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Appsverse Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Call Recorder - Record for Phone Calls Recording ,Calculator for iPad Free & Spreadsheet App Pro ,Documents Unlimited Free for iPhone - Office Editor , Word Processor & PDF Reader App ,Spreadsheet Calculator & Editor Professional for iPad ,Facebook Flash Games - Remote Free Play on Cloud ,Free VPN Unlimited - Best Unblock Websites & Private Flash Browser App for iPhone), brings Photon Flash Web Browser - Tabbed Browsing with Flash support for iPad via Remote Cloud Browse with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Photon Flash Web Browser - Tabbed Browsing with Flash support for iPad via Remote Cloud Browse app has been update to version 2.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


Appsverse Photon Browser is a powerful new browser specifically designed to enhance your browsing experience on the iPad. It is packed with innovative features. Here are just some of them:


1. Flash browsing support
- Photon Browser allows you to play Flash games such as free Facebook games, use Flash apps and watch Flash video inline using its remote cloud browse mode.
- Browse Flash websites that would otherwise not display on the iPad.
- Press the “Lightning” icon on the top right navigation bar when you encounter a Flash website.
- Combines fast native browsing for normal websites and remote browsing for Flash websites. Switch between the 2 modes or view them simultaneously in our multiple views mode.

Photon Flash Web Browser - Tabbed Browsing with Flash support for iPad via Remote Cloud BrowsePhoton Flash Web Browser - Tabbed Browsing with Flash support for iPad via Remote Cloud Browse
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2. Multi-task by using Tabbed or multiple views during browsing
- Supports unlimited tabbed browsing just like Firefox and Chrome.
- Split view divides your screen in half to allow viewing of video on one half and browsing on another.
- Full screen browsing maximizes your screen real estate for enhanced browsing experience.
- Other views include picture in picture (PIP) and 3-screen (Trio) mode.


3. Fully featured powerful browser
- Private browsing clears history, cookies and caches upon browser exit.
- Anonymous browsing through our servers.
- Awesome URL toolbar intelligently combines history and search keywords suggestions. Even suggests popular and commonly visited websites.
- Share content via
emailE-mail (electronic mail) is the exchange of computer-stored messages by telecommunication
or Facebook.
- Brightness control for night time browsing.
- Rotation lock for playing web based games.
- Personalize your browser by choosing from thousands of colors.
Photon Flash Web Browser - Tabbed Browsing with Flash support for iPad via Remote Cloud Browse


4. Others
- Bookmarks support
- Back/forward button reveals browsing history
- Print web pages using AirPrint.
- More innovative features to come


Important notes:
- Most sites that display Flash are supported. However, you may not be able to view some sites such as Hulu due to some sites blocking traffic from certain cluster of
IPIntrusion prevention is a preemptive approach to network security used to identify potential threats and respond to them swiftly
- Most servers are located in the US. If you are using from outside the US, the remote browsing experience may be slower due to latency.
- If you have a slow Internet connection such as over a slow 3G network, remote browsing feature may have slow performance. Flash mode works best over Wifi in a broadband network. However, you can still use Photon as a fast native browser for your regular browsing.
- One user has complained that they need to buy subscription and gave us 1 star rating because of that. Unfortunately, we cannot write our own reviews and respond and so responding here. You should not have to buy extra credits to use Flash for now and should be able to enjoy unrestricted access to browsing Flash. If that is not the case and you encounter this bug, please contact us and we will try to fix it for you.


The Photon Flash Web Browser - Tabbed Browsing with Flash support for iPad via Remote Cloud Browse is now available for $4.99 for iPad owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 0.9 MB to download. The new Photon Flash Web Browser - Tabbed Browsing with Flash support for iPad via Remote Cloud Browse app version 2.0 has been updated on 2014-11-23. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Photon Flash Web Browser - Tabbed Browsing with Flash support for iPad via Remote Cloud Browse in Appsverse Inc.`s Official Website :


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Help it keeps being buggy for me please make an update to fix this             Photon flash player
Whenever there are videos that other browsers cannot play i turn to Photon It always works Simple straightforward greatly appreciated glad i have it in my little black bag             Life Saver
Every time I open it keeps crashing    Doesnt work
App works great Better than i had expected it to be Im able to work on my online classes that require flash player as well as being able to stream sports from the website that i use I would definitely recommend having this app if you need flash                Best Flash Player Browser
Just lost my money It does not work and I want my money back How stupid do I feel    Does not work
The only way to hear them on iOS Thank You and Jai Meher Baba mehermediacom                Meher Baba Discourses
I was looking a way to use flash files and this does it well                Awesome
Still kickin other mobile sites make Safari crash but I can still use this Especially for YouTube                Because of this still can use my iPad 1
I use this on my iPad 1 and my iPad Mini 1st Gen It works flawlessly If I try to load Facebook page using standard Safari browser it would constantly crash Wether iOS 511 iPad1 or iOS 84 iPad Mini 1st Gen Just fire up the Flash mode in Proton and issues gone Web pages load scroll easy and no crashing out The text is not as crisp as its coming over as an image but that is absolutely minor What is awesome is you can get full Desktop Version of WebPage and have touch mode standard way of navigating on iPad or mouse mode which is perfect for stuff like hovering mouse to get popup text and description and greater accuracy Its obviously perfect for watching flash based online movies but it will make you tap screen about ever 30 mins just to be sure you are actually watching it Not my favorite feature but I understand they dont want to waste Server power converting flash video for people who not watching I really love that its still available for older devices otherwise the iPad 164GB WiFi 3G model I have would be a iPaperWeightAnd one more note is that you can also use it for other lightweight browsing without activating flash modeMy only dislike is that I cant seem to figure how to set home page other that the builtin appsverse WebPage                Fantastic Perfect on Older iDevices
I have to email my self and print from my email But at least I can access Flash sites from my iPad Also dont know where files go when I save them             Cant always print
Works great                
Loved this and used everyday to access games that required flash player However now that flash has updated to 180 and this runs 170 it is obsolete Was worth every penny while it worked       Needs an update
Wonderful                Mostafa
This app was great but it crashes constantly Save your money       Lame
Thank god for your App and the great work you did The App comes in real handy for certain sites that nothing else will work on especially if Im trying to make payments and cant on dysfunctional sites                Great Work
Very few people probably realize that iPad doesnt work with Flashplayer But if you are like me and need those websites to work on your iPad because you LOVE your ipad try Photon It allows you to copy and paste the link into it as a browser click on the lightening bolt and VOILA you have a computer at your fingertips ANY website will work Greatest invention ever Kudos to Photon                Photon and iPad
Good for games on Facebook I couldnt play before now I can                Good for games
photon has been a lifesaver for my training required from work as an RN Since IPads browser Safari doesnt have flash player built into it photon has stepped into that role I am able to use it to log into training modules for my workplace Sit in my comfy chair with my IPad and for several years now complete online tests training and all things required for my training as a Registered Nurse Just need to remember to tap lightning bolt icon to activate the flash player                Flash player for iPad
Cant view school videos    Did not work
I bought this app bc apple products do not have flash player I have taken several online courses and had to go to a computer to do certain activities With Photon I can do all of my course work and it has helped tremendously This app is worth it I also found out that I can use amazonprime too That was one less app to get and an older iPad so I cannot even get the prime app anyway So after reading other reviews I can understand thumbs down but I say two thumbs up for those of us who are not up to date with ios8                Online courses
I have this app on all my apple products and its awesome                Great
This is the worst 500 I have EVER spent I gave it one star because it will not allow me to continue without clicking a star deserves no stars I want my money back    Horrible
The goodWorks very well Nice features Flash works great I get better response time than with Safari on my iPad 4The not so goodYou cannot set the home page or select the search engineMy conclusionBest browser for iPad if you dont mind using their search engine No anonymous searching             Very Good but
Does the job             Photon
This app does exactly what youd expect it to and delivers a great experience                Great App
Great experience Works great for me                Photon browser
Despite the huge numbers of iPad and iPhone users in the world many sites still require Adobe Flash to view andor access Since I dont have the skills to write my own software to replace Flash PHOTON provides a way to watch or use those nonApple lovin sites until they make their site equalopportunity friendlyPhoton is easy to use though not intuitive so read the instructions Since discovering this app my level of frustration and desire to crush things has been much reduced             Alternative to Adobe Flash
Im glad this app works for me to work on what I need to do Its a good app but wish I dont have to go through the flash sign reload it was slow at times or the connection broke But overall it was good enough to support what I need to do on my iPad             good enough
I am using this app for licensing renewal and it is helping out very well             So far so good
Your app is fantastic I am very satisfied with this application                Comment
Definitely the go to for a video or movie playing browser So glad this exists I watch movies on it all the time with very little problems Only wish I could make the screen full screen                best buy for flas vids
Itll run any FlashJava sites you need but the glitches and oversights make it a painIf you pull down a banner notification or disband the app for even a moment like with multitouch sliding youre disconnected and all your tabs are erased and replace with the home page Not fun when you have to click 80 links to read an Ebook in school or access a gameSecond you cant save any cookies from gamessites on your device If a game doesnt export a save as plain text or have an account associated with it youre screwedI will commend the app on its adblock and quality of sites and games at least          Works but has SEVERE issues
Sometimes it lags when browsing otherwise it does fine             Useful
Its good to use this browser because many websites use Flash Safari wont open those sites but Photon Browser will                Good browser
I bought this app so I could watch videos for class work but guess who cant watch their videos Listening to all your positive reviews was the most foolish decision I could have made Five dollars is a lot to spend on a app that doesnt even work the way it says it should Can use flash thats a crock and if you get it to work it is inconveniently slow and crappy that youd rather just chuck your iPad across the room and go find your laptop DO NOT MAKE MY MISTAKE STEER CLEAR OF THIS UTTERLY CRAP APPLICATION    WASTE OF MONEY
Photon allows me to surf the web using flash and be able to enjoy it without any problems Thanks a lot to the Photon team for making this possible I definitely recommend this app to anyone who wants to be able to surf the web with flash                Great App
Me gustó la aplicación pero en mi tableta no funciona muy bien se pega y esta un poco borrosa          Me gusta
Ridiculous reason to get a brand new browsing app rightAfter all Safari should work just fiSo yeah I tried but the things wouldnt workAnd then I went on the AppStore and found this little lovely for the iPadNo problems All I have to do is engage the streaming session to get the full flash experienceI definitely recommend this to others who have flash sites and stories they want to enjoy                So I Wanted to Read Homestuck
Why are they so cheap Nickel Dime stuffThey make you pay twice once for Ipad one for Iphone    Cheap
A warning keeps popping up saying I need a flash play every time I try to open a flash animation on the app while using flash    It wont work
Most of the things I try to do it pops up and says you need a flash player when I have one    Crap
Pay 5 bucks and you guys cant or wont design it so that you can change stinking rotten apps verse homepage Im tired of seeing that page Update this posthaste Other than that it does a nice job on videos    DONT BUY UNTIL YOU CAN CHANGE HOMEPAGE
I need to flash to access my pilot training material This app saved me right before a huge test and Im still using it exclusively Thanks                Saved Me
Presently the best performance and experience with Flash on iOS             Best Flash Browser
Im very disappointed in the app I was not able to view anything once I logged in to MLS Only thing is that this app let me log in but thats it cant go any further The core logic uses adobe flash and i know mac does not use that so I looked at other apps and found this one that i had to pay for but does nothing    NOT for MLS
Great app works everytime                Awesome
I tried an earlier version a year or more ago and this one is much smoother faster and delivers                Much improved
I have a good internet connection about 25 mpbs and use it to mainly to do multiple choice questions This thing is slowwwww Im talking about a few seconds delayIn addition the text is wayyyy fuzzy Im better off using Googles Remote Desktop app which is for free       Slowwwww even on the lowest settings
It works                Flash on IPad


Appsverse Inc.
0.9 MB
Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 2.0

iOS Photon Flash Web Browser - Tabbed Browsing with Flash support for iPad via Remote Cloud Browse 2.0 Mobile

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