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PlanetDrives , the publisher behind many iOS app (German-French / French-German dictionary ,English-Russian/Russian-English Lite ,NY Traffic Jams ,German-Greek / Greek-German dictionary ,German-Serbian / Serbian-German dictionary ,English-Serbian dictionary), brings PD Maps Worldwide Edition with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. PD Maps Worldwide Edition app has been update to version 3.10 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Add voice over..
  • assistance and are provided with offline maps mode..
  • Very user friendly and simple to get to know..
Overall Satisfactionclick me39
the best part it's free.
I love the whole idea about.
Usefulnessclick me64
Really great and useful navigation.
It's a really great and FREE navigation app with everything you need.
Production Valuesclick me36
Ease of Useclick me28
Very user friendly and simple to get to know.


➔ “This is an application that does its job very well. It’s simple yet functional. A good and economical alternative to the full featured navigation apps” –
PD Maps is a turn-by-turn map navigator for iPhone


★ Now supports offline mode ★
★ Maps from 8 different providers ★

PD Maps Worldwide EditionPD Maps Worldwide Edition
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âž” Key features:
✔ Extremely fast & smooth map rendering
✔ Worldwide map coverage. No more blank spots in any area!
✔ Full screen map browsing
✔ Search on the map provided by Google
✔ Different map & route providers including Google Maps, Yahoo! Local, Microsoft Bing Maps, CloudMade, OpenStreetMap, Яндекс.Карты,
✔ Simple route building and one-touch re-routing (use routes by CloudMade if Google fails)
✔ Offline maps mode with unlimited tile storage. To be completele offline turn jams info off.
✔ Real-time traffic information (requires internet connection)
✔ 2D map browsing & 3D driving modes
✔ Wikimapia & Panoramio services support: explore new places around you
✔ 5-day weather forecast
✔ Compass support


âž” Premium users:
PD Maps is a completely free application with no ads inside. Premium user status is available for in-app purchase. Premium users get express support & assistance and are provided with offline maps mode. These funds make future updates possible.
Please note: premium user status is purchased only when you entered your iTunes password. If you accidentally tapped on ‘$’ icon but didn’t enter your login and password you won’t be charged anything.
PD Maps Worldwide Edition


âž” Support & help:
You can watch demo video and read the application manual at
Your comments and feedback are welcome.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download PD Maps Worldwide Edition for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 3.10 has been released on 2014-11-24. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about PD Maps Worldwide Edition check developer PlanetDrives`s website :


Really great and useful navigation. found in 1 reviews
Although it is nice to have GPS programs on the iPhone. found in 1 reviews
panoramio services support explore new places around you. found in 1 reviews
which makes offline mode very easy to use. found in 5 reviews
Otherwise a very good application. found in 1 reviews
I'm not rich enough to get a data plan with roaming overseas. found in 1 reviews
compared to all other gps map apps I've used. found in 1 reviews
Good for locating. found in 1 reviews
It can download google maps for offline viewing. found in 2 reviews
simple clean interface Cons: learning curve
I use lots of GPS programs. found in 1 reviews
slow to acquire. found in 1 reviews
Although I think may go ahead and pay the $2. found in 1 reviews
full screen map browsing. found in 1 reviews
you will get charged for the premium purchase. found in 1 reviews
Like the speed I'm which the maps load. found in 1 reviews
Access to many different map providers. found in 1 reviews
Wish I could give it 0 stars. found in 1 reviews
What Google Maps needs to do. found in 1 reviews
but if you can't figure out how to use it. found in 2 reviews
Apple should not have approved this crap. found in 1 reviews
Good app for offline maps but not for navigation. found in 1 reviews
Don't listen to the other reviews this is a good app. found in 1 reviews
Would like if the map rotates with the phone. found in 1 reviews
particularly traffic data from different map providers. found in 2 reviews
Really needs voice over though. found in 1 reviews
This app could be a great app but needs work. found in 1 reviews
doesn't mention that offline option is for premium users only. found in 1 reviews
for no reason other than to make more money. found in 1 reviews
Tiny letters are just impossible to read. found in 1 reviews
i can't zoom and pan the map any more. found in 1 reviews
I can't figure out how to use the %#. found in 2 reviews
Don't click. found in 2 reviews
There is absolutely no retina support in this app. found in 1 reviews
This app is a SCAM. found in 2 reviews
How utterly user unfriendly. found in 2 reviews
There is no way to get out of it. found in 1 reviews
I pressed the dollar sign by mistake. found in 2 reviews
Needs instructions. found in 1 reviews
Scam artists. found in 1 reviews
It would be nice if the thing came with some instructions. found in 1 reviews
Whoever wasted their time on this needs a new hobby. found in 1 reviews
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Icon 175x175 1
If I could give negative stars I would This app has no functionality and charges you 299 every time you hit the button even if you press no    Scam
But expensive                Good and usefull apps
Got stuck in one mode I had to delete and redownload NOT user friendly Needs work    Hard to use
Needs the ability to rotate the screen and tap out of a menu to close it It works well sitting at a desk    No display rotation
Lots of greyed out squarestiles when offlineSearch only finds stores not citiesStores found are in the center of a road not where within a shopping areaFinds shops only in online modeVery tiny font very hard to read both map and manualhow do I get satelite viewhow much do I need to downloadCompass shows where the sun and moon isMy most favorite mapapp if the fonts would stay bigger    Still needs improvement
This is an app that does something no other app does It can download google maps for offline viewing Besides for a few quirks and minor problems its actually a very advanced and useful app I paid for the upgrade in order to download the maps of cities that Im visiting overseasIm not rich enough to get a data plan with roaming overseas and so far its working I think the people that are complaining just dont know how to use it but believe me if you do learn how to use it its worth the 3 of you visit places where you wont have data             Great app
Stinks is a nice word the real word starts with the s it always tells me I need to chose another provider when I try to get a route What a piece of junk The WORST 299 I have ever spent and that was an accident Do not press the in the corner it will charge you without asking even though the app help says it will not Just garbage If I could rate it a zero I would Its worse then the new Apple maps and that is hard to do    This app stinks
Im using 4th gen iPod touch There is absolutely no retina support in this app even the map is grainy Confusing interface    No retina support
My degree in semiotics didnt help in deciphering what the hell the developers were thinking with this user unfriendly app The concept sounds good but no help on the app and expecting users to go to the web site for a demo is dumb Sheesh    Semiotics
Currently I work in an area where there are NO MAPS NO INTERNET no nothing The only way to navigate for me is this app I cached googles satelite view for the whole area and now always have it with me in offline mode Compared to having no gps navigator at all this is superb A                Exactly what I needed
Do not waste your money on this app    PD Maps
Professional chauffeur Best app for choosing fastest route Safest way to travel Bravo                Better than traffic copters
Helps me to get where I need toLol                Maps
Got me from a to b                Great app
Offline maps are a great feature Now come the buts First its not optimized for retina on iPad 4 Tiny letters are just impossible to read It needs to have x2 or even x4 zoom in the options or somethingSecond it doesnt create routes any more Google is set as route provider Interfaces must have changed This app needs upgrade          Good app for offline maps but not for navigation
And twice i m click that sign cancel the inapp purchase but it still writing to me that sent request to appstore anyway Hope not to loose money for thatOn iphone 4 it looks not very good because it optimized for lower resolution screens       Looks not very good on retina
Nice maps when working installed on itouch with wifi only and suddenly it wouldnt load maps anymore Had to uninstall it and reinstall from pc          Pd maps
This map app is great Im using it in Costa Rica and loving itOnly one problem is that the labels look great on my iPhone 4S but are way too small too read on my iPad 3Please increase the text on the maps for the iPad 3 just like you did for the iPhone 4Gracias                Love it Works great Needs larger labels for IPad 3
This is not the most user friendly map but it is worth itOnce you learn to use it its greatAccess to many different map providers ability to save your own maps with paid upgradeIt could be a bit easier to use but if you cant figure out how to use it then you dont need an app this powerful             Does what it says
I cant spend more money I didnt know what the thing was so I wanted to see Know I have to pay money I even hit no If you are reading this and you are trying to decide to get it Dont get it or make the mistake I made I dont want to give it stars but I have to GET google maps OR google earth THEY ARE FREE    Take off App Store
This version is not compatible with ios 8 i cant zoom and pan the map any more please fix it ASAP          Fix bug
Interesting app but the user interface is unintelligible making it useless    Unintelligible
Agree secret map without key is apt description Either has very limited functions or very nonintuitive how to use them or both The function to locate me works map of area in uk and europe appears as a standard google type map but the only way i can find to create a route is using drop pins meaning i have to use another map to find locations i dont already know location of must be able to search by text too It also could not do a route from Aviano Italy to Vienna Austria and other major cities No way to send feedback from within the app Have tried several map apps since Apple bombed with their ios6 map app and none work adequately on their own to even get the basic google maps functionality which had lots of room for improvement still but overall far better than any others yet    Not intuitive very limited
Were all scrambling after the i06 upgrade for a usable and factual map and this isnt it Might be ok for droid users Not like any Apple Ive used before    Not Intuative
This is a scam to still your moneyI dont know how the heck I was charge 299 Seriously Where does this app description says that they will chargeyou should be ashamedthis is how you are going to make business I dont think you are going to get very far People dont like to be scamVery badhow I should rate this bull       Ripped off
Despit somewhat erratic operation it mosyly does what needs to be done Then after a few days test driving a window pops up informing me that only premium users are allowed to view traffic data If you need traffic data on the cheap this app isnt it    The term is crippleware
Used to be an OK app as it can display different maps particularly traffic data from different map providers Now they require premium membership to display traffic and pops up a reminder every time I startrestart the app So I stopped using it Plenty of good free maptrafficrouting appsI agree that the learning curve is steep and the UI is not intuitive enough       No longer useful
This is a great app Very user friendly and simple to get to know The help section too learn how to use it is very well thought of Has everything I have searched for The different maps are a great choice which allows you different routes The only problem I have with it is that it does not include miles or mph I am sure the will fix this soon                Great
I really like this app for its offline map feature I am far too cheap to have a cellular plan for my iPad so this is a great option for meHOWEVER while I have had the full version of this app for many many months I recently had to restore my iPad with the ios 6 update I am very disappointed to find that the full version of this app does not carry over through your apple ID There goes three bucks out the door for no reason other than to make more money I am certainly not paying again for the full version          Good app but needs a fix
This app could be a great app but needs work If all you want to do is have an offline map this app may work for you The rest of this app is clunky and annoying having to go back and forth after you figure out how to operate this app       Needs alot of work
Itll help you go where u need to be                it works
This is a sorry app that doesnt deserve a star Using it is like trying to use a dinosaur Its as intuitive as the original WIndows was or the new one is Such apps shouldnt be allowed    Where is the simple Google Maps for iPhone
Hard to figure out Slow Outdated    Confusing Outdated
I loaded and tried this ap with no success In order to find a destination you need the city name or zip code Searches with out either will find results world wide Once I found my destination I got an error message that there is no possible route Its only 7 miles and two turns Of course my Droid allowed me to voice search and gave me voice guided directions without an additional ap Just saying    Not functional
Dont know what sort of secret icons and buttons the designer of this app was thinking about when they made it Perhaps they could label it TREASURE MAP WITHOUT A KEY Very poor design the definition of not user friendly Oh yeah almost forgot it doesnt work either WOW    IM GLAD IT WAS FREE
The most frustrating app I ever wasted 299 on yes I bit on the premium I should have known when the search example in the useless manual was to find Starbucks Why would I need an app to find a Starbucks The search could not find a single address I entered The only thing it could locate was my current location Three bucks to find out where I am I bought the app for the offline mode so that I could save my route and call it up while traveling without wifi That would be really great if it worked    Incredibly Frustrating
Do not click on that sign because it will charge you money Already delegated this app get waze instead of this app    Dont click
This app should not be used It is a ripoff It begs for 299 when you hit the button If you hit No it charges you anyway This app should be taken off the App Store    This app is a scam
The icons dont suggest much and its very difficult to figure out how to use this for directions Waste of time    Crappy
The maps are clear and easy to use The whole world is available in several map formats I think it will be very helpful on my next trip to Europe so I only have to take my iPad mini instead of lots of paper maps I hit the to see what it was and was given several opportunities to cancel I wasnt charged Although I think may go ahead and pay the 299 so I can try out the offline feature             I like it
Ignored other reviews and downloaded to test for self Very frustrating little explained trial error Deleted shortly after downloaded Needs at minimum a brief walkthrough to explain basic features assuming this app has any real value    Needs improvement
Sounds great but is a not self explaining or user friendly a waste of time Had to reinstall it twice as it wouldnt snap out of modes and doesnt do the satellite view as advertised either    How utterly user unfriendly
Almost impossible to use It couldnt find a route from Brighton CO to Denver airport Thats pretty bad    Not good
We can store data for future five days and offline mode its excellent             Nice features
This app looks like it doesnt work I downloaded it and Reyes to use it and it was just a blue screen im glad I didnt have to pay for it    This app
It seems it is playing a hide and seek with you Bad user experience When you pan wherever you go map tiles disappear even if they were there Then the screen is kept empty for about 5 seconds before map tiles pop in slowly one by one Thats what you get Strange user experience Much worse than similar application Paper map with markers The good thing is this is free    Bad map rendering
Does not even rotate And ur asking 299 for this crap    Stay away
At first they make this app look great Whoever wasted their time on this needs a new hobby This is the least user friendly app ever ps I deleted it    booooo
Really you need to add itThis app is otherwise great I love the offline feature and the pure feel of the app Really needs voice over though             Add voice over


Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 3.10
iPhone iPad

iOS PD Maps Worldwide Edition 3.10 Mobile

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