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PlentyOfFish , the publisher behind many iOS app (POF − Free Online Dating ,PlentyOfFish - Free Online Dating ,Passion Match ,eVow), brings PlentyOfFish - Free Online Dating with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. PlentyOfFish - Free Online Dating app has been update to version 1.27 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • From just looking to make new friends to finding a serious relationship..
  • quick convenient way to make contact with local people..
  • Very user friendly and regularly updated which is nice..
  • Hoping to meet someone that is also set up in life..
  • basic on-line chat/ social media forum..

Overall Satisfactionc61
One of the best dating site I've been on hands down.
Worst dating site out there.
Used to be the best dating app but now it's just horrible.
Thanks POF will keep updated on my success.
Met the love of my life and also several really good friends.
Selects who I want to see better than Match.
There are quality people here so go find that fish.
The app works better than the website so I'm giving it 5 stars.
Fun & Engagingc66
Awesome site the page caliber of people access methods awesome.
What was once an awesome site has turned to crap.
Keep seeing same people over and over again.
before wasting time going out on a date with them.
Awesome dating app.
Social Aspectsc41
It's a great way to meet new people and possibly even meet the special someone.
If you're looking to meet new people I wouldn't suggest POF.
POF is a great place to meet new people and friends to hang out with.
Not a great place to meet genuine people.
first social app that has worked great for me.
Couldn't ask for anything in a social network.
Ease of Usec71
It has a lot of great features and it's easy to navigate.
It's easy to navigate and find locals in your area.
This app is convenient and flows well with it's slick setup.
This app is convenient and easy.
Great ap easy to would recommend.
Security & Privacyc12
Updates & Supportc26
Allows me to respond to messages without pulling up my laptop.
Most guys wants flings and the cute ones never respond.
Still needs iPad support.

I haven't got the chance to meet someone in person yet. found in 7 reviews
It has a lot of great features and it's easy to navigate. found in 13 reviews
This is a site where i see the most beautiful women. found in 11 reviews
Otherwise have fun and happy fishing. found in 26 reviews
Couldn't ask for anything in a social network. found in 9 reviews
One of the best dating site I've been on hands down. found in 402 reviews
Needs better search options or more tests to emlimiate people. found in 5 reviews
When you try to upload photos it closes the app. found in 26 reviews
There are issues with the photo upload and conversations. found in 72 reviews
You can't even see who wants to meet you anymore it's stupid. found in 1346 reviews
I don't like that I can't delete messages from the app. found in 18 reviews
New update on phone and now I can not read or send messages. found in 25 reviews
The message alert stays on my phone and doesn't go away. found in 12 reviews
One thing I wish it had was a block button. found in 44 reviews
however there are too many fake profiles and non-responders. found in 115 reviews
Kinda cool if it wouldn't crash every time u try to send a message. found in 130 reviews
Fix the notification so it clears if you read the msg first. found in 41 reviews
A lot of fake people on this site and people that play games. found in 40 reviews
To many fake pages upgrade catches worse place to meet anyone. found in 41 reviews
But you can't send pics in a message on the app. found in 15 reviews
Needs a block button to where people can't see you. found in 17 reviews
Wish there was a chat feature but otherwise it works. found in 26 reviews
Recently the app has not been able to recognize Internet connection. found in 44 reviews
Updated iPhone and updated pof and messages don't send always. found in 32 reviews
App does not allow you to view sent messages at all. found in 50 reviews
Conversations randomly while I'm talking to someone. found in 57 reviews
No way to block abusive users unless you log onto the website. found in 66 reviews
Pof is deleting my
Also you can't choose which race you choose to date. found in 89 reviews
Can't read messages and date night option not working. found in 61 reviews
it endlessly tries to talk to the server with no results. found in 113 reviews
Most recent update to fix push notifications didn't fix anything. found in 50 reviews
I can't use the meet me section without it messing up. found in 72 reviews
With this new update you can't reply to messages. found in 134 reviews
but having to know pay to see who wants to meet you is kind of ridiculous. found in 1346 reviews
Please add a photo upload feature to this app. found in 72 reviews
You still can't see who wants to meet you unless you fork over money. found in 157 reviews
Doesn't event allow you to message. found in 86 reviews
Doesn't show the new messages that have come in. found in 79 reviews
Not being able to control my age range search is stupid. found in 52 reviews
& for you to block people from contacting each other. found in 66 reviews
It would be nice if you fixed the Meet Me feature. found in 71 reviews
that I can't even talk to people who grab my interests. found in 61 reviews
Too many fake profiles and not worth the money. found in 115 reviews

The PlentyOfFish - Free Online Dating is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 0.5 MB to download. The new PlentyOfFish - Free Online Dating app version 1.27 has been updated on 2014-11-29. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and ix.Mac.MarketingName. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about PlentyOfFish - Free Online Dating check developer PlentyOfFish`s website :

PlentyOfFish, the worlds largest online dating site with over 25 million users It`s FREE to use, so join the largest community of daters (minimum age required to join the site is 18 years) and let ...
The app would be better if it made more sense by describing in detail what the match system is for and how it works as it is now I have no idea how the chemistry thing works or the matches thing Its also annoying that it tells you when someone wants to meet you but you can view their profile unless its a mutual match I also dont like how it shows you guys from all over the world to meet Im looking for local guys Im not a world traveler        Ok app
Its An OK App        Meh
At first I got kind of excited when it would say so and so wants to connect or meet you then I would send them a message and have never got a response thats ok cause its a free app but most people are so far away I dont get that part I would never pay to use an app like this     This site is not that good
These low lifes do not deserve your money Their underhanded subscription renewal techniques alone should make this business illegal     Zero stars
I see a lot people complaining but this app works good how ever if you update your phone or the app ones you start seen a lot errors and stuff but this app works pretty good and if you aint getting not message is cause you shy or need a better line and a better picture haha                 This app is free and awesome
Phuck yourself     Yea You know Totally
I can only assume that because most people dont pay for the upgrade that the selection of people is you get what you pay for the app works just fine but the qualityfish seem to be few and far between        Disappointed
The latest update totally ruined the app which was one of the best around Now half the page is black and you cant even access anything at all Who approved that dumb update        The update ruined
I find pof is an awesome dating site and strongly recommend to every one whos looking for a partner                 Sexy Blue Eyes
Beware of the auto renew feature This app isnt worth buying the additional features doesnt warrant the price Beware that the app will Autorenew and charge you the 12month price sneaky people created a sneaky app I dont recommend paying for this     Dont buynot worth it
People on this site are a joke or maybe its everywherethe search bar doesnt really work When I choose my search radius it shows me users outside my radiusthe best thing about the site is that you can contact users for free        Plenty of fish
I love love Pof thanks for everything                 The best dating sites period
Good site lots of people and features I would have rated it 5 stars but there is no status update feature              Pof review
The messaging runs slow to me compared to other apps The notifications do not update in a timely manner Seems a bit restrictive for free users but asks for a lot of information It does give off more professionalism then other apps But needs to attract more people and keep them        Its is eh
Love the way its setup One of the best dating apps on the market                 One of the best
Im pretty new to POF but so far so good                 Love
There are creeps everywhere I guess Maybe Im just a magnet for them Im not upgraded so I guess the price is right           Ok
First I agree with most of the comments below Except for those complaining of the personal offerings posted The app has no control over who participates As for the workings of the app itself For a free completely developed web app it is OK The would you like to meetfeature is now practically worthless though As pointed out below And less you Capture that name and write it down if you get a notification As with anything free People flock to it If there is even a small charge such as an admission to add event It hugely eliminates perhaps some of those we might not prefer to see on here Didnt I word that nicely ladies           Getting disconnected from Internet often last three days
Works well              Good app
Theres a DNS issue with this site     Bad site
Love it                 Cool
Ive done worst apps the biggest thing this app is its not 100free The truth will set you free                 Greatest
Sick app for finding chicks Highly recommended                 Sick app
POF is an ok site Its mostly free so u cant expect too much Its better than not meeting ANYONE at all           POF OK
App wont open anymore     Stopped working after I updated
POF Issues For the majority of functions POF works just fine Three frustrations to express 1 Need ability to exclude persons from another country in any all results I live in the Detroit Metro area Routinely I am shown profiles of users that are in nearby Canada I want the ability to exclude persons in another country pick local country only Neither side wants to deal with extended travel and border crossings I do not wish to see these profiles 2 Search results DO NOT reflect the parameters I have selected for age or distance range if I select an age of 4050 within a 15 mile radius I do not want to see the results from an extended age bracket or distance just because POF doesnt want to return a small or zero result 3 Please return search results in a default order of distance from my profile zip code I dont want to see a random ordered search result Experience has proven it is harder to connect with date someone the greater distance they are from where I live Please present default in increasing distance The probability that I will reach out to someone 100 miles away is far less than someone 51520 miles away Here is the point All of the issues above waste time making me look through profiles I did not designate or want to see We all have limited time please help me use mine efficiently Which would greatly increase my POF experience and satisfaction           Does the basics Needs improvement here
Why was it changed to where you cant see who clicked yes on you That defeats the purpose of the meet me section Im sorry Im not going to pay to see who clicked yes on me nor do o expect anyone else to Thats probably why so many people deleted the app andor their account It seems to only be prostitutes transsexuals and women openly admitting that they want someone to take care of them and their three kids with few decent girls I only get on if Im really bored now        Used to be a good app
Im not fond of this app at all Its super lame and then for some unknown reason all of the people they gave me as matches were African American I dont know if its because Im African American or what but I blew through a whole page of matches where every single person was African American Im not sure of what the deal is there but I date outside of my race They didnt really give me the option to do so I hate this app     What
Its OK              Very good I like it
This app was bad to begin with now you have to upgrade to see who wants to me you This is still the worst app     Horrible
The app is very good and compatible with iPhones but Im sure about the options for someone who is not into having sex on the first date              Okay
Just like any other free app You were once great wen you sent me an email WITH the ID of the person that liked me Now all I get is Someone wants to meet you Click here to see who it is Followed by pay me money and Upgrade then you can find out No Thanks Im leaving the app because of it Guys and gals maybe you should just take the time to email something personal Actually read their profile and message them according to why info they give No info Then all you get is the ever so annoying hi hi sexy and wassup        I liked the app now I dont
Its just ok I only meet 2 good ladies But to be fair I dont focus all my attention to it I dont hope for to much on a free app           Ok
Seemed to work fine shortly after posted all my information and a few pics However clicking on few potential matches and receiving a few emails from girls interested in me the app has stopped working Its a real POS     Dont waste your time this app is crap
The app was going fine But now I cant seem to respond to messages        Cant respond
Minor improvements              Needs some improvements
Its average I liked the old version from like 20052006           Oldie but goodie
Enough said Its hard to find someone in the real world but after meeting guys on this and other dating sites Ill take my chances        Every guy is a total douche
I remember when this site cost nothing I hooked up with some fantastic women     Could be great if no pay
There is too little information about each person to be able to tell if you want to meet them        Weak
Sometimes when I tap on the icon the page is all scrambled and upside down l It doesnt happen every time but when you have message you want to read its annoying Help           Freezes
PoF used to be fun and entertaining Now it seems to be where overweight women with self image issues come to graze I am NOT a chubby chaser but since I lost my body type as average BBWs seem to think I should be lost in their arms haha Not a chance It would be cool if we could rate users without having to fave them I beginning to think my crazy ex pyscho wasnt worth divorcing Online dating has its pros and cons Im beginning to believe mostly cons     You want me to rate what
Very good and made new friends                 Awesome
I like it so far           Interesting
Works good Has issues claiming theres new alerts when there is not The meet me claims 99 but then when Ill click on it theres maybe 5        Pof
Make a different type of way to get attention like a poke or a like or somethingthe site is kind of childish if u ask me like bebo was        Ok but
The app is actually user friendly theres just one thing that really annoys me is that when Im in the messages after opening a message and returning to my messages screen I end up back at the top of the list I actually get a lot of messages so its just annoying to scroll all the way back down however far need be to get to that last message           Messages
It doesnt matter what I say So Ill stick with my usual the app is just fine I enjoying being able to chatmessage people for free Its free people enjoy that part if nothing else lol                 Its free
Havent had the same issues with my iPads but the app regularly ceases to work on my iPhone The message says it cannot connect Also at times when the page does populate only potions of the page are visible disallowing any input Just deleted and reinstalled Well see        Unstable Mobile App
Great way to meet new Friends Thx                 Awesome app

PlentyOfFish - Free Online Dating Social NetworkingPlentyOfFish - Free Online Dating Social NetworkingPlentyOfFish - Free Online Dating Social NetworkingPlentyOfFish - Free Online Dating Social NetworkingPlentyOfFish - Free Online Dating Social NetworkingPlentyOfFish - Free Online Dating Social NetworkingPlentyOfFish - Free Online Dating Social NetworkingPlentyOfFish - Free Online Dating Social NetworkingPlentyOfFish - Free Online Dating Social NetworkingPlentyOfFish - Free Online Dating Social NetworkingPlentyOfFish - Free Online Dating Social NetworkingPlentyOfFish - Free Online Dating Social Networking

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