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GeoMagik LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app (PocketEarth Lite ,Pocket Kuala Lumpur (Offline Map & Travel Guide) ,Pocket New York (Offline Map & Travel Guide) ,Wikivoyage Offline • World Travel Guides ,Pocket Istanbul (Offline Map & Travel Guide) ,Pocket Dubai (Offline Map & Travel Guide)), brings PocketEarth Maps & Guides with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. PocketEarth Maps & Guides app has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I have used this mapping app while in South America..
  • Route planning takes some getting used to..
  • and you're willing to plan ahead and cache the necessary locations..
  • Great trip planner..
  • Especially when you are abroad and have not Internet connection..

Overall Satisfactionc95
Probably the best offline mapping application out there.
I have used this mapping app while in South America.
and thought this was probably the best one out there.
This is a pretty amazing map app.
in an overall amazing app.
because it is better than Apple or Google.
Fun & Engagingc100
the best travel app in the world x2026.
Way to make an awesome app better.
Recommended without reservation to anyone who wants maps.
" which isn't useful to anyone because NOBODY uses those readings in Japan.
Lots of helpful hints.
Essential for Travel.

Great for walking and driving and finding subways in different cities. found in 2 reviews
without an internet connection. found in 2 reviews
The detailed maps have extensive lists of points of interest. found in 16 reviews
I bought this app to use on a recent trip to Singapore. found in 1 reviews
it's a godsend for offline maps when traveling abroad. found in 3 reviews
This is definitely the fastest map app I've seen. found in 8 reviews
Great travel map app for offline use. found in 3 reviews
Italy and Spain and it is absolutely a must for any traveler. found in 2 reviews
I love that it shows trails so you never get lost. found in 3 reviews
Using an external Bluetooth GPS unit. found in 4 reviews
Worth 30 times what it costs. found in 1 reviews
Must Have Travel Companion. found in 2 reviews
Very useful when traveling to a new city. found in 4 reviews
Best Maps App By A Long Shot. found in 1 reviews
Great for planning my cycling tours. found in 3 reviews
but it has been unable to find many restaurants. found in 1 reviews
Requires more memory on ios8. found in 1 reviews
Now it doesn't seem to download complete maps in the US. found in 2 reviews
The search function is useless too. found in 4 reviews
needs multiple destination auto calculation. found in 2 reviews
GPS location doesn't work. found in 1 reviews
Map shows bogus "islands". found in 1 reviews
The maps are not satellite images but rather ordinary road maps. found in 4 reviews
Only thing it needs is voice guided navigation. found in 1 reviews
I would give five stars if there were more route planning options. found in 1 reviews
still can't show the Chinese / Japanese characters on some Asian maps. found in 5 reviews
excellent except. found in 3 reviews
Crashes when pressing the search button. found in 1 reviews
Randomly deletes your map data like it was battery-backed. found in 1 reviews
Worst map app ever made. found in 2 reviews
but I lost all saved maps. found in 2 reviews
Can't Download to iPad. found in 2 reviews
Crashes ios 6. found in 2 reviews
Crashes several times and no voice guided nav. found in 5 reviews

The PocketEarth Maps & Guides is now available for $0.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 4.9 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version has been released on 2014-11-31. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about PocketEarth Maps & Guides check developer GeoMagik LLC`s website : http://www.geomagik.com/en/pocketearth.html

PocketEarth is the ultimate travel tool it gives you comprehensive worldwide street maps and travel guides even while you are offline or abroad Features World wide country, region, and city Maps (more than 90,000 places) Access ...
Download all the maps for your area Try to route to somewhere in the map you downloaded Failed to download route from server or can t connect to server but your advertising makes it seem like you can No developer responses either Won t recommend at all     Not offline orgitnized
Pocket Earth Pro is a great resource for those interested in traveling adventures of those who just want to access maps for almost every location around the world Almost any helpful information you can think of can be used for assistance Whether individual travel guides for numerous locations Wikipedia articles to provide information on locations whether large maps of known and unknown areas that can be downloaded and accessed offline Pocket Earth has it Most importantly the app is easy to navigate and use which can sometimes not be true of an application brimming with information The side bar can be used to access a category or customize your personal settings Pocket Earth is an application well worth a download whether the free or Pro version                 Pocket Earth Pro D. Hill
They want 5 for an off road maps then want you to pay 5 more through in app purchase to get off road maps to this off road app You d have to be a brain dead imbecile to buy this garbage If you did get your refund through iTunes     Utter Garbage AppIelD
LOVE the fact that it works offline I put it on my trusty iPod and not needing wifi or internet makes it an indispensable asset when I travel to remote areas Sometimes I disagree with its choices for fastest or shortest routes but on the other hand that frequently reveals alternate routes I can use when my preferred ones are jammed with traffic I wish for the option to enter street intersections as a destination Sometimes you don t have an address but you otherwise know exactly where you d like to go If its possible to do so and I missed it my apologies                     Works like a champ Fxnerd
I ve enjoyed using pocket earth for driving and cycling The turn by turn voice navigation is great Highly recommend                     Great app App user gal
I bought this app a couple years ago it was hands down the most incredible navigation app I had ever seen everything you could possibly think of and more How much elevation change in your trip every minute detail bike paths the value was priceless To my absolute horror and dismay I recently opened the app with confidence to guide me across the state and show me the best way to get there including elevation differences so I may avoid the more hilly roads Not one of those things was it able to do I was crushed to learn that not only had it become next to impossible to use despite its utter simplification of the UI it no longer had untold unimaginable options I have never been so disappointed In my life from anything as I was to discover the desecration that had been unleashed upon this hidden once incomparable app Why I can t express my sorrow at the loss of what was unbelievable I d pay again just for the old app what I got when I bought it I d die to be able to get that back and just keep it it was a work of art and someone trampled it Seriously there is absolutely no way I am the only one to feel this way At the very least the developers must feel like some literally took a crap in their face and demanded to be thanked Well I have some choice words for you lovely people that felt like they had to knock the genius who created the app I love down an entire ladder a peg wasn t enough just rip that ladder right out     It used to be so amazing ZDhulter
As a paramedic working in an remote mountainous area I love this app I used the offline maps constantly and have used it for coordinates when requesting a helicopter with perfect accuracy You won t regret getting this app                     Excellent Lgxhxodyshdlspyzlgzlgzyyhjvd
I m loving it And it syncs with my iPhone                     Superb Sticky_girl
I wrongly assumed I d have access to offline topographical maps with this purchase Buyer beware I ve got other travel apps so I can t speak to its other features         Topo maps don t come with app purchase Desert Ratski
                    Finally a one time low cost payment for maps across the world Bruh314iwjdhbd
Using this app in Venice right now 9 13 17 It has been invaluable First thing I do is put a pin where we are staying just roam anywhere Can t get lost because this map will take me back to where I am staying from any point Plus it will show you all the main sights banks restaurants and coffee shops I put a pin on the one I want to go to and it creates a track right to it Best part is you don t need wifi the GPS tracking is free I don t turn my phone use on I use the wifi at the hotel if I need to set anything up My phone stays in airplane mode all the time Used this app in Paris 3 years ago also I paid for the pro version and thought it was worth it I use the Route walking mode a lot Heading to Tuscany in a few days and I will use the driving mode then It speaks turn by turn if you want                     Love this App aggiedollar98
This is a great hiking MTB dual sport navigation aid Has as much detail as other activity specific apps and always works                     Detail and reliability offline Jman/bird/rock100
A major drawback to this software compared with the competition is the relative lack of labeling of lakes streams and rivers This makes it difficult to use in remote areas where that kind of information could be important The information is available in the underlying open street maps OSM database but for some reason it isnt being displayed here           Still no identification of rivers lakes and streams
We have been devoted fans of Pocket Earth for several years It is our go to offline map for our travels in Europe and Turkey The public transport feature especially is useful in most cities and makes planning and traveling a breeze We recommend it to all our friends                 Great App
Awesome to use without wifi Set up with wifi and then the app will guide u without Internet                 Excelent app
My prediction continues to be accurate PE is now up to version 262 and the features added since I bought it are superb My PINs and saved POIs can now be gathered into Groups any PINPOI can be in multiple Groups if I want and each Group can be shownhidden on the map Many small but handy improvements have been made at user requests making the app super easy to read and use The developers continue to be superresponsive to user requests It really shines on an iPad size screen Better and handier than any printed map works very well offline to avoid roaming data charges Yes thats right Using downloaded for free from PE servers maps you have complete GPS enabled maps of a quality equal to any without a data connection Note To be scrupulously accurate maps must be downloaded over WiFi So plan before you go For the truly footloose and fancy free this might seem an imposition or limitation But for those of us who like to plan its actually a Very Good Thing Download your relevant maps while youre planning your trip and make Pins Pins can hold a wealth of information in their Notes Phone numbers reservation info just slap all of in your Pin Cool Anyone who travels knows there are depending where you go many times when an online connection is either spottyunreliable or just not available No more frustration I dont have to be online Recommended without reservation to anyone who wants maps                 Super services and features
Does everything it says exactly                 Wow
Ive used it to create and download bike routes The map downloads for offline use is super useful I also have had fun exporting as GPX files and then messing around with it in my GIS software                 Works well so far
Love this app its only noticeable flaw is that does not sync between devices I know that its coming soon but a little bit late Great app besides that              Love love love
This is a wonderful app for touring on your bicycle There is however a steep learning curve One needs to play with this app for some time before needing it The instructions are minimal and are lacking some details that require intuition and interpolation                 Great app
Love this app The only complaint is the update somehow hid the guides that were offered previously Explaining places to go and see in the city              So useful
Ive taken it all over the US across mountain ranges in Latin America and at least a dozen countries in Asia and Europe and have been very happy with it                 Easily the best app of its kind
Great for offline maps but The route function rarely works              Great for offline maps but
This is a sweet map app Its got lots of cool settings to customize it for your preferences but not so many that its confusing All the data Ive viewed so far is stable and reliable This has now become my primary navigation app on my iPhone 6 Its a keeper                 Sweet Map App
Best map app Ive ever used                 Awesome
The idea is nice but the major problem with this all is that they use the maps from open map source Those maps are extremely inaugurate in some areas Just one example is Tijuana Most small streets do not have names streets are missing and some dont march the actual street shapes and routes Its hard to trust an app that cant get it down I found an app that lets you download Google maps or others but they dont let you drop pins to mark locations Its only a track tracker Id this app could download a google maps it would be a great little app Im giving it one star because if you cant have confidence in the map data the app is entry useless     Needs better maps
Look no further this one does it all and does it well Truly the whole earth                 Why it is the best app
only the search for addresses spots like hotels and restaurants could be better                 Amazing indispensable
Just used it on a driving trip in Germany Switzerland Lichtenstein and Austria Downloaded what I needed and used it offline PE worked very well by dint of my iPhone                 Beyond Expectations
This is a musthave app when traveling to rural areas small towns and out of the way places Extremely detailed offline data base makes navigating a cinch                 Indespensible
Последнее время очень глючит Недоволен страшно     Последнее время очень глючит Недоволен страшно
I dont travel internationally without it You can configure your phone to use gps without data without paying anything and get your precise location anywhere Amazing I highly recommend this great travel tool                 I dont travel without it
A lot of fun Quite accurate and information is very useful I would buy this in an instantagain                 Map Thing
The information with a recent update said that Pocket Earth will soon have automatic sync among devices If that comes about this app will be very close to perfect Bring on sync                 Sync Coming I Hope
This app was perfect for our recent trip to Europe especially since the saved maps worked without a network connection in areas where Google could not save local maps                 Worked wonderfully in Europe
Could be excellent on IPHONE but very limited functionality on IPOD since IPOD does not have GPS chip        Limited usefulness on IPOD
Easy to use and very extensive map set available With open source maps I hope expect them to gradually fill in the more remote areas Points of interest and walking routes work well                 Excellent maps for offline use
Great app Fine detailed maps for all the areas I have traveled in Europe Keep up the good work and updates                 M Peddecord
Muy buena                 Mapa
Great maps for offline use Great resolution and somewhat updated info on streets and things in the area Highly recommended                 Pocket Earth
Worked wonderfully out in the boonies Had no data but still could find my way around                 Really great
Leverages Open Street Maps good fast maps Searches and routing a little rough Taking off two points for offline map failure loses stored map details randomly I was unable to zoom in to maps I had downloaded for offline use Some parts worked if I had zoomed in before going offline others did not Unfortunately this failed me the most when I needed it offline Looking forward to a fix           Nice offline maps
Incredible offline map So much functionality and a very quick download over wifi using minimal storage space Completely saved me when I visited a new country without reliable access to internet Worth every penny                 Incredible
Ive taken this app to Peru Ecuador Mexico the Philippines and India Its comforting to know that I have a gps map of the area I am traveling in no matter what my wireless connectivity happens to be Sketchy cab driver Track where youre going with this app I also keep my home states map on my phone at all times so I can always go for a spontaneous hike without worrying about trail maps etc The app works great and has really improved over the years Looking forward to many more years with this app on my phone                 Excellent
Great app Take the time to learn it                 Excellent app for all travelers
I was looking for a trustworthy app while in Ireland the GPS in my car is a pos and I was worried about finding my way to and around the Ring of Beara I wanted to be prepared and have offline maps ready Found this app and was pleasantly surprised The map was very accurate the points of interestparkinggasrestrooms were all pretty much on the mark I was very pleased that I was able to play my music and the voice giving directions would blend in when needed without pausing or stopping my tunes I was happy that when looking for offline maps I just searched for Ireland and downloaded one map If I were to use google maps offline you have to select an area and the size is quite limited Would have taken a few dozen downloads to get what I got with one shot on this app                 Great App
We took this app with us on the iPad on a road trip where there was no cell coverage Because we were able to download the appropriate maps along with our route Pocket Earth Pro didnt miss a beat This was very helpful to have and even guided us to a remote campsite that we chose on the spur of the moment                 Great even off line
Numerus errors           Accuracy
This is a great app if you need maps but dont want to pay roaming charges Download maps in advance home or hotel wifi and get precise GPS location on a street map with no data usage Plus the downloaded Wikiguide summaries are great Used this in Germany France and Israel saved me a bunch on roaming fees especially in smaller cities not listed on TripAdvisors app Well worth paying for Pro                 Great for overseas remote travel
In the past I used maps for my HP iPaq and this one is very similar Great to use since you can download maps and use them without cellular coverage I have even used it on a plane trip to know what we are flying over Good information since my wife is an anxious flyer It helps her a lot                 Great App
Had this app for years and its made traveling a lot easier The comments by other reviewers result from not understanding the settings and features this app does have a learning curve so its best to learn it before you go The main advantage is the downloaded maps to save money and time in Venice for example if you try to use Google maps youll spend a lot of time waiting for the download as the networks are very slow there Things to keep in mind For the route function and very detailed searches you have to have data You can make and save routes before you go or wherever there is wifi Set up your hotels recommended places and other destinations as pins before you go Maps are reliably saved when you mark them to be saved but not when you just pan around the area The maps use little memory so I downloadsave the entire country Im going to The maps come from OpenStreetMap and map quality varies 99 of the time its good but there are small townsareas in Mexico for example that are missing The public transportation networks in OSM are a mess and largely missing you will need to use another map or a dedicated app for bus and subway riding                 Essential for taveling
Great for hiking Especially when youve been out for a few hours and now you needs to find your way back to the car                 Trail maps
it is so useful to have nice downloaded maps on my phone and also tablet very nice user interface good job                 wonderful application
Does what its meant to do Great detail of even far off foreign locations Has saved me a lot of money in roaming data charges Thank you for continuing to update the App                 Just Gets Better and Better
Could you please add Chinese to the language option Thanks              Chinese also love this app but
I have been using this app for a while now for my mapping needs And it just keeps getting better Another great update                 Ultimate Travel App
Zoom in real close shows everything Great local information both interesting and educational Large size if you download all the maps 163 gig Worth the money                 Wonderful map app
Just a brilliant app a must have for every traveller                 Amazing
Simple straightforward and cool integration of wikipedia articles Super useful for traveling without the roaming charges                 Best offline maps I know
Been using this app a couple years now Spend nights in numerous cities and use it to navigate my bike rides from hotels to restaurants Planning and saving routes downloading maps and using offline is a big plus Worth the time to learn to use                 BoredJetPilot
Costa Rica is infamous for their lack of road signs We had maps but they were useless when it came to traversing the small dirt roads around the country Pocket Earth got us around even the most remote areas We downloaded the map before we left so wifi wasnt necessary This app made our adventurous exploration successful every time                 Get this app now
Ive tried a few offline map travel apps and this is without a doubt the best one for me I cant travel without it                 Love this app

PocketEarth Maps & Guides Navigation Travel GuidesPocketEarth Maps & Guides Navigation Travel GuidesPocketEarth Maps & Guides Navigation Travel GuidesPocketEarth Maps & Guides Navigation Travel GuidesPocketEarth Maps & Guides Navigation Travel GuidesPocketEarth Maps & Guides Navigation Travel GuidesPocketEarth Maps & Guides Navigation Travel GuidesPocketEarth Maps & Guides Navigation Travel GuidesPocketEarth Maps & Guides Navigation Travel GuidesPocketEarth Maps & Guides Navigation Travel GuidesPocketEarth Maps & Guides Navigation Travel GuidesPocketEarth Maps & Guides Navigation Travel Guides

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