Popcorn, Soda ... Murder?

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Hosted Games , the publisher behind many iOS games (Land of Three Classes ,Mobile Armored Marine ,Wizard`s Choice ,Sons of the Cherry ,The Race ,Zombie Exodus), brings Popcorn, Soda ... Murder? with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Popcorn, Soda ... Murder? games has been update to version 1.3 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Popcorn, Soda ... Murder? is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 3.1 MB to download. The new Popcorn, Soda ... Murder? app version 1.3 has been updated on 2014-11-19. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 4.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Bottom Line: For more information about Popcorn, Soda ... Murder? check developer Hosted Games`s website : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dEJ4RUpPS2dzUGwwVWVSS25WRnNNS2c6MQ

Introducing our newest writer: Pauzle "Popcorn, Soda ... Murder?" is a thrilling text-based multiple-choice murder mystery. Can you find all the clues at the murder scene and piece together who must have done it and ...
This app is amazing It proves to be challenging and takes some serious thought to finish it My friend and I played it together and managed to figure out who the killer was I recommend this to anyone interested in CSI or Law And Order shows And the best thing about this app is that it is FREE Five stars                 Great App
This game is a simple yet challenging detective game in my perspective It is understandable that people would say it is a guess and check The reason being it the game requires a specific answer out of many and if you dont choose that answer there is a possibility that you will be sent back to the beginning Although there are many choices that you could choose that would make sense but the game doesnt count it as true I believe that the game could have had more choices such as a lie detector test it would have assisted in the case possibly lifting fingerprints off of the marker or explaining why you couldnt comparing the handwriting victims to the writing on the cloth unless it was washed off autopsy in the beginning accessing criminal records of the suspects and you should have been able to create a motive for all of the suspects or spoke to relatives of the victim              Interesting
This game is horribly inaccurate about how forensic science works you cant test glass lung contents do a full blood analysis and test a rag for chloroform all at a crime scene On top of that the options you have make no sense and these deductions are just uneducated guesses based off one small thing Horrible game that has no logical progression     Horrible
Fun and quite challenging at some parts But I screwed up at the end and I have to replay from the beginning Cool game though              Cool
This game was so fun an interesting I always thought that being a detective was boring but after this game it made me look at the world differentlyI think I finally know what I want to do with my life                 Future Changing
This is a pretty awesome app I recommend it to anyone into mysteries or solving them Currently trying to get past final killer Challenging Cant wait to figure it out                 Woowee
I liked it Kept me entertained enough to see if there is another one              I liked it
I really love this app but I just cant figure out the criminal I have all the evidence I just cant figure it out                 My opinion
Glossing over the plot holes in this murder mystery the games mechanics are just not enjoyable If you choose the wrong option for the most part you must begin entire sequences over no matter how far along youd gotten Gets an extra star because most murder mysteries arent really about factual plausibility but the creativity of the crime Definitely creative here        Clunky
This game is challenging but entertaining                 Amazing
Really enjoyed it a little short though                 Great free game
The game is great butwho is the bloody MURDERER                 Great but
Really good for a free app              Good
Best app ever but I want more                 Love it
I really like this app its fun and pretty challenging Get this app if you like challenging mysteries              awesome
This is a good idea that is fairly welldeveloped but after the first choice or two it really turns into guess and check work Because there is only one right path and any others lead you back to the beginning of the scene the number of dead ends just gets exponentially more frustrating especially if you mess anything up at the end Could be much better but the game concept is too good to call it a flop           Takes forever and not in a good way
It was very fun and challenging but it upsets me that if you mess up at the very end you have to start it all over I figured out the murderer but not the joke in their story and now I have to do it from the beginning              Good
YOU ARE UNEDUCATED ITS CALLED A GAME STUPID                 robinhoodclone
It is such a fun game Very challenging                 Fun
this is the best murder mystery game Ive ever played its so thrilling and the end is nerveracking as you can not make a mistake please make another                 LOVE
It was a great game but I didnt know what do next because it just kept redoing the same questions              Popcorn
The plot and backstory to this mystery is welldetailed and thorough and lets the player have a chance at cracking the case Unfortunately some key elements of the the games execution are flawed I felt that it was important to allow the player to have many chances to change their answers throughout the story which this game did for the MOST part By the time I was near the end I correctly selected the murderer but during the final accusation I accidentally hit one wrong button letting the killer roam free I only learned I was right after scouring walkthroughs to make this review justified I would understand if I guessed the killer wrong needing to start the game over But I didnt How is that fair     Good plot painfully long and time wasting
I love this game I kept playing until the murderer was arrested and i foun out his motives Me and my mom both loved this game Great job should totally make another                 Me and my mom love this game
Great storyline Really makes you think But near the ending it makes you replay the game if you mess up Wouldve been better to replay that section of the story instead Overall it was really fun Hope to see more in the future                 Great free app
I loved this app until the very end when I figured out who the murderer was and I couldnt prove it because the app decided that the real murderer should get off clean     Wonderful until the end
Fun and quite interesting Not easy I guessed wrong and accused an innocent little old lady and my career as a detective was over                 Fun
The game is good but its done when you find the murderer before you know it Make a new episode and Id download and play for sure Very entertaining                 Great game but could be longer or make a new one
I loved this it was awesome but the only thing I was REALLY paranoid about is that I knew who it was and I was right at the end but I accidentally chose the wrong error in the murderers story anyway I apparently lost even though I knew who it was              Great
Best free app ever                
I am a huge Castle fan and have been looking for a game where you could solve a murder Most of those games out there are stupid hidden object games but not this one I loved that it really made you think hard and that it wasnt just a quick little puzzle The app should have multiple cases to solve though I want another challenge                 Loved it
Out there Actually challenging opposed to most of the other games Ive played Very time consuming Not very replayable but its been a while since Ive played it and its just as enjoyable as it was the first time Its more of a puzzle as there isnt any real gameplay Try it theres no harm in playing a good game Although like the game says you really should write down all of the clues as you go                 One of the better murder mystery apps
Good game and interesting style of storytelling but the crime is less deduction and more guesswork Moments at the end were illogical I love puzzles but there was a twist in the story that was basically baseless Altogether frustrating as hell           Implausible
This is a pretty good game but if you mess up on any question at the end then you basically are gonna be repeating the same questions over and over again I still havent got past the deduction because the game basically wont let me     Frustration
Good but i havent bought the full version because once you figure it out its pretty much worthless sceince you know how to do it so if you could please make another one that would be great then i would buy it        Please make another one
I cant even write a review The app is preventing it Thats really strange I was unhappy with the end One wrong button which seemed logical and plausible made the game start over     Let me type
This game is so amazingly good I want to become a crime scene investigator so this was really really good Five stars Now can u make another Id pay money for it                 Dudddeee
It was a good game until the end where you cant make a mistake or else You will not solve the murder I like hard games but this game needs to be more forgiving              Good
My reaction to finding out who the murderer is shouldnt be a string of angry curses        Title
It was awesome But then to my demise it glitches so now it it not workin ughhhh but AWESOME              Loooooovvvvvveeeeee
This is the best murder games ever Who is the murderer If you beat the game please tell us who the murderer is please                 Awesome butt
I love these games make more                 MORE

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