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App City , the publisher behind many iOS app (Pocket Whip ,Pocket Whip Pro ,Refresh Me), brings Pocket Whip with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Pocket Whip app has been update to version 2.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
    Overall Satisfactionclick me89
    It's a free app and Sheldon Cooper told me to download.
    Thank you big bang theory for making me want this app.
    Love the show love the episode love the app.
    Way better sound quality than any other whip app.
    Love TBBT forever.
    So much better than Temple Run.
    Fun & Engagingclick me91
    Really fun to mess with your employees with this.
    Cool and fun.
    Clever and fun to use.
    Family Friendlyclick me91
    Everyone in my family cracks up whenever I use it.
    Repeat Valueclick me51
    Got it because of BBT and it Never gets old.
    Production Valuesclick me57
    The sound effects and music are super cool.
    Ease of Useclick me77
    Sounds awesome and very simple app.
    A really cool and simple app.
    It's the simple things in life.
    Updates & Supportclick me49
    this new update works great.
    Update to new version.
    Responds well.


    Need your friends, family or co-workers to GET A MOVE ON?


    WOOSH! CRACK! Pocket Whip is like having a real life stock whip in your pocket, only it`s totally harmless!

    Pocket Whip
    Tags :   pocket ,   pocket whip


    Perfect for those times when you`re feeling frustrated or impatient and want to let people know in a fun way!


    Move your
    iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
    up and down or side to side to make your whip go WOOSH or flick your wrist to make it CRACK!


    You`ll be whipping like a pro in no time! Enjoy!!


    (for best results make sure the volume on your iPhone or iPod Touch is turned all the way up. If you really want to go wild, plug your device into a stereo!)


    Additional whips or whip packs now available in this app!


    If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Pocket Whip for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 7.8 MB to download. The new Pocket Whip app version 2.0 has been updated on 2014-11-19. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.0 or later
    Bottom Line: For more information about Pocket Whip check developer App City`s website :


    I too downloaded this after watching the episode. found in 2 reviews
    Thank you Dr. found in 4 reviews
    I got this app from the big bang theroy. found in 6 reviews
    Way better sound quality than any other whip app. found in 3 reviews
    Love TBBT forever. found in 2 reviews
    So much better than Temple Run. found in 1 reviews
    Now this app is so popular. found in 2 reviews
    Great app - thanks BBT. found in 5 reviews
    It's a free app and Sheldon Cooper told me to download. found in 43 reviews
    I was watching Big Bang Theory last night and I downloaded it. found in 6 reviews
    I love the Big Bang Theory and this app is awesome. found in 289 reviews
    Update to new version. found in 1 reviews
    Thank you mr wallowitz. found in 2 reviews
    Dont get add ons. found in 3 reviews
    What happened to the original whip. found in 4 reviews
    Great app but I miss indiana jones. found in 2 reviews
    This app is pretty fun but way to much advertisement. found in 3 reviews
    Only one sound unless you buy the full app. found in 4 reviews
    but one downfall. found in 1 reviews
    Somewhat useless. found in 1 reviews
    Fun but pointless. found in 1 reviews
    This app is fun at first but gets boring after awhile. found in 2 reviews
    Super lame. found in 2 reviews
    If you buy the combo pack. found in 1 reviews
    But still funny. found in 3 reviews
    Silly but funny. found in 1 reviews
    iPhone 5 support would be nice. found in 2 reviews
    I only wish there were more than one free whip to use. found in 2 reviews
    but it gets boring after a couple throws. found in 2 reviews
    Great except for ads. found in 1 reviews
    Worst game ever doesn't even wirk. found in 3 reviews
    U only get one whip free I hate that. found in 15 reviews
    Needs iPhone 5 support. found in 2 reviews
    Stupidest game in the world. found in 2 reviews
    Gets boring fast with only one free whip. found in 25 reviews
    Someone please help. found in 3 reviews
    I downloaded the update and now the app won't even open. found in 2 reviews
    no idea how to play. found in 15 reviews
    What happened to the original Indiana jones theme song. found in 55 reviews
    Developer site is non-existent. found in 2 reviews
    Stupid theme music. found in 4 reviews
    iPhone 320x480 1
    iPhone 320x480 2
    iPhone 320x480 3
    iPhone 320x480 4
    Icon 175x175 1
    To all you people that give it a 1 please think could you even make an app like this                Really
    I love this app I saw john luke using this app and I wanted it great app it fun to use i like messing with me dog with it its funny he just barks at it lol                Whip it
    This is so fun to use                Awesome
    This app is awesome the Indiana jones whip is awesome This app is totally in the top five apps in my book                So awesome
    This is crazy I went on and the first whip had Indian Joans theme song on it I ran around the house whipin it like a 5 ur old                Im a acherologist
    Simple and straight to the point Funny and I must add that I like that the other whips were available for free Not sure if thats for a limited time but Im glad theyre free                
    Nice whiplash sounds like it                Worcking very good
    Only got this because I saw John Luke using it on Duck Dynasty                
    It is funny                Whip it
    I use this app when I see black people                Black
    this app is Amazing It moves to the flick of a wrist Sound like the real thing                Fell like Im in a movie
    This app is perfect to use if you have any monkeys who need shaping up and obedience So glad theres an app to put those little monkeys in their place Thank you developer who made this app                Great App
    My friend decided to play the game and she thought she could do anythingbit she couldntshe thought she could flyRIP Chloe                RIP Chloe
    This is the best app you will ever put time into I recommend it to anyone and everyone Get it now                Best app ever
    All whips were free for me to get especially love the Indiana Jones whip                Awesome whip app
    What more can be said Nothing punctuates a sick burn or sarcastic remark better than a welltimed whip soundA suggestion put on high volume insert device into jacket pocket whip jacket open or closed dramatically                Priceless
    I love whipping with my woes and local friends I have reeled in so many folks they love me at my church group with this app you can scare some bullies away with this whipping app stay whip xoxoxoox whipping girl                WHIP
    My child bought a whip and I cannot restore app purchases    Cannot restore purchases
    Fun for messing with friends Seen it on Duck Dynasty and had to try it                Whip it good
    This crap app goes first to an add page even though I have purchased it and purchased the extra whips It wants to sell you another app Then after you close the ad there is a banner at the top of this crap ap Total crap I paid for this app and still I have to put up with this Developer site is nonexistent Save your money    Do not purchase this app
    I felt down for a while after getting my iPhone 6 but this app changed that Now whenever the prisoners try to escape I can trick the blind ones                This app changed my life
    overrides in app purchases restriction    beware
    I like the app but it seems to only work if app is open That kind of makes it hard to immediately use it Is there a setting that I need to fix on my phone Ive checked volume mute etc Everything looks good but still no whip without opening app          App on iPhone 6
    Only comes with two sounds not very good ones Then you have to pay to get others Not good       2 sounds then must buy others
    Im the only one who did this for the Big Bang theory                Bazinga
    Ksi brought me here                KSI
    Should be less sensitive          Good sound
    inside word update fix for this app coming soon all whips and whip packs will be free for a while to make up for developer mistake          free whips coming soon
    I paid for this app only to find with recent updates they have added an advertisement banner at the top Im very upset    Ads in purchased App
    This is a great app that can make everything so much more fun the best app I have on my phone                AWESOME
    Scares the coons                Camp life savor
    I paid the 099 and the app wont even open now I would like a refund    Wont open
    This app is awesome I love it                Awesome
    Works well great sound A hoot                LOL
    Great sound the music is hilarious Good app                Great sound
    It would have been very nice if it worked 48 more hours Until I can stop getting annoying messages about stuff that doesnt exist    Free Pro Pack
    Why Is the sound gone I loved it but now you cant hear it             What happened
    I saw John Luke with this app on Duck Dynasty So I downloaded it right away                DUCK DYNASTY
    Does what it says Just like Big Bang Theory                Just like Big Bang Theory
    I downloaded the update and now the app wont even open Dumb    What the world
    I just got done beating my wife daughter and dogcant wait to use it on my boss This app goes well with the consumption of beer                The Best App Ever
    I was watching duck dynasty and I wanted a whip app                Watching duck dynasty
    Even John Luke from Duck Dynasty uses it hahah so do i                Haha so funny
    My friend is whipped man So I be using this on him and it pisses him off so that makes me happy therefore this app is worth getting                Messing with my whipped friend
    Thanks for the free offer of a pro pack Too bad downloading and running Bubble Jeopardy didnt do a dang thing       Free offer doesnt work
    For only 99 for about 8 new whips Heck yeah At first this was used as a funny joke to a friend bc he was whipped Now its for anyone I want to plus it connects to BLUETOOTH speakers I like this app                Enjoyable and Jokable


    App City
    7.8 MB
    Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.0 or later
    Last Updated:
    OS / Version:
    iOS / 2.0
    iPhone iPad

    iOS Pocket Whip 2.0 Mobile

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