Pixlgun 3D - Block World Pocket Shooter (Minecraft style edition)

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Bug fix...
32.3 MB
Alex Krasnov
iPhone iPad
Compatible with iPhone

Description - Pixlgun 3D - Block World Pocket Shooter (Minecraft style edition)

Alex Krasnov , the publisher behind many iOS games (Pocket Ender Man ,Birds Wars ,Pureview camera for iPhone ,Modern Battlefield AR Shooter ,GameCam - Retro Games FX Camera ,World of Tanks), brings Pixlgun 3D - Block World Pocket Shooter (Minecraft style edition) with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Pixlgun 3D - Block World Pocket Shooter (Minecraft style edition) games has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • some graphics love it.
  • It's got cool guns and even an epic campaign..
  • This is an awesome game with awesome players..
  • This game is super fun action packed multiplayer 1st person shooter..
  • It is stocked with a mind blowing number of features..

Overall Satisfactionc86
Amazing game awsome some graphics love it Rilisoft.
This is one of my favorite games on earth instead of Minecraft.
this WAS my favorite game but you ruined the bows.
Love to play this game during my recreational time.
I used to love to play this game but know it's just trash.
This the best game in the world and the best game I've played.
I highly recommend this game to people who like to meet other people.
i do not recommend this game.
I used to love this game and played it with my friend.
And thank you for the best FPS game through all the years.
Thank you soooooooooooo much for making this game i love it.
Please consider making this game A LOT better.
Fun & Engagingc92
This is an awesome game with awesome players.
: But awesome game for the most part.
This game is really fun and it's easy to get started.
It's super fun and luv playing make more minecraft.
I think this game is awesome because it brings two awesome games together.
Very fun and addicting I live the selection of game modes and weapons.
This game is amazing I play it all the time it is awesome.
It's fun to play with friends and strangers who can become new friends.
If you want to play with friends your are out of luck.
Also add more gun for a more variety of wepons.
I thing this game cool but it needs more guns.
Awesome game I play it every DAY love it best game ever.
This is such an awesome game I play it every day.
This is my favorite game I play it everyday coolest game ever.
This game is awesome and I play it everyday.
In the word of emmet from the lego movie EVERYTHING IS AWESOME.
Everything is awesome I play with my sister all the time.
Family Friendlyc64
Stop letting little kids get this.
A lot of little kids play it.
Value for Moneyc57
earning them is harder than ever without resorting to real money.
Please make it easier to get coins without spending real money.
Coins and gems for real money are really overpriced 11.
Replay Valuec82
they did say that they would add more levels to complete.
Please add more levels cause i want to have more coin rewards.
More campaign levels and multiplayer levels would also be welcome.
Plus the campaign levels are impossible.
Gets boring at some point.
It's too hard to get coins PLZ make it easier PLZ.
This game is really fun and challenging its one of my favorites.
Social Aspectsc64
Also u need internet conection to be able to play multiplayer.
Everytime i want to play multiplayer It just crashes.
Add more online multiplayer game modes and larger maps.
When trying to connect to an online multiplayer game.
It's fun to play with friends and strangers who can become new friends.
If you want to play with friends your are out of luck.
cousin can play this game togther and meet new people.
Production Valuesc91
Mobs graphics are amazing.
The graphics are amazing.
The game crashes after i play for a few minutes.
I'll keep on playing and supporting but fix this game Please.
Game freezes when in training after you click SHOP.
Pls put a reset button pls.
Security & Privacyc74
Please make another way to upload skins without minecraft account.
Updates & Supportc52
When are you going to make a new update.
You really should make a new update.
Please make a new update that will fix this soon as soon as possible.

Pixel gun 3d is truly the funniest game ever. found in 15 reviews
It's just like the Call of Duty Black Ops version of minecraft. found in 19 reviews
It's the best multiplayer I've seen on any mobile game. found in 26 reviews
This the best game in the world and the best game I've played. found in 152 reviews
My kid loves this game very fun and addicting. found in 28 reviews
This game is really fun and challenging its one of my favorites. found in 16 reviews
Update ideas : so you get a coin for a kill. found in 29 reviews
it's the BESTEST minecraft shooter game in the UNIVERSE. found in 11 reviews
It is suitable for all ages and is very entertaining. found in 24 reviews
The awesomest game ever 5/5 I love pixel guns 3d. found in 17 reviews
I live this game so much i bought my iPad for it. found in 14 reviews
Its fun to battle your friends. found in 2 reviews
Good time killer while I wait for CoD Ghosts and PS4. found in 12 reviews
Hey guys now this game is the best game eva. found in 32 reviews
Crashes everytime I try to connect to a worldwide game. found in 87 reviews
Somtimes when i play it ramdomly crashes plz fix. found in 21 reviews
The game is fun it just needs bug fixes. found in 19 reviews
Unfortunately the update in my opinion ruined the game. found in 47 reviews
Please fix the lag and make it easier to get coins. found in 53 reviews
Only 4 stars because multiplayer crashes my ipods wifi. found in 25 reviews
I can no longer recieve friend requests or send them. found in 152 reviews
Great game but I CANT PLAY DEATHMATCH NO MORE. found in 127 reviews
Sometimes my game crashes and is always laggy. found in 182 reviews
I am having ALOT of issues with the friend request system. found in 93 reviews
one problem is it crashes a lot when i try to join a game. found in 332 reviews
Pixel gun is fun but after a while it gets boring. found in 59 reviews
Please fix the friends request sometimes it won't show. found in 60 reviews
Must get incredible game except for connection problems but great game. found in 45 reviews
Fix the friends list and the inbox please. found in 60 reviews
It also keeps freaking crashing whenever I try to play multiplayer. found in 241 reviews
i cant join a world wide server fix this please. found in 28 reviews
Pls fix Crashes in the game for Ipod Touch 4g. found in 14 reviews
Idk if it's a bug or whatever but please try to fix that. found in 25 reviews
It's a good game but one problem. found in 38 reviews
The game crashes after i play for a few minutes. found in 182 reviews
And it takes around 5 minutes to connect to server. found in 56 reviews
Coins and gems for real money are really overpriced
It lags and crashes on my iPod 4g plz fix it. found in 113 reviews
Crashes great but crashes for iPod touch 4th generations. found in 75 reviews
just please change it back to 12 +. found in 48 reviews
It takes me back to my home screen soooooo sad :. found in 230 reviews
Game crashes anytime you try to join a online match. found in 332 reviews
Please update the game again fast and fix this glitch please. found in 89 reviews
Every time I try to play worldwide it closes the app please fix. found in 77 reviews
If they don't do something soon I will delete the game. found in 57 reviews
Really laggy and crashes on iPod 4th gen. found in 172 reviews
Someone needs to fix this because I can't play anymore. found in 51 reviews
This is the worst game ever basically crap. found in 54 reviews
I can't even open the game u need another update. found in 58 reviews
this game crashes a lot and lags a lot. found in 58 reviews
11. found in 84 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Pixlgun 3D - Block World Pocket Shooter (Minecraft style edition) for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 32.3 MB to download. The new Pixlgun 3D - Block World Pocket Shooter (Minecraft style edition) app version 1.0 has been updated on 2014-11-07. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about Pixlgun 3D - Block World Pocket Shooter (Minecraft style edition) check developer Alex Krasnov`s website : http://krasnovapps.com

Welcome to the deadly foretress full of angy zombies You are the lonely hero with pixlgun and limited number of ammo. How many zombies you can shoot? How long can you servive? Try this addictind 3D ...
Pixel Gun is a great game But all u guys want is money It is impossible to get coins to get coins we have to sit for 100 hours killing monsters in Arena Mode or we have to face Emerald Armor HAMMER SPAMMERS AKA Storm Hammer and they have Laser Miniguns Just make the game cost money if u want it and bring back old survival From Adib Craft Check my YouTube Adib Craft           Need To Read Rillisoft
I love this game This is my most favorite game ever It does have a few problems though I would recommend this game to anyone who reads this review                 Cool Game
This game is great in all but there could be an update ofBUILDING Your game would be amazing even more by making a mode were basically its a death match in teams and you give them time to build for like 3 or 4 minutes and they can build there fortress and then fight to the DEATH also when the players use RPGs they can leave craters and the craters can stay there till the end of the round                 AMAZING But
I used to love this game and I played it a lot I was lvl 24 almost to 25 then the company decided to terminate my account for no reason and Im just a kid who wants to play a game like every other kid and have fun with it now I hate this game and this company this is why I highly choose that you dont get this game because you work so hard for the next level and then poof your whole game is blocked     Why
This game is the best multiplayer game I have ever played I love it so much and you should get it                 BEST GAME EVER
I do not reccomend getting this unless you are ready to pull out your wallets or unless you want to get stomped It is either pay or loose The weapons are overpriced and money is scarce This game was better before the 80 update where it nerfed the amount of money you get     Get your wallets out
The only thing is wrong because mostly a lot of guns you have to pay for gems but the game is still fun                 Nice game
This is a good game not saying its bad it is the best game ever I This game                 Best game ever
Dont get me wrong this game is great but the download was slow and annoying           A bit angry
The game is awesome cool maps cool guns over all its a great game you should totally get this game                 Pixel gun review
Um why did you ban me what for cheating I didnt cheat I didnt cheat at all I swear Im not even jail broken so idgaf if you ban me from this lovely wonderful game but just make it available to be lifted soon I was going to do a troll on some daters but I was band BECAUSE OF RILISOFTS GULLIBILITY BUT I spent a lot of time and effort in this game dont let it go to waste thanks daters look what youve done because YOUR SO FREAKING BAD ugh hope my block is lifted                 Hey I kinda got banned for no reason
I havent had any problems with bugs or anything else so I suggest that you should get this game to                 The best online game Ive ever played
I wanted to start over on this game because Im bored I do it I doesnt work why        Help
Get it get it now                 Awwwssssooooooommmmeeeee
Its so awesome                 Get this game
Great                 Its great
Ive been playing pixel gun 3D for a LONG timeIts a awesome game and funthe only downside is that you get more coins when u win a fightAlso at least 2 more ways to get gems its really hard to get gems in this gameAlso step up your game to make it hack proofBut everything else is awesomePlease Rilisoft make the game hack proof lower prices for weopens and ad another way to get gems and coins fast without hacking or buying okayBut still get this game its still My favorite mobile games Hope You guys love it as much as i do                 Awesome
I am so amazed at this game I am so speechless                 Awesome
Play if you like minecraft or call of duty                 Awesome game
I like the game but make tha you gain more spiriens                 Good game but needs someting
I think that for the new upcoming updateif there is another updatewe should have leaderboard prizes like for exampleif your in 1st placeyou should win like probably 100 coins and a few diamonds plus a free gunor not a free gun probably since we might get too muchso we should just get it weeklythen yeah                 Leaderboard prizes
Good game but some guns are SUPER OVERPRICED and some of the prices are ridiculous and the gems are like IMPOSSIBLE to get and some guns are like 389 gems and normal people usually have like 60 and thats considered a lot But great fun game                 Awesome but needs work
The title says it all I have iron armor and other people is having laser mini guns and red armor I literally cant kill them Although the games fairness is a little bit unbalanced with the guns I still like the game                 Too much people cheating
They should make a maze map                 Maze
I think there should add a search button where you can search your friend just put there name and the list of people with that name pop up and you could friend them just Like that                 Have an idea
I love pixel gun 3d I just want a DSR 50 and a scar H I also want them to add a thing like create your own map that would be SOOOO fun Oh and an under water reef map could be cool                 My favorite game in I touch devices
I was band for no reason so one bay I logged into pixel gun 3D and it sed youre Account was blocked and I said to my self what die I do I wasnt hacking or cheating And pixel gun was my favorite game     I was band
Yes after last update game is less quirky So many unbalanced games due to overly powerful weapons The hammers are ridiculous It would be nice to choose levels or setting where everyone had the same weapon It would make for a much more interesting duel           Major downhill move over the last updates
I think some more should be added to clans maybe ranks or clan vs clan matches                 Suggestion
I love the update now we have alot of guns and new maps I iii tell you when need to update and maps and you can upgrade guns download this game now Its awesome but I wish we can go to are old player to my tablet I think he did a lot of work its better than every shooter game in the world my name on this game is skilled boy so awesome                 Super good game
Its frozen when do a moment when Im playing server                 Its ceeps getting frozen screen
This game makes me want to rip my phone in half it is so laggy I cannot create one custom skin without it freezing and my phone going to home and I will loose all of my progress I hate this Do not get or buy or waste your money DONT     Worst Do not get
But can we sell skins and guns armor and can clan members get exp and coins if a member gets exp and coins                 Good game
Guys I love this game so much but Im getting the iPhone 6 and I want all my skins on it so plz plz add something you can transfer skins coins and gems plz and thank you                 Transfer skins and data plz
My account was blocked when I LEGIT BOUGHT all of my gems with real money What the hell           Unbelievable
I think its cool I had it for a year but Im still trying to do the every play thing                 Cool but
Cant sync with Facebook the game crash when i try           Good but
I like this game and all but for the next update can u add the mega destroyer battle shovel space saber and the wizard wand yellow bulb and the green handle again please can u also add using a gun from a previous upgradeexample upgrade upgrade 2 for fast death but u can use fast death no upgrade Thx                 Update
Love the game everything about it is fine but the controls are bad                 Great game
Rilisoft can you please i mean PLEASE fix the crashing bugggg Also it laggs really badi cant take it no more forreal Rilisoft can you take the time and read the reveiws I really like this game its just the bugs that buggs me I dont usually make a reveiw but this game i had to cause its the best game everwell thats my opinion Oh and for all the people saying that Rilisoft should take out the storm hammer bruh tbh if you had it you would of spammed it to dont act like you havent already im not hating on the hammer i like it also theres a gun a tiny bit more powerful than the storm hammer i dont know why you guys complain about the storm hammeri Know people use it alot but come on theres gernade spammers nobody commplains about them why not Sincerely j Ps I like UNICORNS xD                 ActuallyMy ipad
Great game been watching over it since it came out It was i who suggested the clan thingy and the report button 3 really i love it thanks for listening btw But now we face another problem about the serious players have to leave the game to report and the team they carry goes down and then the game dies We need admins to go in the rooms called sex and stuff and ban these kids I met a 7 year old he other day talking about his dick                 Actual moderaters
This game was my favorite game last yearthen the update game and now my game lags then crashesmy friend has Samsung and it doesnt lagplz fix this is a great game overall              Plz read
Its not really fun anymore I still like it but its boring now Just update it its getting boring Ive been playing it ever since I was 3 but now it needs updates please           It needs to be updated
This is by far my favorite game it is completely glitchfree I have one recommendation for the game a sniping mode like the survival and campaign modes but with the targets far away from your character and with only sniper weapons                 Awesome game
I back and I was wondering why does it have glitches and lags can u fix it because people are whinnying about how annoying is that plz fix that or people is going to go on a strike about pixel gun and we all need the login realms do it or people will be really really mad alot of people really needed this Iam telling u plz add these stuff or people will hate u thank u                 Pixel gun problems
This game is soooo fun and super addicting but it is SUPER hard to get coins and the start loading screen takes FOREVER plz fix small bugs              Love this game
I think this is a great game to play and is really addicting but I realized that when I level up it increases the prices up weapons and I finally had enough for the demon sword but when I went to buy it the price was like 100 more coins And I was going to buy the prototype and I bought the dragon which is right next to it on accident so I think there should be a little pop up thing that says are you sure you want to buy it in the next update because I want my coins back           Awsome but
It is the best game for multiplayer shooting games that has tons of different weapons to choose it also has some special items like mechs and jet packs                 The Best
Please fix the lag and crashes i cant play the game because of this Every time i join A server it lags like crazy then it crashes Plz fix it              PLZ READ
How long does a ban take because its been a year when I got banned can u make the ban for a week plz because this is such a amazing game that I like to play                 Plz read

Pixlgun 3D - Block World Pocket Shooter (Minecraft style edition) GamesPixlgun 3D - Block World Pocket Shooter (Minecraft style edition) GamesPixlgun 3D - Block World Pocket Shooter (Minecraft style edition) GamesPixlgun 3D - Block World Pocket Shooter (Minecraft style edition) GamesPixlgun 3D - Block World Pocket Shooter (Minecraft style edition) GamesPixlgun 3D - Block World Pocket Shooter (Minecraft style edition) GamesPixlgun 3D - Block World Pocket Shooter (Minecraft style edition) GamesPixlgun 3D - Block World Pocket Shooter (Minecraft style edition) GamesPixlgun 3D - Block World Pocket Shooter (Minecraft style edition) GamesPixlgun 3D - Block World Pocket Shooter (Minecraft style edition) GamesPixlgun 3D - Block World Pocket Shooter (Minecraft style edition) GamesPixlgun 3D - Block World Pocket Shooter (Minecraft style edition) Games

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