Pocket Expense 5 - Account Tracker, Budget Planner & Bills

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Description - Pocket Expense 5 - Account Tracker, Budget Planner & Bills

Appxy , the publisher behind many iOS app (Bill Keeper for iPad - Bill Manager & Reminder ,Turbo Invoice for iPad ,PDF Master 3 - Fill Forms, Annotate PDF with Professional Reader ,Pocket Mileage ,Planner Plus - Daily Schedule, Task Manager and Personal Organizer ,Cirkel Family Organizer - Shared Calendar & To-Do List), brings Pocket Expense 5 - Account Tracker, Budget Planner & Bills with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Pocket Expense 5 - Account Tracker, Budget Planner & Bills app has been update to version 5.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great money tracking..
  • I say this finance app is perfect..
  • enter in expenses and then have an account balance..
  • Great Financial software..
  • Drop box and the export feature make it even better..

Overall Satisfactionc62
Best Budget App Yet.
Besides that this app it's the best in the App Store.
Best Handy Finance Managements.
Best financial app on the App Store so far.
Very useful financial app.
I'm still new to it and setting everything up.
I use it every day to monitor my budget and my expenses.
That practice alone is helpful in maintaining a mindful spending pattern.
Ease of Usec87
It makes it easy to see where my money is going each month.
It's intuitive and user friendly.
Very efficient and easy to use.
Efficient and easy to use.
Security & Privacyc85
enter in expenses and then have an account balance.
Updates & Supportc28

Even having to pay for the paid version again. found in 1 reviews
expense tracker I was using. found in 3 reviews
I use it every day to monitor my budget and my expenses. found in 1 reviews
Great app for tracking finances. found in 2 reviews
Really helps us keep track of our spending. found in 1 reviews
Best financial app on the App Store so far. found in 2 reviews
Best Budget App Yet. found in 3 reviews
Does everything I was looking for in an expense app. found in 6 reviews
Don't see much difference between the two. found in 1 reviews
needs some extra features. found in 1 reviews
became a bit buggy since version 5. found in 5 reviews
Or deduct it from the next month if I over spend. found in 1 reviews
One major problem. found in 1 reviews
If I delete a category. found in 2 reviews
No way to import data from other apps I can find. found in 3 reviews
I needed an app to keep track of my monthly income and expenses. found in 1 reviews
Needs iCloud backup and syncing. found in 1 reviews
Device synchronization would be so simple. found in 3 reviews
No integration with other services. found in 1 reviews
If it had Touch ID support and iCloud sync. found in 2 reviews
no import feature. found in 1 reviews
Then this app will meet my needs perfectly. found in 1 reviews
Balance transfers dont work after recent update. found in 1 reviews
and a couple of issues have caught my attention :
Transfer between accounts not working. found in 2 reviews
specifically with doing the math which kind of defeats the purpose. found in 2 reviews
1. found in 2 reviews
Does not accurately track balances. found in 2 reviews

The Pocket Expense 5 - Account Tracker, Budget Planner & Bills is now available for $4.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 6.6 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 5.0 has been released on 2014-05-09. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about Pocket Expense 5 - Account Tracker, Budget Planner & Bills check developer Appxy`s website : http://www.appxy.com

Pocket Expense 5 is a full-featured finance software that you can carry in your pocket. It is a powerful and easy to use program that will help you track and understand your personal finance. Pocket Expense ...
Great app I use for many account and finances but please if you are going to have a passcode restriction update it for Touch ID as well              You will update for Touch ID or no
I love having all of my accounts including loans and credit cards in one place It helps me keep track of short term spending and long term budget goals                 Overall great tool
After a few weeks of use I really enjoy the layout features simplicity The ability to personalize the report headers and print andor send attached receipts would earn it 5 stars for me              Simple Nice
i really like this app it has all i need except maybe more icon images                 Great Aps
This application is good its just still requires additional features for updated as Touch ID Widgets support iOS9 And again fix the problem Budget feature in the iPad Air can not be opened crash So please update Thanks        Please update
Easy to use and glad they updated Been using this over 1 12 years now Great if you wanna track your spending as well as taking control of that strangely disappearing money you put on the side                 Great
Connected DropBox and lost every entry I had painstakingly entered from another app But Id rather have this happen in the beginning days of using a new app than further down the line Deleted as a waste of 5 Beware     Youre kidding me
Thanks                 Great help
After having tried numerous other apps been using numerous other apps I finally gave this one a go Glad I did the difference has been night and day No complicated interfaces or anything you just jump right in and budget away                 Home Finance Made Easy
I recently purchased the pro version after using the free one You are able to set different accounts add categories that fit your unique needs I love being able to track what I spending through out the month Also you are able to add pictures and export reports I also using this to help keep track of my business book keeping so being able to add receipts and payments really helps                 Sanity saver
If this app was 10 i would be happy to pay the price because its that amazing Thank you Developer                 Wrong pricing of the app
I used the trial version without any issues Now I have the full version and the app keeps crashing Mainly when I open the budget option There are a lot of better apps out there I hope they fix the crashing issue so I get what I paid for        Ok App Save your money
Used on iPad mini and iPhone 6 Pretty and useful design but has produced significant glitches Altered a recent check entry from one time only to twice monthly and back dated the entries five years before the program was purchased Spontaneously doubled entries for an entire month Does not allow block deletions which makes cleaning this stuff up very time consuming especially since the entry delete button is so tiny and very close to other functions Sync between devices is intermittent No response from feedback people after two tries        Beautiful but faulted
Great                 Very good
Ive tried several apps and hadnt found one quite right yet I think this one is a keeper Searching backup restore and and great customization I like it The only thing on my wish list would be to email a backup file and also restore from the file in the email For example mSecure is an app for password and you can open the backup file from the email and restore your data Thanks for the hard work and design on this app                 Full featured and nicely done
Terrible support Lost a lot of data        Support
This little app has help me make sure I have leftover cash going into the next pay cycle No longer do I have to worry about anything popping up before the next pay day I have only one minor gripe we cant delete Payees Hopefully this will be added soon              Great
Perfect                 Finally found one
This is the app Im looking for This is a functional app However I hope it can allow me to export my reports to DropBox Google Drive and iFlashDrive Thanks                 Great app
I like this app Easy to use and this version has no annoying ads                 Better than the free one
The app is very difficult to use and not worth more than 1 but should really be a free app Its not worth 5 It lacks basic functionality like account allocation different budgeting etc Its a good app for basic transaction logging but dont expect anything else        Difficult to use
This app makes keeping track of your spending quick easy and convenient However I am disappointed that it doesnt sync the same data to my iPad I was looking forward to entering my spending on the go and then working with it from my iPad for budgets and spreadsheets and this doesnt seem to have that capability Also cant find helpsupport for it           Useful and easy to use
This is really a terrific budgeting app Ive tried several I like this one the best This app is perfect for keeping track of all my expenses I gladly paid 499 for the Pro version because its worth it and because the ads in the free version were becoming incessant Minor Cons No way to transfer data from the free version to the Pro version for iPhone 6 running iOS 841 Please fix this Customer service is hit or miss regarding whether or not they respond to emails Under the FAQs on the website it says in order to transfer data from the free version to the Pro version on iPhone in the free version go to Settings Support Migrate Data to Pro Version however on my free Pro versions of the app for iPhone there is NO Support under Settings and I therefore am unable to migrate my data to the Pro version Please fix this issue and I will gladly give a 5 star rating              Terrific Budgeting App
This is an excellent app have been using it for a couple years now I use it in place of my checkbook and makes it so easy to record any spending and also to remind me of bills to pay each month I was disappointed with the version 5 update because when upgrading to my new phone restoring my backup from version 45 it did not restore my bills Thankfully I was able to see them on another device readd them all in manually But other than that I would certainly recommend this app to anyone its hard to imagine not having the convenience of this app              Great replacement for using my checkbook
Replaced a different checkbook looking for a more modern layout not a kids checkbook No major issue Good app              Worth a try
Update I found unfinished features as I used this program so I kept looking for a better app Search account tracker to see why I switched Original Review I have tried many budgeting apps I think this is the best of them all I have 10 accounts including credit cards checking accounts home mortgage savings accounts investment accounts and others The best feature of all is that it is easy to make entries The program automatically fills in categories when you select the payee All you have to do is enter the new amount Recurring entries are simple you dont have to decide ahead of time if they are recurring or not If the amount changes just enter the new amount I see no reason to use a billing screen since I just want to make entries as payments are made or income is received You can sync the program and get all the updated values on a different device I hope the developers continue to improve this program but as it is I am happy One thing missing is a manual of any kind But the app is quite easy to use so a manual is not totally necessary              Great Budgeting App
I love this app and use it every Some suggestions that would make it a five star app in my opinion 1 Touch ID capable 2 For new entries please add time of day with the date Thank you              Use It Everyday
Dont waste your 499     Crap
I have this app on both my iPhone iPad mini its sync well on both devices Great app I only wish I could use on income section when I recd funds for reimbursement return item              Need account for reimbursement returned Items
I have been using this App for 1 year and am globally satisfied to the point that I recorded all expenses using it even for tax purposes to track revenues expenses on properties etc I was never able to make a backup of my data though their process seems a little complicated and risky to me and saw reviews saying some lost their data when they did a backup this makes me a little nervous Recently I saw that running balances were not consistent on a few accounts showing discrepancies between the running balance and summary Pretty serious issue for an accounting software I tried to contact the customer support many many times and had no response this happened in the past as well for other issues such as data backup except after 2 months saying in what sounds like a standard 1 line response that they will look into the issue and correct it in new releases I guess I will have to wait and pray I bought many apps and it is the first time I see such a customer support I will gladly move to an other app if I find one as good and more reliable because quick feedback clarity and overall trust is key for an app which helps you manage your money I unfortunately do not see in Apple Store one app which can compete but I am hopeful I will or may be this company will improve its support              Pretty nice But Terrible customer support
Powerful but simple Great app but they SERIOUSLY need to fix the unreconciled balance within the checking account Instead of just leaving unreconciled amounts out of the balance it ADDS them The balance is off by double what it should be Simple math fix it would seem but since this is the number needed to verify that your online bank statement balances it is extremely inconvenient This would be the best money management tool available if they would fix that one issue              Great BUT
I just installed the latest iOS 9 update and now entering the date doesnt work when changing the date        Lost the dates
I come from the future The free version just updated and made me lose all my data I had to buy this one because is the best version and I could recover almost all my data in Dropbox I hope they dont send us the 55 here                 Dont update please
Simple useful n powerful                 Love it Simple n yet powerful
Pocket expense can give me a detail expense                 I like it
After trying 5 different personal budgeting apps                 Best app of its kind
I love the app Have been using it since the last version Like the new layout and design although still getting used it However there are a few glitches One general glitch is when I go to change a bills information and tap save the app crashes Another issue is in regards to the clear function When I go to clear a transaction nothing happens It does not change to clear Even when I turn reconcile on on it doesnt allow me to check off any of the bubbles whether Im clearing or unclearing Great app but please fix these glitches in the next version Thanks              Great app would be five stars
I have been using this software and am quite happy with its ease of use Two improvements should be incorporate to make it more user friendly 1 Include vertical display instead of horizontal only on iPad 2 Make the input template a one step without having to drill down to in order to input notes           Review
This is a good efficient app Very easy to use and allows you to track multiethnic accounts I would love to be able to hide my reconciled items Are you able to add that feature Thanks              Great App But
It keeps closing I cant tell you how it is because it doesnt stay open late long enough        Not great
Just fix the issue where you cannot stop or delete once created repeating charges                 Good app
Add TouchID Keep up with the times and youll be worth 5 stars           No TouchID
I use this App everyday to keep track of our Bank accounts and all our credit cards It is very simple and easy to use I love it                 Great Financial App
Ive been looking for a full featured app This is it The syncing is great                 Nice app
Good program with many useful features Easy to use              Computer consultant
I used Splash Money for years but is no longer supported After trying a few potential replacement apps this one was most similar Splash Money but is more intuitive and has more features Im glad I found it                 Replacement for Splash Money
Can see my week or month and what I spent and earned each day in red or green at a glance while also tracking multiple accounts Why do so many developers leave this out Its the perfect headsup display of where Im at This has been the key to not overspending and knowing when I need to increase my income For the developer When entering a 50 cent charge I press the decimal point first and enter the amount The app always enters this as 50 Then I must delete it do it the same way again and then it enters it as 50 cents Can you fix this please Id like to see the decimal point added automatically as I enter a figure Would like a bigger number pad if possible Final note to buyers Ive tried an enormous amount of personal finance apps since 2010 Certainly all the best ones on the App Store and dozens of simplistic ones This is THE best money app for ANY price in 2015 Just buy it and move on to other things in your life Youll have the best and theres no more need to test                 Perfect match for calendar app Fantastical
I liked the free version so I then bought the paid Pro version I could not get my history and enteries from the free version Contacting the app support was a nightmare It was as if they had a bot that only read one key word and responded to that one word and not the full context of the problem We went back and forth and did not offer a solution A total waste of time     Stay with the free version
Keep up with the same type changes The more the better                 Pretty Awesome APP
I was very happy with the layout of the app when I downloaded the free version but since there are so many ads and also because I liked the app I decided to get the paid version The first time I bought it the app wouldnt download and I had to ask apple for my money back Eventually the ads got to me and I decided to try again This time the app downloaded but when I tried to carry over my history from the free app it was like hitting a brick wall The developer site is so out of date that it is completely useless if it was ever helpful in the first place Support is equally useless Since I cant access my history Im just hoping to get my money back so that I can spend my money on an app from a developer that actually supports its product     Stay with the free version or find another app

Pocket Expense 5 - Account Tracker, Budget Planner & Bills FinancePocket Expense 5 - Account Tracker, Budget Planner & Bills FinancePocket Expense 5 - Account Tracker, Budget Planner & Bills FinancePocket Expense 5 - Account Tracker, Budget Planner & Bills FinancePocket Expense 5 - Account Tracker, Budget Planner & Bills FinancePocket Expense 5 - Account Tracker, Budget Planner & Bills FinancePocket Expense 5 - Account Tracker, Budget Planner & Bills FinancePocket Expense 5 - Account Tracker, Budget Planner & Bills FinancePocket Expense 5 - Account Tracker, Budget Planner & Bills FinancePocket Expense 5 - Account Tracker, Budget Planner & Bills FinancePocket Expense 5 - Account Tracker, Budget Planner & Bills FinancePocket Expense 5 - Account Tracker, Budget Planner & Bills Finance

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