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Cold Brew Labs , brings Pinterest with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Pinterest app has been update to version 2.0.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Gives me a creative outlet without having to play mindless games..
  • there are a lot of neat home improvement ideas on here..
  • Has very helpful tips & I love just looking around..
  • Makes searching for fashion and delicious recipes so much easier..
  • Its full of interesting ideas and helps me save money too..

Overall Satisfactionc77
I love love love love love love Pinterest.
I love pinterest but the app is horrible.
I love using Pinterest for fashion for myself and daughters.
I love using Pinterest but am very unhappy with the last update.
Love the site and the sharing of fabulous ideas.
Love the site but the app is soo frustrating.
So many wonderful ideas for teachers and holiday decorating.
It has so many amazing ideas from crafts to recipes.
I love being able to access my pins whenever and wherever.
I absolutely love this website and the app works amazing.
I love finding new yummy recipes and awesome clothing combination.
Fun & Engagingc78
I'm addicted to pinterest and this app feeds my addiction even more.
I am addicted to Pinterest but the new update is horrible.
Pinterest is awesome and amazing and I'm addicted to it.
I hope they can fix it soon because pinterest is awesome.
I've gotten so many awesome ideas off the sight.
It has become my new addiction therefore replacing Facebook.
My new obsession and favorite way to kill time.
I'm on it all the time thinking of new DIY projects I can start.
Wonderful app though and totally obsessed with the site.
Love love love it so many great ideas an helpful tips.
Great ideas for everything from household and health to kids and crafts.
I love everything about Pinterest including the new Secret Boards.
Love Pinterest for all the DIY and helpful hints.
Has very helpful tips & I love just looking around.
Also find useful information for all kinds of things.
Family Friendlyc93
I really enjoy creating boards as visual boards for my family life.
I used this for ideas for my family pictures we did recently.
Repeat Valuec100
Love Pinterest for all the DIY and helpful hints.
I enjoy all the great ideas and helpful hints.
Hours of entertainment - lose track of time searching through the pins.
Great shortcuts and gives me hours of entertainment a month.
Social Aspectsc83
Social media that is actually useful and inspiring.
Another great social media tool for the internet.
it's as if I'm on some social media app or website.
From social networking to event planning to recipes and more.
It's I'd the most amazing app/ social networking site ever.
Very informative and a fun thing to share with friends.
Addictive and lots of fun to share with friends.
Security & Privacyc72
I've had a Pinterest account for years never really used it.
I don't know why anyone wouldn't have a Pinterest account.
Cannot login with Facebook to access my Pinterest account on iPad.
Updates & Supportc22
customer service never responds to my inquiries in regards to help.

Like a personalized magazine for " window shopping " & dreaming. found in 51 reviews
It is inspirational and shows such great DIY ideas. found in 215 reviews
Whether gift ideas to new things to make for dinner. found in 163 reviews
Its great for decorating ideas and good ideas for projects. found in 176 reviews
Great ideas and a must have for wedding planning. found in 79 reviews
Love the recipes and DIY projects and home ideas. found in 78 reviews
Recently started checking out home decorating and organization ideas. found in 371 reviews
I can find almost anything from fashion ideas to DIY projects. found in 87 reviews
There are so many cool ideas on here for everything. found in 234 reviews
Great way to share ideas and interests with friends and across the world. found in 1033 reviews
I love finding the great outfits and awesome home decor ideas. found in 359 reviews
Love love love it so many great ideas an helpful tips. found in 1187 reviews
Really cute ideas for diy's cute clothing you can pin. found in 70 reviews
I use it everyday for my personal interests and ideas for my classroom. found in 55 reviews
from craft ideas for everyone to delicious recipes. found in 289 reviews
A virtual vision board right at your finger tips. found in 63 reviews
There are so many great ideas for crafts and food recipes. found in 126 reviews
I have found so many great ideas for DIY projects and remodeling. found in 511 reviews
So many wonderful ideas for teachers and holiday decorating. found in 327 reviews
there are so many creative ideas for just about everything. found in 548 reviews
My only complaint is that some links don't show. found in 36 reviews
Crashes way too much new update anyway but needs new update faster. found in 41 reviews
Sometimes randomly closes while scrolling through pins. found in 35 reviews
It keeps freezing and crashing and it's driving me insane. found in 39 reviews
It's very addicting but I wish it didn't crash so much. found in 28 reviews
It's very frustrating when I find these unsolicited postings. found in 77 reviews
Hate the new update on showing you who has repinned your pin. found in 143 reviews
Problem: the app crashes my iPad if I do anything unexpected. found in 44 reviews
But the app still needs some work done before it's perfect. found in 26 reviews
Lately it's been crashing and taking forever to load however. found in 61 reviews
Every time I try to pin something the app crashes super annoying. found in 169 reviews
I love Pinterest but the app crashes pretty frequently on my iPhone 5S. found in 305 reviews
I'm not a fan of the new map feature. found in 38 reviews
The app is constantly crashing every time you are investigating pins. found in 32 reviews
I'm addicted to this app but the latest update is awful. found in 92 reviews
open Pinterest then paste it in the add from web section. found in 54 reviews
Sometimes t won't load pins or pins get switched around. found in 49 reviews
Also wish I could edit and rearrange boards on my phone. found in 41 reviews
I love Pinterest but this app crashes all the time & for no particular reason. found in 66 reviews
I wish I could pin multiple pictures at one time. found in 64 reviews
They are cluttering my news feed and getting very annoying. found in 101 reviews
get rid of the new search feature and revert back. found in 112 reviews
in combination with the deleted pin button on the main screen. found in 96 reviews
Auto refresh is the most annoying feature yet. found in 240 reviews
I love Pinterest but this latest update is awful. found in 92 reviews
Keeps crashing and doesn't show enough pins on home screen anymore. found in 205 reviews
instead of just removing that one pin. found in 97 reviews
I can no longer add pins in the newest app version. found in 92 reviews
Love Pinterest but the app crashes way too much with the most recent update. found in 305 reviews
I don't always want to pin something similar to what I've pinned before. found in 655 reviews
The app won't load my home feed or operate correctly. found in 152 reviews
The search function is now broken with the latest update. found in 90 reviews
New search engine makes it slow and crashes. found in 159 reviews
EVERY time we attempt to click on a pin to retrieve further information. found in 98 reviews
It crashes every time I try to upload a picture to pin. found in 127 reviews
Please bring back the option to save to camera roll. found in 332 reviews
No new pins by anyone else unless I search for something. found in 292 reviews
Every time I try to pin something it freezes and shuts down. found in 616 reviews

The Pinterest is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 5.0 MB to download. The new Pinterest app version 2.0.2 has been updated on 2014-11-09. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Pinterest in Cold Brew Labs`s Official Website :

Think of Pinterest as a virtual pinboard a place to catalog and share the things you love. Pin anything that catches your eye: memorable meals, places to visit, or great shopping finds Features: Browse pins from ...
The app glitches sooooo much every time I open it it just closes and turns my phone all the way off           Soo glitchy
Please put back my pins on my home feed Please Please Please        Love it but
Haters gonna hate but I love Pinterest especially suggested pins on my home page I love sharing ideas with friends                 I love my Pinterest
Seriously I love this app Its a must have                 Im in love
The app is okay I use it to pass by time when I dont have a book and the only real downside I can think of is to improve on completely disabling notifications I have tried multiple times I dont really care who is following me and I dont want a notification when someone does Drives me insane because I think the notification I receive is something important I havent updated anything because of the iOS update I usually wait a few months Ill check back in if Pinterest starts acting stupid Thanks for the app I know it must be hectic trying to make the app immaculate but thanks for all the effort you do actually put in Really appreciate it              Its okay
I LOVE Pinterest so I naturally got the app But it always shuts down when Im on the phone with someone ending the phone call as well I find this really annoying and usually just avoid the app in general because it shuts down at random times too           Good app annoying issues
Love this app                 Love it
Still unable to pin from any web site to my Pinterest boards App only works when pinning from within Pinterest Please fix soon as its very frustrating     Unable to pin from site to Pinterest
Great                 Amazing
I find it far more useful and informational that FB Also infinitely less annoying than Instagram and Twitter I found my favorite Social Media App                 Love This App
I love everything about this app I really do but could you please bring back the button that allowed us to follow topicsinterests right from Following button That was my favorite feature but now that its gone the app feels incomplete           Was a fan
Im a visual person and Ill find all sorts of flow diagrams instructions visual uses for just about everything I am interested in I find good design everywhere I look for every idea I haveit is just an amazing concept                 Pin interest is excellent and it is so much more diverse than people think
Every time I go on Pinterest it wont refresh the feed So Im stuck looking at the same pins Ive tried everything nothing works Why           Pinterest Why
Since new update I can no longer pin anything from the Internet I click on the pin button I get the beginning of the pin but it disappears and takes me to my Pinterest page rather than letting me complete the pin process I uninstalled and reinstalled the app on my iPad No dice Fix it please     Pins dont pin on iPad
Good place to find beautiful pictures creative ideas                 Fun projects
Okay first off pintrest is an amazing app You get to be creative and artistic Anywhere from baby items to items for people that are in their 90s youll find it on pintrestnot to be offensive or anything Although I cant figure out how to work the new update pintrest is still my favorite app by far Keep doing what your doing pintrest From Im not saying my name                 I LOVE PINTREST
I love Pinterest I use Pinterest for work ideas recipes workout routines and of course humorbecause we could all use a good laugh Happy Pinning                 Sarah Says
After updating my app when downloading iOS 9 the app will not stay open for more than 10 seconds I open the app and it crashes about 10 seconds later     Latest update
Love it nice way to see wonderful things                 Very good app
Im a Jehovahs Witness and I use Pinterest to get ideas for my worship a lot like jworg                 Nice
I absolutely love Pinterest However I would love it more if there were someway to add subcategories to preexisting boards My problem is I find so many amazing things pin them but then I can never find them in the boards I have I think creating subcategories would be great way to further organize my Pinterest              Love Pinterest
Absolutely terrible     Terrible app wont connect to Internet
For all things visual Recipes crafts fashion decor inspiration                 My go to search engine
I downloaded iOS 9 to my phone and now Pinterest doesnt update at all There was a permanent Installing underneath where Pinterest is supposed to beeven deleting the app and restarting my phone doesnt correct the problem Now the App Store is telling me I have an update to an app that isnt even on my home screen Help     New update
I loved the old app I updated and now my app closes instantly Not liking that        Boo
It was PERFECT before the update Please put my pins back in my newsfeed and its so glitchy now              the update
Yay You fixed the bugs once again making this my alltime favorite app                 Finally
Yall really need to get rid of that pin it button on EVERY SINGLE IMAGE Especially if Im viewing stuff on BuzzfeedI cant read anything because theres a HUGE red white on EVERY SINGLE IMAGE Its annoying Fix it     Pint It button
This app is great for ideas when youre stuck on what to wear cook themes for rooms birthdays etc love it                 LOVE IT
I really enjoy this app but find it very annoying when I click the back arrow to get out of a pin my screen goes blank Even if I exit the app try again hours later to look at Pinterest the screen is still blank Seems the only way to fix it is to do a hard reset on my device Maybe another update needs to be done to fix bugs like these guys           Screen goes blank
I love Pinterest but ever since the last update my Pinterest randomly shuts off or logs me out     Not so great
II tried the software but anything I touched was immediately hidden and other panels expanded for my viewing displeasure making it impossible to use     Poorly done
Hands down The most creative app out I love it                 Love It
I cant use the backspace when trying to send a message        Cannot backspace in the new update
Great site upgrades have been perfected finally Thank you Pinterest                 Poor update
why it is difficult to address the concerns of the reviewers A cursory look App crashes no ability to view own pins lack of timeliness and accuracy w respect to notifications opting out of promotional pins the list goes on It has been a great long while since any update has addressed the concerns addressed here Why It used to be fun to pin not any more     Not understanding
I Love Pinterest and I think its a Great App                 I Love Pinterest
Im addicted                 I love this app
I love Pinterest It kept crashing since the last update but per a previous review that I read I deleted the app and reinstalled it and it works fine now I have no problems with the app Pinterest addict                 I love Pinterest
Love the ease of use and access to my folders on the go Will be a loyal user                 One of my fav apps
Love it                 Love it
Awesome app Love everything about it Im on it all day everyday                 Love it
I HATE the new layout when you go to your own profile It is so confusing and it looks like a mess Please change it back     Layout
Used to work just fine Now it lags so much and crashes constantly     What happened
Whats going on over there in Pinterestville Ive loved this AppUNTIL you messed it up I sent a Help Me Explained the problem and received a response for fixing a totally unrelated problem I have finally deleted the App and just use my Browser Hope you hire a new team of techies to figure out the problem     Pitiful
It was the perfect app but what happen to the send pins to people Um bring that back please I use that a lot How else do you send pins to friend Ill wait                 Love it but
Keeps my mother busy Lol                 Awesome sauce
I love it                 Very fun and easy
This is not a bug fix This is worse than the last update Come on Pinterest people get this right How is it possible you didnt have this problem before the update now you dounbelievable     Cant view someones board from suggestions
This is by far my favorite app I love it to the 5 stars and back D                 LOVELOVELOVE THIS APP

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