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Big Blue Clip, LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app (Mother`s Day Card Creator ,Sexy Spin Game Lite ,Pic Stitch ,Am I High ,Glowing App Icons ,Flashlight Free ☼), brings Photo Collage Creator with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Photo Collage Creator app has been update to version 1.8 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Thx for creating this user friendly editing software for iPhones..
  • fast way to share pics in a customized format..
  • Creatively posting pics and rewards for it..
  • Great last minute Gift..

Overall Satisfactionc90
This is by far the best photo collage app created.
BEST collage maker ever never using another app to make collages.
I really like this Ap especially the photo editing.
No longer able to edit photos anymore.
Great app love the editing features.
I love this better than pic stitch much more independent.
Love this app to death ^_.
Fun & Engagingc72
Recommend to anybody who loves to play with pictures.
I can create awesome collages and it's super easy.
Fun creative App.
I love it and have so much fun using it.
Great &easy; way to combine memories into one unique fun way.
crop rotate and add awesome effects curtesy of aviary.
Simply the best photo app.
The best photo app ever.
use it for everything.
Family Friendlyc100
This app is awesome especially when using different family pictures.
Really good app for Family pic.
Production Valuesc87
Great effects and editing options.
crop rotate and add awesome effects curtesy of aviary.
it has awesome effects.
Ease of Usec82
For a simple collage its great.
This app is good love using it very fun and easy to use.
simple app for creating quick collages.
Easy as pie.
Cool and convenient.
Updates & Supportc33

This app is awesome especially when using different family pictures. found in 4 reviews
Simply the best photo app. found in 14 reviews
Oh my gosh I love this app it's amazing I love it. found in 2 reviews
This app is good love using it very fun and easy to use. found in 2 reviews
Great app love the editing features. found in 7 reviews
This is by far the best photo collage app created. found in 94 reviews
It was better than collage apps you have to pay for. found in 1 reviews
also like the option to print to Walgreens. found in 6 reviews
Easy to use- they turn out great - plenty of options. found in 2 reviews
Having a blast playing with this app. found in 3 reviews
I've had this app for about 10 days. found in 2 reviews
BEST collage maker ever never using another app to make collages. found in 42 reviews
It's "ok" I like a different pic collage better. found in 10 reviews
I love this better than pic stitch much more independent. found in 3 reviews
Fun creative App. found in 3 reviews
Made a beautiful collage with so many editing features. found in 4 reviews
Amazing except. found in 1 reviews
Some few of us don't like face book. found in 2 reviews
Great App But Could Be TONS BETTER. found in 1 reviews
Good but too many glitches not enough. found in 1 reviews
every time I try to make a collage it crashes. found in 2 reviews
all my other collages said missing icon. found in 3 reviews
the pro version needs more backgrounds. found in 2 reviews
Not good for big pictures. found in 1 reviews
Wish you could add text to the canvas. found in 4 reviews
Can't Resize Pictures. found in 1 reviews
Can't export to facebook and can't save colored background. found in 1 reviews
Love but need more features. found in 1 reviews
Picture Resizing Issues. found in 1 reviews
Would like to see more background options in the future. found in 8 reviews
but it doesn't have any pointless photo filters. found in 1 reviews
Doesn't do what it's supposed to. found in 1 reviews
Fun but limited. found in 1 reviews
Needs one more option. found in 1 reviews
it doesn't save to my photo album. found in 13 reviews
And there is no undo option either. found in 3 reviews
This app lacks basic collage editing. found in 2 reviews
No longer able to edit photos anymore. found in 8 reviews
Can't post to Facebook. found in 15 reviews
Pretty impossible to navigate. found in 5 reviews
At first I loved it but not so much anymore. found in 2 reviews
This app doesn't save or share the collage. found in 2 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Photo Collage Creator for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 21.2 MB to download. The new Photo Collage Creator app version 1.8 has been updated on 2014-11-01. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Photo Collage Creator check developer Big Blue Clip, LLC`s website :

Create amazing collages of you and all of your friends
The new update ruined it for me unfortunately I ve made a TON of detailed music flyers with this app exclusively since 2014 2017 There were a few update bust nothing crazy Now 2018 it s updates and I can t do what I used to now I have to find a new app I guess You can see all of the the flyers I made on my Instagram horatiomonroe                 I used to love this app HoratioMonroe
I ve used this app a long time and constantly making damage photos before and after and proposals for property manager without attaching strings of photos to emails which likely don t retain their iPhone formatting on an office PC and love making cool layouts OF MY OWN like in Yearbook days but w o pencil and graph paper If I wanted templates I d use another app I LIKE the sliders rotating previous version photos back to horizontal on a tiny screen with fingers Iphone 5 back then if inadvertently tilted while positioning was virtually impossible w o making photo huge moving it to the border and trying again and again I would just delete them and try again Also like the ability to add vignette blur etc No problem with losing photos under others just park them Only down side haven t loaded latest iOS yet as so many cool apps are warning they ll be outdated soon or something so not sure if all have this problem but editing cropping I ve done with native Apple photo editing tools is NOT retained and I have to redo edits using pretty good Collage Creator tools This should be changed if it s not a feature of my older iOS version Still 5 stars to counteract the whiners tho Appreciate no more adds or tag line carried into emails with purchased version great investment and not hitting me up for more as many now seem to do after minor changes                     Love it quit whining 1 issue tho Outdoor Janitor
The new update no longer allows the ease of creating collages from scratch Please eliminate the sliders and allow manual resizing and rotation Currently searching for a new app to use     Please restore this app to previous settings Jnunn🏄💦
Below is my prior review Unfortunately with a more recent update this app no longer accepts changes I have made using other utilities such as Snapseed or even iPad s native Photo app For years my go to app for photo editing I now find I avoid it except for rare final touches or rarer collages because I have to go to a separate app first like Dropbox or Pixelmator to first save the edits to the photo I have already made There are two functions this app does not provide that I need to perform first I need to use the native Photos app to do general lightening and cropping in way that is recoverable and I need to use Snapseed or Photoshop Fix to selectively lighten or darken only sections of a photo Collage Maker now wipes out these changes Developers please restore the way this used to be I tried to leave this as a note on your developer site but it appears to be down Sincerely This app is categorized as a collage maker and it does that but I have found it to be the best app for editing photos I edit thousands of photos for my blog about a tv show and this has the best blur function which I use for almost every photo to perfect skin imperfections and to deal with pixelization when I brighten screenshots I actually evaluated 50 apps a year ago and have found this and Snapseed to be indispensable I absolutely love this app                     No longer Best EDITING App Ever Auriandra
Too much manual work and no templates     Not the best option kunalnano
I had already written a lengthy review that of course got deleted If you guys want a review on your app well here it is I almost never write these but my gosh you ve destroyed this app with the new slider update thing Newly integrated pictures from the user get easily lost under other pictures on the full image Some things don t even resize anymore and when they do you cannot make them as small as you used to If you want an honest review I d have to say that I feel like you guys would ve literally had to try to ruin this app this badly Please for the life of the app return it to an older version before those terrible sliders     Destroyed by updates Mr. Mink
It s refusing to crop and size pictures down Ugh this app is useless     No cropping Spurtie
This app is terrible now I used to use it faithfully but all it does is crash The changes made it more difficult to use if you can even get it to work I m going to have to delete it and find a new app to take it s place Very disappointed     Awful Update BeyondBeauty76
The current update is TRASH The app was so much better before what happened     Terrible LeonRivers
I agree Horrible update PLEASE REVERT BACK TO THE PREVIOUS VERSION     JmOose20 JMoOse!
I originally gave this 5 stars 3 years ago Told many others about this app With this new update I m back on the search for a replacement cmon guys don t fix what isn t broken     YEARS HeyILikeThatNickname
This was one of my go to photography apps Now it s not working like it should I see that many others are having the same issues Why would the developers create such a mess Intentional If not than why not immediately respond with a fix Sad     What happened fcrich
Was my favorite photo editing app but now the update ruined it It is very hard to do anything even zooming in Had to uninstall     Downgraded DARLENESREVIEWAIGHT
With the new update I can t change any colors for the background borders or anything else It s now a pain to resize and arrange photos I want my money back for purchasing thus horrible app prior to this update Fix it or roll back to the last version     Horrible Just a NASCAR fan
It s very constricting this new update You can t edit or put a photo on another like the old version Disappointed         Not able to edit E8896
Not liking your new update Can t expand without having to move the whole picture to get to the little thing in the corner It was great the way it was     Newest update DjMikeStone
So far love it ang I think I will keep using it                     The best I had Carmen1 Johnson
Love it                     Does everything I need it to do great app Forced to rate
The only collage app I ve found that lets me stitch two square pics together Easy to use too                     Good good Timothytoad
To be completely honest at the time i save or share the picture it s not what I was expecting I loved how it looks when you are making it the blur at the background                 Review Aleeishkaa
I really love this app and their other app by Blue Chip as well Both of the apps have so many aspects to them It is simple easy but adds a dimension that other collage creators don t Thanks                     Imagination Goes Wild Baby Ritzy
Use this for uploading art journaling to online art academy Rather than load several individual shots I can consolidate to save space Lots of nice options too                     Great for art SANTACRUZCINDY
Having fun making my first collage Very user friendly and excited to be able to easily export                     So far so good Goodgolleigh
Easy to use Create great photo collections                     Does a great job Aregeegee
I m able to put together a collage of pics but I use another app to actually add the stickers boarders text and all the fun stuff             So So App Kedisons
I got this in order to be able to have picture in picture effect for my Facebook profile It was very intuitive I just put one photo on top of another and moved and sized it appropriately Then after saving I was able to upload to Facebook                     Great and easy to use Queueman
It is perfect I am loving it so much                     bbinbj 宝宝和毛毛还有BB
This app is the best app that fuses photographs together I highly recommend this app                     EXCELENT Lilly Heart
When I import two pictures from photos and save the result to photos the generated picture is extremely blurry I have the two original pics in photos to compare two and they are nice and crisp This is easily seen when the source pictures are of something that has text like a food label or magazine article If this problem gets fixed I ll happily change the rating     Very blurry results User13279
I love this I just got it and only made 2 collages for my best friend and she was like omg That is awesome what app is that And so I told her and now a lot of my other friends have it and in under 20 minutes 30 of my friends have it and say they love it I m getting so many collages of me and my friends together and I love it and this app is not like any other I love if and it is the easiest 5 stars I have ever given                     Awesome Gunieapiglover16
Easy to use Can blend crop and resize multiple photos Haven t played with the effects much but so far I like this app better than the others that I ve tried it s way less finnickey                     Smooth TigerDoc11
Love this app very easy to use and very powerful                     Very helpful Eustoquious
Easy to use love the collages                     Love it Lynnielou58
Just started but the leave of freedom this app gives you is just like scrapbooking at home You can add as many pictures as you want Witch Iv never found in an app before Easy picture upload on the 1st screen to all social media clouds on your phone With out digging to get to them You can Twist turn and reshape I haven t finished my first one yet so I doubt Iv even discovered everything this app has to offer So far so good TY                     So far I m loving it Amber & Doug
I like being able to place each photo              I Like This App
I love this app bc is it like real life collage The only thing that would make this app more awesome is the ability to make ur picture straight again after u shift it into one direction                 Fun
Loved this app initially But recently it wont save Its useless if you cant save your work The wheel just spins and spins and spins and says its Creating Image but it doesnt No issues with my WiFi Its the app Please fix it You had a great app going     Cant save
The best collage app out there                 LOVE THIS APP
This app is just great It is perfect for making collages Im so glad I found it                 Super App
Cool                 Cool
Wow wow this is the best one so far Is it Yeah No apps no glitches                 20 5 stars worth
Easy to use Friendly icons Simple to just figure out as you go                 Great easy app
This would be the perfect app for editing photos except the last step when up try to save your work It gets stuck in the wheel of death creating the image and your time is wasted        If it makes the pic
Very easy to use                 Love this app
Why does it now take forever to create a Collage image Was liking this app Errrr Not liking        Image creation
I absolutely love this app I love to edit pictures I always get compliments on them with this app                 Awesome app
Great                 IT Professional
so easy to use anytime anywhere                 WOW
I have difficulty with saving or uploading collages More often than not it just sits and spins while trying to create the image before it can be saved or shared But when it works I like the way I can customize the size and location of the photos on the page           Frequent Problems Saving
Easy fast unique                 Amateur
The app is great I love it except when I try to change the font or color it glitches and I cant do anything I am forced to exit the app I also have a huge problem with saving my photo to my photo album or ANY social media I usually have to screenshot the collage and continue from there Please help              Amazing except
This app is great for Instagram and for editing photos I use it to get that white boarder around my Instagram photos                 AMAZING
This app has been creating collage for over an hour now and I cant make it stop     Malfunctions
Excellent app                 Mr
This app is so easy to use and takes no time at all to put the perfect collage together                 Love it
Loving it                 Nice layout features
Great                 I love this app
Use this often and was great to help with a scrapbook but today cannot save picture even after 15 minutes so update is needed              Saving picture needs updating
Cool app Thank you                 Cool
Great program easy to use                 Love
Great app butpointless if you cant save or share your work Sometimes it saves work for sharing Other times it just spins never creating any media to share This appears to be an ongoing problem according to other reviewers Until this issue is fixed dont waste your time     Cant save
v useful                 Amazing
Its a great little App that give you a lot of options My only problem is that one of the updates have caused problems when I save my project It just thinks and thinks but never saves hopefully they get this problem fix soon Other then that its really good              Great app
Wont allow me to save my work           Ok
Love it                 Love this App Its great
ITS so amaizing                 I love this app
I use this app every time I need to edit my pictures or make a quick collage I would recommend it to anyone who likes to just mess around with their picture as a hobby or anyone who throughly enjoys taking pictures                 Collage App
Stays at saving image Have to recreate project all over again           Freezes
Super Grate                 App
Pretty coollove this                 Pretty cool
This app made me look like Snape when I did a collage with me and him                 I look like Snape
Very user friendly Its my 1 app to use when I create a college                 NICE
Excellent for everything I needed                 Really great app Everything I need
Awesome app Love all the different creations I can do with my pics                 Love it
This app is cool              Amazing
Needs a way to make the pictures exactly even with the center              Cool
Im a tekTard this app is so user friendly                 Love This APP
I love this app and would recommend it to everyone Sincerely Your friend And colleague Tracy Ann O                 So much fun
Trying to create a collage for printing on canvas using hq images and exported collages are only 300k Each image used was at least 1mb     Cannot export hires as advertised
Keeps automatically saving and glitches Wont allow me to click on the collage afterwards           No
Great for making photo collages I highly recommend it                 Easy and FunZ
Easy to use                 Great app
I like it does a good enough job of collaging wish you could individually side by side edit 2 pics like in PIZAP yet still i recommend it easy to use and mold pics to your liking unlike pizap              Sufficient indeed collage app

Photo Collage Creator Photo & Video Collage CreatorPhoto Collage Creator Photo & Video Collage CreatorPhoto Collage Creator Photo & Video Collage CreatorPhoto Collage Creator Photo & Video Collage CreatorPhoto Collage Creator Photo & Video Collage CreatorPhoto Collage Creator Photo & Video Collage CreatorPhoto Collage Creator Photo & Video Collage CreatorPhoto Collage Creator Photo & Video Collage CreatorPhoto Collage Creator Photo & Video Collage CreatorPhoto Collage Creator Photo & Video Collage CreatorPhoto Collage Creator Photo & Video Collage Creator

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