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Shotzoom Software , the publisher behind many iOS app (SPLIT Multisport GPS ,Golfscape GPS Rangefinder ,Golfplan with Paul Azinger ,Golfshot: Golf GPS ,Tiger Woods: My Swing HD ,PGA TOUR Caddie), brings PGA TOUR Caddie with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. PGA TOUR Caddie app has been update to version 1.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Stat tracking is great..
  • I really like the tracking distance of each club..
  • Thank you for making the best golf gps app even better..
  • I also enjoy the shot tracker function..
  • allow to take pictures during the round..

Overall Satisfactionc90
Thank you for making the best golf gps app even better.
This is hands down the best gps scorecard app available.
Easy to use and love the stats.
Best in class app for golf scoring.
My new best friend.
Fun & Engagingc71
intuitive and actually fun to use.
Too friggin awesome.
its friggin awesome.
3d images are awesome.
Really helps me manage my strategy around the course.
Blows everything else away.
Simple and helpful.
Production Valuesc39
pretty polished.
Ease of Usec77
Updates & Supportc40
Helpful app and great customer support.

This app is ridiculously amazing. found in 2 reviews
Could not imagine a better app for golfers that love this game. found in 14 reviews
Make sure you watch the video. found in 2 reviews
Much better than other golf apps I have used. found in 14 reviews
One of the best gps and scorecard app. found in 3 reviews
and this is a great way to learn while gathering stats. found in 4 reviews
Best in class app for golf scoring. found in 2 reviews
Really helps me manage my strategy around the course. found in 5 reviews
Golfshot has helped me improve my game. found in 4 reviews
The distances are accurate and keeping track of stats is easy. found in 3 reviews
Helpful app and great customer support. found in 1 reviews
In my opinion the best golf gps app on the market. found in 3 reviews
Pretty accurate yardage to green or layup target. found in 6 reviews
Statistics are great for tracking progress and identifying weaknesses. found in 2 reviews
This app gives accurate distances to the green and hazard areas. found in 7 reviews
Easily blows away other golf GPS apps I've tried before. found in 34 reviews
Perfect except for one thing. found in 1 reviews
Awesome but hard to maneuver quickly. found in 1 reviews
Great app but need to fix yardage display speed. found in 7 reviews
I won't do a annual subscription. found in 11 reviews
NEEDS many fixes and improvements. found in 1 reviews
Good app needs USGA handicap capability. found in 1 reviews
It's a lot of trial and error pushing icons -. found in 3 reviews
Fix speed and this will be best out there. found in 1 reviews
Looks great but disappointed so far. found in 1 reviews
disappointing UI. found in 1 reviews
always having to sign out. found in 4 reviews
It keeps on crashing when I take a photo. found in 1 reviews
Nice app but needs improvement. found in 1 reviews
however burns battery worse than Golfshot GPS. found in 2 reviews
Subscription seems expensive vs Golf Shot GPS. found in 1 reviews
I love this app except the new version crashes every time I open it. found in 3 reviews
Wish it automatically went to next hole without input. found in 2 reviews
1 star less for making scorecard a little difficult to enter. found in 15 reviews
Overall similar to golfshot but golfshot is a one time purchase. found in 3 reviews
The new version crashes every time you try to open it. found in 7 reviews
There is no map overview of each hole next to the distances. found in 2 reviews
Not worth the annual subscription and very difficult to use. found in 11 reviews
App won't recognize my device. found in 3 reviews
Can't start any rounds or download courses after update. found in 4 reviews
Crashes after update to fix crashes. found in 7 reviews
total waste of an annual fee when I have no courses. found in 8 reviews

The PGA TOUR Caddie is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is available in multiple languages: English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese. It weighs in at only 31.0 MB to download. The new PGA TOUR Caddie app version 1.1 has been updated on 2014-11-24. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 6.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about PGA TOUR Caddie in Shotzoom Software`s Official Website :

TOURCaddie Features GPS access to 500,000 greens across 40,000+ courses worldwide 3D fly over preview to visualize each hole Track and record each shot, clubs used and store round information Take and store photos and ...
GolfShot is leading the push for the AppleWatch and iPhone to be used during a golf round The software is great the support team is working hard and I recommend this to anyone 2999 year for Pro Membership is a little costly but the equipment recommendations are excellent                 Great Support Awesome App
Crashes since iOS 9 update Installed and reinstalled app did hard reset all to no help Minute I try to start around the app crashes As of now this app is useless and Im out of 20 till its fixed     Crashes with iOS 9
Great app however they seem to be slow to fixing some issues they have with iOS 9 App loads slowly then when attempting to play a round it crashes At this point its unusable and has forced me to use Hole19 Id really like to come back to Golfshot but these delays in putting out an update to iOS update they have had for several months is frustrating        Great app use it a lot But
Accurate easy to use GPS with good watch functionality                 Accurate clear easy
Ive used this for years but not too much in the last couple months When I opened the app today I had to pay my subscription which had expired I paid the sub and opened the app Selected the course I was playing on and the app crashed I tried several times and it kept crashing Has this not been updated for iOS 9     Not working on IOS9
Enjoy all the app features using Apple Watch                 Andover CC Lexington KY
Both apps crash to home as soon as start round is pressed Cant get in on either app        iOS 9 update crashes
If you are using IOS 9 dont bother buying this until the developers get around to fixing the crash upon starting a round     No go on ios9
Awesome app but ever since I upgraded to iOS 9 the app crashes It wont allow me to start a round Also before this update the app was not allocating correct points per hole on the handicap system Other than that probably the best golfing app available              iOS 9
Nice program numbers for yardage large enuf to see without bifocals              Golfer
Since upgrading my iPhone to iOS 9 the app fails to start a round shuts down without any error message It was a 4star app when it was functioning properly prior to the iOS 9 upgrade A bit curious that the marketing nonessential features all work fine but the core function does not     Fails to work with iOS 9
Love this app it is very accurate calculating your distance instantly Have not tracked my clubs for distance but Im just a recreational golfer I can see how this would be beneficial if I get more serious                 Great app
The latest update is much better but still kills my Watch every 12 rounds When this happens no other data syncs with the Watch until I repair it I do not experience the issue with any other app and my iPhone iOS 84 remains in my pocket The interface gets out of sync easily and does not always recover It is a shame too The app has so much potential     Kills the Watch
This is an awesome app Every golfer should have it                 Golf
The easy way in which one can access any Golf Course Keep the Handicap and being able to track your performance All in one place Thanks and keep it that way                 Great Simple Tool of Golf Ever
I have been a long time user of this app and this year even forked out the 2999 annual subscription fee and what I got in return is horrible customer support Lately so many problems occur with this app In the middle of the round all the map pictures of the holes go completely white and you lose the Arial view of the holes even though I always download and load the course before I go out and play However this is not the only problem I play a lot of tournaments on different courses and every round I save notes of each hole for my future rounds When I play the courses again some of the notes are missing I contact customer support on both issues and they offered no solution and many times they just ignore the request Worst of all with the new update of apple OS I cant open the app Every single time I do it crashes If you charge 2999 per year for it you D better get your acts together as there are so many apps out there that are as good cheaper and better than this crap I wont renew my subscription for sure     Non existent customer support and keeps crashing
Great for what I need A little confusing at first but the tutorials were great Picked it all up by the end of the 1st hole Great tool Great for distance Just use the free portion and works great                 Great app
HATE THE NEWEST UPDATE REQUIRING EMAIL ADDRESS OF ALL PLAYERS DROP THAT FEATURE DOESNT CURRENTLY ALLOW A BYPASS REPEATED ATTEMPTS TO BYPASS DONT WORK PLEASE FIX I used golfshot for a few years Golfshot is simple easy to use Tour caddie is a similar app Tour caddie has to much info on the screen all at the same time I will continue to test it but the shot tracker feature did not function correctly after multiple attempts to use it It is not as easy to navigate and end a round that you have started but are not playing all holes Overall similar to golfshot but golfshot is a one time purchase Tour caddy is listed as a yearly fee     Golfshot vs tour caddie
Love this app It has more courses than my friends so hes always asking for yardages                 Golfshot
Back to 1 Happy with the Apple Watch with this update Keep it up guys                 iOS9 issues fixed
Been using and loving this app for several years Upgraded to iOS 9 yesterday and that app simply quits when the round is starting Opening the app gets a resume round option Clicking on that makes the app quit again Anyone else having this problem           problems with upgrade to iOS 9
If you are serious about your golf game you need this app GPS tee times stats and so much more to truly help you improve your game                 Best golf GPS app period
This app singlehandedly improved my game went from a 21 handicap to 12 in a year flat The stats and GPS are remarkable keep up the good work Shotzoom                 Best Golf app period
Please fix immediately App was great best GOS golf app in the store But since updating to iOS 9 app crashes and closes every time I try to startresume round Unusable now I got a round coming up Please fix Ill update review to 5 stars Thanks     Loved But Now Crashes on iOS 9
One of the best gps and scorecard app If you dont want gps just disable it through the iphones settingsprivacylocation servicesoff for tourcaddie If you do want gps get a battery case which should last 2 rounds disable wifi and bluetooth dim screen to 50 Anyway great app 1 star less for making scorecard a little difficult to enter Not a fan of swiping too often Aside from that my go to app while at the course                 Excellent app
Use it every round Love the watch integration                 Great app
The preview is a cool benefit especially if you dont know the course And its free                 Good app
This app is so worth it because it keeps you honest about your drive distances For instance a par 4 at a course I played recently said 402 to the hole and it is actually 294 I drove 254 without this app I would have thought it was 354 and that doesnt help when trying to improve Also great if you have an apple watch                 So worth it
It worked perfectly on my apple watch No time delays Easy to use and score Thanks                 Apple watch
Great app Only one Ive ever used for 5 years now                 Love love
Awesome app                 Incredible
Crashes when selecting Play Game since upgrading to IOS 90 Please fix     Crashes with IOS 90
I found this app difficult to operate from the beginning Signing up took several attempts and I was disappointed with the overall performance while using it on the course not accurate slow to update froze several times I dont recommend this app     Not easy to use
Been using since 2011 with no complaints                 Long term happy user
This app has great potential but it does fall short for the price The number one issue is that lately it crashes all the time and already reinstalled the app        Needs improvement
I have been using this app since it first came out I have tried countless others out there and this is by far the best one ever Its accurate easy to use and especially great on the Apple watch After 18 hours the battery on my watch is the same as if I just used it normally throughout the day Also I have used sky caddie and a garmin in the past and this is just as accurate I like it because it gives you just enough info and its easy to keep score After the round I just hit save and it emails me the scorecard Well worth the 2900 yearly fee I highly recommend it                 Best golf GPS app ever
Love this app Its been great for several years on multiple courses But with the recent iPhone upgrade now it doesnt work I can pick a course to play but it crashes and closes when you go to the first hole to start the round Please fix              Love bummed
I used the app for the first time today on my iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch I experienced a huge latency problem My iPhone would show 50 yards to the center of the green and the watch would show three or four times that distance I would stand still by my ball for 10 seconds and the watch continued to show inaccurate distances The watch app proved to be useless I gave up and stopped using the app     Horrible latency on Apple Watch
Getting back into the game and this app is a tremendous help Great yardages with the gps easy score keeping with built in shot tracking to help me remember clubs and their distances and the ones that give me trouble I carry an iPhone backup battery pack since a slow round will probably drain the phone battery completely Golf is much less of a mystery with this app                 Use it every round
Ive been playing loads of golf this summer 50 rounds and have really been trying to get decent at the game Golfshot has been with me the whole way and has been absolutely invaluable I love it on the course and only wish Id upgraded to golfshot pro to get accurate yardages and flyovers sooner Off the course I love analysing my game to see where I need to improve and what Ive been doing well Its really helped me improve my game and whilst Im not about to par a golf course Im getting closer to breaking 80 and part of that is the assistance golfshot gives to me                 Quality
My favorite app Works great with my apple watch              Best app
I went to use my usually dependable Golfshot app on my iPhone today After I put in all info for my round I hit the play round button and whamo back to home screen Opened app again hit resume round button and guess what Back to home screen I read another review that suggested this bug has been caused by iOS 9 update but I played a round last Saturday after having updated to iOS 9 and it worked fine I got a quick response on golf course from Shotzoom team that they have submitted a fix to Apple and are awaiting their response so it could be implemented Im not holding my breath     Golfshot crashed
Fun                 Fast round
Crashes every time I try to add equipment Was so excited to put it to use tomorrow So disappointed     So Disappointed
Wonderful app GPS is pretty accurate scoring is smooth and easy Hope app stays user friendly                 Great app
I played my first round with the new app and Apple Watch interface which is a needed improvement however after only 9 holes I was down to less than 10 battery on my watch What is it about the new release that is causing it     New version draining Apple Watch battery
Started using this app earlier this year and I LOVE it Every bit of it Even got friends to join and download But ever since ios9 its been quitting every time you go to play a round Please please PLEASE update ASAP I miss my favorite app           Love but Hurting
First time today it worked on my apple watch it finally gave me front and back and middle I feel like I have been using it for nothing I still would wear my garmin gps today for the first time I felt like I am getting my moneys worth thanks for fixing the app I hate wearing 2 watches when I play              Senior golfer
App does not work since ios9 update Crashes when starting a round Would love to not have to find an alternative app                 Love app Please fix for ios9
Love this app keep it going Come out with some great updates to keep this app the best                 Great app

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