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Spacetime Studios, LLC , the publisher behind many iOS games (Call of Champions ,Battle Dragons ,Spacetime Community ,Pocket Legends (3D MMO) ,Pocket Legends Adventures ,Dark Legends (3D MMO)), brings Pocket Legends (3D MMO) with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Pocket Legends (3D MMO) games has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great dev support..
  • Best mmo out there for iPod iPhone IPad..
  • A great substitute for hungry wow players..
  • PL is so awesome it should be on game center..
  • The most amazing game I've ever played I highly recommend it..

Overall Satisfactionc90
Best mmorpg out there for the iPod touch/iPhone.
This game does not deserve best MMO app.
The most amazing game I've ever played I highly recommend it.
Amazing game but still no verification email.
Best mmo out there for iPod iPhone IPad.
Best free game ever and one of the best paid apps.
hands down the best iPhone game available with tons of staying power.
Cons: should be people not animals Should be more classes.
It definitely needs more classes.
This is one of my favorite games I've ever played.
and i'd recommend this game to anyone with the device that supports it.
I will not recommend this game to anyone.
Fun & Engagingc85
Very awesome game always has Been an always will be.
I got banned from this awesome game.
Cons: should be people not animals Should be more classes.
It definitely needs more classes.
Pocketlegends Is by far the most fun and addicting game on the AppStore.
and still remains a challenge and hard to put down aura.
Also needs update with bigger bosses character customization and more levels.
Super fun game for all ages and a world of wonder.
Really fun game for people who like mmos download it.
It's an awesome MMORPG for your iDevice.
You can still buy everything.
This game is so fun I play it every day.
I play it every day.
Value for Moneyc48
made your pay REAL MONEY for elixirs.
Replay Valuec78
Also needs update with bigger bosses character customization and more levels.
in game upgrades are fairly priced and add hours of game play.
People play together at higher levels because their style similar.
until you get to higher levels that is.
Also the replay value on this game is amazing.
You can play with friends and killing zombies never gets old.
Social Aspectsc94
Met new people.
Endless fun with friends.
Production Valuesc87
These graphics are amazing and the skills in this game are sweet.
Awesome graphics and smooth gameplay.
Ease of Usec90
It's a simple to learn mmo and really quite enjoyable.
This is a really fun and simple to learn game.
Fun and easy to jump in and out of.
it's going to jump to five stars.
keeping the game free will get more people to try it.
How is this game free.
Security & Privacyc49
but I can't continue because it won't let me verify my account.
Help me get back my old account.
Updates & Supportc68
Its like a mini version of World Of Warcraft.
A great mini version of a WoW game.

This game is dope. found in 2 reviews
Great controls and familiar themes and mechanics. found in 7 reviews
Iv played it everyday since i got it. found in 3 reviews
Very nice game very smooth and many players on. found in 5 reviews
This is by far the best rpg game on the app store. found in 32 reviews
A player vs player thing so they can test there skill
Biggest time waster ever. found in 8 reviews
Awsome mmorpg for your iphone and ipad. found in 2 reviews
Best mobile MMO I've played on the go that doesn't require wifi. found in 33 reviews
It's for all ages and best part is playing with friends. found in 4 reviews
The best game evar. found in 10 reviews
This is the most entertaining game of the year so far. found in 4 reviews
Pocket legends is a unique game. found in 3 reviews
great time passer for an insomniac. found in 6 reviews
Have played this game since the beginning and still love it. found in 2 reviews
Evreyone download the app palringo and join #1 pocket legends chat. found in 3 reviews
This game is the awsomest game of the freaking worlds. found in 2 reviews
Intensify all aspects of the character development and complexity. found in 6 reviews
Best 3D MMO I have seen or played for the iPad. found in 20 reviews
4. found in 8 reviews
It's awesome and u make new friends and work as a team. found in 9 reviews
Fun but needs iPhone 5 support. found in 3 reviews
Great game but it needs trading. found in 8 reviews
More free content would be appreciated
Can't wait to get past "connecting to server " and start playing. found in 28 reviews
It annoys me because this game is a rip -off. found in 4 reviews
Keeps saying contacting server or something and won't ever load. found in 31 reviews
but overall not a bad game. found in 16 reviews
but everything costs so much it's difficult to keep playing. found in 4 reviews
It's good but they haven't sent me an email to verify account. found in 14 reviews
This new update doesn't allow me to play anymore. found in 8 reviews
Awesome but needs some changes. found in 4 reviews
Great game but got banned forever and never told why. found in 24 reviews
Can't wait to get past " connecting to server " and start playing. found in 28 reviews
4. found in 10 reviews
For any1 that has had problems with finding their email verification. found in 3 reviews
I got banned for saying nuthing. found in 8 reviews
Still missing key components like an open world map and trades. found in 19 reviews
but I can't continue because it won't let me verify my account. found in 5 reviews
I found the verification email in my junk mail folder. found in 20 reviews
I am 24 and I just cant play this game. found in 7 reviews
Whenever I press the sign in bottom the game crashes. found in 9 reviews
Not a very fun game to play anymore. found in 8 reviews
I mean like I got banned for no reason without breaking any rules. found in 16 reviews
It's not a bad game. found in 16 reviews
FYI you get banned forever for minor infractions. found in 24 reviews
Unfinished feel to this game + Paid content. found in 33 reviews
The fuckn update ruined the game what's wrong with you fagits. found in 8 reviews
But I cant get past the connecting to server screen. found in 28 reviews
Play seven sword mmo no pay free reach level 100 free. found in 11 reviews
Now it crashes every time I try to play. found in 7 reviews
I got banned for saying fart seriously. found in 8 reviews
until you get to higher levels that is. found in 9 reviews
The app does nothing except say " contacting server. found in 31 reviews
Could never get passed the contacting server screen. found in 13 reviews
Amazing game but still no verification email. found in 20 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Pocket Legends (3D MMO) for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Pocket Legends (3D MMO) app version has been updated on 2014-11-05. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Pocket Legends (3D MMO) check developer Spacetime Studios, LLC`s website : http://www.spacetimestudios.com

"World of Warcraft, but in your pocket" - Yahoo Tech Pocket Legends: It's a Great Big World in Here :) "Pocket Legends" is a ground-breaking and unique Mobile MMORPG, or 'massively-multiplayer online role-playing game' where you can ...
This is a great game but customer service hasn t helped me with getting my account recovered They have not answered my email and it s been 4 months since I contacted them and I ve contacted them multiple times If I could rate this a ZERO I would     Great game but terrible customer service edeinm2
I hope with the new crap pocket legends adventure game it re sparks interest in this game Come back people still play not as many but they do This game is better than ever has so much content so much gear I just re installed it thinking it would be completely dead but I was wrong there are actually a lot of people that still play Best mmo on the App Store to date and always will be Better than order and chaos crusaders of light arcane legends and so on Come back and play Let s get the population back up so spacetime realizes this was there best and shows it some more love                     Still and always will be the best Terdflinger
Pls make an ad of this game so there would be people playing again Add more updates Thank you                     Pls dont let this game die Pocket Legends is the best game in the world alpharexthegamer
By FAR the best space time studio game ever made the easy to play controls make it real easy to catch on but challenging at the same time The dungeons look nice and bring back memories of older games while at the same time look clean and crisp This game has the PERFECT graphics for an mmo on a mobile phone and is very easily accessed on pc I would rate this game 10 10 and would love to see it updated more in the future                     BEST GAME plazinko
Been playing since a month after it came out people where nice I joined a highly known guild then it went dead no one is on Sts has given up on the game that made them famous and made a terrible version of it in order to make money At least lower prices     Dead
After bug fixes I can no longer play I keep getting stuck at authenticating screen              Bug
Ive had this game since it came out I haveI have 3 different accounts I decided to make a new character the archer class and got him to lvl 17 in 20 min I logged off for an hour and came back on it wont load It just sits there saying loading I watched tv for 30 min while it loaded before I deleted the game re stalled it and tried to open it It ended up doing the same thing I love playing this game and even dropped some into it Now I cant even play it Please read this review and fix it              For real
but just did an update and it wont authenticate its been stuck on Authenticating the whole time but when i can play its an awesome enjoyable free app                 Great
Really enjoy the game so far but only been playing a few hours Graphics are good and fairly easy to pick up and start playing Enjoy              Good so far
Big learning curve but once you get in and learn from some people or use Google it becomes incredibly addicting Great servers hardly ever use wifi                 Amazing
A cute cross over of WOW The Good Evil Goddess one and The other obvious one                 RavenSong
This is a good game But the only bug I am worried about is quest bugs In forest haven there is 13 story quests and daily quests from the blacksmith but I completed the first daily quest and it counts as said on the quest guide on your website So that is 14 quests but the total quests it says is 15 Typo Change to 14 please              Great game some bugs
Its a really fun game but I bought platinum and I bought something and it never showed up It has happened a few times Otherwise a really good game           Good but
This is a great example of what NOT to do with a beautiful fun popular award winning game I had great fun with this game for four years but STS is just done with it I played it for hours on end for four years every single day and spent hundreds of dollars on it because it was so much fun STS used that money and everyone elses money to develop other games that nobody wanted to play rather than using PL gamers money to further develop the game they were paying for Its a flawed business strategy that basically tells the customers FU we dont care about you So I have 12 characters and most of them are level 70 or higher and my main is at level 76 and Im just done with this game And I will never even TRY another STS game because I know beforehand they will cut the rug out from under our feet and stop paying attention to us For a while I kept playing because the Halloween and Xmas events were fun but then they just nerfed all that and made it another money grab with little reward for the player Boo to STS This is a great game but you will fall in love with it and then be disappointed when you find out that it will never update in any meaningful way Boo to star legends dark legends and arcane legends and boo to dragon whatever that game was that also sucked You guys should have kept your eyes on the ball Check out Order and Chaos to see what a real gaming company does with a money making game New players send a friend request to Beakofjustice If youre lucky Ill be online and Ill give you some free potions and gold cuz Im done with the game myself and Im just sort of giving things away bit by bit     STS is done with this game
The punishment system here is too harsh Ive been banned forever apparently for the past 3 years Ive contacted their support emails and got no response so I can say Im officially done with Spacetimestudios and wish Id never spent 2 years worth of time and money on it     Banned
Please dont stopquit on this game please           Really sad
Pocket Legends is an overall good MMO but has some imperfections First the leveling system is off At around Level 11 it becomes increasingly hard to find quests Also hit chance is far too low You start out with around a 65 chance to hit your opponent Secondly the enemy gear drops are far below even most of the starter gear This plus the stats being very hard to increase puts the player in a frustrating situation I understand that this is what the Platinum currency is for however that is very expensive andor hard to come by Spacetime I hope you read this review and at least consider my thoughts that many players share Sincerely Guingalot Sir Gawains Steed Devil Horse           Good But has Flaws
Good game got level 10 in like 20 minutes still figuring out some stuff but I love it                 Awesomw
Fun little game to spend some time with                 Lots of fun
Cool game                 Pocket Legends
This game is the best game I have ever played however its really is a shame that the developers have gave up on it I have played this game since day 1 and I am so happy I am one of the many people who got to experience the joy of this game being updated and made better This game has also helped me through many tough times For example I had moved to Italy lost all my good freind a just everything has changed but this game helped me get through that time because when I got on it was like a different world with many amazing people that I become friends with Because of all this and many more this is by far the best game I have ever played and will probably ever play This will be a game that I will probably remember forever Hopefully one day space time will make a new game as amazing as this Although I dont play feel free to add me wertre                 This isnt just a game
This is a very amazing games but for some reason now i cant login into my account i get stuck on the authenticating screen and Ive been trying all day its been working yesterday and i dont know why its not working now              Great game but
Fun game must try                 Game
Im really annoyed that I dont get the platinum coins I downloaded all the apps for Although I do like the game Many things could be improved for example we should be able to buy more things with gold        Not the best
If u dont like this game u probably shot ur brain and not died                 PL rocks
Enjoyed playing for past 3 years                 Love it
Its a very fun game but now that I made the update it keeps on disconnecting even tho I have full signal              Fun but
Lol the game stays on authenticate forever I have max gold plz help Also I know u gave up on game but cmon dont be this lazy                 OMG LOL
This is the best game since air                 Awesomeness
Although still the best title by Spacetime they have shown an immense lack of care in support the game is very unbalanced and the only updates they push out are those that will involve more revenue The only reason this even gets 2 stars is because of the amazing past record of this once awesome game something their other games dont even have The future of this game as been officially killed with the no more content announcement by the development team        Losing its quality
The game is fun getting to chat with people from all around the world getting to interact with them such as trading the only thing i didnt like was when the updates stopped                 Fun
my game stopped working on the authenticating page it stays there lke its frozen PLEASE FIX i have some pretty good progresslalaella lvl 67 almost 68 mage and i really wanna get to 77 please fix and i will rate 5 stars i really do luv this game        help
I hope you look back into this game spacetime this is still your best game to date I am a founder of the game been playing off and on over six years dumped more money on this game than any of my consoles It is playable over desktop or mobile all in one world together Call me a homer or a fan boy dont care still one of the best games on any mobile device                 Playing since day One
Great game                 Great
Good                 Good
Ive been playing PL for almost 3 years now Its a good game over all but theres a few little things about it like uh its kinda been abandoned cuz of the newer STS games Right now Im having a problem logging on it loads and then starts to authenticate but freezes so yea lol good game I guess              PL
i had a previous account linked on my facebook when i downloaded pocket legends on my iphone 6 i had to start with a new account how do i recover my old pocket legends account                 how do i recover my old facebook account
You can use any type of weapon ex you can use a Mage weapon while your a warrior                 EPIC
When i did the offers in the free platinum store And came back to the game I have no platinum just pieces of nothing if the creator hears about this they gotta fix this but I still like the game alittle                 This is unfair
My account got scammed but I love this game hard effort all gone especially l77                
Everytime i tap on the pocket legends app on my ipod it keeps sending me back to the home page I dont know what else to do because i deleted the app and reinstalled the app and even restarted my ipod but it just keeps on sending me back to the home page its keeps making me flustered because its not working What if wont see my ppl friends for awhile Im gonna miss them     Could be a bug
Great game horrible producers taking the money we spent to support there other terrible games that all ended of failing my first mmo and remember when I was a kid on my iPod 3G playing with some of the legends going crazy when ao2 came out but yea its over thanks sts                 Cuards review on pl
swag                 Yay
This game is pretty good but there flaws in this games I recemend you to add homes and tons Of other stuff but the game is still good           Not the best
No more events updates and they dont care about this game anymore     I quit pocket legends
Very indeed                 Cool
Few problems but overall its a great game              Fun
This game is amazing great job spacetime                 Amazing
One of my all time fav                 Pocket legends
This game is awesome with a few problems I loved it for 2 yrs and it is a great game                 Play this game
Just started playing last night and was immediately hooked I was playing for about 3hrs straightgreat time passer for an insomniac Bit glitchy but easy to catch on and understand Two complaints sometimes the joystick gets stuck and sometimes its took a minute for the game to fully load when I was on a quest and by the time it finally did I had about 8 monsterdemon things chasing me But like I said bit glitchy              Great overall
This game is a good one to get I saw the pictures of it in the App Store and it didnt look like fun but I got it and love it Im not a person hired to do a review Get the game You wont be sorry And another bonus is that it is free                 Great game
This game is so far great to play it is really fun and exciting The characters are very funny I have lots of fun playing this game                 Great
Why did spacetime studios gave up on this game it so much fun like people say there will be no more updates for this game and spacetime studios care about arcane legend more Why so selfish pls dont give up on this and make more updates              Dont give up on this game

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