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Description - Priority Matrix Cloud Sync

Appfluence LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app (Monster Note ,Priority Matrix Cloud Sync ,Roger the Scapegoat), brings Priority Matrix Cloud Sync with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Priority Matrix Cloud Sync app has been update to version 2.6 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Calendar integration is also another great feature..
  • I like the email reminders with the task list..
  • Fast paced tool for Getting Things Done..
  • Multiple lists..
  • as recommended by several time management gurus..

Overall Satisfactionc90
I like the email reminders with the task list.
fully customizable and the cloud sync is truly fool proof.
Needs iCloud Sync.
but think I have finally found my todo app.
One of the best I have used.
I love the organization and prioritization this app offers.
Best personal organizer.
Fun & Engagingc82
You can make it as fun and colorful as you want.
The syncing ability across devices is awesome too.
Fast paced tool for Getting Things Done.
Helps me keep everything sorted.
Really helps me stay on task and get things done.
Not everything you think you should do should be done.
Super intuitive and helpful.
Helps me get organized visually.
Great app use it every day.
Ease of Usec85
It is so easy to move tasks within and between projects.
And now it's easy to visualize my priorities too.
plus it's easy to use and highly customizable.
Easy to use and intuitive.
Updates & Supportc84
Customer Service responds quickly.
Exceeds my expectations and customer support is great.
And even better customer support.
buy the cloud sync version.

Works well for me overall with multiple projects coming and going. found in 12 reviews
but think I have finally found my todo app. found in 5 reviews
Love how you can set up multiple to do lists. found in 31 reviews
and actually functions well even in the free version. found in 1 reviews
Helps me to stay on track and keep my days very productive. found in 4 reviews
was an overwhelming jumble that I was constantly trying to prioritize. found in 3 reviews
and I wish there were some that depicted certain situations. found in 3 reviews
but pretty convenient with a little practice. found in 1 reviews
Bugged app. found in 1 reviews
lacks polish. found in 1 reviews
2 Fixes Crashing Problem. found in 1 reviews
A time management approach that doesn't think outside the box. found in 1 reviews
Good concept but needs improvement. found in 1 reviews
One feature I would like to see. found in 2 reviews
Looks promising but app charges 10 bucks a month. found in 1 reviews
It just needs push notifications to deserve the five stars. found in 3 reviews
wish it integrated with my calendar to remind me. found in 1 reviews
Nothing gets lost. found in 3 reviews
Better integration to EverNote or OneNote would be a plus. found in 1 reviews
Please fix these issues soon to keep up the customer base. found in 1 reviews
but it needs vast improvements in the alarm capabilities. found in 1 reviews
Needs reminder and or iCal integration. found in 2 reviews
Good but could be great. found in 1 reviews
I'm kind of disappointed that this app doesn't support push notifications. found in 3 reviews
Poor ability to recognize touch and navigate. found in 1 reviews
New Release Crashes App-. found in 1 reviews
Latest version crashes. found in 1 reviews
But what's really maddening is. found in 2 reviews

The Priority Matrix Cloud Sync is now available for $2.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 4.4 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.6 has been released on 2014-11-17. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Priority Matrix Cloud Sync check developer Appfluence LLC`s website :

Plan differently. Priority Matrix 2.0 is a thoughtful and beautiful time management tool. PM is your solution to visually organize your list, agenda, and priorities. It is designed for ease of use and flexibility. PM ...
Loved this app on iPad and windows computer It was awesome Then they did a update last year and never worked the same Customer support tried to fix but just wouldn t work on computer so no reason to use the app anymore since part of the beauty was to be able to have it sync with all devices Got to buggy and also expensive         Used to love Ehusch
They add so many new gimmicky features that they forget the point of the Esienhower grid in the first place People attracted to this sort of app want simplicity and functionality It seems like they need to use their own app to get the priorities straight But maybe that explains why the functionality is so poor Each new version of the app has gotten subsequently worse And when I wrote them all that they responded was sorry it s not a good fit What a waste of my time trying to give constructive feedback to get a slap in the face Really wish they d go back to the essentials and fix the app PS the forced log in is ridiculous         Great idea but the functionality is terrible Hot Guy 123
I use PM for business and personal project management Would highly recommend to friends and colleagues                     Great app to get organized with Hortonxj
I would have given them 5 stars but I can t stand how busy the desktop program is It looks very complicated and you do have to watch the tutorials to make sure you don t miss an easier way to navigate I love how you can sync outlook and assign tasks with emails There is such much this does to make my life easier It also needs a chat room feature like so many other task management apps             Such a useful tool Cherijoli
Sometimes I cannot move tasks from one tab to another the app just doesn t let me do it That is very annoying and I m considering using another app for the same purpose         Bug Halsndbdphjeğeud
Please remove the forced log in     It changed ca-sa-
Won t use this app again as long as login reqd I understand the login requirement if syncing across devices or collaboration is the goal But there s absolutely no functional need for daily lists personal projects etc     Login Sunranger39
You want a review Then pay me OR give me the app for free     Pay me for the review cuz I paid for the app Mista Rogershood
I love the matrix approach but despise how it makes you log in This should be TOTALLY OPTIONAL         Almost Excellent Pick6Coug
I use this for work school personal and volunteer work I get so much done                     Super useful Alexmcgee
Top notch app that makes organizing your thoughts really simple But more than that it help you see your thoughts in a way that no other does I ve been able to organize my ideas concepts in ways that make sense and I m able to do it with very little interference from the app The app really is great for what it does and everything it doesn t do obstruct the creative process                     Fast well thought out 4CsnFun
It is a little limiting but in general good for the free version I will try the paid version and see how things go                 Free version is limited Vesperal
I was wrong I left a very indignant review and was corrected It s pretty helpful and I was confused when the free trial ran out I wouldn t pay for it personally but the free version has helped me organize my needs wants and goals It s a decent app                     It s not free NVM it is Djjssvytd Ch ju
Easy t use with many options                     Excellent Project Manager Program Matasano
I really don t want to create an account just to try this out If I had known this was necessary I wouldn t have downloaded it In addition having a 144 year subscription is ridiculous for me anyway I definitely would not have downloaded it if I had realized this I thought I could try it out and use it casually on my phone Oh well     Can t even try this out without account french_teacher
I am using PM for almost four years It is a great application for task management which helped me a lot in prioritizing and ensuring the completion of both my short term as well long term tasks Having this app in multiple platforms is also very useful for me I am very impressed with the prompt response from the developers support team Keep doing great work                     A must have aap for managing multiple projects Time_shortage
Best app I ve found                     Great app Lpearson
Priority Matrix just keeps getting better and better                     Best List To Do App EVER Cobak
Wish I could use the apple pen with it Not very friendly at times         Review Jorge u6y733
The only disappointment is then when I ride to support I get a automated receipt email but my emails never responded to yet                     It s an excellent app And after using many different kinds of apps like this I m very MrWinky
I ve tried many task managers but I found this one to be the one that meets most of my workflow needs It is flexible to let me design my workflow to manage my tasks my way yet the four quadrant approach makes easy to actually manage the tasks instead of spending time updating and re prioritize tasks                     Four quadrant is the best way I found to manage tasks Fluxdidea
Used now for over 5 years Quite flexible once you understand the program Developers continue to improve it                     Works Great With 7 Habits Tedy14624
I like the four section design                     Great App ethq
I m a personal concierge and work for royals billionaires and A list celebrities The 24 7 nearly impossible demands of my clients require me to be extremely laser focused and organized The compendium of options for software and applications out there simply don t compare I ve grown quite dependent on PM If you know how to use it and give it time your business should feel the difference                     Keeping the elite elite Sir Ish
Great tool                     Easy to make to do list Astromobile
Fantastic app for organization It really helps me to get my tasks prioritized and completed Highly recommended                 Fantastic app for organization kristin9140
Perfect tool to manage multiple activities and functions                     Best personal management tool Jtitoc
Great to do list for me Helps me prioritize                     So far so good Fredhaight
For personal simple use good For everything else stay the F away The UI is a bit cluttered and clumsy but does work Needs option to auto hide top and bottom function banners that just take up space for personal use If you really like a bunch of icons I guess it s not a big deal     Rediculous pricing needs UI work Crossfitswede
Used to like this app until they changed the pricing structure again and again and again Now when I look at this app all I see is pain of the price structure which they keep changing not worth it     From Useful to Painful sharpening
This is a very promising app My one frustration is that on multiple occasions Ive been in the process of typing notes and have navigated to another app When I return all of my updates are gone Ive started to work around this issue by saving and exiting but I dont always remember This has the potential to be a fivestar app        Promising but frustrating
Great app Im a visual person so this is perfect for me                 Love it
I have hundreds of apps yep Im that guy Ive tried just about every scheduling app out there and this one has hit upon genius Its simple but highly effective and their customer service is amazingly responsive and helpful Use this app its worth every penny                 Foundational start to a productive day
Ive used quite a few task management apps and never stuck with any of them because they were either too simple or had too much complexity in the wrong places This app gets the balance just right Also the way it handles collaboration is awesome I foresee this being a key piece of software for the rest of my days in management                 Just right
I like and use this tool nearly every single day and most often multiple times throughout the day to manage my priorities lists and actions across four devices Very good              Best List Management Tool Ive Used
I wish I had known about this 3 years ago I have been looking for something like this for that long I had hope that the apple reminders function would do the job Not quite This offers visually appealing flexibility and is built on the solid Eisenhower four quadrants The integration between the iPad iPhone and Mac is seem less and I think the 10 monthly fee for the mac is worth it the phone and pad come free I would love to eventually introduce this to my work partners but that may take a while                 Finally
Not super intuitive to use but pretty convenient with a little practice I like that you can edit the names of the quadrants in addition to having some tried and true templates to choose from           Not bad
Great app Makes prioritizing and getting stuff done almost easy                 Great aid in organization
I use Priority Matrix everyday to manage projects Its a simple and straightforward solution that works across multiple platforms which I greatly appreciate The daily and weekly email summaries are very helpful reminders                 Great project management tool
Great app Easy to use and very effectiveI recommend it                 Carmen Teresa
Amazing app Made my life so much more organized and my scheduled prioritized                 Finally found what I was looking for
I am a phd student with ADHD and this app helps me prioritize tasks and plan ahead It has been incredibly helpful                 I use it everyday
I use this all the time and have seen great improvement in managing my project tasks                 Great app
Finallyall of my OCD Dreams and organizational woes have been satisfied Thanks Priority Matrix                 Productivity for the win
Simple to use yet quite powerful Multiple lists Projectsvery easy sorting and can sync to desktop phone and iPad Great bargain                 Excellent and Simple way to Prioritize
iPad version works great however the iPhone version fails to sync every time Keeps telling me Im not connected to Internet        Needs work
Im a new user who in all honesty had wished there was a visual project management application like this years ago Well done I just wanted to mention a small bug I noticed from the iPad app I love the ability to email a specific quadrant please add to the iPhone when I email one quadrant the screenshot does not work correctly It works for the top left and all four but not the other 3 separately                 Great App Please fix email report on iPad
I use it as a grocery list and a reminder of things I have to do I dont need collaboration tools and its a bit of overkill for what I use it for Even though I havent upgraded these guys are always great with customer support give them six stars for that G W                 Great app
I like it and would recommend to my friend                 Great organizer
Great software helps me manage my week                 Excelent Software
Love the organization and ability to keep current status                 Great App
I have Priority Matrix on my iPhone iPads and laptop Ive used it for years and joke that if I get fired Ill go into sales for priority matrix with the number of people Ive referred Definitely worth the investment if youre a maker of todo lists                 Longtime fan
This tool allows me to manage a very diverse team spread around the globe Using priority matrix allows me to manage projects virtually I use it everyday                 Great tool
I love the app The only thing I would like to see different is a timer with alarm for certain items that are nearing completion or have a deadline Once again great app                 Love it
Love this app                 Great tool
After 3 months of trial this is the one                 Tried many other todo apps
Best project management and collaborative iPhone app Ive used Keeps you extremely organized Still has a few bugs but Im faithful those will be worked out Dev Request Please make it so you have the ability to turn on and off avatars based on individual projects not just generally              Really great
I was looking for some organization tool for personal projects and now I used it for everything The support is great and the feedback received back you up any time Recommend                 Great app
Excellent app and its nice to have this work across all devices              Excellent
What a great app to manage your life                 What a great app
We have been using a little over a week and its a super product When we had some questions we reached out to their help team A nice gentleman Cody helped us and we were back training in no time He also reached back out to us a few days later to make sure we didnt have any other questions Again great product with excellent support                 Great product
I really like this app it helps me stay on track across many sites As a consultant this is very important to my business The reminders are valuable as well Very good tool                 Good app
Thank you                 Great
Repeatedly have to enter the authorization code from initial purchase So annoying           Tired of re entering code
This is a great tool made famous by Stephen Covey It keeps me organized and syncs across all my devices                 Extremely Useful Great Snycing
Great app But writing this is not on my list of urgent and important so I will stop now Got stuff to do                 Finally the right app for priority planning
Helps to prioritize but the syncing is not reliable I have lost a few important tasks from my list due to this        Doesnt sync very well
Helps to keep track of all the little things on your to do list in a level of importance manner love it                 Great app
I use this app everyday and delegate projects As a CEO in todays mobile and cloud environment this is a must                 Great and useful app
Great concept but crashes at least a couple times every day           PotentialBut Crashes
I like it                 Productive
I like how there are different options Theres a small leaning curve but this app is worth is for those who want to organize their time and be better stewards of what God has given them                 Useful
Excellent for individuals and teams of all skillsets                 Excellent Task Management
Theyve done a lot of work but like Ive read from others its a great concept The product managers have a long way to go before they make it easy and a fantastic user experience Lots of future potential        Not yet reached potential
The four quadrant approach as well as cross platform support makes this a winning tool                 Great Productivity Booster
I really enjoy this app It helps me to manage all aspects of my business The clean design and user friendly set up promote optimal organization and execution of your objectives                 Clean Concise Great for productivity
Helps me to stay on track and keep my days very productive                 Love this app
I continue to use the app many times each day It helps me visualize what I want to get done in priority order I get a boost when I finish something and move it to done box Highly recommend                 Use daily very useful
Really usefull app must have in my phone to up my productivity                 Must have
It does a great job of keeping me organized and on task                 I really like it

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