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Cocoa Box Design LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app (Penultimate ,Handwriting), brings Penultimate with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Penultimate app has been update to version 3.3.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The acclaimed notes app for iPad. Stylish, powerful, and easy to use, Penultimate encourages you to take notes, keep sketches, or work through your next breakthrough idea-- whether you`re in the office, on the go, or home on the couch.


Your handwriting and drawing looks spectacular in bold gel ink. Use colors or stick with classic inky black. Our pen technology is second to none. Three different photorealistic paper styles are available.

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If you use a stylus for taking textual notes, or otherwise write with your wrist on the glass, Penultimate has a new mode that makes it less likely that you`ll accidentally leave stray marks on the page with your hand. You can even move the tools to the top of the page so you`ll never touch them by accident.


Separate, named, notebooks for each topic, project, or category. As many as you can create, each with an infinite number of pages.


Full undo and redo on each page, along with a magically effective eraser tool that`s always the right size.


Send single pages or entire notebooks to your colleagues or friends. PDF is supported for full notebooks.


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The Penultimate is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting different languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Penultimate app version 3.3.1 has been updated on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.2 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Penultimate check developer Cocoa Box Design LLC`s website :


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This is the app Ive always wanted Good for taking handwritten notes at meetings and pasting pictures with notes This would be a 5 star app if some of the hand writing bugs could be worked out Especially when writing in cursive near the edges of the screen Overall its the most used app on my iPad             A great app but not a perfect app
After blindly stumbling through update after update they have sort of fixed most of their messes I still find the auto scrolling speeds to be insensitive and too speedy At the end of the day there isnt enough of the old Penultimate to make me leave the vastlysuperior Noteshelf          Its OK but it still isnt what it was
Used to be great Now you can even open it    App Crashes
checked on latest update still bad but getting betterStill with Note Shelf switched after version 6 ruined usefulness of Rev 5 I really like the Bookshelf of Noteshelf just like the old v5 of penultimate mixing text and hand writing is another nice feature of note shelf The whole circle on v6 is just too weird The way you can paste in a photo from the camera and erase clip it is also a nice note shelf feature Putting photos in on penultimate requires many more steps Being able to import a PDFs into Noteshelf and mark it up is also something not in pen ultimateI miss the search feature of handwriting penultimate but not that muchI periodically check back on Penultimate but the current version still unusable Its interesting with all the dis satisfaction you would think like COKE ditched the new COKE Evernote would ditch this    Un useable bring back last version look and feel
In addition to a terrible handwriting experience the app continues to jump into zoom mode and then randomly veer back to the landing page The only thing Ultimate about this app is its complete uselessness Sorry Evernote this software falls flat and keeps falling Notes Plus in comparison is light years ahead of you so fire who ever decided upon this interface start over and move on please    An utter disaster
Penultimate once upon a time you were admired by many I was taking notes on you one day in spring of 2014 while you still had the full page autoscroll features which intriguingly showed the ghosting text as I wrote across the page An exgoogle programmer came up to me after the class and asked what the neat app was that I was using to take notes on was Now you are still a clunky iteration on the poor update you released over a year ago that wastes the value of the fancy styli I have bought to accommodate your preferential bluetooth pairings Maybe one day we can be digitalnotefriends again Until then my search for your replacement continues    Still wasting my time checking new releases
After one year of trying to adjust to the new format I am giving up the software altogetherThe original Penultimate was a top notch piece of software everyone liked using The changes have rendered it totally useless It is slow difficult to understand cumbersome just not usefulI was ready to go back to paper notebooks Thankfully I also have another app called Notability I tried it and it is great Ironically what I like about it most is that it reminds me of the original Penultimate Plus it does much moreI can even import my years of notes from PenultimateThis is all part of what can happen with software products The positive side to this is that Evernote has the opportunity to correct its mistakesJust leaving a crippled piece of software out there that everyone gives a one star review is not helping them    Updated Review One Year After Product Update From Original
Handwriting is among the worst I have used I thought Evernote would be better Like the syncing but thats the only reason for a two star Work on the hand writing please       Not real good
This was a great app used it regularly but then was busy with other things The moleskin folders are gone The old folders no longer work correctly The TOOL BAR is BROKEN no ability to put in photos even though it show it in the directions And apparently EVERNOTE doesnt even answer the questions From hero to zero And Adonit doesnt seem to know about it sadly    Beyond disappointed USELESS NOW
I like the improvements Wish it mirrored Evernote more I wish I could save to existing folders in Evernote          Getting Better But Still Needs Work
After a year of updates and improvements while their customers howled and begged them to return to the functionality of the original design this team of corporate incompetents slowly built this alternate vision of this once great app It a case study of bad usability design and Evernotes hubris    Too Proud Stubborn
Seems alright works decently and I love being able to upload to Dropbox as a PDF But it needs more More colours mostly although more pens and paper might be cool as well          Alright
I am not exaggerating in the least This was the best note taking app a couple of updates ago but now it is so bad I cant even use it I have since switched to Microsoft onenote I had the pro version of penultimate and I used it everyday for my work It used to create note titles automatically using your calendar and gps to know when you were doing thingsNow its useless and nothing works I keep checking back to see if it has gotten fixed but sadly it never is    I wish I could give negative stars
this app used to be great and then evernote took over and its terribleim now missing notes i took in the old versionthis is also a problem with the way these apps work in general through the apple storenot having the ability to roll back to a previous version of an app you were using is madness    used to be great
One star for poor update summary    One star
Really what happened This was the easiest app on the market for notebooks It was just like a normal notebook then your techies got involved You need to scrap this one a go back to the old one pre 2015 Or make two different apps    FIRE YOUR PROGRAMERS
Something in the ink engine has a leak Or something similar Starts out writing fine Then at some indeterminate point in the writing session the whole app starts chugging while Im writing with my JotThe result at first actually helps my handwriting by smoothing it out but inevitably it turns it into an unidentifiable morass of barely registered pen strokes that cant eve communicate a letter or even a word Interestingly a brain can pick up on a word more readily than a letter but stillPlease Im begging you I even did all manner of practice with the auto scroll and got competent in it Allow me to disable it and allow me to manually advance using a button in the zoom box Auto scroll has been an absolute disaster overall for my handwriting I rue it more every time I actually look at my writing Illegible even to me What is this a prescription pad No    Oddly Laggy
In 2014 the app was redesigned actually adding some nice features However In doing so some of the actual functionality of the app was removed It seems with the recent updates some of the old functionality has been brought back One small example is the ability to scale photos that you add A small detail but makes a big difference The auto scroll also seems to be much smoother             Finally This app is useful again
I upgraded to the most recent version When I wrote on top of an old set of class notes I made a mistake and hit undo This erased the entire page of notes Nothing I did could restore the notes to their original form    Deleted my notes
I would like to take back my reviews on previous version because you are making it better Come on Evernote penultimate is to the handwriting app as what IE of Microsoft is to internet browser Not true any more Your app still cannot handle big note file I have long and complicated notes for my algorithm class and ready to export PDF Penultimate never generate file even it notifies me exporting PDF while it works for blank note Not true anymore Congratulations you are on the way to make another great tool             Congratulations Penultimate is on the right track
Some improvements you guys really need to make are better palm detection for those without the jot pro stylus a better color scheme for the menu on notes I dont like the blackgray color Also if there could be a larger assortment of colors to choose to writedraw with then that would be great Finally improve the ui in general Otherwise great app keep up the good work             Amazing app needs improvements
I used to love this app but since Evernote bought it it seems to get worse and worse with each update I wish they would revert back to the way it was in like 2011    Used to be the best writing app
Why am I now required to sign up for an Evernote account to use the app I dont want an Evernote account I just want the app back the way it was It says youre supposed to be able to use the app without an account but all I have is a blank screen    Bad Updates
I use the hell out of this app Love it But the switch a while back to obscenely bad resolution when transferring notes to Evernote is downright painful          Resolution Is Crap
I have used this app for years and so have years of notes on my iPad2 I loved it from Day1 because it was easy to use Today I can open the app but as soon as I try to open a notes file the whole app crashes Obviously the app is stuck in a loop on opening this file but Ive tried all the fixes mentioned with no luck For now Im going to salvage what notes I can and then delete the whole app What a disappointment this is You lost a customer    So disappointed
The lag time for writing and the slow speed for the autoscroll almost make this app unusable It like Im practicing my printing in kindergarten all over again It was working before the last update The more they tinker with features the worse it gets    Penultimate disaster
Omg this is horrible    What happened
I loved this app until the 60 update The scrolling speed for the zoom box is exactly as terrible as the most scathing reviews make it out to be and I still have yet to experience how its speed is in any way adaptable because honestly it just has a mind of its own Everything else was perfect but now Im incapable of writing in the thing Its basically completely broken       Well 60
Update why do I keep hoping At this point there is no reason to They fix one aspect and then TAKE away photo incorporation Why remove useful and necessary incorporation The obvious answer is that this screwed up company wants to force us into other apps Well you got it Evernote I definitely will continue to use other apps just not ones you make Still no trust rebuilt They bought out a perfectly good app and destroyed it utterly Every time I think they are going to fix it they actually somehow make it worse in other waysUpdate on newest patch underlying issues of stylus response and text box writing still unresolved Still cannot use this app I have cancelled paying membership and lost all trust with evernote They did serious harm to my office work and productivity with this update Others have echoed what I think on this already but this update is so unacceptable that I am going to actively rate penultimate and evernote badly until they fix this tool They broke their own app intentionally Do they even use it or test it What good is better OCR if you cant write anything in the tool anymore    Utterly horrible update
Its in its own class when it comes to quality and ease of the handwriting experience I would give it 5 stars but then I started thinking about added functionality Id like to see especially deeper integration with evernote and ability to mark up PDFs             Theres nothing like it
I cant stop using this app I like the way you can expand an area while writing This makes it much easier to write My students love it too                Love it
Ive never figured it out Evernote is a terrific help to me but from the moment they took over Penultimate the problems started Penultimate no longer looks good after the takeover the handwriting which was the best at one time is 2d rate pages dont turn Theres very little thats really good Other apps like Notability are terrific and leave this one in the dust The only reason I keep it is because of the Evernote synch       Used to be great
This app along with Evernote makes my backpack lighter Instead of having to carry a plannermoleskinnotebook and a variety of pens and highlighters all I need is this app and one Bluetooth stencil available in the Evernote Market My work life just got better                Game Changer
Add support to other stylus from another brands not only adonit             Add more support
Not sure what happened with the latest update but my Evernote Jot Script stylus original version 1 model now has about a half inch offset to the left Tried all of the right hand positions and they all have the same offset problem Its so bad I cant effectively use the app anymore Crazy since its Evernotes own stylus having problems interacting with their own app    Really bad offset with Evernote Jot Script 1 Stylus
This is a terrible app Has the worst most imprecise handwriting and drawing function Most third rate apps are better The interface is not intuitive anymore despite company claims It is more style than substance Evernote should try spending less time selling crap and more time making this app better It has been poor for too long    Indefensibly terrible app
This note taking app is the worst one I have tried The UI is not simple features are absent and how is it that my jot script Evernote edition works better on Good Notes 4 than it does here Lame    Pathetic
I cant agree more with the other reviewers who are disappointed in this socalled update I depended on this app and am now devastated by the loss of my separate notebooks and the ability to move pages around I wanted to give no stars but they wont let you do that People who are looking for the old Penultimate experience should check out the Bamboo Paper appAN UPDATEI still hate the new Penultimate and had been making do with Bamboo Paper and then Note Moka which were both OK But salvation has finally arrived with my discovery of Notes Plus which has everything the old Penultimate had and more Notes Plus isnt free but its worth the ten bucks the writing interface is the best Ive experienced its easy to edit and move around copy theres a broad variety of ink colors paper styles and pen nibs plus you can add audio import and edit PDFs and export your own stuff to Dropbox and Google Drive Its truly what we Penultimate refugees have been waiting for    REALLY REALLY HATE THIS NEW VERSION
I will make this simple Evernote has lost my trust with the repeated inability to eat crow and go back to the old version of Penultimate despite repeated passionate complaints of users This shows a total lack of regard or just plain stupidity I will be moving my business away from Evernote because this fiasco and the loss of software that was best in class have made me nervous that something similar will happen to Evernote itself I cant risk that Sorry guys youve lost someone who told everyone about your products bought all your advanced features and had a public platform I used to promote your work    Have used Evernote forever business user transition in away now
They have managed to ruin a very good ap    Need to go way back to the earlier version
Updated version is dead as a door nail Dont upgrade until they fix it    Killer App for me
Pretty useless Downloaded this and their are no menus etc    Downloaded but only see the blue screen
I literally cannot use this app Not being stubborn I LITERALLY CANNOT USE IT It barely recognizes my strokes and the strokes it does recognize are illegible Completely brokenUpdate 7112015For the love of god just release version 5 as a separate app Its been almost a year and you still cant salvage this train wreck of an upgrade    Unable to write in version 6
I absolutely love Evernote and thus had high expectations for this Penultimate Unfortunately this app is not the quality you expect from Evernote The handwriting quality is quite poor The autoscrolling feature is out of sync with my handwriting speed and I dont handwrite fast to begin with There are many great handwriting apps in the app store that have the zoombox capability so your handwriting comes out looking legible I get the idea that Penultimate wanted to do something different but what they did do does not make for a high quality usuable handwriting app for businessmeeting notes I still do use the app for drawing pictures but this is far from its advertised purpose    A let down
Not sure why there are so many complaining about the July 21st update but I have not experienced any issues with the app Writing is smooth and everything works as it should Penultimate is a simple easy to use hand writing app that I really enjoy The other writing app that I use is Notability which offers the feature of being able to record audio and typed text Notabilitys audio feature is wonderful for conference calls and meetings Try both apps             Basic yet great handwriting app
I thought that spending 75 on the recommended stylus would have done the trick No Unreliable erratic no matter what settings you try it often will leave your hands marks or just wont workTry the app first for a bit before investing in the expensive pen    Very bad
Im moving onto anything else but penultimate The last straw was removing the ability to insert a photo in my note They obviously know what they want but unfortunately it doesnt match my needs Im deleting Penminimum and moving on to something else    Id give it a zero if I could
This weeks updates prevent accidental changes and give welcome scrolling options Still not as good as once was but want to acknowledge your attempts to improve Keep going          Better
I use this all the time to write notes to myself create lists do time sheets No need to carry paper notepads any more                Attorney
Switch to GoodNotes Noteshelf Notes Plus Bamboo Paper Notability or even real paper    Penulticrap Still Pathetic


Cocoa Box Design LLC
English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish
Compatible with iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.2 or later.
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iOS / 3.3.1
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iOS Penultimate 3.3.1 Mobile

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