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Description - Playback // A MultiTrack Player for Live Performance , the publisher behind many iOS app (Playback Pro ,Playback // A MultiTrack Player for Live Performance), brings Playback // A MultiTrack Player for Live Performance with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Playback // A MultiTrack Player for Live Performance app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Playback // A MultiTrack Player for Live Performance is now available as a free download on Apple Store for iOS owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 45.6 MB to download. The new Playback // A MultiTrack Player for Live Performance app version 1.0 has been updated on 2014-11-03.
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Playback turns your iPad into a simple, yet powerful MultiTrack player for all of your Original Master MultiTracks, LiteTracks, and CustomMixes from Playback comes with a library of ClickTracks and free Demo MultiTracks and ...
Playback updated itself and all of the previous songstracks are no longer available This happened to 3 other band members You cant download songs again because the app says its been downloaded already It can however download tracks I didnt have installed prior to the self update which I did not approve     Tracks are missing
With the new update              Fixed
Amazing app                 Wow
The automatic update did not help I had uninstall it and then reinstall it the app After that the immediate crashes went away and the app is running as expected So delete the app and reinstall Right back where you left off With a minor inconvenience                 App is excellent but
Was great last night now App wont open Concept great May have to checkout Loop Community App        Frustrating
I saw the notes about deleting and reinstalling and that worked great for me Just delete and reinstall and you should be good Im thinking of upgrading to the Pro version as well The MIDI control and live looping is well worth it Keep up the great work MultiTracks                 Great app for playing back MultiTracks
So glad to see this is now on the iPhone Looks amazing Thanks Multitracks                 Fantastic
Hey guys Love the idea and layout of this app But it has crashed on my iPad Air several times Probably wont use it on stage until that is fixed              Sweet Layout But it crashes
Do not get it     Not worth it need an account with the that will not let u get one
The product is great works seamlessly with the website however there are a couple features that I would say are definitely necessary to make it sweet First after fading out you cant stop the track without it glitching a loud soundthis should be fixed Second you should be able to move the order of the tracks around Third not as necessary but it would be nice to slice the tracks at a specific spot Fourth customizing the fade would certainly be greathaving the click tracks for the songs you dont use a multitrack is an epic add but it would be nice to have a crossfade button into the next song All in all very robust for my application              Great Product could use a few tweaks
Can be great for 4 songs then the next day itll give error after error and crash every minute Needs work           Needs work but great idea
Id absolutely consider paying for the full version of this app if I could try it first But Im not giving away this much personal info just for a demo     App is useless without sign up
I Love this app Im currently a music pastor and its a serious game changer for the music ministry Im using it A LOT for practices AND for my youth worship team Im gonna give it a whirl in a live scenario this week It seems VERY stable and I believe I can trust it for the live application If you already use Multitracks this is an EXTREME no brainer Check it out ASAP                 PRETTY EPIC
This is an awesome app if you are trying to see if this is something you want to pay for the full version You cant really do to much on this free app But its worth paying the 4999 for the full version Hope this helps              Buy the full version
Gracias por proveer este servicio Porque nuestro equipo está en el proceso de crecer y ahora somos capases de producir un servicio de alabanza que no pudiéramos hacer sin este recurso Yo soy el líder de adoración y toco guitarra con mi baterista y bajista pero con playback somos capases de tocar cualquier canción y tener la misma intensidad que una banda completa Gracias por su servicio y por el excelente producto                 Gracias Por El Excelente Producto
First let me say I have loved using this I havent been able to get ableton live up and running so I have loved being able to use some multi tracks in worship However after using it for a while now I must say it is a bit glitchy On multi tracks it sometimes loses your mix if you solo a channel also sometimes the link feature doesnt save so when you re open the app they are no longer linked Some things that would really help the click track feature be more actually helpful for live performance would be 1 to be able to name a track its very easy to get lost if you put in a whole set of mostly click tracks 2 to be able to set how many BARs not just seconds a songs ends after and with that 3 to be able to change the tempo without having to delete it and start over Also somewhat major on click tracks if you pause a song in the middle of it go to another song and then come back to it later it stays in the middle This is really bad if your drummer doesnt realize this and starts it in the middle of a song then it automatically links to the next song too early But all that said I am still using it and it is cool hopefully it just gets better with some updates           Good but needs some updates
The title says it all                 I have been looking for this
So I go to the web cute and I go to sign up I thought my name and stuff was it but NO there to more pages the second page there are questions I dont even know what they mean so just put random stuff then I go to the next page and it wants me to put in my credit card info UMM HOW ABOUT NO this app deserves no stars     HORRIBLE
I just installed the latest update and now the app wont even open It just crashes after a few seconds Ive tried everything     App wont open after update
Asking for a credit card without knowing the product     Not even tried it
Ive been looking for a simple and reliable app to run my MultiTracks Ive tried others but all of them fail in comparison to what this app can do The user interface and ease of use and flexibility on stage is what has won me over                 Fantastic
Yeah uhhhow am I supposed to sign up     Bad
Some multi tracks open fine but some only open 1 track Needs to be perfected before use in live performance Love the concept though           Missing Tracks
I am really impressed with this app its very easy to work with and I recommend it Este es un app que todo director de alabanza debe tener lo super recomiendo                 Amazing
In both the free and Pro version I have found an annoying bug with the faders They will stick in place and make it look as though they cant be adjusted But I have found that if you pause the song you are editing or using they faders will move up and down intermittently I use this app every week in my church service and it is quite annoying when it doesnt work properly        Buggy Faders
Love the idea and customer service is usually very prompt to respond to problems ButIve become very disappointed and have found it to be very unreliable at best Ive spent a small fortune on songs and since the update cant even open the program or use any of the songs Again love the idea but will probably begin to for look for something else to use        Great idea Needs MUCH improvement
Previous versions of this app were AWESOME Something happened when it turned to Playback Intro and now it crashes so often that Ive had to delete the app and reinstall it to make it work IF this gets fixed then this is a 5 star app that is simple and a must have if you use Multitracks Hopefully this isnt some stiff to get the 30 pro version           New Update Needs Fixing
If you can add the feature where you can switch the side of the click and the track to either left or right this would be a winner Thanks              Add this function
Wow this app is awesome for live playback of tracks I can use it on my iPad or iPhone This is the best app Ive seen designed specifically for playing back and controlling tracks while playing live                 Awesome
This is a great app that we utilize every week but the new update causes the app to crash every time I try to open it           New Update Wont Open App

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