Princess Isabella: The Rise Of An Heir HD - A Hidden Object Game with Hidden Objects

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Description - Princess Isabella: The Rise Of An Heir HD - A Hidden Object Game with Hidden Objects

Big Fish Games, Inc , the publisher behind many iOS games (Big City Adventure: New York City HD ,Secrets of the Dragon Wheel HD ,Awakening: The Dreamless Castle HD ,Megaplex Madness - Now Playing ,Hidden in Time: Mirror Mirror HD ,Game Finder - by Big Fish Games), brings Princess Isabella: The Rise Of An Heir HD - A Hidden Object Game with Hidden Objects with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Princess Isabella: The Rise Of An Heir HD - A Hidden Object Game with Hidden Objects games has been update to version 1.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Princess Isabella: The Rise Of An Heir HD - A Hidden Object Game with Hidden Objects is now available as a free download on Apple Store for iPad owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It is a whopper, weighing in at 637 MB, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0.1 has been released on 2014-09-29. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.
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Try this immersive, high-quality game for FREE Then continue on with a ONE TIME unlock and play offline NO VIRTUAL ITEMS, NO INTERRUPTIONS you ll OWN this game for life. An evil witch has turned your mother ...
When I get to the part where you have to use the 3 Fairy Godmothers to defeat the creature I can try one fairy and then it freezes up and wont unfreeze Please fix this issue asap so that I can finish the game        Freezes Up
Just give us the 4th EMPRESS game already Enough wthe old school games Crap maps no voice oversreally and then charging the same for it as you would for the updated awesome games Start releasing more games in this Genre per week too THANK YOU Big Hello to all my fave peeps Enjoy all the new colorsflavors this season has to offer Know that I think of you all always send LoveLightyour way Bunkie PS Anyone know why G5 hasnt released a new game in months     Hellz No
A fun lighthearted game It was enjoyable to playI would play another game like this one                 Enjoyable
Ive played a lot of hidden objectmystery games and this one seriously falls flat for any experienced player        Luke warm
No mapreallyall the back and forth to do 1 thing and going through 4 sections to get there Dont be in such a hurry to get them out take the time to do it right It is a waist of good graphics           Just OK
I love the previous games in this series but this one is not like the others Im disappointed at the low quality graphics I stop right there and cant proceed Do better BF     Disappointed
Only criticism is the lack of a map Slow movement between scenes at times              Good game
No hint worth while You have to guess all the time Poorly written Thrown together with no thought Map would be useful Played a few minutes then decided to take a nap as this was that boring and useless     Dont waste your money
Pretty ez game would be great 4 newbies to the hidden objects games Fairly realistic looking graphics Not sure if I will buy it yet           Not bad
Delightful graphics good story linea little slow but has promise Fantastic graphics beautiful and enchanting Enjoyable HOP I really like this game But its slow              Rosa of an Heir
Loved the first two in this series but not sure about this one There is a slight scene delay but its not that bad love the fairy good voice overs inventory items are labeled and there is no Map has BF guide I dont like that the puzzles have no reset and I wasnt crazy about the HOS in the trial there are no rats in the trial Need some help from dream team if this is worth buying Shout out to Snooper Moonbeamdream LynxMinx Bunkie Hossryder Dracy Blueflier Thanks Update after playing the trial a second time I will not be buying this one           Princess Isabella
PuhLees I tried to tolerate the fairys voice but had to quit The game might appeal to someone who enjoys Alvin and The Chipmunks     Annoying
I am enjoying the game very much Am an elderly person and it is ver enjoyable Thank you                 Princess Isabella rise of the heir
Another annoying fantasy fairy tale game No suspense or real adventure maybe if your 5 years old I found the trial to be not only boring but very irritating with that obnoxious high pitched fairy voice Another one that I wont be buying I just dont understand why we have to always be in fantasy land with very juvenile story lines Please release something with adventuremystery and substance KdBoots     Not Impressed
Freezes and force closes           Ms
Having played most of the games in this series this one was too simplistic Please keep up the story line She has still not saved her father and undone the damage done to him              Good but not best of series
I was actually enjoying this game until I came to the hos on the side of the house and can not get to the mouse in the pot because the inventory list is in the way I cant finish the game and am only on chapter 4 I am seriously chapped How come I cant get to the mouse and it appears that other people have I have tried everything     Frustrated
The fireflies dont work Changed players even nothing because there is no spider Lame     Furious
Playing a HOS cant find a mouse I pushed the hint button but nothing is where the hint says it is Its an ok game other than that so far           Princess Isabellaheir
Wonderful games2play I plan on buying it I have the2PrincessIsabella games adventure is lots of fun Dockielover                 Princess Isabella
I can pretty much guarantee that I will not be buying this game since my team is really complaining about no map slow loading time between scenes and amateurish puzzles We are spoiled by the teleport maps and they should be standard by now as well as instantaneous load It seems you guys think this game is Perfect emojis for the situation If anybody is particularly stupid it means piece of crap However to be fair I will check it out and get back to you Checked it out This game is not up to any BigFish standards It would have been dated a couple of years ago The graphics were dull and muddy the HO scenes were blurry although there was adequate zoom and the cutscenes did not even take up an entire screen This game looks like it was created a very long time ago It is worse than the original Isabella Its too bad really because the trial was short and I love magic and spells but this game seems like it will be a burden rather than a joy to play However I decided to see if there was anything redeeming If the game hadnt seemed so dated less glitchy in the mini games better graphics and a map there would have been hope because there were some good elements You got a magic wand and all sorts of magical powers to use which was a lot of fun Also the graphics got a lot better if you played through the trial and removed the curses The funny thing is that the bonus adventure was really good much better than the game itself There were beautiful graphics as you removed the curse from each room in the castle This games needs to be modernized and then reintroduced It wasnt as bad as people first thought Give it better graphics a teleport map and some better puzzles and remove the glitches Then it would be at least a 4 or 5 star game Hi Bunkie thank you again for requesting a 4th Empress Congrats on the new horsie Hossie Thanks Nambr and Snooper my most vigilant Rat Patrollers Hello to Blueflier Your excellent reviews have made you an asset to our team Moonbeam you always give very thorough reviews I really do not want to waste my time on a game that is not as sophisticated as the games we are used to playing now but I took one for the team I was also wondering about why G5 hasnt come out with any new games for such a long time Good observation reviewer I hope you have moved on to the new game out today I am behind you guys as usual but I play a lot more slowly from Lynxie        Princess Isabella Rise of the Heir
I really enjoyed this game The graphics were beautiful and though the games werent extremely difficult they were varied and entertaining A very fun diversion                 Crestwood Mimi
The game will not save on my iPad I have followed all of the suggestions to fix it Be warned     Do not buy until the bugs are fixed
Cute characters good graphics and story great for beginners           Princesas Isabella
but it just didnt grab my attention The graphics were not all that great either compared to recently played games        MehI really tried to like it
update Turned out to be a better game after getting into it Still needs map This has never been one of my favorite and Ive played it before so maybe its just me Has good voice overs but no map that I could find and needs one bad First you have to rescue your three Godmothers then your mother and father LM no rats yet did run into a mouse in a HOPs Hoss I hope your husband can get another horse soon Kids have come and gone and had a great time A big shout out to the rest of the dream team Thank you BF and rest for a new game Snooper158           NOT ONE OF MY FAVORITE SERIES
Glad that this has been a continuous story throughout the series Hopefully this isnt the last of them in this storyline youve got the next generation of royalty of course Great story controls got a little glitchy at points not sure if it had anything to do with the IOS update that was just done           Rise of An Heir
I love this series Princess Isabella was my first HOG but this installment is not a winner Very slow Loading screen between every scene screen not responsive low resolution graphics etc Seems more like a game made in 2004 than 2014        Disappointing
Gorgeous game nice story enjoyable                 Gorgeous
So many cute and possibly too cute creatures and magic things to do and yet this was justwell it was unpleasant It started out with a dramatic cut scene and it was all downhill from there And it could have been so good But alas only 25 stars The good very short list helpers and some cute ideas to help me fight the evil queen Some nice cut scenes If you touch the middle of the screen the game gives you a compass and shares what to look at more closely in that scene That was a nice touch The bad no map which for me is automatic no purchase no real storyline so no logical progression for what to do next the voice of the fairy gave me a headache and the music was worse simple puzzles mediocre graphics incredibly easy puzzles fuzzy HOPs but there was a zoom and a very antiquated feel Like they made it a long time ago and decided to push it out And above all Its so fairyland fantasy to the point of being childish I dont normally mind fairy tale adventures but take it from Princess Blueflier read the wise reviewers and dont waste your time with Rise of the Heir Hello to all the wise and savvy reviewers who are kind enough to share their input Sometimes we have to find out on our own just how very wise you all are           Read the reviews and dont waste your time
no good Ive had to start over three times and I still cant get past the second scenesure wish I could have my money back     Princess Isabella
Im a fan of this series but this particular game was not great Graphics were nice but touchscreen was a little off at timesalthough that didnt bother me because the game was not long enough for it to become annoying No map this is a must for games with the back and forth travel As I said I loved the series and Big Fish Games otherwise I would have rated two stars           Just ok
This game does not work on the latest version of iOS You cannot play it at all it is just a blank screen This has been going on for months with no fix from Big Fish Normally they are good at addressing these types of issues but not here Too bad I wish I could get my money back     Does not load on 81 dont waste your money
Game was ok cute story line but not what I have come to expect The transition to other places got to be quite annoying Would not pay full price for this one even 499 to much If money is tight save it for a better game              Princess
I loved their first game bought the second one And it had serious programming errors that Did not allow me to complete the game and when I asked for fixes they never responded This third game cannot be trusted Others Have had the same problem and the makers Never fixed the issue     Too bad buyer beware
Will not be buying this one        No Map No Thanks
loved the game Most of the reviews were filled with whiny remarksdid not need a map The interaction with all the animals and such was really different Enjoyed the games and hidden object scenes Good story and characters Fun time with this game              Isabella 3
I had very mixed thoughts on this onecute crittersnot bad voice overs til you get to the witchs laughpluuueeeezzzesounds about as real as Pam Andersons tatas Several of the puzzles go back to the big screen before I am finishedlike a mind of its ownyou are done now And the big print on the HO are like a Readers Digest for the bi focal crowd which I am among but dont like it in my games Game seems childish at times and I am all about frivolity but not this time Hello to all the teamSnooper we are trying out a darling of a horse with so much personality for my hubbybut he is so cuteI have been riding him Appreciate your kind thoughts and happy you had a good visit with your family Hossy        Ameliawhere are youhaha
Nice story and game if your 10 years old           Sweet
A somewhat new twist on hidden object puzzle games Good story good puzzles Most enjoyable                 Excellent game
Loved the look and feel but wish it was longer What did happen to the father and the mother              Loved the characters
I guess you have to buy the full version till you can move around This is beautiful watching but horrible to play Im not buying it     Princess Isabella3
Too much dialogue kept returning to the intro page after each action crappy graphics I wont purchase the game     Clunky Murky Graphics
Dont play this game One of the worst from big fish     Princess 3 Dud
Havent really played the game long enough and then I deleted it You will see load screen EVERY directions you take It was like playing PlayStation One games in the 90s Just unacceptable nowadays I dont want to waste my time Period     Just worst
Enjoyed the game Minigame pieces nonmoveable on many had to use Skip Only wish they had done the whole game layout like Bonus Play almost seems like two completely different people made this game                 Bella
I really enjoyed this game all the way to the end battle Now its frozen I cant beat the witch I can hit her once but after that nothing My fairies wont work I dont want to skip the battle because thats the whole point of the game defeating the witch Please do an update Yes the game was a bit on the easy side but I love these types of games           Needs some fixing
Its not the best game Ive played but it is the only one I liked enough to purchase lately There is no map but the scenes are pretty the voice overs are good and Im liking the cute rather than the creepy for a change Like I said Not great but I am enjoying game play for the first time in a long while Buz G              I like it
The graphics are nice liked the story wished it was longer finished game and bonus in 5 hours Some mini games were too easy Never found the Father doesnt he matter Looking forward to more games Please add a map to travel back and forth with Overall good              I liked it but not love it
After the witches cackle follows a HOP and the last item is a mouse which I cant get to because its mostly hidden behind the INVENTORY WINDOW Grrrrrrr        Stuck

Princess Isabella: The Rise Of An Heir HD - A Hidden Object Game with Hidden Objects GamesPrincess Isabella: The Rise Of An Heir HD - A Hidden Object Game with Hidden Objects GamesPrincess Isabella: The Rise Of An Heir HD - A Hidden Object Game with Hidden Objects GamesPrincess Isabella: The Rise Of An Heir HD - A Hidden Object Game with Hidden Objects Games

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