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Mobigame , the publisher behind many iOS games (Zombie Carnaval ,Perfect Cell Lite ,Edge ,Truckers Delight: Episode 1 ,Cross Fingers Free ,Scratch Fever), brings Perfect Cell with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Perfect Cell games has been update to version 1.2.1 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • If you enjoy action games with some puzzle solving mixed in..
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  • - Make the achievements unlockable in-game without accessing Game Center..

Overall Satisfactionc92
You can make an update with more levels with those enemies.
The best games ive ever played in my life.
This is the most amazing game in the world.
One of the best iPhone /iPod games I've ever owned.
Fun & Engagingc84
You can make an update with more levels with those enemies.
Certainly very fun to play as something other then a human.
it's just because of this awesome game.
Very fun and addictive gameplay.
Good wholesome family fun.
Replay Valuec88
Pleeeeeeease add more levels and more challenges.
You can make an update with more levels with those enemies.
In spite of what some have said about replay value.
But there is no replay value.
levels were varied and got very challenging near the end.
Production Valuesc87
Clever and original game play.
full hd 3d graphics optimized for iphone ipad and ipod touch.
great music and sound effects.
Great production values.
I love the visuals and controls.
Graphics are top notch and the user interface is super smooth.
Updates & Supportc63
Then they put out the lite version.
Go try out the lite version.
It's a shame because I thoroughly enjoyed the lite version.

and I'm hoping for a sequel. found in 2 reviews
Well worth the three bucks for hours of entertainment. found in 1 reviews
I love the dynamics and am already addicted. found in 1 reviews
and extremely beautiful graphics. found in 2 reviews
levels were varied and got very challenging near the end. found in 2 reviews
i hope you guys make a sequel. found in 2 reviews
Making your UI/Artwork easily work FOR the Player and the game. found in 1 reviews
Great job to the creators of this game. found in 1 reviews
Somewhere between Spider: Bryce Manor and Metal Gear Solid. found in 4 reviews
The best games ive ever played in my life. found in 7 reviews
Great smooth graphics and easy to control also MAKE PERFECT CELL2. found in 2 reviews
The game looks great visually. found in 2 reviews
I just beat the game and loved it. found in 5 reviews
while the game feels a bit short on content. found in 1 reviews
I downloaded this game last night and couldn't put it down. found in 1 reviews
Great puzzle game with great graphics and controls. found in 7 reviews
I can't get passed c 8. found in 2 reviews
but that gets old really fast. found in 1 reviews
the game needs some more challenge. found in 1 reviews
Great but short. found in 1 reviews
Other than the annoying controls. found in 1 reviews
Simple but awe inspiring. found in 1 reviews
I'd like to see an update fixing this. found in 2 reviews
Kinda lacking in content. found in 1 reviews
but needs orientation controls. found in 1 reviews
but the repitition and the game itself seems incomplete. found in 1 reviews
A Long list of problems and how to fix it. found in 1 reviews
so I stopped playing. found in 2 reviews
Now here's the part that's fun and annoying. found in 2 reviews
But it does take away from the experience for some people. found in 1 reviews
I rate 4 stars because there is no points system. found in 1 reviews
or co-op online multiplayer would be fun. found in 1 reviews
but to wait for the next upgrade to fix this bug. found in 1 reviews
Won't open after last upgrade. found in 1 reviews
don't waste your money on this one. found in 1 reviews
Gets boring really fast. found in 4 reviews
it says it cant install because its recources have been modified. found in 1 reviews
Won't load for some reason also want $2. found in 1 reviews

The Perfect Cell is now available for $2.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at a hefty 220 MB, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.2.1 has been released on 2014-11-21. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
More Info: Find more info about Perfect Cell in Mobigame`s Official Website :

SUPER SALES Perfect Cell is on sale (-70%) for a limited time only. Play as the most advanced creature ever discovered on Earth. You are trapped in a high security submarine base and you must use ...
Great game no please make a second                 Make a second one
This is one of the best mobile puzzle games Ive ever played If they make a second one Im buying it                 Awesome
Good game i like it              Nice game
I love this game so much It is very fun to play and has great graphics It is easily a 5 star game but I had to take one away because of the one area that has a nude female scientist taking a shower in the background I dont like that kind of thing and I dont know why is was added as it adds nothing to the game But it does take away from the experience for some people But other than that this is the one of the best iPhone gane out there Well worth the price              Amazing Game
Perfect Cell is nothing short of mind blowing When I first downloaded this app two years ago the complex puzzle style and thematic violence caused me to get disinterested rather quickly so I stopped playing But now two years later I can appreciate this magnificent work of art for what it really is a ground breaking step in the world of puzzle gaming PC Perfect Cell is for people with extremely good eyes mainly because if you want to survive youll need to realize the subtle changes in light and rock to achieve your linear yet fun escape objective Now heres the part thats fun and annoying major spoilers beyond this point You play as Cell Zero a microscopic meteor born life form that lands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and aggressively grows into a deadly macroscopic monster Youre captured by a civilian massacring under water military base and you have to kill droves of dumb human soldiers and scientists to reunite with your many counterparts This gets boring sometimes because of the dumb and unnecessary soldiers that have no regard for their life but its still baseline fun PC is vastly superior on the iPad because the sense of scale is more intimidating Enough said have fun              Perfect Cell is the Perfect Side Scroller
Gave this a shot after loving zombie tsunami from the same devs Very slick great controls beautiful graphics One price game no iap scams                 High quality
Awesome game but I want to hear the musicI went to YouTube but all I got was an anime song Please tell me how to get the soundtrack                 Cool music WHERE IS IT
I like everything about it and I want to make custom colors or more then the colors now please do                 Awesome game
Please come out with a second one This game is awesome and worth the money                 Terrific
This game is simply amazing The one bad thing about it is that the movement controls make it hard to see whats in front of you but otherwise perfect                 Amazing
I have played all the levels and it was just great The game runs smoothly I just wish that they could have an update to add more levels A well thought game 5 stars                 BUY IT
This thing is slow as hell to downloadI have the memory I havent played it yet but its SLOW AS HELL TO DOWLOAD     Slow
INEEDMORE                 More
Perfect Cell is a great mix of the puzzle solving shooter genre While it starts out easy each level becomes subsequently harder The controls and gameplay are very smooth and the graphics are top notch There are NO inapp purchases in this game which is a huge plus If you enjoy action games with some puzzle solving mixed in give Perfect Cell a try                 Amazing Game
This game was on of my first and favorite games in the App Store I would love a new one A sequel perhaps                 Great game make more
Great game for the iPad or iPhone Would like more levels              Perfect Cell
Seriously everybody this game is great Its one of those games that is designed so well for a touchscreen device that it wouldnt be as good on a console system Mobigame please add more levels                 One of the BEST games on the market
Great app its full of action cud play it over and over again                 Cool
This game is awesome and it needs more levels This game is great and you should get it                 Worth every penny
Please bring more make a new one because if u do I will by that stuff in a heart beat this game is awesome Ps pleeeeeeeeaaaaassssseeeeeeee bring more to that game                 Sebastian bacon
I was looking for stealth games several years ago and this one popped up on my radar I downloaded the Lite version and had so much fun I had to get the full game I play it over and over constantly trying new things and new ways of going through it My different ways are primarily Kill anything moving DONT kill anything moving Time trials kills dont matter Time trials kill everything Time trails Dont kill anything Scrape all the dead people together and DrawnDash in a circle making body parts fly in all directions I can amuse myself for hours with this game I really wish theyd build a Second Perfect Cell                 One of the best
Great game it really is but it needs more levels I have on here just sitting and waiting for an update                 ADD MORE
This game is really cool and enjoyable i enjoy everything in it Killing enemies and solving puzzles and more But after i finished all the levels i started to get a little bored of the game So mobigame please add more levels or make perfect cell 2 because i really love this game and im looking forward for new content And thank you mobigame                 One of the best games
Im at e7                 Best game ever
Easily one of coolest and most unique games on the App Store Very well made and just all around great Sleeper hit for sure                 iPhone 5
I found this game loads of fun Five Star fun for its superb graphics attention to detail and genius of design Although I gladly give Perfect Cell a 5S I didnt get how collecting the green stars was useful I also was very impressed with the split cell aspect but would want more game play levels requiring a split to survive and to kill How about adding Y axis game play to take advantage of the cool rooms Lastly more hidden rooms tunnels and dudes to smoke Sounds like another installment is in the offing Very nice job overall Well done                 Best game so far
I hate to say this but I was bored with this game in only a few minutes Im hoping my 7 year old likes it because I think its stupid     BORING
This game really grabbed me from the first level I played Probably the only game Ive played yet on my iPad that kept me playing it without pausing to play something else on different occasions Really fascinating and approachable If I had to make one criticism it would be that the game was too easy And they definitely need to make another one                 Perfect Cell Perfect Game
Should add more levels an powers           Love it but
This game did not get promoted like it should have Its beautiful and gives a fresh look on puzzle gaming There is none like it Well worth the price Aww man I cant say enuff how awesome this game is GET IT NOW AND BECOME THE PERFECT KILLER                 WOW
It was a good app to play when you are bord at home great puzzle took me a while to finish but overall it was good it was a well thought out game                 Excellent app
This game is awesome although I wish there were some more levels                 Great game
I really like game like this The graphics are great and the skin colors make the game more flexibleI have some requests Could you make more species of the perfect cell but with more abilities after you beat the game And could you add more levels to the game with more enemies more things to interact with etc                 This game is awesome
Fantastic setting easy pick up and go gameplay charming graphics and wonderful sound                 Incredibly fun
This game is great and all the only thing it needs is a sequel to it I can see it now it takes place above ground and now your still a cell but your fighting the military and such to take over the world other then that great game                 Game killer
Its a pretty simple game move your floating cell around to dodge obstacles avoid or attack enemies and activate switches to progress Fairly simple puzzles throughout with plenty of action or stealth depending on your playstyle However the graphics are very dated and extremely low resolution You can quite easily see large individual pixels throughout much of the game most noticeably on characters such as the soldiers and scientists Other than that its a fantastic game for both action and stealth gamers                 Good but graphics are NOT HD
How do you beat the last level                 How do you beat the last level
Dudes This game was awesome but why didnt you include the enemies you drew in the bonus artwork It would have been sooo cool You can make an update with more levels with those enemies              Awesome But why
Perfect Cell is the Perfect mobile game in every way Ever                 This is a Top 10
Its and incredible gameIt challenges your mind to solve unique problems and escape your prison you are held in you have to kill guardsdodge lazzersand hide from security camerasits awesome                 I THIS GAME
Luv the game easy 5 but the game needs some more challenge and more levels or a Perfect Cell 2 and possibly I would love this a level creator where you can make your own and also browse others uploaded from other people that would make up for the little levels also e7 lazer part is enraging to me but otherwise good game           Great game Needs more levels
The quality in every aspect of this game is what makes it a musthave Smooth and atmospheric great music and sound effects good story and conclusion challenging yet easily achievable levels lots of variety and high replay value make it a keeper In spite of what some have said about replay value I have had this game since the day it came out on my 1stgen iPhone and it is the ONLY game I still play I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this game 25D graphics gameplay mechanics no inapp purchases BS and its satisfying to be able to slice lab guards into hamburger starting with Level 3 Awesome postdeath animation too Watch them gush blood and twitch around Slice them up some more Good wholesome family fun If there was a sequel Id pay top dollar for it without hesitation unless it had inapp purchases I dont buy games from developers who have been infected by that cancer Worst thing that ever happened to gaming I have to crack up at the reviewer who knocked a star off because somewhere in the game is a nude woman taking a shower Blood and choppedup bodies are great but nudity is bad Ill take his word for it but I cant even bring that scene to mind and Ive played this game through literally hundreds of times                 Getting the love
This is my first review ever this game was that amazing Addicting as hell and challenging but not to where you just hate the game They need to make a movie out of this                 First review ever
This is quietly one of the best iOS games there is How about more like it Thanks boys                 Time for a sequel
Although when I got this I thought it would be terrible but it was beautifulYou could take a stealth approach or a aggressive approach Truly a great game                 Awesome
Solid Its a game great to pass time I love the design of the Cell floating around with tentacles                 Good
Wish there was a sequel                 Awesome
Good graphics immersive gameplay great puzzles in every level a lot of challenges and goals to complete and quite a bit of action in this escape game It is a great puzzle game and really the only one I have ever liked since the classic jigsaw puzzles                 Pretty Addictive
you job as a cell is to escape the army sub kind of hard and easy I got to the very end escaped and beat it                 fun
Ok the last level doesnt need to be like mission impossible Like Jesus              Ok make last lev Easyer

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