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Project Box , the publisher behind many iOS app (Cheats & Words : the ultimate auto cheater for Words With Friends game ,Pocketbooth HD ,Pocketbooth ,Pocketbooth Party : the simple DIY Photo Booth for your next event (Selfie Photobooth)), brings Pocketbooth with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Pocketbooth app has been update to version 1.6.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Takes surprisingly good pictures and is a great ice breaker at parties..
  • Great for family friends and lots of fun..
  • I love how I can print the pictures :..
  • Awesome for the kids..
  • Has a vintage feel to it which I like as well..

Overall Satisfactionc90
Love old school photo booths and this replicates the feel brilliantly.
This is my favorite Photobooth app on the market.
add even more filters and borders with three new expansion packs.
I prefer the black and white for that retro feel.
This is a great buy best 99 cents spent.
picture quality is better than real photo booth.
The image quality is awesome when you use the glossy mode.
Fun & Engagingc87
It's fun and easy to take pictures of yourself with this app.
Fun to play around with & well received by friends too.
add even more filters and borders with three new expansion packs.
We had so much fun with thiS app at our Christmas party.
lots of fun with friends and girlfriend :D keeps real size.
Makes for fun memories without having to spend money.
Easy to use and fun effects to apply.
u00c0 fun little app to plat around with.
Not so with PocketBooth - everything is intuitive and easy.
It's a very useful too app.
Great app and helpful team.
Family Friendlyc93
Great for family friends and lots of fun.
Spend lots of time taking pictures with friends and making memories.
Awesome for the kids.
Social Aspectsc96
lots of fun with friends and girlfriend :D keeps real size.
Spend lots of time taking pictures with friends and making memories.
Production Valuesc71
They've thought of everything: you can choose photo effects : b&w.;
Ease of Usec86
Easy to use and fun effects to apply.
I like the ability to send to email.
Lots of fun to use & easy to share photos.
awesome easy and fun to use.
Tons of fun and easy to use.
Not so with PocketBooth - everything is intuitive and easy.
Great and simple little application.

Reminds me of the good old days at the arcade and roller skating rinks. found in 4 reviews
Lots of fun to use & easy to share photos. found in 3 reviews
I bought this on a whim and it's been so fun. found in 2 reviews
I prefer the black and white for that retro feel. found in 8 reviews
So easy to use and has great quality photos. found in 4 reviews
This app puts a smile on my face and takes me back a few years. found in 2 reviews
This is a super fun app that is easy to use. found in 5 reviews
Feels just like an old time photo booth. found in 7 reviews
This app is truly one of the best photography apps in the app store. found in 27 reviews
Great app needs more photo effect options. found in 3 reviews
It takes long to load but it's pretty cool :. found in 3 reviews
but it should have more filters and options for the photos. found in 11 reviews
Good but needs some updates to make it better. found in 13 reviews
Great app but where's the iPhone 5 update. found in 1 reviews
except for it's one flaw. found in 1 reviews
only wish that there are more effects without additional charge. found in 16 reviews
My only problem is AirPrint waste photo paper. found in 6 reviews
it's ridiculous that you can't save share the pics individually. found in 2 reviews
Wouldn't install it if it wasn't free from a coffee shop. found in 3 reviews
Wish there were a few more frames to pick from. found in 2 reviews
App not compatible with iOS 8. found in 1 reviews
Needs to have a flash option on the rear camera though. found in 2 reviews
But I wish there were more color options. found in 2 reviews
Also a party mode which has less options would be cool. found in 4 reviews
I wish it were easier to post to facebook. found in 2 reviews
But the photo editing function could be better. found in 4 reviews
Just needs iPhone 5 support and it's a 5-star app. found in 2 reviews
this app worked for one day and has been frozen ever since. found in 2 reviews
if you save the picture in the camera roll. found in 2 reviews
does not work with facebook. found in 1 reviews
Camera Error. found in 1 reviews
Needs iPhone 5 screen support. found in 2 reviews
Refuses to export any photos to my camera roll under iOS 6. found in 30 reviews

The Pocketbooth is now available for $0.99 for iPhone owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Pocketbooth app version 1.6.3 has been updated on 2014-11-01. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch (4th generation). Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Pocketbooth check developer Project Box`s website : http://projectbox.com/pocketbooth/

No longer do you have to go to the mall to find a photo booth. Now you can take one along wherever you go, with Pocketbooth: the photobooth that fits in your pocket. Pocketbooth perfectly replicates ...
If you want to use the effects you need to pay extra this isn t a dollar game it s a 20 dollar game that is just as bad as their free version You are better off just using the iPhone camera it s better quality solid camera effects and they don t have to be awkward small pictured strips     Scam don t buy needs option to write names in
Couldn t use it for a home photo booth w an iPad     Does not work in landscape mode Hogandb27
Saved me in a serious pinch when another app seriously failed It s fun and very easy to use The basic app has fun components built in                     Amazing anastasialeddick
Best Photobooth app for 0 99 worth the price Just buy it and you ll agree There s another 40 app for more Pro use Have fun                     Best Bucky 12355
Really like this app it s fun and easy                     Ag Awesome Keysh
4 hours into a trial with this app and to this point it is very much a mixed bag with most features working as advertised but cannot MMS to a mobile number Can email photo strips just fine but cannot MMS With virtually zero online instruction other than a few FAQ it is trial and error Grateful that Tim has responded but regret a lack of progress getting this resolved Have reviewed iPad settings and not seeing anything amiss I worked in tech support many years and appreciate the frustrations on both ends when things do not work as advertised Update our goal is for attendees to be able to send images to their mobile devices using a mobile number Tech support has just given a well detailed explanation of why the iOS is working against our goal so it seems clear that this is an iOS issue and not an issue with the app My suggestion is that the developers give more info on the front end to create realistic expectations and avoid frustration but otherwise I do appreciate the effort         Mixed bag Tam-atl
Over all the app does what it says I used it on my iPad setup on a tripod But people kept changing the settings and changing things so I didn t get many great pics It would be nice to add a few more dime store features to make it usable for people that don t want all the bells and whistles Or the extra cost             You get what you pay for Djs2rent
It s a decent photo booth app please add a count down timer please                 Like the app yvr_chick
Really enjoy using this app Very easy to use                     Love it Hawngirlinfl
I use it in my phone I just love it                     Love it PhotoMSilva
You used to be able to mail them to someone straight from app I ve stopped using it since they got rid of this feature         Used to better Srh3214
Hi I like this but I wish I can do it in real life         I don t know banan love
The app is super fun but it would be better if photos could be taken with the phone is held landscape and then have the photo strip show in the viewer screen while the phone is still held landscape right side up instead of upside down             Good But Photoswfriends
Love it                     Love it Hatethisstupidupdate
What happened to the customizing options and the ability to mail to a friend for a small fee I LOVED that about this app and now I don t have any of these options in my version now and it seems up to date                     What happened app.hoarder
It s not worth it All it does is give you the most basic boring photo booth strip If you want another background besides the provided well nothing you pay extra There isn t even a brick background like shown     Don t waste your 99 cents JustHereToTellTheTruth
So much fun to use Only wish that you could save photos separately Friends love it and want it                 So much fun
I love the this app I purchased it and an iPod stand for a DIY photo booth at my wedding and saved a tone of money My only wish is that you could add a photo booth header to your pics even if it where for an additional cost A header would really personalize your event and many would buy              Purchaser
I live this app its so fun but the only thing is I want to see the time going down so I know when its going to take a photo that would make it a definit 5 star rating              I love this app but there one thing that would make it better
I use this app all the time but the last time I tried using it it said both FRONT and BACK cameras were in ERROR I tried shutting down the app rebooting my whole phone but without luck Please fix I really do love this app        Camera Error
Same fun as original old photo booths that I remember from my childhood 150 years ago                 Fun fun fun
Update for people having camera issues with the latest version I had the same problem but contacted the company and they said to go to the Settings on the phone and go to Privacy then Camera and give Pocketbooth access to the camera This worked for me I had accidentally pressed the wrong button when the app asked me to allow access to the camera My own photo booth for less than the cost of a single strip from the photo booth at my mall Love it Great nostalgic feel and attention to detail                 Best deal around
I wish this displayed a count down While Im wishing I also wish you could print duplicate strips on one 4x6 Lots of wasted paper              Needs timer
This app is great And so easy for kids to use We set it up on a tripod for my little boys birthday party and let the kids have at it What a blast Even some of the parents got into the fun                 So much fun
This app makes a great photo booth for parties I purchased the party pack since I was using this for a party photo booth I would have given 5 stars if it had a few more features with the party pack It should have a password lockout for parties so that you can protect all of the settings Only the picture button and a button to share the photos digitally such as email should be available in party mode Also would be nice if the app worked in landscape mode for a wider field of view for photos Other than those couple of things a great app              Good for making your own inexpensive photo booth for parties
Love this app                 Love it
App cannot access the camera and crashes after updating to iOS 802 Need a fix asap Love this appneed it to work again              Help App not compatible with iOS 802
Its super easy to use and takes adorable pictures                 Love itttt
wants 299 to print and send you YOUR PICTURE wants 499 to stay in picture taking mode no lockout kiosk mode guests can exit app     be ready to spend more than 099
Used this app for my daughters going away party Simple to use and fun We created our own backdrop and props and also bought some props from the dollar store Everyone had a great time taking pics and it was a great price                 Great app
App is what Im looking for but inapp purchase is not working Very disappointed        Good but disappointed
I would suggest a countdown timer or something so people know the snap is coming up Also maybe an in app purchase that links to a Raspberry Pi or something via IP to queue a fake flash on the IO ports Would be fun              Great app Needs countdown
Bought this for our NYE party and cant wait for another opportunity to set up a photo booth The photos are just fuzzy enough to look like a real photo booth and be pretty flattering Youll want to set up a light to shine toward the subjects and probably set the iPad up on something we used a grafiti nootle to mount ours on a tripod and it worked like a charm I couldnt be happier with this app                 Perfect cheap easy photo booth
We had this set up at our wedding and our guests loved it Easy to use and clean cut The only suggestion that I would have would be to add Instagram to the options under share on social media                 Great app for a DIY party booth
Great app when I first got it 4 years ago and its still doing a great job No regrets                 I love it
There was an immediate problem upon opening the app for the first time I needed a traditional photo booth app to use for just that a photo booth The screen will not rotate to landscape in which my iPad case holds my iPad up in landscape So if I turn my iPad to the side the app is facing I cannot keep my iPad plugged in for long term use and use the app while standing my iPad up I cant use it Bummer It seemed like the perfect app for my little photo booth I use at kids birthday parties     Immediate problem
Love it                 Fun app love it
My husband was recently infatuated with a rental booth at a holiday party even after we learned they spent 500 for the rental I knew There had to be a way I could do this cheaper for my husbands birthday I researched every app in the store and even tried a few and this was one of the two top onesbut the other was 40 and this as only 5 I set up a photo station using my iPad and home printer for about 100TOTAL BEST OPTION for an inexpensive DIY My only wish was that it printed two strips per page then itd be perfect              Huge payoff for little money
I was hoping to set this up at my sons party but its a bit complicated for little kids The Airprint didnt work for me even though I can print from other apps Emailed author several times but have not received a response of any kind        Just OK
The in app purchasing swarm is getting to be a bit annoying So although this app isnt any different in that respect its core is simple and superb              Great app Like its simplicity
If this product could do double strips to 4x6 or triple strips to 6x8 it would be perfect                 Double strip capabilities missing
Love this app                 Awesome
I am thankful for the reviews on the App Store Ive been asked to help out with a charity event and this is a wonderful solution This app along with a WiFi Canon Selphy printer works wonderfully I am now adding the extra features to complete the package For about 100 app printer you can create a simple booth that allows users to email or print their poses I am beyond thrilled                 Thanks to the Notorious Wife I found a solution
Fun app I like it Can style the pics in a traditional strip or change it up a little Only so many times you will use it but would be really cute for parities bc you can get the strips printed I wish they gave the option of retaking one of the photos in the strip that you dont like a replace option would be nice                 Really cute
Love this app Works perfectly Nothing else like it                 Fabulous app So much fun
I really enjoy this ap                 Fantastic
No longer have use of either camera and constant crashing after update Fell in love with this app now whomp whomp please help           Update please
We used this for a wedding Made our own booth with PVC and black curtains and mini iPad and a tripod HIT OF THE EVENING Best 99 I ever spent LOVE IT                 The best EVER
Needs landscape mode please Also a little annoying that it costs an additional 5 to get auto printing              Almost perfect
I used this app for my graduation party and it was a blast Young and old enjoyed it We printed the strips and they made a scrapbook including the pictures                 Fun
Great app cant wait for my picture to come in the mail                 Love it
Would love to have the option to print 4 photos side by side Two on top Two on bottom So it would print on 4x6 photo paper              Friendly suggestion
Just have to be one of the best apps Ive ever used its great fun for all friends family and all that                 Rad app
Great for parties                 Pretty cool
Easy to use black and white or color Loads easily to FB Lots of fun This is a good quality App Great app good pics A must in your apps                 Picture this way too cool
Fun                 Photobooth
It takes the pictures just like I remember and I can wirelessly send it to my printer immediately I think it will be useful in a party                 Exactly what I wanted
Like                 Good
Enjoyed this app a lot but had a question and sent it to the developers They called me back within literally one minute to help me out Great App great customer service                 Awesome Customer Service
Very good quality of photo just like they looked in the 1950s                 Worth the price
I love that I can have the photos printed and mailed with a message to me or loved ones Also very easy to keep and share high quality digital files through email or to save to my phones photo album                 New favorite app
Awesome app Used it to take pictures of all the kids at a birthday party They came out so unique                 LOVE IT
Cool app for party pix Im confused why using the back camera feature on an iPad reverses the image The back camera lets everyone see if hey are in the pix which is helpful but why it flips left to right is confusing me I dont recall original photo booths doing the same but its been awhile so maybe its just me I tried to get app support to ask but sadly the link goes to a website without any support           Cool but
I bought this on a whim for a party and it was the hit of the evening Add an inexpensive fabric backdrop and some random props and this is a party on an iPad just waiting to happen Great value and great fun                 Best 99 Ive spent
Having so much fun with this app My 7 year old is has taken it over though And love the in app purchase to make printing so easy Would like a option to create a strip from library photos though                 Love It

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