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William Sidell, the publisher behind many iOS app (Private Photo Vault Pro ,Cal Poly ,Face Recognition Security ,Pocket Wizard ,Private Photo Vault), brings Pocket Wizard with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Pocket Wizard app has been update to version 2.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Pocket Wizard is now available as a free download on Apple Store for iOS owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 7.4 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.1 has been released on 2014-11-21.
Bottom Line: For more information about Pocket Wizard check developer William Sidell`s website : http://enchantedcloud.com/

YOU ARE ABOUT TO HAVE YOUR MIND BLOWNHave you ever thought that people were reading your mind? Well, there is a chance that they were. Pocket Wizard is the highest quality iPhone psychic app available ...
This app is great I would love to get my hand on that spellbook it mentions                 Weird
Fun to figure out always a multiple of nine can you make another one like that              We figured it out
I can explain how it worksCard trick they change all of the cards since u are focussing on only one card you dont notice that all of the cards are changedMind link no matter what number you choose and you subtract it by its digits it has to be a multiple of nine they just put the same symbol for every multiple of nine        Good but not good enough
I thought it was really cool until I saw how its done now its no fun and the clock one is very confusing                 Really fun
It so cool                 Amazing
Ok so I guess the card trick was okBut the clock like the guy before me said you ALWAYS end up with 12And the mind linkage was not even close in ANY way to my actual answer        Not even close
I did the clock and landed on 8 then 8 disappeared so its not that cool           Almost
Love it so cool                 Awesome
Wow this app is scary at first I didnt believe it But it blow my mind it got everything right I am still in shock                 You have to download it to believe it
The enchanted cards blew my mind Have no clue how they did that one but I figured the rest out           Whoa
Fake n gay        Lame
There are only 3 tests in this app I think its cool how these things work but its REALLY terrible to try to make people think it can actually your mind For instance on the card picking one obviously ALL of the cards are replaced thats just a cheap magicians trickAnd if look carefully at the number picking one youll notice that there are only a few eligible numbers when I played they were all either an anchor or a hand If you scroll through the list you will see thatThe clock one is stupid Spoiler its 12 Youll always end on 12Please I beg you just get rid of this stupid appPLEASE     Ha Ha very funny
Yup              Cool could of been more fun though
SO CREEPY D had number 72 and its pic was a howling wolf after it had a HOWLING WOLF GET APP                
Wow when you play this for the first time its very realistic For a moment its like magic then when you play it again you get the trick I got the card trick figured out the clock almost and havent got the mind link one down totaly Fun and no popups that say stuff like Buy our superwizard pack for 6999make Harry Potter jealous or Buy the enhanced version for only 264 You get 3 extra tricks and 2 mini games Yup a great party game              Doubletake
Didnt take long to figure out the trick Nice one but dumb     Just a stupid trick
This thing was spot in everytime                 The hell
For the number one all the possible numbers you can get have the same symbolFor the card one All the cards that were in the room before leave and get replace by similar onesFor the clock no matter what your answer is always twelve                 I know the secret
Cool but But very creepy                 Creepy
It works                 Real
Wow This app really works D                 Cool
Worst app ever     Horrible
Its so cool its a little freaky                 Cool
No matter what number you pick the end result is a multiple of 9every multiple of 9 has the same symbol           Easy to figure out
It knew exactly what card I chose by reading my mind                 Epic
It got all of my symbols right and i wasnt talking aloud only in my head Weird But it could have more than symbols it should say what your thinking or show a mental picture of what your thinking           Creepy
They really thought about the mind gamewhich is easily figured out by only using multiples of nineall symbols starting with 9 are the same which are multiples of 9check yourselfany number you choose will always subtract to a multiple of 9now use this trick to fool your friends without it showing the picture and youll creep them out when they notice your right about their answermeaningtell them their choosingnot number before the ipodiphone does and see their reactionlol priceless                 Smart
Check it out              Photo vault Jamiecaldwell
Ok my theory of how they always knowI think that when you press your finger down to press the next button or whatever it feels your finger and kinda reads it because if you think about something like that it will figure it out from your finger I think Also this actually deserves the 1 star not a I wish I could rate 0 type of thing I either am doing the clock one wrong or its wrong itself The cards are kind of lame and the lable be careful on the mind link one is just scaryI dont care for it just wanted others to critique my idea Thinking if testing my theory Wink wink     I think I have figured out these types of apps
it is the worst horable horable horable never get the game     horable
When u try the little mind reading games and stuff its not understandable     Lame
It was horrible I picked 45 which was ahowling wolf it said I picked something way different and I went to the magic clock it said I was on 12 when I was on 3     Worst app
It is so fakeIt is a something that thay lie to you about and that you fall for and then you relise it is so stupid and lame that you dont even look at the reviews cuz you thaink is so bad you just hate it     I hate it
Okay ummm Its okay I mean I guess thats what I should expect from something with a story THAT stupid In the brain thingy it guessed correctly but it changed the symbols and I tricked the card thingy but its entertaining           Odd
I did the card game and I stared at one card and did what the text said but it was there after the one I was suppose deadly staring at left This is stupid     One feature is horrible
I hate it do stupid     Lame
EPICO                 Amazing
Doesnt even work     Waist of storage
Wow it really works                 Suprised
Waste of time     Wrong
This app gets your mind going                 Trippy
Its so cool its scary Love it           Awesome
Ok i understand that the other 2 tricks are rigged but then how does it do the mind link Thats one cool trick              Cool
One of the better magic apps                 Neat
Very Wild                 Wild
Waste of time if youre older than 7     Ridiculous
I learned the tricks for 23 of the mindreading gamesCards none of them are repeated Everyone knows there are 4 kings 4 queens and 4 jacks each a different suit and two are red and two are black At the beginning the game gives you the same everytime one black and one red card of each suit Then they give you the list of the cards that didnt run away at the end but they are just the other two cards of each suit This was easy for me to learn because one time i had memorized two cards thinking what will you do now when neither one were at the endThe Cairvoyant Clock Easy to learn too As some of you may already have noticed everytime you end up with the number 12 Following this pattern they give you every number ends up as twelve I wrote out all of the possible choices the person could make and they all ended at twelve Its on paper and this was so easy to figure out after playing this 3 timesThe game with the symbols havent figured it out yet but i am guessing it has to do something with where you stop scrolling the list of symbolsOverall this was a smart idea for a game I am very glad it was free I just wish the games were a little more complex because im not old At all Lets just say younger than lots of youI say go impress your friends with this and then make them mad because this game really isnt reading your mind        Cheap
Download it You know you want to Awesome game it really freaks you out and I still dont know how it happens but it does                 Awesome
AWESOME                 It works

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