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Sincerely Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (PopBooth Photo Booth ,Shari`s Berries - Covered Strawberries & Chocolate Gifts , - Find the Perfect Gift, Every Time. ,Holiday Cards by Sincerely Ink: Christmas, New Year & Hanukkah cards too! ,Storyboarder Postcard Collage ,Dotti Disposable Camera - Real Photo Prints), brings Postagram with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Postagram app has been update to version 2.9.4 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Thank you..
  • Great quality postcards sent to family and friends for a good price..
  • Great way to keep in touch with people not on Internet or having email..
  • Great for the kids at sleep away camp..
  • The postagram arrived on high quality photo paper and perfectly intact..

Overall Satisfactionc97
Love sending postcards to my friends and very reasonable price.
This app is great for thank you's and quick notes.
Perfect for when my family takes a vacation or for thank you cards.
Love being able to send Postcards from our Scandanavia cruise.
Our family loves getting the post cards and it is so easy.
I have sent many personalized cards and people love receiving them.
I love this app and my friends love receiving the postcards.
Grandparents love getting these knowing you are thinking of them.
Fun & Engagingc94
It's so fun to send and receive postcards and it's easy.
I use it all the time to send postcards to my unwired family and friends.
Postagram is awesome - really fun and functional and easy to use.
What an awesome way to share your travels with family and friends.
Tons of fun for Everyone.
Useful and fun.
I am obsessed with this app.
Great for keeping far away family up -dated.
Love how we keep our family up to date.
Great app saves time and personalizes travel postcards.
Saves time and $$ ~plus it's a personalized photo.
Useful and fun.
Family Friendlyc99
Such a simple way to share photos with family and friends.
It is great way to send pictures to friends and family while we are traveling.
My grandparents love getting photos of the great grand kids.
Fun little way to send pics of the kids to family and friends.
Social Aspectsc98
Excellent way to stay in touch with folks or to clue someone in.
I have been unable to get the app to stay open.
great way to stay connected via snail mail and with a twist of technology :.
This app is such a great "fun" way to keep in touch with family and friends.
I love how it allows me to share pictures with friends and family very easily.
personal photos with friends or family that aren't on social media.
Social networking is better with postcards.
Ease of Usec95
Great app is so easy to use great services.
It makes sending postcards easy and cheap.
easy and affordable way to send a personal "thinking about you.
The postcards turn out beautifully and they're super fun to make and send.
So easy and makes updating family via postcards super convenient.
Amazingly easy to use and wonderful quality printing and shipping.
Great idea easy to use just 1-2-3.
Postagram makes it easy to share photos & keep in touch with friends & loves ones.
Super easy to work and looks like it is sent timely.
App seems to work good and the price is reasonable.
If u can get it to work - go 4 it.
Updates & Supportc100
Customer service addressed it immediately and made it right.
Had to contact customer service once and they were awesome.
NO reply from their customer service whatsoever.
great quality and amazing customer service.
What amazing customer service.

Great way to surprise friends and family with some snail mail. found in 30 reviews
It is great way to send pictures to friends and family while we are traveling. found in 190 reviews
Love being able to send Postcards from our Scandanavia cruise. found in 102 reviews
It is the perfect way to make someone's day that you care about. found in 51 reviews
Makes it very easy and affordable to send printed postcards to family and friends. found in 155 reviews
This app is great for thank you's and quick notes. found in 198 reviews
It's so fun to send and receive postcards and it's easy. found in 79 reviews
It's an inexpensive way to brighten someone's day with a photo and brief message. found in 55 reviews
Great for keeping in touch with my 3 year old grandson as I travel. found in 38 reviews
What a great way to send pics to parents and grandparents or anyone. found in 237 reviews
This app is perfect way to stay in touch with friends and family while traveling abroad. found in 31 reviews
It's a great way to send cute pics to grandparents. found in 43 reviews
I use it to send personal memoirs when I'm traveling. found in 118 reviews
I use this to send thank you's to donors. found in 30 reviews
This app is such a great "fun" way to keep in touch with family and friends. found in 33 reviews
Works great and is the simplest way to send thank yous. found in 35 reviews
I love photography and keeping in touch with friends and family. found in 31 reviews
Such a simple way to share photos with family and friends. found in 269 reviews
Really great way to send personalized postcards with your own pictures. found in 146 reviews
Excited to send postcards to family who wants new pictures for the fridge. found in 185 reviews
I don't use email or make phone calls. found in 4 reviews
Cannot verify if mailing address is correct before sending. found in 5 reviews
when you give "Sincerely" permission to connect to your contacts. found in 22 reviews
I just wish I could write a bit more on them. found in 8 reviews
Even better if it's gonna include some photo editing features. found in 17 reviews
no photo library option. found in 3 reviews
but overall love the ease and convenience of bringing back real mail. found in 4 reviews
They live far away and don't use computers or smartphones. found in 13 reviews
Would be better if you could choose other background colors. found in 4 reviews
In-app purchases & address book integration would be rather helpful. found in 5 reviews
I only wish you could write more than 150 characters. found in 10 reviews
Just wish it didn't automatically put your name at the top. found in 5 reviews
I wish it was a full sized postcard image. found in 3 reviews
and font options would be a plus. found in 4 reviews
but wish the photo was a wee bit bigger. found in 5 reviews
I wish the message background beside the picture was not black. found in 6 reviews
Fun app but wish the picture could be larger when printed. found in 9 reviews
Wish they offered couple diff layout options. found in 4 reviews
Any app that requires Facebook hates you. found in 2 reviews
Poor poor poor poor. found in 2 reviews
Unable to edit my name within the account information. found in 17 reviews
if I can't see how many credits I have. found in 4 reviews
Looks great if it would allow me to use Paypal. found in 5 reviews

The Postagram is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 3.0 MB to download. The new Postagram app version 2.9.4 has been updated on 2014-11-26. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and ix.Mac.MarketingName. Requires iOS 3.1.2 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Postagram check developer Sincerely Inc.`s website :

FEATURED IN: Gizmodo, CNN, TechCrunch, LA Times & more PLEASE NOTE: You need the Instagram iPhone App first to use Postagram. Postagram makes it easy to send a printed Instagram photo in the mail to yourself, ...
I love the idea of this and the visual and physical presentation is fantastic I really thought that this would be so fun I use it to send postcards to my son at camp But many of the cards take so long to get produced and in the mail they end up arriving after hes returned home I continue to use it but I allow lots and lots of lead time for delivery           Agree Great idea Slow reality
I have used this to send cards to my kids and grandkids wherever Im at They love snail mail Its great                 Love it
Very fun app Just wish photos were a bit larger              Postgram
Dude I love postagram Its 99 cent to send a super cool postcard to a friend DONE Its such a sweet surprise and super fun to make                 Postagram review
Thank you are the best                 This is wonderful
This is the best app It is so easy to use I have not had any issues The convenience of actually getting the photo sent to far away loved ones is wonderful Great for Grandma without cell or computer                 LOVE IT
Very good appIm having fun sharing postcards this way              Good
Easy to use and only 99 is a great deal to let you share pictures with people who prefer meatspace to digital sharing                 Great App
Price is right Product looks great Great way to share vacation sights with friends                 Awesome app
I like snail mail and Postagram is a great way to sent it I love that my family and friends get a short hello and a photo to boot It is great quality and arrives in the mail pretty quickly Or delay the arrival to the date of your choice for a special occasion There is something nice about going to your mailbox and finding a little love                 I love Postagram
Love it My only wish is that they print and send a little more quickly                 Writing postcards has never been so fun and easy
Its an awesome way to keep family updated even over long distances                 Love it
I mailed them to my husband when he was out if country Mexico for 7 months so he could have photos of our sons Took about 3 weeks but he got them Update We have had a few get lostDamaged I think the lost ones were due to the foreign postal systems We still use this a lot or out of country Sometimes we do events with a local retirement home and its great to send pictures right to the nursing staff at work to cheer them on Weve also been able to visit the military cemetery where my dad is buried locate an elderly womans husbands gravestone which she has never been able to visit and take a photo of the flowers we put on it for her with a letter to him reminding him of her undying love for him We immediately use Postagram before leaving the site to send her the picture She got it 5 days later and loves it dearly She says she can see him where he is When you get down to it a few dollars to do something like that is worth everything Thank you Postagram                 AMAZING Blessing
I often want to sit down and write a letter to my 95 year old Grandma but finding the time is another story Of course she doesnt have a computer or a cell phone which is a much faster way to communicate these days In addition she is hard of hearing so when I talk to her on the phone it is difficult for her to hear what I am saying Now that I have downloaded this app I am able to send her a quick note along with a picture to share current events going on with me and my family Its so quick and easy I know she loves getting mail and now I can add a smile to her day more often with Postagrams                 This is a great app
My family love receiving a personalized snapshot from my trips They cover each of their refrigerators I love it                 The only way I send postcards
I am having so much fun with this App I cant put it down The perfect way to send photos to out of town family and friends And it is so simple to use Love it Marilyn Polacci Pacifica CA                 What An App
Lovely reliable excellently priced A long time user                 Terry Dickerman
I love this app I use it to send weekly postcards to my grandmothers Its easy for me and they love them                 Love it
Ive sent loads of Postagrams now and I find it super convenient and easy to use Soo much easier and more personal than old school postcards Ive seen the actual cards I sent many times and the look is high quality My only negative is that I wish there were more format options with the possibility of a larger picture Im glad they took off the scan thing made it look too commercial                 Easy to use
It works exactly as advertised Imagine that Set it to send my son postcards while he was at camp In 5 minutes I had it scheduled to send 1 postcard every day for a week So easy                 Works exactly as advertised
Downloaded sent my 1st 3 postcards Easy to do but then by chance I found 2 of the 3 werent really sent because there was an issue Same picture and basically same msg on all 3 No proactive notification of an issue no explanation of the issue or how to fix it           Nice idea needs work
Couldnt be happier                 Fantastic App Service
I use this quite a bit now actually Great app easy to setup and use And a really good way to send pics and the thinking of yous                 Excellent
I love this Ap it is perfect for sending a quick note without leaving home I am telling all my friends to give it a try                 Glenda
I have been using this to send quick notes to college kids as well as thank youd and post cards It is an easy way to let someone know you are thinking of them                 Great way to send quick mail
Love this So fun to share my photos with my friends and family                 Postagram
This app is great and the customer service is wonderful                 Love this app
Staying in touch with friends and family back home made super easy Ive been sending postcards for over a year now and everyone loves them                 Love it
Ive only had a good experience with this app Its easy to use and the photospostcards arrive promptly in good condition and quality as per expectations One additional aspect I like is that there is an archive in the app of all the postcards Ive sent in their original state so I can keep track of what Ive sent to whom And the app stores all contactsaddresses so I dont ever have to input them twice                 Great way to share photos off your phone
i have been using postagram since 2011 and my friends and family really love the postcards however the printmail time has become extremely slow postcards i ordered on august 30th have still not arrived on 916 and say in progress having to follow up with customer service defeats a lot of the convenience ink same company seems to do a better job but postagram is better for quick notes           love the app but so slow
I just love this app It is so convenient and easy to use My family and friends love getting personal photos mailed to them They look forward to seeing what photos will come next I highly recommend this app to everyone                 Love the app
Great app really enjoying the ease of sharing a photo and message                 Review
This app is so great but takes too long to get there If it could get there faster it would be the best app ever              Gail
Great app So easy Stores addresses for future use Just click on a picture type a message and its sent Im using it to send pics to my daughter in camp Havent heard from her about receiving them yet Would definitely recommend this app                 Luv this app
I give 5 Stars for the Wonderful product and 1 Star for the 10 days it takes for the post card to arrive I would accept 5 days from order to door but unless you have Lots of time to wait But it IS a cool product           Wish it was faster
The photos are great Great way to share with family members especially grandparents and greatgrandparents Gives mom in nursing home a thrill every time she receives one My favorite app of all Thank you for letting us share with our loved ones for such a nominal fee                 Fantastic For All
First of all Im a true fan of the hand written letter especially in todays day and age The beauty of this app is that there is still a technological aspect resulting in an amazing finished product For such a small price You can make someones day for a dollar and thats a beautiful thing                 EVERYONE SHOULD USE THIS APP
Ordered a postcard on 97 for a Arizona address received an email today saying Your Postagram order is almost there Seems like it should be a much much faster process I do love the idea though           Nice idea but
Im so guilty of just storing photos on my phone This app allows me to share the same photos that I take with people with those people So great                 Fantastic app
Its great for sending quick postcards to my kids while they are at camp                 I love this app
These little postcards are so easy and quick to create you can brighten anyones day Its also great because the app send you reminders for birthdays                 Best App Ever
This app is a great way for me to send cards to grandparents great grandparents and friends An easy way to personalize a thank you card and a quick way to send a photo with a short note without having to print it off yourself Dont count on the delivery date being accurate hence a 4 star it appears to be delivered to the post office by that date not the recipient but has been late a few times Besides the delivery date being off it is a perfect app              Easy and quick
This is probably the best app ever It tech but with the personal touchmy favorite                 Best Ever
Love this app Its a great way to send a picture and a short note to my aging relatives that dont have social media I also like that the picture is perforated so they can remove and keep the photo                 2 thumbs up
A great app One of my favs                 Wonderful
Great ux So simple to use no complicated or unnecessary bells whistles Does what it needs to do Would be great to have some additional photo editing tools but I can do that in other apps first                 So easy to use
Stopped working after one card Hopefully that one card will arrive Get an error for the next attempt wasting time picking picture and typing text Super annoying Account is verified and all Love the idea but useless if it doesnt work You had one job     Waste of time
This has been such a great way to let someone know that you think enough about them to take the time to make a card and that you can add a special photo                 Love it
Perfect thing to send for thanks and other thinking of you stuff and it is cheaper than a postcard and stamp Yay              Its great
This app is so fun and easy I loved sending them to my husband during deployment                 Love this app

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