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Dog Tag LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app (Perfect Dog – Large Breeds ,Perfect Dog - Ultimate Breed Guide To Dogs ,Perfect Dog - Family Pet ,Perfect Dog - Small Breeds ,Dog Show ,Perfect Dog - Hypoallergenic), brings Perfect Dog - Ultimate Breed Guide To Dogs with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Perfect Dog - Ultimate Breed Guide To Dogs app has been update to version 3.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great research tool..
  • Easy to use and great for KIDS..
  • This is a GREAT app for dog lovers like me..
Overall Satisfactionclick me88
This is a GREAT app for dog lovers like me.
however it could've standed to include a select few more breeds.
I highly recommend this app to anyone interested in dog breeds.
It's fun to play around on it.
This app is awesome my and my friends love it :D.
Fun & Engagingclick me81
however it could've standed to include a select few more breeds.
It's very interesting to read about the different breeds.
Awesome dog guide.
awesome information and good clear picture of the breeds.
I brag about how cool and fun this app is.
Very educational and fun to use.
Very useful and plain fun.
Usefulnessclick me92
Everything I need to know about a specific breed of dog.
The app is full of useful information.
I found this app to be very informative and helpful.
This app is really helpful.
Useful and free.
Family Friendlyclick me82
Was really helpful in finding the new family pet.
I have more fun with this app and my grand kids.
and is helping my family narrow down our breed selection.
Reliabilityclick me96
Ads not Intrusiveclick me61
Updates & Supportclick me49


Perfect Dog - Ultimate Breed Guide To Dogs is unquestionably the most comprehensive reference guide on Dog Breeds available. This FREE app is ad-supported and provides rich photos and detailed information on over 200 popular and rare dog breeds. (For a version without ads try: Perfect Dog - Ad-free Ultimate Breed Guide To Dogs.) With Perfect Dog - Ultimate Breed Guide To Dogs, each dog breed is cataloged alphabetically (or by group) with a thumbnail image and breed name. This app makes scrolling through dog breeds easy and intuitive! Users may search for a breed by selecting simple yet reliable lifestyle settings (e.g. likes children or prefers adults) or indicating desired physical attributes (e.g. floppy ears). The app then provides a list of breeds that matches selected criteria. If you are planning to add a dog to your family, want to find a dog that suits your lifestyle, or simply have seen a dog and wondered what breed it is, Perfect Dog - Ultimate Breed Guide To Dogs is the solution for you.


With Perfect Dog - Ultimate Breed Guide To Dogs, you can learn detailed information about each breed including size, temperament, how they get along with children, and whether you will be living with dog hair on your furniture (Did you know that many breeds do not shed?) You can read about where the breed originated and why it was originally bred.

Perfect Dog - Ultimate Breed Guide To DogsPerfect Dog - Ultimate Breed Guide To Dogs
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The FETCH feature gives you the ability to search for the perfect breed based on ten important lifestyle criteria such as a breed’s energy level, disposition, shedding/grooming requirements, protection, and how well the breed interacts with children. Once you make the lifestyle selections that are important to you and your family, FETCH does the rest by instantly ranking every breed that matches your criteria. From there, you can learn all about the breeds that are suitable for you and your family.


The GROOM feature gives you the ability to search for a breed based upon physical attributes. The next time you see a dog and you're not sure what breed it is, the GROOM screen can quickly figure out the answer. By simply selecting some of the dog’s physical characteristics such as “floppy ears” and “pushed in face” you'll find out the mystery breed’s name in no time.
Perfect Dog - Ultimate Breed Guide To Dogs


If you are iPhone owner,you now can download Perfect Dog - Ultimate Breed Guide To Dogs for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 3.1 has been released on 2014-11-21. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
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perfect dog is a really great quick reference guide of dog breeds. found in 5 reviews
even though I already moved them all to how I want them. found in 2 reviews
:D It's extremely informative and perfect when considering a new pup. found in 5 reviews
very helpful when trying to pick a dog breed for your lifestyle. found in 7 reviews
This app helped me find the perfect dog for me. found in 9 reviews
I am overwhelmed with the photos and information. found in 3 reviews
This App is the " Bow Wow ". found in 3 reviews
The perfect dog app works so good on my iPod. found in 179 reviews
Even obscure breeds are easy to identify. found in 7 reviews
Perfect for people looking for a great companion in their life. found in 3 reviews
I wish it didn't need wifi though. found in 3 reviews
Worth the FREE download. found in 1 reviews
Right on target. found in 2 reviews
This app even helps you find the perfect pet for you. found in 5 reviews
This app is a very hood quick reference for dog breeds. found in 6 reviews
What a great resource for any dog lover. found in 10 reviews
I got the perfect dog golden retriever. found in 6 reviews
Disappointed with latest update. found in 1 reviews
Let's Talk Dog. found in 1 reviews
Good but more info would be nice. found in 1 reviews
But I would like to see more different and clear photos. found in 2 reviews
A few of the dogs have incorrect information. found in 3 reviews
however I wish there was more detail written for each breed. found in 2 reviews
Useless notifications and full screen pop up ads ruined it for me. found in 2 reviews
The American Pit Bull Terrier does not belong in the "rare" group. found in 7 reviews
but needs some fixing. found in 1 reviews
No iPhone 5 Support. found in 1 reviews
This is a wonderful app but too many are locked. found in 2 reviews
HEY PLEASE FIX NEW UPDATE NOW. found in 2 reviews
Missing some breeds and some pertinent info about breeds. found in 3 reviews
So Tired Of Ads. found in 1 reviews
Don't like the ads. found in 1 reviews
Please fix these issues and this app with be up to 5 stars. found in 2 reviews
but a little more info would be better. found in 3 reviews
Good app but very annoying pop up ads. found in 3 reviews
Please fix these issues. found in 2 reviews
until they send it started sending push notifications all the time. found in 1 reviews
Update: Still extremely annoying popup adds. found in 2 reviews
Ruined by greed. found in 2 reviews
but not the stupid ad popups. found in 2 reviews
App Update Locks Out Info for Select Breeds. found in 3 reviews
I can't access all the breeds anymore without having to pay. found in 12 reviews
This used to be a good app but very annoying pop up ads. found in 3 reviews
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You should get this app                AMAZING
It will help you find the right dog for your family even if someone in your family doesnt think he loves dogs                Perfect for any dog lover
Plzzzz add the pomsky its a pomeranian and a siberian husky mix its so adorible and the perfect dog for a family from childred to elders Thank you          POMSKY
This app is pretty good I wish that they would give more breads for free             Pretty good
I hope I can use this one to help me choose the right breed such as size weight exercise demand and child friendly But it does not helpful by using the match function Disappointed    Not useful
Easy to use Comes with a large library of dogs to quickly research This is a good app for someone looking for the perfect dog for their lifestyle                Great App
Good program                Great
Im a dog trainer and use the app daily It hasnt failed me yet and I love getting the updates Keep it up                Nice App
I used to LOVE THIS APP it was my FAVORITE It was the BEST dog app I had EVER HAD Then this BULL UPDATE happened so now you have to BUY EVERYTHING and it gets better not only can you NOT FIND YOUR PERFECT DOG You have to look at ADS displayed EVERY WHERE Its the most DISLEADING APP IVE EVER HAD DO NOT GET THIS APP UNLESS YOU WANT TO PAY MONEY    WORST APP EVER USE TO BE MY FAVORITE
I love this app Im a pet groomer and use this app quite often to look up and match breeds I had the free version a long time ago and paid 199 for the updated version since it added a whole bunch of new breeds which I had no issue with Of course there are even MORE breeds added to this app but I have to pay 199 AGAIN to get a few new dogs if I want to learn and see them I dont think so I think once you purchase the first updated list you should get all the new updates and dogs that are added later for free Just seems like a sneaky way for them to get more of your money especially for those of us who use this app to help with their profession Once a very happy user of this app now not so much          This app is amazing but
Loved the app until this last update Now it wont open Uninstalling didnt help Fix please so I can continue to learn and match breeds I would be super grateful    Glitch
I loved this app until I got a kibble a fact about the Whippet and the kibble said Whippets are in fact the fastest dog breeds Which is false because the Whippet on maximum can run up to 35 mph and the Greyhound which is really the fastest dog breed can run up to 45 mph But I do like how this app has a lot of dog breeds but its annoying how most of the breeds are locked          Cool app
I love all the detailed info Ive been doing research to find the best dog for me                Great app
I love this app It has every breed I upgraded to Best In Show and love it                Best Dog App Ever
Four paws up                Amazing
Helped us research our familys first puppy Good in depth info Need Pro version to unlock all breeds                Great info
Deleted this app awhile ago to make room on my phone Loved it then when we were looking at dogs very informative I just downloaded it again because we are considering another dog and now half of the breeds are locked out and you need to pay to see them very disappointing Ill be deleting the app now    Old version was better
Its stupid that we have to pay money to look at the dog breeds    Stupid
If you love dogs youll love this app Very informative                Sgt358
This app is very helpful I would recommend it to anyone But the only thing is that lots of dogs have locks on them But Id still recommend it             Helpful
Perfect app for the dog lover                Dogs Dogs Dogs
This app never lets me even do anything When I go on it just shuts downBut it seems cool in reviews       Awe
I originally purchased the update to unlock all breeds but after the most recent update there was another purchase required to unlock all the breeds and remove newly added ads Other than this the only problem I found is that almost all of the photos of the American Pit Bull Terrier are actually American Bully photos          Unfair update
If you upgrade you will get more information then you need                Perfect Dog
I love learning about dogs and this is a fun way to do it             Fun Ap
I really enjoy this app its like having a detailed dog book in an App I recommend it frequently                A comprehensive dog breed tool
Stop whining and upgrade to Best in Show 512 breeds including some amazing exotics                Upgrade to Best in Show
Love this app                Good
Amazing updateIncredibly detailed with great depth So many breeds and so many pictures Gorgeous The search engines found us a perfect pup and we can browse the app for hours Really easy to use as well 5starsThe update is fantastic So many great new breeds and photosThe upgrade is cheap and gets tons of new breeds Why would you complain about the ads Someone has to pay for this great app                Best Dog app in the world gets way better
I love this app                Incredible source of information
Just wish that the updates didnt have to cost so much Other than that its a great app             Amazing
I have an iphone 4 and it used to work until this new update now it wont open Ive tried uninstalling it then reinstalling it Still wont work Please fix this    It was good but now it wont work
This is officially the cutes app ever to me                Aww
I love it its a fortune teller for what dogs you should get that fit what your needs are                Tots amazballs
The best dog app The research is excellent                Dog lover
I LOVE this app It has changed my perspective on all dogs and now I think I am going to get one Everyone should get it It has changed my life                Perfect Dog Review
This is the best dog up on the market                Excellent app
This app is literally the best when it comes to trying to learn dog breeds I just wish they had a pronunciation key for some of the more exotic dog names                Great Dog App Just add one thing
Free to download pay to view over half of the dogs    Lame
I love it Just recently got into dogs and this app makes it easy learn on breeds                Wonderful application
Its really good I like dogs and I use this guide but when I downloaded the new version it crashes every time I love this app so much please fix it          HEY PLEASE FIX NEW UPDATE NOW
My only complaint is that it would be nice to have all the dogs categorized by different kennel clubs If youre like me and you want to learn all the breeds it would be easier to separate them out in various smaller groups             Very thorough but
Invasive advertising and extremely limited breed browsing without paying    Avoid
It is an awesome app The only problem is that u have to buy some dog breeds but I mean they have EVERYTHING every dog and every detail about every dog and I think its worth the money and u dont need wifi or phone service once its downloaded its there for u always it is one of my favorite apps ever And the have a cat one to                Great I LOVE IT
Thank you                Awesome
I got the and and have paid for all the breeds all ready and I have to do it again But now 2 time And some and have to be entires in a contest to win a puppy Dont get me wrong I love puppy but I dont have the money to take care of another animal How ever I am happy they did add new breeds and sorting the breeds in to what country they are from But I Really do hate I have to enter a contest and pay 5 dollars to get a the breeds       H A T E the update
I LOVE this app it has helped me in my new dogobsessed life and I look up new information on dogs everyday Its the app with the most RD and thats why its number 1                Great dog app
Really cool useful app You do have to make a purchase to view some breeds which is unfortunate but all of the popular breeds are free Rotts Labs boxers pugs Bulldogs pits etc The app has a ton of info on every kind of dog and even has a personality test to see which type of dog is right for youI love this app 5 stars                Great App
After the 4 purchase my match searches are scrambled and the results are in correct I chose hot climate and I am seeing dogs from England with long hair It would be awesome to have the search results be listed as best match instead of having to scroll to see which breed has the higher percentage       Why did I pay
My favorite app Love it                Amazing Get this app


Dog Tag LLC
Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 3.1

iOS Perfect Dog - Ultimate Breed Guide To Dogs 3.1 Mobile

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