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Photomyne LTD , the publisher behind many iOS app (FilmBox by Photomyne ,Photomyne ,SlideScan - Slide Scanner App ,Colorize by Photomyne ,フォトマイン- 写真を簡単デジタル化 ,Photo Family Tree), brings Photomyne with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Photomyne app has been update to version 1.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Photomyne for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 13.3 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.1 has been released on 2015-03-10. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.
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Photomyne lets you scan your photo albums easily in just minutes. - Use the app to take pictures of your album pages or stacks of photos - View the photos as the are extracted and color corrected ...
I love when I go to a relatives house and see a photo I love I can get my phone out which I always have with me and add it to MY collection Its fast easy and accurate What could be better                 Perfect app for on the go scanning
Easy to use and fun                 Easy to use
I dont usually take time to rate an app just because it worked as advertised Most often Im disappointed This app is an exception Well done and well worth adding to your app collection                 Great app
I used the app on a few pictures it worked ok Bad cropping but I could fix that I put 2 photos on my table to capture with the app It would only capture 1 of them l tried several times with different photos And the 1 it captured it only captured 12 of it These are old pictures with wide white borders I would think it obvious where the photo edge is Can you provide any assistance     Waste of money
Love Love Love                 WOW
Have only had the app for about an hour So far so good Scanned one album I like how fast it is I wish it would save what you named each picture when you send it it to your camera roll              Like the app
This app is excellent I have recently taken photos of four albums of old pictures It is so much easier than using a scanner The app hasnt crashed once in hours of use It is easy to navigate and the pictures look great It takes a bit of adjusting to find the right lighting so I dont get unwanted reflections in my pictures Thanks so much Great work                 Excellent App
Photomyne as described was exactly the app I have been looking for and I REALLY wanted to like itbut I dont This app is not technically ready for release The tutorial is almost nonexistent and I could not figure out how to make an album so lost all my work There is no straighten tool and the little crooked side things are hard to get straight Those problems will probably be solved with practice but I did not expect to be pushed so hard to social media Please Let me decide what and when I want to share my photos And since this app is not free dont try to sell me on Facebook Twitter etc I would NOT buy this app again     Terribly disappointed
This is a great app if youve got a lot of photos you want to save Way faster that using the flatbed scanner                 Very Pleased
Got all the family photos without having to take them out of the album and scan them Awesome                 Time saver
I just started using Photomyne and I absolutely love it I have albums dating back over 40 years and will definitely be sharing pictures that have not seen the light of day in a good long while I can leave my scanner in the closet Great app                 Fabulous
Works exactly as described simple to use and just all around awesome                 LOVE This App
The good its very clear how to use it and it is fast and easy to create albums and scan photos multiple or single The bad It doesnt work nearly as well as the App Store video makes it seem It did find the right number of photos usually but any sort of angle of dark or light in a photo throws it off from finding the actual edges I tried it with photos perfectly lined up tilted on light backgrounds dark backgrounds different textures backgrounds and nothing made it better it just did slightly different things It is technically simple to fix the frames when theyre wrong but the control isnt good its a small crosshair that is easy to accidentally nudge as youre taking your finger off after adjusting The photos I was trying to scan have those old rounded corners too so there isnt an actual corner to put the crosshair on And having the corners right so they have 90 degree angles when its done is important because otherwise the image ends up skewed or distorted After all that I might have lived with it and just worked hard to fix them all but the quality of the scans isnt very good So I would still want to scan the photos some other way anyway For someone who really isnt particular about the edges and isnt worried about the quality this would be fine and definitely a quick way to scan a lot of photos in a hurry I already paid for it so in an upgrade if I find the crosshair thing is better and the quality has improved I would be thrilled to be able to update this rating and to be able to use the product           It does some things well
I love this ap I am planning my class reunion and it was just what I needed to get photos from old year books                 Love it
I purchased this app to use in part with photos in my camera roll as well as photos taken through this app While the app does allow you to upload shots from your existing camera roll it would only upload one photo and then it stopped allowing any other photos from being loaded After multiple attempts and methods it just doesnt work It might work if you literally take only one snapshot at a time but it would be very time consuming Please refund my purchase     Not Working
This app is very easy to use and has a number of features thats going to make my photo archiving a breeze              Great Features
Genius I was able to get all of my old family photos out of albUms with very good quality They should partner with groovebook                 I love this app
I just threw together all the photos for my sons wedding Rehearsal Dinner in no time using this Ap It was simple easy to do scanned and edited over 100 pictures and sequenced them ready for the slide show It made my life SO much easier and is worth every penny I intend to scan all my old photo albums later and put them on CD for my son Thank you Photomyne Im a big fan and telling everyone I know                 LOVE IT
Just bought this today Very easy to use and it crops your photo correctly most of the time I wish you could move the photos within the album              Great app so far
Great app                 Love it
The Best App                 Amazing
Love this easy program transferring my pictures into a safe haven In the process of editing one of my albums I accidentally deleted it Through the help of the Support Team they were able to restore this in a very efficient manner for which I was extremely grateful Many thanks to a super Support Team                 DELIGHTED
This app doesnt do anything that claims that it will do It cant find pictures it washes everything out it doesnt crop them properly dont get this app It was advertised on my Facebook page and I got sucked in Learned a lesson     Doesnt work at all
Like the other person said unless Im missing an optionthis app is garbage All it does is make a square around a picture I can do that myself Removing app     Useless
This app makes it easy to put all those pictures in the closet onto your phone and computer Worth the price                 Great app
I have boxes boxes of old photos from my parents grandparents This app allows me to take multiple digital pictures at once then save them to my phone so I can edit them in what ever app I want This app is exactly what I needed to get this monstrosity of a task down to manageable expectation Still have lots of boxes but Im chipping away little by little and I couldnt have done it without this app Also I can take pictures of my kids current art work stuff they bring home from school and save to make a photo book                 EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED
What a cool AP Saved me a ton of time and expense I like that I can save it to my camera roll so I can create a slide show for an upcoming party              Awesome
Poor app Crushed 95 time Poor quality Give my time effort and money back     Bad app
Easy to use and I was able to get 317 photos in quickly I already have passed the app on to family Would be even better when the backup is available Also added a select all for an entire album would make a big difference when sharing                 Cool app
If you have lots of old photos stuck in albums this is the best app Ive tried to get them converted to digital It is totally worth the cost Its essentially taking a picture of the picture but the cropping tool the restoration filters and the album organization make it totally worth it                 Superb App Does exactly what it should
Oh my goodness I installed it and was snapping away almost instantly Woohoo Thanks for making photo preservation easy                 LOVE this app
I have made several albums with the app now I especially like that you can add them to your camera roll and send the photos to relatives                 Great to Enhance your old pictures
Unless there is something I am missing this app doesnt provide anything new Im able to do much more with apps that didnt have a cost attached Unless there are improvements dont waste your money     Disappointed
I took a chance in this because I really wanted to like it but I dont When the description says it automatically crops it does just thatright down the center of your photo I made screen shots and wish I could show you how it cropped my pictures There is no way currently to adjust the crop This should be a feature And there should be a free trial before plunking down the price of this app Very disappointed Not worth the money AT ALL     Automatically crops but terribly and you cant change it
Might as well take the pictures using your camera Half of the pictures were off Missing heads lol or missing bottoms I want my money back     Not worth the money
Intuitive and remarkably accurate All our scrapbooks in the basement have a second life You can do a whole scrapbook say 100 photos in 10 minutes and enjoy them digitally any way you like My family has just gotten a bunch of pictures they may wish hadnt seen the light of day I hadnt seen them in many years                 Just gorgeous
Just got this app yesterday and what a wonderful addition to helping save valuable memories from the past This app does exactly what it says it does you simply snap a picture of old photographs and then you get the opportunity to crop and alter them before saving What is really cool is that even after they are saved you can tweak individual pictures in an album until you are totally satisfied Well done                 What a wonderful app
Love the app does at it says                 Dale
You open your old album make sure theres no glare and take a picture of an entire page It then separates each photo Now it lets you edit each photo Wow                 Great tool
I have been able to copy and categorize hundreds of old pictures without pulling them out of their albums I love this app I would like to see a Dropbox share feature or something similar so I wouldnt only have the option of sharing on FaceBook which I wont do              Love this app
I Love It Its so easy to use Im looking forward to scanning my old family photos                 Love It
I love this app Its easy to use and easy to share photos Im making a memory book for my step daughter and this app has made it easy to compile the photos Im looking forward to using it for ancestry pics                 GREAT PHOTO APP
Great app                 love It
Greatest way to take your photo albums online Looking forward to what this app will offer in updates                 TimeSaver
Perhaps I am using this wrong but when I scan it I am holding the iPad up high so it captures and clears up the picture The scanned photo looks grainy           Not as clear as original picture
Id love to give this app five stars but there are some issues that need to be fixed It would be nice for photos to automatically go to the camera roll The biggest issue is the complete inability to organize albums I have over a hundred albums and I have to scroll up and down up and down over and over trying to find the album Im looking for and this makes the whole process very tedious Ive finally given up and Im using the camera to take photos Since I back them up to a cloud server its just easier than scrolling up and down searching for the album I want I dont understand why the albums cannot at the very least go in the order Ive added each album There is no rhyme or reason to where each album shows up Ideally each album should be in alphabetical order but Id be happy if the albums were organized based on when I created them This should probably be a free app or cost 99 until theyve fixed the app When its available online and has its own cloud storage the cost of the app will be worth the price Since Ill be getting a new phone within a month I might lose them in which case Ive spent an enormous amount of time on something that will be gone when I reset my phone           Good but needs work
Awesome App Great find                 Love this app
Lets face it I was never going to take the time to rip photos from my photo albums and scan them damaging them in the process So much easier to just photograph them using this app and organize them in categories for easy reference This just streamlines the whole process thank you                 Love this app
Holy moly What a great app I just scanned over 2 doz pics in less than 5 minutes VERY cool                 Best thing since sliced bread
It works really good spotting the pictures on albums and you can edit then to crop them out correctly Though some of the puctures dont come out with great quality              Very handy app

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