATM, ...
The app used to work now its a crap shoot Said card was declined wont give a reason and cancels the transaction Try and delete the card to readd and it says its in use If you canceled the transaction then its no longer in use Let me delete the card Try to add it again and it says its a duplicate card Go back with the transaction and change to a different card and it says its a duplicate transaction What a rookie programmer mistake If the transaction is canceled and you are going to let the user go back and modify the transaction then reset the transaction id Took me 30 minutes to send a payment Next time I will likely use another means     Almost works Used to but now good luck
this app is very easy to use and makes it very easy to send money to familyfriends                 Simple and easy to use
Easy to use                 Great app
Too cool Too easy Great for last minute gifts                 Excellent
I love how easy and hassle free it is                 So Easy
Nice App for simple things Youll need your desktop to do the heavy lifting but for easy transactions its great                 Eazy Peezy Lemon Squeezy
Great to be able to pay for product and events through PayPal Great application makes it easy to use                 Simple and easy
Easy to navigate and a great user interface                 Well made App
Still a great company love all they do                 Always good to me
Awesome app very easy to use                
I really like having access to PayPal on my phone                 Cool App
Yep                 Seems great so far
Love how this is working so far Have used to send payments with no issues Cant wait to request to see how it functions              Easy to use
Love it                 Great app
No issues at all                 Finally An app that performs as advertised
The app is very easy to use and gets easier with each update Not quite as fun as Venmo but anything that gets me out of carrying cash is ok in my book                 Fast and easy
Works great and has a very simple and intuitive interface Great app                 So easy to use
I use PayPal as often as I can To split bills with friends and family to square on monthly bills with my wife no charge for these services to pay for items online and whats best is that PayPal guarantees you get the item you ordered or they will deal with the vendor I have used their help twice already when an online seller attempted to scam me and PayPal refunded all of my purchase price and they were pleasant on the phone Refund took 10 days from the moment I first called but much easier than trying to dispute a credit card charge If you dont have it get it You wont regret the choice                 Easy Safe Secure
The app rules honestly I love it and use it quite often for everything needed 1010                 Great app
This app is perfect Easy to use and secure                 Great
I cant see the bottom     What
Its a really good app for sending money and making purchases Ive had no problems and its safe and secure              Good app
Handy On point Accurate Helpful                 Great app
Good                 Good
Great app and getting better                 Love it
Easy to use Get money to family and friends very easily                 Love it
Should have more features for PayPal Credit or create a stand alone app just for PayPal Credit     PayPal Credit
Very easy to use                 Good App
Paying everything and everyone securely                 So simple
Excelente aplicación Fácil y rápido para hacer transferencias                 Excelente
Way Better than website                 Great
Great to pay back a friend if they already have an account                 Great app
I use it every month Great app                 Great app
I like the Touch ID login I like the ease of functionality                 Works great for me
Great app No complaints              Easy Peasy
Never had an issue Functions just as they say Easy and convenient Thanks for adding the touch sign in                 Great App
Love this app so easy to connect with friends and family to even up after trips and gettogethers                 So easy
App works great would like to see paypal credit as a payment option via mobile              Almost perfect
Fast Easy              Works
Ive enjoyed my PayPal app for a few years now And its always helpful when out with friends                 Love it
So easy to use I enjoy using this app and prefer to use this app when making purchases or sending money                 Vey nice
Greetings This is harmonica player I love PayPal Its voiceover accessible Easy to use And fast Good job                 Me
It would have been a perfect 5 if the app doesnt messed up and refuse to link my card to the account occasionally              Would be a perfect 5 if
Love the finger print passcode feature Everyone needs to get on PayPal So easy to send money                 Very Easy
Great money transfer app                 Yeah Yeah
The app itself works quite well on the iPhone 6 one feature I wish it had was the ability to pay invoices as I had to sign into the site to do that              Works well but no receiving invoices
It says something is wrong with PIN number and it doesnt send verification text        PIN not working
Love it                 A
So simple and gets money to and from wherever necessary Perfect                 Does the Trick
Good                 Works

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