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3DAL, LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app (Muddles ,Preschool Adventure ,The Dragon and the Pixies ,Preschool Adventure Island ,Preschool Arcade ,Preschool Music), brings Preschool Adventure with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Preschool Adventure app has been update to version 3.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • She especially enjoys putting the monkey together and the animal sounds..
  • Must have for parents with young children..

Overall Satisfactionc90
My two year old grandson loves this game.
My young son loves playing the games on this app.
Love to see more apps like this for the iPhone and kids.
My 2 and 3 year olds love this game perfect for their ages.
She WANTS to play it and it keeps her entertained and happy.
Thank you for a wonderful game.
Fun & Engagingc49
Fun variety.
as he wants to play all the time :-.
Family Friendlyc78
The characters in each section are fun for kids to learn.
Great app to keep the kids occupied.
My grandkids love it.
This is my kids' favorite app.
Replay Valuec48
Need more levels.
I wish it had more options to make it more challenging.
Production Valuesc37
and colors and cute graphics and sounds.
But very cute graphics and sounds.
He loves the sound effects and the look of the animals.
Your simple game play and the art direction are unmatched.
The touch interface is great as a learning tool.
because this program has never given me any problems.
Updates & Supportc83
My 3 year old loved the previous version of the app.
I would pay top dollar for a larger version for this app.

My son loves playing it while we are waiting at a restaurant. found in 3 reviews
A very good education tool for toddlers. found in 12 reviews
My 13 month old son loves the "sound" part of this application. found in 13 reviews
keeps my 3 year old entertained for a bit. found in 3 reviews
good little app and my kid loves it. found in 4 reviews
I'll keep buying them for my 22 month old daughter. found in 12 reviews
My two year old grandson loves this game. found in 40 reviews
My "Big" girl loves to be a WINNER. found in 4 reviews
Suzy dress up is very inappropriate for preschoolers. found in 14 reviews
Load time too long. found in 1 reviews
Not for anyone over 3. found in 1 reviews
My main issue is with the ABC arcade game. found in 2 reviews
Cool App Just Lacking in Depth. found in 1 reviews
Slow Startup. found in 1 reviews
My 3yr old can't get enough of this. found in 2 reviews
Would have put 5 stars but the new update causes crashes. found in 1 reviews
Not bad - but maybe too simple. found in 1 reviews
it is a cool app but just not enough content. found in 3 reviews
My primary complaint is that it crashes continuously. found in 1 reviews
It does not hold her attention. found in 2 reviews
Wish they had more games like this with more levels. found in 10 reviews
Should have more problem solving elements. found in 3 reviews
But wonderful little learning app 4 young kids =-. found in 2 reviews
Needs a little tweaking. found in 1 reviews
Very good app but needs MORE games. found in 2 reviews
Please add more games soon. found in 2 reviews
My only complaint is that it needs more content. found in 3 reviews
+++++5 stars if more levels /content are added+++++. found in 5 reviews
Do not buy for any child over 2 years old. found in 2 reviews
Needs more games. found in 2 reviews
Needs more content. found in 3 reviews
My 4 year old lost interest very quickly. found in 2 reviews
Froze my IPhone first time out. found in 1 reviews
My 2yr old daughter thought it would be like shape builder. found in 3 reviews
Crashes on matching game. found in 8 reviews
I wound up uninstalling it. found in 2 reviews

The Preschool Adventure is now available for $0.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 3.1 has been released on 2014-11-01. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1.2 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Preschool Adventure in 3DAL, LLC`s Official Website :

Contains eight simple activities parents can do with their young toddlers and preschoolers: - Dot-to-Dot Numbers - Artist Coloring Book - Typing the ABC Animals - Ocean Colors - Space Shapes - Monkey Body - Farm Sounds - Animal Matching SUPPORT If you have any ...
I just updated and now Suzy dress up is gone           Where is the dress up
I bought a few kids apps to help keep my 2 year old daughter entertained for a very long transcontinental trip This was my daughters favorite because it is the most fun and was my favorite too I especially appreciated that there werent upgrade now buttons mixed amongst the games I had a problem moving the icon for this app from one screen to another It turned out it was no problem with this app but the developer helped me solve the problem anyway That kind of customer service is very refreshing Thanks for making and maintaining a great app                 Pure gold for a long flight
This is a life saving app if you need to keep the kids busy Had to get it in my husbands phone as well do they could both play My 35 year old and almost 2 year old love playing with this app And because there is such variety they dont get bored quickly like with some other apps They do love the little rewards they get It is fun and educational                 Great app
Bought this for my grand daugther and she loves it She plays it when it is wind down time and really loves the arcade portion of it              great app
It is great My 3 yo loves this                 Love this
My 18monthold loves this app She certainly doesnt understand everything but she gets most of it and the app enthralls her for quite awhile                 Fantastic
I have a bunch of apps for toddler but this is the one that he comes back to every time                 My son loves this app
Imagine my surprise when I find my 3yr old dressing and undressing an adult female figure who looks like a well looks like someone who would be prostituting herself I do not know how this dressup feature appeared because it was not there when I first installed the program There is no reason a preschool dressup program need use a vixenlike character I agree with the reviewer who found it highly objectionable Otherwise the various features are entertaining for my two preschoolers educational value would be more geared towards kids around 2 years old vs older preschoolers        Agree that Suzy dressup is inappropriate
My 2 year old loves this app but I have noticed she doesnt play with it as much since the update She preferred the games before the update more than now              Good App
My 3 year old and 7 year old fight over this app 3yo loves all of it and my 7yo loves the dress up and makeing Suzy into freaky beings                 Good all around
Ok up until now I have loved this ap for my two year old But the latest update has changes that Suzy dress up is very inappropriate for preschoolers I dont want my two year old to learn how to dress up a doll to look like a stripper Seriously sequin mini skirts and belly shirts booooooo In your next update please make her more age appropriate Maybe more princess dresses and less hoochy wear Thanks           Inappropriate dressup
This is a great game I bought it for my child four years ago and not only does my new kid like it they keep adding new features                 Simple and great
This adorable game is not only fun but educational The vivid colors and friendly sounds keep my 3 year old entertained when I need it most Definately worth the 1                 Kid Tested Mother Approved
Its ok        Good
This app was a pretty consistent play in my two year olds rotation before the update but I imagine itll be more so with some many more things to do in the game                 Great Update
When I first got this app it only had 5 games on it and it was great Over time I bought 4 different apps from 3DAL all of which were good and all of which now now seem to be included in this one app This is an amazing app in both quality and price Its easily worth 5 The music stuff is especially ingenious                 All that for a dollar
Add more shapes and include a way to match them to their corresponding hiding spot Otherwise pretty good app for my 3 12 yr old              Needs a little tweaking
Needs an update                 Awesome
Great with the update this is a must get app for preschoolers Keep up the good work                 Now updated
My 2 year old grandson loves this app Especially the farm animal sounds Lots of games in this app for the price                 Kids love this
This is an awesome app If you have a toddler that loved animals music games and making things then they will love this fun filled app So glad I got it She already knows how each minigame works and she giggles and shows off every time shes the WINNER Thanks for this app It definitely helps when waiting to see the doctor or on long car trips or even keeps her entertained long enough for Mom to make dinner without a lotta interruptions                 My Big girl loves to be a WINNER
My 18 mos old loves this Some of the activities are a bit over his head but he still finds plenty to stay entertained and he continues to discover new activities in this app as he gets older                 Huge bang for your buck
This was a great app before Suzy Dress Up Its no more than a virtual Bratz doll with skimpy costumes I now have to monitor my child while he uses this app Please remove this activity     Suzy Dress Upreally
My 2 year old will not put this game down                 My girls love it
My daughter loves this app and the customer support is great Make sure you go to settings and turn on Suzy dress up                 Love it
I love this app my 2yo LOVES this app But he constantly closes it and messes around with everything else on my phone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE update to make it more difficult than just pressing the home button to exit the app Its obvious that the children that play with this game are smart hence they know the ins and outs of these devices I will immediately give this a five star rating just as soon as you update the lock option Thanks     PLEASE LOCK THE SCREEN
I really loved the original version but now with the added features it really keeps my son engaged for a long time My main issue is with the ABC arcade game I uses a theme appropriate but poor for purpose font for the letters If you are teaching a child letters the most ideal way is with a geometric font Gill sans avenir or even Helvetica and to use all capital letters Once they have those down you can introduce lowercase It would be nice if there were a setting to set the font and uppercaselowercase for that game and numbers too as my son knows them by sound and can count but doesnt yet associate them with the symbols Otherwise it is a good app altogether              Good but with a little work could be great
Is this really needed for a preschool education app Lets call it what it really is Create A Bimbo     Suzy Dress Up Is it really necessary
I love the fun educational games                 Great app
My 3 year old loved the previous version of the appbut this one far surpasses Thanks for the updateskeep them coming                 My Little One Loves It
Love              Great game
This app would be great for very young children who do not yet know their shapes letters colors numbers animals and their sounds or parts of the body I bought this app for my 4 year old son thinking there were games on it regarding these things but that is not the case Under the color section for example there are blobs of colors and all the child can do it touch the blob and a female voices announces the color and the animal the blob turns into If you touch the red blob the voice says Red Seahorse and then it turns back into the blob There are a couple games like Whack A Mole and Build An Alien but thats about it           For Young Children
Am I the only parent completely appalled by the Suzy Dress Up component of this game The dolls are very sexy looking and the clothing options can only be described as slutty They remind me of Bratz dolls and that is not a compliment I wouldnt want a 12 year old playing this game and certainly not my 3 year old     Suzy Dress Up is inappropriate
My 3 yr old son loves this                 Great app
This app is wonderful my little boy who is 18 months always picks this one over all the other apps on my iphone GREAT WORK                 WONDERFUL
My 3 year old absolutely loves this game Worth every penny so much to do About the new feature the dress up game is a bit inappropriate but can be deleted in the settings I can see that they were trying to target the girl market but this was the wrong way to go about it                 Great games
Ive had this app since it came out and two kids have loved it Great way to learn the basics and have fun on the go                 Pitchperfect for my 3 YO
Hey Chris you have to turn dress up back on in the iphone settings icon I thought the same thing until I saw the options Yeah my 3 and 5 year olds loves that one so glad its in there They like all the new games so no reason to disable any of them IMO and the new martian builder and whack a mole are actually my favorite games now                 Awesome update
No directions so couldnt figure out how to work some games Other games were glitchy and didnt play smoothly I want my 99 cents back     Glitchy awful
My 2 year old adores this game and he has definitely been learning with it He loves to say the different animal names and see their silly animationssounds in the typing game and likes to imitate the sounds the animals make in the sounds game I recommend this app to any parent who would like to have fun with their child while they learn about sounds colors shapes and words We play this on an iPad at 2X zoom mode and it is great The touch interface is great as a learning tool and this app is well made and I am very happy to have bought it I will buy more from this developer in the future I can tell                 Wonderful amazing love it
Update I emailed 3DAL support with my original review and received an amazingly fast response It seems that I was not alone in my concerns and a 31 update has already been submitted which gives parents the ability to enable or disable any of the new games that have been added Great to see a kids product company putting parents first I have purchased all of the 3DAL iOS apps for my 2yearold 4yearold except for one Suzy Dress Up There are important issues regarding female body image the premature sexualization of young children in our culture that I feel are at play in some of the content in that app So as all parents have to do I made a decision about what was right for my family Was your decision was different than mine I think we are both thankful for our right to make choices for our own families Now the content that I used my parental discretion to avoid has been added to one of my childrens favorite apps Hopefully I will be able to resist the habit of hitting Update All so that my kids can keep enjoying the previous version 3DAL the rest of your content is great for my kids They love your games Could you please give the option of letting parents disable sections if this continues to be your model moving forward The app is back to 5 stars in that case                 Avoiding this update
My nieces and nephews love this game and are so excited to see their Aunt when I walk in the door Great job on the app                 Great4kids
I am carefully of what I expose my children to especially at the preschool age Initially this app started off innocent enough now with its updates it opens with skull death symbols and more disturbing scenes and cartoon drawings Kids have a tendency of closing and reopening apps and that skull in the begging isnt suitable for any preschool age unless you dont mind your child subliminally being taught to enjoy dark things     Started off great but went downhill
Mi bebe feliz con este juego se entretiene mucho              Feliz
My 20 month old daughter loves this She cannot get enough It keeps her entertained for quite a while because there are so many different things to do                 Great App
We absolutely LOVED this app until the latest update I wouldnt mind Suzy Dress Up if the clothes were a little more preschool appropriate Unfortunately since I cant restrict access to a specific part of this game or even reset Suzy Im deleting this game until an update makes Suzy a little more appropriate for my 4 year old        Suzy Dress Up
My grand kids love this game                 My grand kids love this game
My young ones love this game just wish it had a lock feature to keep them from leaving the app easy                 Great for little ones
No sounds at all     Waste of money
would of got 5star for the amount of short educational games but false advertisement on suzy dress up i demand it back please              alot for a buck but

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